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A good deal of NH/SS people: You ship SNS because you have a fetish for gay boys.

Me, an intellectual: Which is why I ship Neji and TenTen and Shikamaru and Temari…. Right? I’m sorry, I know that’s your best fall back argument when canon facts overwhelm you. Sorry, I ship development, continuity and something called s u b s t a n c e.

My apologizes for seeing two bestfriends and canonical soulmates as perhaps being more than “just friends.” Sorry I know what being Bisexual is, sorry I read into subtext. Sorry that I don’t even need subtext because my ship has done nearly every romantic troupe under the sun from sacrificing dreams and goals to declaring to die by the other’s side, wearing necklaces with each other’s face on them and being ying&yang. Sorry, I don’t see through a strictly heterosexual lens. Sorry I’m not daft enough to blindingly be okay with years of a focus on two boys and then be okay with a scribbled mess of a romantic ending

But let’s simplify it for you and just say I have a fetish. Because that’s easy. Because you can’t debate. Because you are insecure of your ship. Because you look through anti tags and get worked up. Because your ship just isn’t what ours is.

#i pray for some SasuSaku and NaruHina shippers.