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(1) Yo I've just thought - maybe Lexa does die, but we are made to think she is still alive in the finale. I'm saying this because the photos of them look like they are in the city of light- where no one dies right? like that disfigured guy, he died in reality but still remained in the virtual. I have this feeling at the end of the episode Clarke will go back to reality to find Lexas dead body or come to the realisation that Lexa died, and it will be a massive plot twist for us and Clarke

(2) because we all thought she had made it to the end. Can you imagine the heartbreak OH MY DAYS


Alright, The 100 is a crazy show and anything can happen. “No one is safe.”, but I’ll explain why I don’t believe that Lexa will die.

I’m gonna break this down into 3 parts. (it will be so long because I like to ramble I am so sorry)

Part 1, ALIE and Jaha:

Who is ALIE?

ALIE is an Artificial Life Intellegence Extraterrestrial that Chris (the guy on the first picture next to Rebecca) designed and programmed around 97 years ago. We don’t know much about Chris as of yet, but it seems he must have been someone important because he had access to the missiles and the launch codes.

Before I go on and talk about this scene I have to add something that really caught my attention. ALIE’s name. I have seen a lot of reviews and analysis that have stated that ALIE’s name actually stands for A LIE. Which is partly true considering who ALIE is, where she comes from and where she wants to go. What’s interesting though is that the original ALIE’s name is Rebecca. Now, if you take one ‘c’ out of Rebecca’s name and add it to ALIE’s name, what do you get? Yes, ALI’c’E. I highly believe that this is a reference to Alice Adventures in Wonderland. I will talk about the significance of this later.

Now to the scene: As you can see, Rebecca is not very happy about this surprise to see an Avatar version of herself. The interesting part of this scene is that ALIE seems to be able to understand human emotions, she can read Rebecca’s face and can say what she is feeling. She makes the observation that Rebecca is not happy about her having an Al/Avatar now, and then even says “I didn’t need this, you did”. So, ALIE has not only absorbed an massive amount of data about the world, but she has also learned how the human mind works. And that is dangerous, because that would mean that she is a super computer that is far smarter than any human. (Side note: This is the only time we see the real Rebecca. Where is she now? Did she escape ALIE? Is she dead? Or did she get captured? My guess is that she is trapped somewhere in the City of Light in the Wonderland, and Clarke will find her.)

ALIE as the woman we see is only a projection, a sort of hologram manifestation. I thought it was pretty funny, because ALIE’s dress is a reference to the movie The Matrix:

If you have seen the movie you can connect ALIE’s character to the storyline of The Matrix. In The Matrix the woman in the red dress only appears once during a training program that happens in the virtual world. Connect these two and you get the idea of who ALIE is - someone/something that does not act in the physical realm but in the virtual. To sum, ALIE’s name plus appearance connect to > Alice adventures in Wonderland > The Matrix (City of Light).

Her silicone-based life form looks like this.

She exists in two forms.

(Side note: ALIE has strong links to the philosophy of “Enlightment” - philosophic/scientific (ALIE) activities challenging traditional doctrines/dogmas (Grounders) (more about that later)

We know that ALIE is responsible for the apocalypse that happened around 100 years ago by launching the missles, but, did she really?

As I’ve mentioned, ALIE in the form of the woman we see is only a projection, a hologram, so someone else must have been there to enter the launch codes because she physically can’t touch anything. So, who was it really? Who do we need to fight for real? What’s clear is that ALIE needs someone else, again, to reach her goal and that brings me to Jaha.

Jaha’s character is very similar to Alice from Alice’s adventures in Wonderland.
When Jaha lands on the earth via an inactive nuclear missile in season two it is his version of following the white rabbit down the hole.That’s when his chasing starts. After Lexa tells Jaha to bring his people a message from the Commander (leave or die) and the new Chancellor, Abby, refuses to leave, he decides to gather people and find the City of Light. The City of Light is a reference to the white rabbits hole.

At the end of season 2 he finally catches the rabbit - he finds the Light house. And ALIE was the one who lead him there, I believe she was the one who led his boat to the Island, but that’s besides the point. What’s interesting is that Jaha even quotes a very famous phrase from Alice’s adventures in Wonderland when he sees the white house.

This is so important, because it’s hinting to so many things already. You have to know that in Alice’s adventures in Wonderland Alice says this phrase while her body changes after eating the cake. It deforms. This phrase is not only hinting at ALIE’s form, that she is a virtual being, but also that Jaha distances himself more and more from reailty and jumps into the arms of the the City of Light > reality vs virtuality. Most people use the phrase “curiouser, curiouser” when they feel that they are seeing or experiencing something that does not make sense, or evokes a sense of wonder. Jaha uses “curiouser, curiouser” in this particular scene because he is further and further drawn into a bizarre world, and he feels like he is operating in a very different reality right now. He can’t make sense of anything.

And It’s clear. ALIE chose Jaha, but why?

Because Jaha is the pawn in ALIE’s game, or to be more exact the black chess Knight.

This is very interesting because if you look closely:

You can see the connection these figures have to ALIE and Jaha. ALIE = King, Jaha = Knight. Why is ALIE the King? Because ALIE is incapable of physical activities. The King is known for only being able to make one move in any direction per round (ALIE’s first move this season was in 3x02. She actually entered the boat). What’s special about the King though is that it can make a special move called “castling” which allows the King to move another figure, usually a rook. ALIE can’t go too far, so she oversees a lot of things. With the help of a pawn, who would be Jaha in this case she can gather the information she needs to fulfill her goal. Jaha represents the Knight, and as you know the Knight is the only figure that is able to leap over other pieces, and that is exactly what ALIE needs (Jaha carries the super computer, her). Jaha is not the only one she uses to fulfill her plan. She uses outcast deformed Grounders, too.

So, now that we got this figured. We can skip to the next part.

Part 2: How do you enter the City of Light?

I think everyone knows already that the City of Light doesn’t really exist but that it is a state of consciousness that exists in the mind only.

Physically he is present, mentally he is absent.

Okay, cool. But how do you that?

With this cute thing. This is probably yet another The Matrix reference. I still don’t know how you take this thing. I don’t know if you really need swallow it, so I assume there will also be a digital system (a sort of mega-brain) that connects to your mind and you have to plug in this microchip so you can always have acecss to the City of Light. Here is the trick, ALIE can control your mind with these chips. She has complete access to your consciousness and can therefore decide how your reality should look like if you decide to go against her.

Also, I find it quite interesting because this The Matrix reference does not only apply to the chip itself but Jaha and Murphy, too. You know about the blue and red pills in The Matrix? In the world of The 100, Jaha would be the blue pill (see the color of the chip in the picture above) and Murphy would be the red pill. The difference between the red and blue pill is that if you take the red pill you decide to embrace the painful truth about reality - “No pain, no hate, no envy; those are the ABC’s of me. Get rid of them and there’s nothing left.” - Murphy - and if you take the blue pill you decide to embrace the blissful ignorance of illusion > Jaha. This scene is most definitely an indicator that Murphy will turn from the super villain to the hero this season. He despises the idea of leaving reality for this sick illusion.

How does this all connect to Clarke and Lexa?

Part 3: Clarke/Lexa (opposite side of the chess game?)

If my theory is true and Jaha represents the black Knight and ALIE therefore the black King, I believe that Clarke will represent the white Knight and Lexa the white King.

And here is why:

Clarke: If I am right, I think Clarke is going to do what her father tried to do but couldn’t - save her people. In both cases we have the issue that people are led to believe something that doesn’t really exist and in both cases Jake/Clarke (tried) will try to break that illusion by pulling the curtains and reveal the truth (Ark life support system/City of Light). - “Your instincts will tell you to take care of everybody else first, just like your father, but be careful. I can’t lose you, too. I love you so much.” - Abby - and this is where Murphy will come into the story and will play a heavy role in it. Remember when Jason said that there will be Clarke x Murphy sometime in the season? He is the red pill of the show. He will help Clarke, much like she helped him when Bellamy and co. tried to hang him for something he didn’t do. She was the one to cut the rope. So, my guess is that Murphy will keep the blue microchip and will somehow reunite with the Sky People later this season. By then Clarke will know about the City of Light as well, and hopefully they will find a way to make use of that chip and try to destroy ALIE from the inside.

And how does this connect to Lexa’s character and the significance of her being? - “You were born for this, Clarke. same as me.” - Lexa

Thanks to @hedaswarrior ’s amazing theory about Nightbloods and the Conclave we have found out that specific Grounders have black blood and can enter the City of Light. And Lexa is one of them.

AND it seems that something inside their blood prevents ALIE to take control over their minds. A sort of gene mutation that was probably created by Rebecca herself to stop ALIE, but she failed because she was maybe too late. So who will fight ALIE now?

The Grounders (and the Sky people).

And here comes the very interesting thing. As mentioned before, it seems to be that specific children in the Grounder culture suffer from a birth defect which leads them to have ‘black blood’. Those children who are born with black blood are those who are named ‘Nightbloods’ (referring to the color of their blood) and get sent to training to become the next Commander. While they train fighting skills, the spirit plays a huge role in this as well (2x10 when Lexa tells Clarke about how the Grounders choose the next Commander). How do you test the spirit? With the help of the Conclave.

In Catholicism a conclave is a meeting for the cardinals when electing a new pope. It is the eldest on-going method for choosing the leader of an institution. (This is why Titus resembles a pope or something like that). The first thing that I find interesting about the conclave is that the children are very young when they are part of the ceremony/test. Remember in 3x01 when Jaha said to Murphy „We have so much to talk about, and so little time“? I think Titus feels the same way and knows that ALIE is very close to her goal much like he and Lexa are - „We are so close to our goal“ - Titus 3x03 - so they don’t waste time either and start selecting special children at an early age and make them go through the Conclave (the children probably enter the City of Light via a machine that is linked to their mind) because if the current Commander cannot fight ALIE from the inside, they need someone else to do it soon, because Titus and Lexa are afraid about the fate of the people. They always need replacement if someone fails. They have to take action now.

Does this mean Lexa has to die?

Well, here is the thing. And this is where the philosophy of ‘Enlightment’ comes in. In the 100, Enlightment begins with ALIE. She is the scientific side of the story. Everything about her is highly technological and everything around her is artifical. Nothing is real. Also she is the one who practically says „come into the City of Light and you will be free from everything that is bad“ this is the philosophic aspect of her being. The City of Light is probably a modern version of Paradise in the sense of Heaven, because in heaven you are free of your sins. Are you really, though? No. That’s just ALIE playing mind-games with you. That is not her true intention. Her true intention is to get rid of everything that is not following her set of mind. And this is where Lexa comes in when it comes to ALIE. Lexa is special. Extra special, Titus has stated so in 3x03. My guess is that Clarke will somehow be forced to take the blue microchip, but her mind will not cooperate with the system like ALIE wants her to. There has to be something within Clarke that prevents ALIE to take full control over her mind, that’s why in the spoilers she looked rather confused and very much in pain. (Side note: I’ve read in a few analysis that the Conclave is probably a very painful process. I think this is very important information because if the Conclave tests your ability if you can endure the pain when ALIE tries to take over your mind when you enter the City of Light, you have to be able to not only be abe to control your mind but soul as well. And Lexa can do that!) Which brings me back to Clarke and what Lexa has been trying to teach her since day one. I think Clarke’s consciousness fights against the system that her mind is linked to and this is where ALIE’s philosophy of Enlightment will end. Remember when I said in my Lexa analysis that Lexa embodies a particular philosophy that is very essential to the overall understanding of the show and Clarke’s growth as a character? Yeah, Lexa is the embodiment of the philosophy of Free-will (and parts of Human Nature) (something that ALIE completely dismisses). If you take time to analyse Grounder culture, where they come from, how they live, what they value, then you will understand the importance of Lexa’s character in the show. Not only that, but she will teach Clarke the greatest lesson. Lexa can choose when/if she wants to enter the City of Light and she has control over her own mind and soul. She is not being controlled. She can’t be controlled. Lexa being able to enter the City of Light without having to fear that ALIE could take over her (since she has the gene mutation in her body and and the will for freedom, which is a special characteristic of her) is how she will be able to help Clarke.

If Lexa didn’t have black blood ALIE would be able to control her mind. The disfigured guy you mentioned is someone who’s mind is connected to a sort of super brain, an outside system that will save you if you die in the real world into the virtual world. The problem would be that you would be trapped in there forever. That’s probably your second chance in life. You don’t have to exist in the real reality if your mind is connected to the mega-brain, because your chip is still linked to it and it is still working. Lexa doesn’t have a chip so that would mean that if she dies in the City of Light she will die in real life, too. And I think that won’t be the case. She will manage to help Clarke and then they will fight against ALIE together.

I just… don’t see her dying this season. Just because Jason decided to tell the story of how the Grounders choose their Commander and even puts in Aden (a potentional future Commander) into the show this season, doesn’t mean that she has to die to make clear how this process works. Maybe he won’t even become the next Commander this season because Lexa will manage to destroy ALIE from the inside together with Clarke and co. I believe in Lexa! She can and will do anything. My babu will survive.

That’s it from me.

I hope I don’t bore you with most of this!

The world is a big mysterious place and we as humans are conscious of the fact that we will never truly understand it. We ask questions like “what is the meaning of life?”, or “Is there a soul?”, or “What happens to us when we die?”, knowing we will never get an answer. We still ask.

And thus, knowing I will never know the answer, I ask the universe: