intelligence and grace

can we replace the kardashians tv show with keeping up with the obamas because i’m gonna miss them a lot and i still wanna know what they’re doing all the time. how are the dogs? where does the family travel? what sort of hobbies has michelle taken up in addition to captivating the world with her intelligence, grace, and charm? what are the girls accomplishing? is obama still flirting with biden??? i need to know

Sasuke Uchiha.

- Likes animals?? Literally pets most animals he sees.
- Doesn’t follow the rules just because. Challenges authorities.
- Risked his life and chances of accomplishing his goals to save his precious person.
- Deep voice™
- All he ever wanted was justice.
- Was willing to sacrifice himself so no one would go through what he went through.
- Loves tomatoes… my heart.
- So intelligent and resourceful? Appreciate him.
- Graceful and elegant. 

 - Uses his opponent’s hands to complete the hand motions for a jutsu. 

 - Helped Konoha and the other villages during the war, he didn’t owe them anything. But he helped them nonetheless. (and saved their asses, too).

 - Best style award. No one had better outfits. 

- Trained for days restlessly to strengthen his katon no jutsu when he was a little boy.

 - Loved his brother. 

 - Loved his mom so much. 

 - “What I’m calling for, what I’m bringing forth, that is, REVOLUTION!”

- His story and ambitions were swept under the rug, I’m still heartbroken. Deserved better. 

 - His small little “heh” when he chuckles. 

- Will end you with one arm.

- Hair style icon. Name a more iconic hairstyle than his duckbutt, I’ll wait.

- Not here only for shipping material, a complex, beautiful character that stuck to his morals even as he was inches away from death.

- Not to be dramatic or anything but if it hadn’t been for him team seven would have probably died in part one.

- Had to rewatch his brother (and favorite person) murdering his family approximately half a million times throughout his life and y'all still have the nerve to call him “dramatic emo”. Leak your address I just want to talk.

- Went through everything I’ve mentioned and more through the first seventeen years of his life. Had to grow up a lot faster than anyone else.

- Defended Naruto when Sakura tried to say he was lucky for not having parents. Went to look for him because he was worried that he didn’t show up for breakfast. Spent the night training with Naruto and semi carried him home afterwards.

- Have you heard him saying Niisan.

- I love him.

Tip of The Tongue

***Can be used right before a presentation or speech, before doing spells or just to help your speech in general.***

This spell’s purpose is to help you speak fluently and confidently without sounding nervous and stuttering when you have to talk in front of people.

👅(This emoji has been ruined but whatever)

Optional: Have a rose quartz with you, they’re good for confidence.

👅What you will need: (you can pick just one of these)

👅Lemongrass teabags

👅Or lavender essential oil (you might want to additionally dilute it with witch hazel or sweet almond oil)

👅If using lemongrass:
Mix teabag accordingly and chant following as many times as you’d like

Tip of my tongue
Tip of my tongue
Tip of my tongue
My words are strung
Flowing like the wind
Smooth like silk
Comfortable like my own skin
I speak with rhythm
Intelligence and grace
My words are elegant just like lace
Tip of my tongue
Tip of my tongue
Tip of my tongue

👅If using lavender oil place 3-5 drops into a spray bottle and dilute with 4 teaspoons of water. You may add witch hazel or sweet almond oil for extra effect or dilution.
Chant the following as many times as you please:

Tip of my tongue
Tip of my tongue
Tip of my tongue
My words are strung
Flowing like the wind
Smooth like silk
Comfortable like my own skin
I speak with rhythm
Intelligence and grace
My words are elegant just like lace
Tip of my tongue
Tip of my tongue
Tip of my tongue

👅Spritz a couple of squirts on your tongue before speaking.

For all my Witches with anxiety ❤ I know your pain and I got you fam


this isn’t related to my blog but it is just as important. 

Who you are on the internet shows who you likely are in real life. If you dedicate your time to hurting others or being rude, it is likely that you’re a pretty toxic person to be around in real life. You can only hide so long before your poison leaks everywhere and people start noticing. Sure, you could say you have friends, but examine whether or not those friends are just as toxic as you. 

This is not to say you shouldn’t stand up for your beliefs. 

Stand up for your beliefs. Articulate these beliefs. Be brave, strong, and intelligent.

 But do so with grace, respect, and the understanding that there is an actual human being you are targeting your words at. If you don’t dare to say those words to that person’s face, you probably shouldn’t be typing it up. Realize that you know very little about that person aside from one post or one picture and you are rarely in the position to full on attack, degrade, and shame the person. 

Realize that people can change, but that change will almost never be of your doing if you are toxic, rude, and unforgiving.

A Lie A Day Pt. 1 (?)
Idol: Jeon Jungkook of BTS
Word Count: 1250

Warnings: None, but language may be an issue if this turns into a series

He wasn’t real. He was just a dream. A beautiful dream that you could never reach.

“If you keep staring, you’ll burn a hole through his head,” Chanmi whispers as she leans over.

You quickly look away, blushing, and nod a small thanks to her. She softly smiles and strokes your hair.

“Just talk to him, honey.” Of course she would be fine with saying that. She was beautiful, intelligent, graceful Chanmi. Talking to him would be no problem. But you and him were on different levels. The mere thought of talking to him was absurd.

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Start (Draco Malfoy x reader)

Ravenclaw: intelligent, studious, graceful. I indeed have these qualities, and I do have my faults and flaws, but my twin brother, Harry, seems to have hardly any flaws and dealt with less than me. Sure, Harry was put in a little cupboard under the stairs with only enough room to lie down, but he had a blanket and privacy. And I’d like to make the record straight that I’m not envious or jealous of my brother. I’d give my life for him. I know that people recognize him more than me. People have referred to me as “The Chosen One’s Sister.” I have a name… And I have every right to be upset about being ignored or brushed off. The only difference is that I’m not radical or acting in an immature manner like Loki from the Marvel comics. (Luna bought me some of the comics which I deeply appreciated.)

Sometimes I do enjoy the solitude. I can sneak in the hallways and go to secret little places and spaces that no one thinks to look or go. I can do what I want and feel perfectly at home.

I was walking in the hallways holding my books and was greeted by Rob and Hermione. They told me that Harry wanted to talk later, but couldn’t now. I simply said “Okay,” and kept walking. Neville, Dean, Seamus, and I were going to meet up for a fun study session. I feel most comfortable when I’m with the right group of people, but it’s better being alone. It’s hard to tell if people like you for you or if they’re pretending. It’s difficult for me to tell the difference. As I kept walking, I heard someone or several certain unsophisticated individuals start to tease me.

“Well, if it isn’t the Chosen One’s sister,” of course it was him again. Draco Malfoy.

I kept walking, not in the mood to deal with him or his pettiness.

“Oi! I’m talking to you! It’s impolite to ignore someone when they are ta-” I didn’t let him finish and nonchalantly cast a spell on him while I walked. It made his mouth unable to open for four hours. I had a crush on Draco, but I don’t like the way he treats people. Especially Harry.

After the study session, I decided to make my hammock and lay in it.

“What the bloody hell, (y/n)?!” Yelled Draco. “How dare you?! This is exactly why-”

“’ (Y/n), you uncultured mudblood. No wonder why no one pays attention to you or takes you seriously. Nobody likes you. They tolerate you. Etcetera etcetera etcetera.’ Anything else, Draco? You’re not very good at coming up with new material and you can’t use what I’ve already accepted against me. So you might as well leave while you can. Quit wasting my time, you spoiled brat.”

Draco became even angrier, but stomped off. See, Harry knows how to defend himself, but he doesn’t really take much action or say the right words or arrange them in the necessary order for the situation.
I stayed in my hammock until it was time to eat supper. I sat with enough space for myself to read while I ate. (I read anything I found interesting which happened to be many things.)
Our owls began to deliver packages and letters. Unexpectedly, I received one. The envelope was written by… Draco? What could he want now?

I opened the letter to read:

Dear (Y/n),

I don’t know how to say this, but I must speak to you. It’s an emergency. I understand if you don’t want to, but if so meet me in the halls at 10 PM. Please.

-Draco Malfoy

I blushed. He’s never written something like this to me. He’s never written anything to me period. I looked over at Harry and he caught me eye and smiled and waved. I returned the gesture. I can’t tell Harry. I couldn’t. I hid the note in my robe. I finished eating and walked to the halls. Could it be possible he would actually apologize and be a genuine person? Could I be the first person to see that?

I slowed when I saw to large shadows from the corner. My eyes widened when I noticed it was Crab and Goyle. I came to a stop until Pansy showed up behind them. I turned to run, but I felt myself being slammed against a pillar. Pansy stood in front of me.

“You’re disgusting. Did you really think that your feelings towards him was a secret? And on top of that you constantly make him look like a fool and humiliate him! I’m going to make your life miserable. Your perfect brother will be next.”

I couldn’t move and started panicking. Pansy ordered for Goyle to place the tip of his wand on the inside of my arm where doctors draw blood through needles. Then came the electrifying pain. I tried to scream, but nothing would come out. It hurt. It burned. It was as if I was being struck over and over again by a small lightning bolt.

Then it stopped.

I slumped to the floor with my ears ringing, my eyes blinding me with neon colors, and my body aching in the worst way.

I heard the mumble of what could’ve been yelling and fighting and could barely make out what I was seeing. I felt myself being picked up and taken somewhere. I felt soft and warm, but my head kept spinning and my skin kept sweating. I could barely hear. I felt my head propped up and the presence of multiple people around me. I felt drops hitting my eyes and a clothe covering them. With that I fell into a deep sleep.

I woke up feeling groggy and less sore. I moved the cloth away from my eyes and could see clearly.

“(Y/n)! Oh thank Merlin!” Harry cried. He gently hugged me. “I’m sorry. I’m so so sorry. I’ve been a neglectful brother to you and I should’ve done more.”

I carefully hugged him back. “What happened?” He pulled away and I noticed Ron and Hermione and more of our friends with me.

“You’re not going to believe this,” Ron started, “Draco saved you.”

“…” I blinked in disbelief, “What?”

“Well, Pansy, Crab, and Goyle attacked you and he stepped in and punched Goyle. He put a spell on Pansy and Crab ran off. He told Professor McGonogall everything and she told Snape and Dumbledore.”

“And how, pray tell, do you know this?”

“Dean and Seamus almost got caught ease dropping,” said Blaise.

“Blaise?” I tilted my head.

“Don’t tell anybody I’m here.”


“You’ll be okay. In the meantime, get some rest,” Harry said.

Everyone eventually left.

The next time I woke up, I found chocolate frogs, bottles of butterbeer, and any other kind of treat given by many people with little cards that told me in detail to get well soon on the night stands next to me. I smiled at that. It was still nighttime.

I sat up when a nurse came to me and handed me my dinner. I thanked her before she left. I ate everything on my big plate since I had been sleeping for so long. My belly was full and my body was almost done recuperating. Out of the corner of my eye I saw none other than Draco walk in and I subconsciously scooted away from him. Well, as far as my bed would allow.

“(Y/n)” he froze when he saw how I reacted. He analyzed the scars on my body from the electrical shock. He noticed how the corners where my eyes were had many tiny and dark freckles almost like ashes. I looked away from him in disbelief.

“Thank you for saving me. It is much appreciated and I’m grateful you did. Now you don’t have to make me. You should leave before you get in trouble. You can’t be out of bed at this hour.” I didn’t hear Draco approach me and sit in the chair next to me. When I swiveled my head to look him in the eyes with the courage I could muster, he embraced me. Draco rested his forehead on my shoulder.

“I wanted to apologize for my behavior. I was being incompetent. And you’re right. I am a spoiled brat. I’m insecure and I put you through awful things. After what I saw with you and Pansy, I was livid. I thought I almost killed someone. I care about you with every fiber of my being.”

I couldn’t believe what I heard. This had to have been a lie.

“I told Blaise that I didn’t want to like you and Pansy heard me and went after you.”

“Draco, it’s okay.”

“No it’s not. You could’ve died. If I hadn’t stepped in right away you would’ve never woken up. I couldn’t lose you,” he had been shaking lightly and tears leaked from his eye ducts.

“I forgive you. It’s okay. I care about you, too.”

“Give me a chance to right my wrongs and fix my mistakes and to learn from them. To be honest with you. I can’t hold things in anymore. And I can’t hide my feelings for you.”

“You don’t have to anymore, but you have to stop acting like a jerk. Stop hating the world,” I rubbed his back with my bandaged hand. “Start forgiving.”

He pulled away and kissed me slowly. We both knew that meant “Yes, I will start to.”


Starboy | Teaser
  • Genre: crime; supernatural
  • Rating: R for violence, mentions of death, strong language
  • Author: Mari


Sukomoros bustled with lights and vibrant colours, particularly during summer. But the joyous town was also home to dark secrets and whispered threats that would come to light when Jeon Jungkook, the town’s starboy, disappeared.

Jeon Jungkook was a good kid. He was better than good, he was the perfect kid. The perfect son, the perfect boyfriend, the perfect brother, the perfect student. Everything about the tall boy was beyond splendid: his face, a masterpiece; his body, an excellent machine built for sports of strength and flexibility and otherwise fairly attractive; his mind, of superb intelligence and grace. Jeon Jungkook was the young man everyone wanted as their child, their significant other or even themselves.

But now, the town’s golden boy lied lifeless and mutilated, eyes still open, beneath the sacred sycamore tree. Jeon Jungkook was, without a doubt, dead.

My Alpha

Summary:   Akaashi is the most desired omega in the Fukurodani race. The fact that he already has a mate doesn’t seem to make a difference to his suitors. Then again, his mate is Bokuto Koutarou. When has anyone took his alpha seriously?

Pairings:  BokuAka / BokutoxAkaashi

Genre: Romance, Shounen-ai

Rating: T

Author: Canna / Yellowcanna

Status: Complete (One shot)

In the Fukuroudani race, the beauty of omegas is made up of three main components.

Strength, grace, and most important of all, intelligence.  

Akaashi Keiji is the omega who has it all.

At first glance the omega always appears plain without any special features that make him stand out. However, after the first few glances, alphas would always found themselves attracted to the dark haired boy who was in fact radiating with beauty. He was like an unpolished gem that needed to be inspected closely in order to understand the true value.

Many people who saw Akaashi would notice his expressionless face first. His brows were thick with unappealing half-lidded eyes that always portray a sense of tiredness. But if looked closer, anyone would see that it wasn’t the case at all. His brows are thick, but it gives him a sharpness that matches his narrow eyes, reflecting his frightening acute observation ability fitting for a bird of prey. He rarely expresses any emotions, but when he does, it was like the feeling of opening a treasure chest. The prize inside was beyond anything anyone could imagine, and the satisfaction of knowing they are the one who unlocked that was an indescribable feeling between joy and pride.

Intelligence was something the dark haired omega was gifted with at birth. He was the smartest of his school, always standing at the very top no matter what subject it was. Like that of an owl, Akaashi moved fluidly and soundlessly with trained precision that would take other omegas years of practice to achieve. He was graceful no matter what he was doing and just that alone, every omega looked to him as their idol.

Many alphas first saw the raven as an easy prey as eighty percent of omegas are proven to be. With his intelligence and grace, no one had expected the omega to be able fight. That was quickly changed the moment an alpha tried to make the omega submit in the middle of the school yard for all to see.

That alpha was crushed within seconds.

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anonymous asked:

your bean is gonna be the most incredibly bookish and intelligent kid to grace this planet ever

There’s nothing wrong if they aren’t though. But merci.

I keep seeing a bunch of white shippers say some ugly shit about sh@llura becuz they don’t understand why that’s an amazing relationship

Allura is HEAVLY coded as a black woman and to see a black woman in media that isn’t a stereotype is fucking amazing Allura is dark skinned and dark skinned women don’t get shown love in media

Sh@llura is one of the popular ships in fandom an interracial ship were neither are white where one isn’t an minor and it isn’t abusive and that is amazing

Allura a BLACK woman getting love by a man and not getting thrown under the bus or forgotten for a white woman (lets hope she doesn’t die like most black women in shows)

When shippers ask how that is amazing y'all should’ve seen the look on my face and my mothers face when we realized this show was actually serious about allura being a PRINCESS (a graceful intelligent black princess) and that she wouldn’t be evil or wouldn’t be thrown aside for pidge my heart fluttered

When y'all see shallura and call it het trash y'all ugly asses calling some of the BEST representation garbage y'all don’t realize how good this is for young black girls

Y'all are disgusting if u think good gay representation is a grown man dating a minor but call a ship between an Asian man and a black women ‘boring het ships’ do y'all see how racist that makes you

Check Venus/Mars


A cardinal air sign, your Venus sign is motivated by finding great success in relationship, and to accomplish this, you’ve been gifted with intelligence, glamour, and good social graces. Love for you is a ballet of give and take – you’ll work effortlessly, tirelessly and judiciously to achieve the overall balance of your happily-ever-after vision.

Your Love Charm: charm, itself. Blessed with worldly sophistication, guided by an innate sense right and wrong, you attract others who are equally fair and sensitive to saying the right thing at the right time – just like you.

Your Soul Mate: your matched other, equal half. You impress your soul mate with how similar you are, and how great your life could be together.

Your Attract-ive Power: the power of rapport. You make others feel comfortable by inquiring, listening, and matching their behavior/words. You somehow make connections with people you have no obvious connection with.

Your Shadow: trying to make everyone happy all the time. Naturally concerned with others’ well being,you’ll easily accommodate their wishes (great!), unless you feel they aren’t returning your kindness and you start keeping score (not so great).

Your Venus Archetype: a diamond, social butterfly, judge, scales, red rose, lead ballerina, director, ultimate hostess, one-half of a power couple, tightrope walker, negotiator, peace-lover, lover, mediator, sensitive, “lover not a fighter”.

Think With Your Venus Mantra: I am blessed with charm, dignity and grace and so is my other half. I don’t have to change anyone to love them. I know my perfect mate is already perfect and complete.


A mesmerizing fixed water sign, you exude the mystery & attractive charisma of a Jane Bond Girl, or 007 his self. You fear losing control, and you also like surrendering control to another, which can create all kinds of strange problems for your relationships. You experience life-transforming intimacy with the people you love.

Your Love Charm: Your intensity and honesty. In your presence, other people feel quite thrillingly, alive.

Your Soul Mate: is capable of great psychological depth and fearlessness. Your soul mate is not a purely sexual relationship, someone who is psychologically unaware or emotionally unavailable.

Your Attract-ive Power: the power of magnetism. Your sexuality which even if not overtly expressed, is a smoldering, seductive promise that draws others to you. Your 2nd chakra, or kundalini energy is off the hook. Be careful how you use it!

Your Shadow: wanting who you can’t have. You wrestle with your desires and your attachments toward people who may not be available to you, and who, if you got, you may not actually want.

Your Venus Archetype: the black widow, prostitute, phoenix, thorny red rose, belly dancer, erotic dancer, smoldering ashes, scorpion, seductress, celibate, psychologist, jealous one, fortress, the betrayer/betrayed, vampiress, alchemist, shaman, spy.

Think With Your Venus Mantra: I am erotically alive. I honor my own emotional depth, sexual intensity, and honesty. I attract an empowering relationship formed on mutual trust, helping me to surrender my fears, let down my guard, and experience deep healing. This is the person I trust with my soul.


Taking off at a moment’s notice, heading out on an epic adventure comes easy for the fiery Venus sign who takes great pleasure in exploring, learning about others, and accumulating those ‘once in a lifetime’ love experiences. Your love passport is bi-coastal, reading “have bags, will travel.”

Your Love Charm: you’re up for it. When you’re disappointed by love, you optimistically re-shuffle the deck & diversify your options.

Your Soul Mate: is up for it. The keynote of your soul mate relationship is continuous expansion and personal exploration. They share your freedom-loving spontaneity and appreciate the myriad sensual exploits & possibilities you offer them.

Your Attract-ive Power: the power of adventure. Is it possible to taste, touch and experience everything? You’ll try. Then you’ll teach your lovers what you’ve learned.

Your Shadow: fear of losing your freedom to love. Are love & freedom really mutually exclusive? Really? Your love task is to experience freedom through love (although this may mean having a non-traditional relationship).

Your Venus Archetype: the gypsy-wanderer, seeker, nomadic princess, explorer, safari guide, mapmaker, fortune-teller, the student, high priestess, exotic foreigner, philosopher, temptress, Puella (eternal little girl).

Think With Your Venus Mantra: I honor my need for spontaneity and exploration. Every day is a new opportunity to try, taste, experience something radically different than the day before.


The ringed-planet, Saturn, gives you strong personal boundaries and a high degree of self-sufficiency and self-reliance. This can make you appear unobtainable or distant with others who want to get close to you, but also often glamorous and respected by them, too.

Your Love Charm: your maturity. You’re an ultra-realist when it comes to love. Your Venus sign advertises “I’m available for real adult relationship. Only people with goals & ambitions need apply.”

Your Soul Mate is: mature, and authoritative, or a wise-elder in the community. They leave a mark of personal integrity and authority in everything they do.

Your Attract-ive Power: the power of dedication and commitment. Once you’ve decided what or who it is that makes you happy, you’ll do what it takes to get and keep them.

Your Shadow: choosing a ‘safe bet’ person for all the wrong reasons, like their social status, authority, power or wealth. You may enjoy a materially comfortable partnership, but not at the cost of emotional warmth and companionship.

Your Venus Archetype: daddy’s little girl, adult, provider, ice queen, prostitute, power suit, status-seeker, role model, woman in a man’s world, boss woman, single lady, wise woman, wizard, hermit, experienced one.

Think With Your Venus Mantra: I expect only success from love. I form goals, and build and reach dreams together, with my partner. I am blessed with dedication and commitment to pull in the love I want. I know all things are possible.


As a fixed air sign, you are friendly and tolerant of others. Your Venus sign also needs to break a social convention (or two…or ten) in love. You refuse to be stereotyped in relationship, to be put in any box which stymies your true self. This need for the freedom, to choose who, what and how you love, is exceptionally strong for you.

Your Love Charm: uniqueness. The more unusual and original you are in style, taste, opinions and self-expression the more attract-ive you become to others.

Your Soul Mate: an original. Your soul mate will probably defy the expectations of your culture, family or society. They will wear signatures of an experimental, progressive, highly independent and unusual character.

Your Attract-ive Power: the power to live and let live. Your inclusive ability to embrace other’s differences, to accept them for who they are makes others feel truly accepted and loved.

Your Shadow: your need to have all your uncertainties & insecurities eliminated before risking falling in love with that one special person. You may prefer to spread your love thin across many friends, or remain uninvolved, than experience special love with one partner.

Your Venus Archetype: the sexual rebel, outsider, glamourous one, trend-setter, untouchable beauty, truth-teller, caged bird/free bird, prisoner of love, free-spirit, peace-lover, idealist, visionary, friend, humanitarian.

Think With Your Venus Mantra: I bring radical authenticity to the table of relationship, and the one who is still sitting there when I’m done is the one I want to be with. I offer unconventionality and truthfulness to my partnerships. They love me for my irreverence & eccentricity.


As mutable mystical water sign who lives to observe & learn, you make the emotional life of your love relationship, into your life study. Malleable & sensitive to other’s needs, it’s easy for you to fit your self into other’s projections, causing your relationship to resemble a hall of mirrors at times. Endowed with a rich fantasy life and imagination, you enjoy creating ecstatic experiences of love, and you do.

Your Love Charm: boundless love. Your love is spiritual and all-encompassing, and because you see the spiritual nature in others, making it easy for you to fall in love with their spirit and soul.

Your Soul Mate: connected to your spirituality. They rightfully sense an otherworldly mystical connection has brought you two together, just as you do.

Your Attract-ive Power: the power of enchanted play. Life with you is never mundane – you cook up the kind of dreamy diversions and mystical moments that offer others escape from the dreariness of everyday living.

Venus in Pisces Shadow: kissing frogs while asking for a prince! Sometimes it’s hard for you to tell the difference, yet when you do, you may still try to “rescue” the frog. Work on establishing boundaries and using imagination to turn your dream prince into a reality.

Your Venus Archetype: the hopeless romantic, magical child, actress, illusionist, victim, martyr, compassionate healer, mother teresa, beloved, good samaritan, lost soul, soul mate, codependent, sadist, psychic, rescuer, guru, ocean, siren, devotee, dream weaver.

Think With Your Venus Mantra: My outlandish, magnificent and soulful diversions are enchantments that inspire others to no end. I know that whatever I ask for from love, I receive. I identify who I don’t want, I put who I do want into my imagination & the Divine obliges my every wish.


signs as skins characters
  • aries: cook // fiery, aggressive, daring
  • taurus: rich // determined, stubborn, loving
  • gemini: tony // energetic, intelligent, clever
  • cancer: grace // gentle, caring, dependable
  • leo: mini // status-oriented, insecure, larger than life
  • virgo: freddie // introspective, self-giving, reliable
  • libra: michelle // social, talented, idealistic
  • scorpio: franky // headstrong, dark, observant
  • sagittarius: chris // reckless, fun-loving, open-minded
  • capricorn: effy // cold, intelligent, resourceful
  • aquarius: naomi // humanitarian, sarcastic, witty
  • pisces: cassie // adaptable, imaginative, eccentric


Chibiusa always viewed her mother as this perfect, graceful, intelligent and powerful woman. And then she saw herself, someone that was eternally a child, clumsy, and powerless. And she felt that she was somehow a failure, that she didn’t measure up.

When she returns to the past, she gets to see that she is not so different from her mom after all. It’s easy to forget that Neo Queen Serenity has had centuries upon centuries of practice by the time we see her. And to forget that she really is Usagi. This was something that was crucial to Chibiusa being able to grow into her own and be comfortable with herself as she is. 

Allied 5 and their favourite Steven universe characters.

Alfred: Alfred loves amethyst. She’s easygoing, carefree, and fun! She has her insecurities, but manages to haul herself past them. In other words, she doesn’t let them tie her down!

Arthur: Pearl. She’s a lady. Intelligent, graceful, polite, and proper. Why wouldn’t he favour her?

Francis: Rose! She sees the wonder and beauty in the simplicity of the mortal life. She gave her life for Steven, her son. He finds her appealing because she is just so brilliantly lovely.

Ivan: Lapis lazuli. She seems sort of lonely, and her loyalty to Steven is unwavering. All she wanted was to get back home, with the people she knew and loved.

Yao: He likes Lion because lion is cute. Not only that, but he has super cool lion powers! Go lion!

Allen: Garnet. She’s strong, kind, and understanding. An excellent leader.

Oliver: like Arthur, he likes pearl. For all the same reasons, too.

François: Amethyst. She’s messy and honestly doesn’t seem to care. Just like him-

Viktor: Viktor likes Rose. He finds her views on life interesting and inspiring. He thinks she’s really sweet…

Xiao: He likes Mayor Dewey. Why? Because Mayor Dewey does what he has to do as a politician to get where he needs to be.


Now THIS IS #relationshipgoals! What a beautiful moment 😍

Michelle Obama has handled her role as FLOTUS with elegance, class, grace, intelligence and style! 👑 #goodmorning #barackobama #michelleobama #flotus #potus #farewellspeech

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New addition to the family. Can everyone see her crescent moon?

I need some help with names. She also has several other moon markings and a vesica Pisces/goddess symbol in the center of her back matching my own tattoo.
This is the baby girl that found me after I asked Freya for help adopting one of her lost feline children.

-Dainty and graceful
-Intelligent and intentional with everything
-Extremely loving
-Huntress (already caught and ate numerous spiders my other cat ignored)
-Follows me everywhere

UPDATE: Her name is Luna. It suits her well and she responds to it.