To say that ‘I call people stupid because I value intelligence above everything else’ kind of just shows that you’re not that intelligent yourself. By calling some one stupid you’re just putting them down and they aren’t going to believe they are intelligant if you keep telling people they’re stupid. It’s like the quote “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” and I guess thats what I’m trying to say people will believe they are stupid and might just for their whole life think that.

So if you do value intelligence above everything then stop thinking it’s okay to call some one stupid because you tell anyone that enough and they might just start believing it. You’ll be stuck in a world with people believing they are stupid which if you do value intelligence wouldn’t be good would it because obviously your big brain won’t have anyone to stimulate your intelligence and I guess you might just become dim yourself.

Hemel’s Vampiric Origins

The dapper vampire strolled up to the palace to visit his parents. It had been a while, and he had something to confess. He didn’t want to be their heir any longer. He couldn’t be. He wasn’t the way he was before. How could a prince take the crown if the sun bothered him so much? Something about his lifestyle could give him away, if people paid attention. He was also concerned about the entire “immortal” thing. If he didn’t age, people would definitely notice. He was unsure how he could tell them, though. How would they believe him? Or would they take it as a joke? What if they did? It was serious. He could just leave and not return. Then nobody would have to take it seriously. A missing prince was better than one in a mental ward.

He strode past the guards and straight into the throne room. His parents were occupied, he saw. Some advisors were discussing some matters with them in the large, pearly room. The gold décor glistened and caught his sensitive eyes. It was a slight annoyance and a bit of a distraction. He did notice when his mother nodded her head to him. She saw him and acknowledged him. He could talk to her later. His shoes tapped upon the tile as he left the throne room. He could bet his sister was in the library.

Unlike the clean white colour of the throne room, it was mostly composed of mahogany. Browns and reds coloured the library, dull and dark like the covers of the old novels stored there. His sister must have been between books, for she was flipping through and examining one when he stepped up to her.

“Hello, Hemel.” He smiled at the joy of seeing his beloved younger sister. Her eyes lit up when she saw him and she set the book aside to hug him. He hugged her back tightly. He hadn’t realised quite how much he had missed her. She hugged with a strength she didn’t have before. She must have still been training all that time. She was a little stronger, now. He could tell during their embrace.

“Hello, Gent. What have you been up to all this time? How dare you not send any letters?” She gave him a scowl and his smile remained on his face.

“Because I certainly haven’t been doing nearly as much as you. You’ve still been practicing your bow, I imagine.” He watched his sister brighten and nod. She was glad he recalled her training. “I am sure you can protect some of the guards more than they could protect you.” She laughed lightly.

“Your praise doesn’t hide how you dodged my question, Gent. What have you been doing while away?” She noticed his hand slide from his pocket as he moved to sit down. She followed and sat across from him in the soft cushion of one of the library’s chairs.

“I was catching up with a scholar friend of mine. We did some reading together. I suppose I just got caught up in it all. He has a very vast library.”

“But that’s not all. Come on, now. I can tell.” Hemel’s smile fell away as concern took over in her mind. She easily worried when her family kept things from her. “Gent…”

“Hemel, trust me. You don’t really want to hear what else happened, I assure you.” Gent looked his sister in the eyes, now, to back up the seriousness of his words. Hemel sighed softly, but didn’t relent.

“You can trust me, too, can’t you? I’m stronger than I look, you know that.”

“But will you believe me? Can you promise me that even if it seems absurd, you’d listen and trust its truth?”

“Yes, dear brother, I promise.” Hemel leaned forward slightly, concern and eagerness in her posture.

“I was attacked in my home-“

“Were you alright?! Did you see whom it was? Were they arrested?”

Gent chuckled, his sweet sister’s worry interrupting him. It reminded him how much she cared, and that didn’t help him feel sure of what she will think after he continues.

“No, no. Unfortunately not, though I doubt he’s the kind to let himself be arrested. I wasn’t alright, though, no. I still am not. He… He did something to me. Changed me forever, Hemel. He bit me and… He made me like him. A vampire. I swear it is true!” Gent had seen Hemel’s eyes widen and rushed to assure her he was not insane. He quickly showed her the slight fangs in his smile.

His little sister gasped. “A vampire? You? But, that means… You’d live forever, and steal people’s lives.”

“I will live forever but I have never bitten anyone. I had an ally help me with that. We mixed it into my tea. I’m also protected from the sun.” He tapped his cravat as he spoke the last line.

Hemel slowly calmed. “Well… What do we do?”

“Nothing can be done, Hemel. Nothing but accepting what happened. I will tell our parents, preferably with you by my side, later today.”

Hemel nodded. She believed she could manage that. She slowly reached forward and took her brother’s hand, sensing what he never showed. “It’ll be okay, Gent. Worst case scenario, you’ll still have me. I promise.”

Gent felt himself smile, and they both rose and hugged. He quietly thanked her for the reassurance. He would never want to lose his sister, if anything must be lost at all.

Their parents were busy all day, so they passed the time painting together. Just before dinner, they knew their parents would retire from the throne room. They had mostly finished their painting by then, but kept good track of the time. Gent slipped a glance at Hemel, and she nodded encouragingly. They both knocked on the door to their parent’s quarters and waited to be cued to enter.

Gent spilled his story to their parents with more detail than he did to Hemel, so she heard it all, as well. Their parents seemed to pale considerably, and Hemel asked Gent to prove it like he proved it to her. He did as she asked, and their parents were stunned. However, after urging from Hemel, they all ended up hugging and deciding the secret should stay within the family. They’d protect their son. He and Hemel were so relieved, they hugged once again, and left their parents in peace to go finish the painting before dinner.

Gent made his special tea and sat down with his family, settling for smaller portions since he didn’t need as much as his loved ones. They caught up with each other, his parents talking about politics and Hemel bragging about her training. He laughed with them and told them all the other things he’d been up to. He had been learning to bake, and offered to make something for everyone, some time. They accepted the offer, and Hemel asked to help with the cake they’d make tomorrow night.

They week began passing nicely. Three days into his visit, Hemel tried to teach him to shoot, he tried to teach her to cook, and he helped his parents with the region they ruled. He learned a lot from them all already, and Hemel began baking on her own.

Another lovely dinner where everyone talked about their day. Their mother had noticed Gent and Hemel hanging their paintings in the library.

“You two work so well together. It’s lovely having you home, son. I nearly forgot how much of a pair you and your sister are.” She smiled over at them both, who sat side by side. Both were slightly embarrassed by the compliment, but it was Gent who spoke.

“Aren’t we? I did certainly miss my dear zusje.” He grinned at Hemel, who smiled back instead of elbowing him for taking advantage of the embarrassment.

“Don’t worry. I missed you, too.”

They retired that night, Gent and Hemel planning to go out into town tomorrow, starting at the park for a picnic before some book shopping.

Gent awoke to a loud bang. He feel the heat in the air as it passed toward his lungs, though his skin didn’t feel anything more than warm. He ran to Hemel’s room first, since it was closest, to see if he was not the first to rise. He met her in the hallway as she was leaving her room and heading toward their parents at the end of the hall. Their father was sending their mother downstairs, and signaling his children to follow. The two ran down the hall as he was descending the stairs to ensure their mother was safe, clearly trusting his son with their daughter.

By the time the pair got downstairs, the flames engulfed everything. There was no time to wonder where they came from. The stairs were rather close to where they dined, and the kitchen behind it. As the flames spread toward it, there chance at exiting was taken from them in the form of an explosion from the stove’s gas line. Debris was added to their problems. Their parents moved to protect their children. Gent attempted to protect Hemel, as well, but was surprised to see they had been separated as Hemel ran toward their parents. He knew she was thinking of just getting outside with them, and getting to safety, but that meant he was alone where he stood by the stairs. He was surrounded by flames that threatened to snuff him out. He could only watch as the windows shattered from the heat, causing glass to fly into his family.

Gent made to call out to them, but no sound loud enough to be heard over the roaring flames could be heard. He focused on finding a way over to them, dodging the flames so he only suffered minor burns. He made it over and scanned his family. Hemel was breathing, but he wasn’t sure about his parents, who had taken most of the damage protecting their daughter while attempting to escape. He scooped Hemel up first, leading her outside safely. He returned for their parents, carrying them as best he could. He got everyone a safe distance away, confirmed his parents hadn’t made it, and moved to Hemel.

She was breathing in short gasps, and he felt fear chill his blood. [i]His blood…[/i] He swallowed hard, as if he could swallow down the quiet protest his mind gave him, telling him he shouldn’t do this. He scooted closer and repeated what he knew the vampire who bit him had done to him, adding what he read about in books. A transfer of blood, really, was all. Plus whatever chemical, or disease, according to some, that either his fangs discharged, or was carried in his saliva. He immediately felt regret, but pushed it down. Hemel wouldn’t mind spending eternity with him and his help, he knew it. He also knew he needed her alive, especially since she was the only one who could survive. Gent knew some classified him as dead, and so Hemel might still be, if this succeeded, but at least she’d be here.

He closed his eyes, unsure how much time was really passing right now. People began rushing by, attempting to put out the flames. He got up and carried Hemel off to a quiet piece of land to the west of their castle, not wanting anyone to call his zusje dead. He laid her down carefully, then sat next to her in the grass. He noticed her chest rise and fall with more strength, and the bleeding stopped. He set about carefully removing larger shards of glass from her, mainly her arms. Some smaller pieces were already shaken loose when he moved her these two times.

Her eyes opened slowly, and he was surprised she recovered so quickly, though he was certain she was still in pain.

“Gent?” she called out weakly.

“Hemel, it’s alright. You’re safe. I’ll tell you all about what happened later. Just, get some rest.” He reached down to hold her hand and watched her eyelids flutter shut.

WEpod Driverless Car is the First to ride on Public Road

#WEpod #DriverLessCar is the First to ride on Public Road

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WEpod DriverLess Car is the first self-driving shuttle that takes the public roads to commute between the towns of Wageningen and Ede in the central Dutch province of Gelderland. WEpods are the first vehicles in the world without a steering wheel to be given license plates. To everyone’s surprise this six-passenger WEpod driverless car does not travel on special lanes, and they’re not guided by…

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barakawade asked:

The goal you know is to go pro racing but id like to get into heavy software development and artificial intellience

Randan is the one to go to if you want to be exempt from the impending robot apocalypse!! (Also, racing wld b super cool & you could hire me to be the hot girl lounging on the hood of your car ok)((also also deep programming sounds super intense))


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February 9, 2016

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Birthday: January 26th

Gender: Female

Relationship status: Single

Zodiac sign: Aquarius (Sun, moon and dominant)

Siblings: I’m an only child. 

Favorite color: blue, monochrome colours and mint green. 

Wake-up and Sleep time: depends. 

Lemonade or Iced Tea: I actually don’t really drink them but I prefer Iced Tea.

Coke or Pepsi: Coke. I never tried Pepsi. 

Day or night: Night. I feel way more comfortable. 

Text or call: Texting. I think I can express myself better while writing. 

Make-up or natural: Both is good. 

Met a celebrity: Not really no. 

Smile or Eyes: Eyes. 

Light or Dark Hair: Depends. I like both. 

Shorter or taller: Taller.

Intelligence or attraction: Intelligence. Attraction is nice too but I could not renounce intellience. 

Chapstick or Lipstick: Chapstick. I feel kinda uncomfortable wearing lipstick. 

City or Country: A mix would be great. 

I think I have already done this some time ago which is why I tag everyone who wants to do this. 

Introduction to the IntelliHome

“Ten years ago this month, the eco-tech industry – then worth $700 million – made the leap onto the internet. It is HomoTic’s goal that in half that time – a mere five years – this company will enjoy a 30% market share. Our Intelli-Home promises to save its inhabitants energy, money and time in their daily lives. It is also the first residence that can be conceived, designed and constructed entirely online, at a tenth of the price of a traditional home construction project. The market is there. The public interest and desire is there. And now HomoTic is here.”

                                       -  Jacqui Taylor-Clarke, HomoTic CEO