Types of intelligence of the signs

Aquarius: Aquarians are those who develop intellectually well in the area of ​​science. They can see the hypotheses and solutions inherent in this area in a creative, unusual and brilliant way.

Pisces: They possess the familiar conciliatory air of cancer and the loving wisdom of scorpio, besides a humanitarian side that makes it a wise and just person. They know how to analyze the questions that life imposes on them in a calm, thoughtful way and learning lessons with their mistakes and correctness. Pisces rarely have existential crises, because they analyze their existence on a daily basis and live very well with themselves. By bringing these characteristics together, they can be at the top of the most intelligent signs.

Aries: The Arians are the first signs of the zodiac, full of energy and enthusiasm to play well any area. They are an explorer and independent, seeking to achieve the maximum in any sector that he dedicates.

Taurus: is very attached to material goods and usually has a list of consumer desires. Therefore, they tend to manage their finances well to get their comfort and material enjoyment. Your financial intelligence can manifest itself either always or late, after the age of 30.

Gemini: With keen logical reasoning and greater reason than the heart, Geminians have good personal relationships and good relationship with research and investigation, bringing together qualities of the other two air signs, and emerging in the list of the most intelligent signs.

Cancer: is the most emotive sign of the zodiac. Their emotional intelligence stands out mainly in family matters. They know how to reconcile and advise to keep family (or groups) together, minimizing differences and valuing the potential of all with their respectful and sure words.

Leo: Leos have the greatest leadership spirit of the whole Zodiac, so their willingness to know more, to manage well and to lead with mastery is imperative. He is an enthusiast and likes others to listen to his commands and advice, being able to manage many roles and people well.

Virgo: Virgos are the most financially controlled. They write down gains and expenses, profits and expenses with great caution (often with tables!). This makes them wise and smart with their finances.

Libra: is intelligent in the way they relate to people. They are rational enough to be politically correct and diplomatic in relation to everyone, so they do not usually have enmities and dislikes because they know how to manage their emotional and rational side well, which gives them good interpersonal relationships.

Scorpio: Scorpios have emotional intelligence in love affairs. They are goals in love, they know what they want (and especially what they do not want). They do not accept that others can make them suffer, so if someone hurts them, they immediately break the relationship and move on to another. Give good advice to everyone, because they know how to manage his emotions very well.

Sagittarius: Sagittarians are the greatest enthusiasts among the signs. They do not know limits, if they find them, they battle until they conquer. They are not afraid of making mistakes, because they know how to raise themselves up and learn from their mistakes. They know how to distribute their energy well, not letting work affect personal life and vice versa. In addition, it has an intuitive side that helps you make the right decisions in the various areas and an enviable learning ability, so they get ahead of the smarter signs.

Capricorn: Capricorns like to have control over everything, especially their financial life. They do not admit defeats, so they have sharp financial intelligence (and if silly, he wants to control the financial life of the people around too).

Air signs have logical intelligence.

Earth signs have financial intelligence.

Water signs have emotional intelligence.

Fire signs have vital intelligence.

And they are ALL intelligent in their own way.

It is well known that stone can think, because the whole of electronics is based on that fact, but in some universes men spend ages looking for other intelligences in the sky without once looking under their feet. That is because they’ve got the time-span all wrong. From stone’s point of view the universe is hardly created and mountain ranges are bouncing up and down like organ-stops while continents zip backward and forward in general high spirits, crashing into each other from the sheer joy of momentum and getting their rocks off. It is going to be quite some time before stone notices its disfiguring skin disease and starts to scratch, which is just as well.
—  Terry Pratchett - Equal Rites
Never Challenge a Physics Major

Context: So my group usually plays D&D 3.5, but we decided to give Pathfinder a try. Because we play on campus we take a 2 hour break in the middle of sessions because everyone but the GM and myself has class at that time.

Setting in the Campaign as everyone left for class: We had just fought 100 bandits to reclaim a castle, and we see 900 more on the horizon coming as reinforcements.

Both me and the GM chat casually for the next 15 minutes, as I’m looking through everyone’s spell lists and coming up with a plan for us, then I come across a level 1 3pp spell that enlarges weapons by 1 size category.

Me as a light-bulb goes off: Oooo! Hey GM how would this spell work in terms of the weapon’s mass?

GM: I’m going to say that once you let go of the weapon, it becomes as heavy as it should be at that size.

Me with a huge grin: Hey could I increase this medium steel spear into a ginormous one and drop it from super high up, effectively hitting the army with a kinetic missile?

GM: Hmm… Ok since you have a +5 Intellegence score I’ll let you do this, but only on one condition; you must do all the calculations yourself, and before everyone gets back.


Que a hour an a half of calculations for everything (impact velocity, how high up could my character get in 30 minutes, aim, etc)

Me giddy af: DONE!

GM: Ok, roll aim.

Me: rolls a 20

GM mumbling with face in hands: What have I done…. Ok doc, give me the diagnosis….

Me: Proceeds to explain all the science

GM who’s just done with me atm: The short version please.

Me: Long story short, I dropped a 2 ton bomb off in the middle of their ranks, and everyone died do to the high amount of psi. (100 psi minimum)

GM after a long sigh: Roll to fucking loot…..

It was at this point everyone got back to find me laughing maniacally as I roll to loot the, now dead, army, and the GM, with his face in his hands, mumbling "why did I agree to this?“

This was my first ever D&D campaign (4th edition), being played after school with one of my teachers as the DM (a lot more fun than it sounds.) The team was in the mountains, on their way to fight the final boss.

DM: You hear a low growling from behind you. You dont know what or where it is

Me (ranger): okay I’m gonna try to camouflage myself to blend in with the landscape.

DM: Wait- doesnt your character have intellegence of 2?

Me: …. 1…. why?

DM: Nevermind. Just roll stealth.

Me: *rolls a nat 20*

DM: Alright…. now roll intelligence.

Me: *nat 1* shit…

DM: *Trying not to laugh* Okay. You blend in flawlessly, not even your teammates can see you… but… You’ve done it so well, and youre so stupid that you now /believe/ that you’re a rock.

For the rest of the campaign, my character would only answer to “granite” or “sandstone”, believed she was immune to fire and was terrified of water because “I’m a rock! I’ll sink and drown!”