CNN: “the people are dying to know, from your visit to the CIA headquarters, is there evidence of Russian connections to the trump campaign?”

Feinstein, Democrat member of the Senate intellience committee: “No”

CNN: “uh.. whoa that s uh.. thats very succinct.. uh im s-sure there will be uh… the investigation is ongoing, uhh.. uhWELL THATS ALL THE TIME WE HAVE TODAY, THANK YOU FOR COMING ONTO THE SHOW, BYE



Adam Cole x Reader

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Adams pov

“Are you really contemplating on swiping left? Are you frickin kidding me?”

“Uh, duh. It’s weird if I swipe right. I mean we’re really close and if she ever finds out that I’m interested that’ll be over!”

“I think I have to slap you, maybe then you hear the crap that comes out of your mouth!”

“What are you talking about? These are appropriate doubts! This would change everything!” I defended myself against Kenny.

“Yeah, it would change everything in a good way. In the way that you’re always dreaming of, dumbass!” he snorted.

“Oh come one, leave me be!”

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M13_LRGB_AIP by Alvaro Ibañez Perez (@kokehtz)
Via Flickr:
Telescopio: Takahashi FSQ106EDX Montura: Takahashi EM400 Temma2 Cámara: CCD Atik 460EX mono + Baader LRGB + IDAS LPS + SX Filter Wheel Guiado: Lunático EZG-60 + SXLodestar Enfoque: RoboFocus + AstroMatic (ftorrev) Adquisición: MaximDL + AstroMatic (ftorrev) Procesado y apilado: PixInsight + PS Intelli PowerBox (Pegasus Astro) L: 120x60s bin1 (-10ºC) RGB: 30x60s bin2 (-10ºC) PIOZ, GUADALAJARA, ESPAÑA (06/05/2017)

Hogwarts houses for the signs

Gryffindor (bravery, nerve, chivalry, courage, daring, stron of will):

- Aries

- Leo

- Sagittarius

Hufflepuff (dedication, hard work, fair play, patience, kindness, tolerance, unafraid of toil):

- Capricorn

- Libra

- Cancer

Ravenclaw (intellience, wit, wisdom, creativity, originality, individuality, acceptance):

- Virgo

- Taurus

- Gemini

Slytherin (traditionalism, resourcefulness, cunning, ambition, leadership qualities, self-preservation, determination, cleverness, fraternity, power):

- Scorpio

- Aquarius

- Pisces

Note: Some may belongs to many houses too, but these are the most accurate.

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I know the world is Too Much With Us right now, so, um, here's a thing. I love David Duchovny's Mulder, but he could not exist in the universe I know. His character+demeanor+actions are an impossible constellation. What het basketball-playing smartass intelli-jock FBI agent would monk up and sit across Scully for 7 years without making a pass? I don't know any humans like this. I think Darin Morgan agrees with me. I think this is part of the compelling XF fantasy. But maybe I'm in the minority?

I definitely think he could exist. I think part of the character of Mulder is that his obsessions take over his whole life. I, uh, can identify with that, heh. I also think Mulder grew up with a combination of insecurities, mostly thanks to his shitty parents (with no help from the defining tragedy of his childhood), that make him less confident than someone who looks like David Duchovny might typically be. Then, in fanon at least, you’ve got Phoebe who did some more decimation of his confidence specifically in the adult/sexual arena. So the result is a guy who is like, well fuck everything else, I’m going to lock myself away in the basement and find my sister, and there has to be something else out there, and my parents will see that I’m worth something, and women are just trouble anyway so I’m just going to avoid THAT whole thing except for occasional physical gratification. 

I mean, I don’t think Mulder is into Bigfoot and spaceships just because of some unhealthy avoidance thing or something. You know, I was just watching this show on TLC called My Kid’s Obsession (have I mentioned I am on vacation? THE GREATEST), and I was afraid since, well, it was on TLC that it was going to be this freakshow like most TLC shows are (e.g. My Strange Addiction which is just straight-up making fun of people’s various issues with obsession/compulsion and then justifying it by giving them 30 seconds of fake therapy/shaming at the end). But, and thank god because it was kids so they probably knew they couldn’t get away with being huge assholes to them, it was very upbeat and it showed these weirdo kids in their full glory, while not a note of judgment could be found. There was one kid who collected fans, and the show follows him around his house talking about all his fans and the different kinds and facts about fans and the fan he had as a baby and wished he could find again. His parents were like, yup, he sure likes fans. They helped him make a shelf in his room to put his smaller fans on. He makes an air-hockey table out of box fans and a cardboard box and it actually works, and his friends are like “another one of his crazy ideas!” as they all joke around playing air hockey. They go to a fan museum and here’s this kid talking fan trivia with the curator who is another fan obsessive and just in his element. On the way they stop at a wind turbine so he can get out and be excited that he gets to touch a wind turbine (which is, of course, a GIANT FAN). The way this was all framed was just…lovely, I thought, and good-hearted. There was another kid who loves vacuums and collects vacuums and loves the sound of vacuums and he vacuums his house and vacuums his mom’s hair salon and his dad’s fire station. And they’re like “that’s just who he is!” They threw him a vacuum-cleaner-themed birthday party and he got a rare vacuum that he had been searching for and he cried. Supportive parents like that are a gift, and just, it felt like a love letter to quirky kids. 

Anyway. I see Mulder as having aspects of someone like that as well. People have different levels of quirk, and certainly there are more challenging things that often go along with the goofy “the kid loves fans” kind of charming stuff. Mulder’s character, too, certainly seems to have times when the obsessions are harmful or get him in trouble or cause him pain. And his life obviously has a lot of tragedy in it and that shaped him in a way. But I like that Mulder is not just drawn as someone who has been distorted by tragedy into some kind of singlemindedly driven misshapen destroyed figure. He also just genuinely is a space nerd and gets excited about unexplained phenomena and is full of wonder when he sees a spaceship and all that sort of stuff. And that’s just Mulder. I love that about him. And one of the beautiful things about his relationship with Scully is that she loves him for who he is while also helping to balance him when he gets too deep into one of his rabbit holes. (And he in turn is able to show her the fun of spontaneity and the excitement of adventures she never would have had without him.)

So, anyway. I don’t see it out of character for Mulder that he would sit across from Scully for seven years and not make a move. One, a lot, a LOT of his brain and focus and attention is taken up with his various quests and obsessions. (As someone who has a lot of quests and obsessions that take up a lot of my brain, I understand that.) Two, I think his upbringing gave him pretty low self-esteem that was further flattened by Phoebe (and Diana?), and when he meets Scully he is basically in a “you know, I’m just going to wall off the whole ‘women/dating’ thing” phase. He knows he’s a bit of a freak and he’s just going to embrace it, he’s the crazy guy in the basement, a cute little scientist comes down to spy on him and by GOD he’s not going to let her get to him, this is HIS domain, he will freak her out with spooky shit, he will throw all the Spooky Mulder at her that he’s got. And yet she stays, and she likes him, and she’s…you know…BEAUTIFUL, and wonderful, and smart, and kind, and serious, and stubborn, and loyal, and…she likes him. Does she like him? She does, right? Of course she does. But…but but but. So, I think it takes him a while to get over that to believe that really, REALLY, she might feel about him the way he feels about her. Him, Spooky Mulder. Not to mention that I’m SURE he has a paranoid voice in the back of his brain going “SHE’S GOING TO GET ANGRY AND YOU’RE GOING TO RUIN EVERYTHING AND SHE’S GOING TO LEAVE” every time he thinks about making a move on her. 

(And I think she has her own reasons, and I’ve touched on this before I think, but I’m also fine with the characterization of Scully as a quiet nerd who is genuinely excited about her profession and about learning and achieving things and helping people and finding justice, and I have never subscribed to the bullshit “Scully is so strong/good/pure/superior because she resisted jumping Mulder’s bones” reading, but I DO subscribe to the “Scully is the kind of female character we don’t often get to see on TV, whose character doesn’t really revolve around her attractiveness to men or lack of attractiveness to men, or her interest in men or lack of interest in men; it doesn’t revolve around men at all; Scully is interested in the things Scully is interested in and the ‘is Scully going to put out for Mulder’ question just sort of…doesn’t come up for several years and actually that is very refreshing to have a female character walk in and the question ‘is she going to accept the guy’s advances or refuse them? is she a slut or a prude?’ just ISN’T PART OF THE EQUATION AT ALL like she has many traits related to other things and sexuality obviously is an important part of one’s personhood but at the same time it can get so wearying when all of these ‘what kind of lay is she?’ questions MUST BE ANSWERED IMMEDIATELY for a female character because apparently the male audience cannot rest until those things are addressed, and so I love that about Scully” reading. Whew. Anyway. Scully has a lot going on in her own brain that is not “Mulder is hot,” and so, I can also believe that it would take a while to get there for her as well.)

So, yeah. I think he can easily be a heterosexual man who thinks Scully is attractive and very believably for years sit across from her and not hit on her, and vice versa. I feel he came to it a bit ass-backwardly, but it’s actually one of the things I feel Chris Carter did right. It just, as I have said before, lasted a couple of decades beyond believability. 

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Hi! Just puttin this in ask form! And a little extra since I'm curious ^^; What r the eight little troublemakers like when they're older? Also curious, where do u think their strengths and weaknesses are?

I’ll go in order depending on their ages (who was built first, second, third…), mostly based around @ramblingcoyote‘s DEADLY EIGHT idea for the Mafia/Gangster!AU


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buttercup59  asked:

Oh goodness, can I just say how much I love your Sherlolly fics. Anyway, if you're still taking prompts, I would love to see a Pillow Talk AU, Sherlock and Molly taking on the roles played by Rock Hudson and Doris Day. Thanks!

Because I love that movie almost as much as I love Sherlolly, I cannot bear to pass this up! A bit tricky to do in modern times so I didn’t try. Part 2 coming soon! 

Phone Lines and Lies: Part I

‘He’s absolutely insufferable!’

Mary rolled her eyes, but nodded her head in pretend sympathy as her friend ranted. They were sitting in the Watson’s kitchen having tea while Mary’s husband was out, something they started doing when they met at the teaching hospital less than a month previous.

‘Heaven forbid something happen to me and I can’t call for help!’

‘Molly, don’t you think you’re being a bit overdramatic?’ Mary interjected.

Molly huffed and crossed her arms. ‘No, I do not.’

‘It’s just a phone line.’

‘No, it’s a party line. And I got stuck sharing it with the world’s only Consulting Detective!’

Mary choked on her tea. ‘Oh, my god!’


Mary waved it off. ‘Nothing, sorry, just thought of something.’

Molly continued on as though there had been no interruption. ‘Anyway, it’s bad enough I have to share a line at all. But he’s on it constantly, deducing the other side to tears or shouting or… or whatever!’

‘Have you asked the phone company for a private line?’

‘I’m on the list. They say the earliest I can get one is six months. Can you believe it? Six months listening to that great ponce go on and on, spouting out his brilliance until it makes me want to gag.’

Mary simply smiled into her tea.

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