Video Interview With Jason Shawn Alexander

This is a video of Jason Shawn Alexander painting in his studio and talking about his career as both a fine artist and professional comic book illustrator. I’m producing a print with Jason for the 34th annual Venice Art Walk.

What you can’t see in this video is myself, Jason, and our buddy Ryan McIntosh laughing hysterically at a couple of inside jokes we had going on. Or for that matter the fright when we encountered a snake outside Jason’s house slithering about its business. However, I’m working on getting speedier with my camera skills so I can capture moments like that for you on video. Just you wait!

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Video Interview with Ryan McIntosh

This is a video of master printer Ryan McIntosh in his studio working on screenprints for The Venice Art Walk. It’s technically the first video I shot of all the Venice Art Walk ones, but the last one to be released because I like to do things the opposite way as everyone else would do it. 

What you can’t see in this video is simply how much fun Ryan and I have whenever we hang out together. Also, like Ryan says in the video it takes thousands of hours to become a master and that’s no joke! Whenever I try to do what he does, I get paint all over myself and my prints look hella-bogan. But whenever Ryan does what he does, it looks beyond GANDOLPHstyle and there isn’t a drip of paint on his clothing. 

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