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13 Reasons Why rant

I’ve been seeing a lot of mixed opinions on the show so I just wanna share mine, as a person who has attempted suicide and as a person who’s friend committed suicide.

Honestly, people are missing the whole point of the show. Yes, suicide is the choice of the person who does it, but the actions and inactions of people in their life factor in on that choice, which is the whole point of the show.

The show is not a suicide prevention show, I’m sorry, it’s not. The main message of the show is to watch what you say and do to people and how you treat them because you never know what that negative impact could have on them. Showing a graphic suicide, which I agree was even a bit much for me to witness, was just an added shock value to really embed the message that your words have consequences.

I hate this mentality that bullying doesn’t cause suicide, because I know first hand that it sure as hell factors in on the situation. When you feel like your at the point of no return and have no one, your brain is swimming with negative thoughts, with the words others have said to you or said about you.

This is why Hannah tried to find love, not because love will fix everything when you’re depressed, but because she wanted just one happy thing, just one person who could show her they cared. I too became very codependent on someone just for the hope that that little bit of happiness could keep me going.

Not everyone who has dealt with these issues can relate to Hannah, and that’s okay if you don’t like it. I don’t recommend anyone who is dealing with these issues to watch because it is graphic and potentially triggering.

But I beg everyone else to watch so they can understand how much power their words have over people. I beg everyone who watches it walks away with a different outlook on life and the way they treat other people. I beg everyone reaches out and help and supports the Hannah Bakers in their lives.

can you imagine late nights with namjoon where he’d put his head in your lap and tell you about all the books he reads and he’d read you little excerpts from them and he’d so get excited and spend hours telling you about all his thoughts and theories. can you imagine him playing his music for you and he’d read you his lyrics explain all the meanings behind them and how much they mean to him. can you imagine the way his eyes would light up whenever he talked about making music and how he could get completely lost in his undying passion for it. damn it kim namjoon is so unbelievably intelligent why don’t we talk about it more often.

1/30/17: “Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle.” ~ Jon Acuff

song of the day: how far I’ll go - auli’i cravalho (moana)

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I often peruse the lovely bullet journal tag whenever I don’t have any ideas for spreads, and this week was no exception. 

This week’s spread is inspired by @909100 (this lovely spread) and the table underneath is my volunteering table in my local library lol