intellectual father

  • <p> <b>otp :</b> *does something cute*<p/><b>you :</b> oh my god, they're so cute i'm dying<p/><b>me, an intellectual :</b> oh the everloving father of heaven, the two people before my eyes have committed an act of such beautifully crafted affection that my soul has now departed to the place far above the skies and i have been purified mentally and emotionally<p/></p>

Christoph Probst was a member of the anti-Nazi White Rose Society. Along with Hans and Sophie Scholl, this dreamy and intellectual father of three was given a token court “trial” and executed in 1943. Their legacy of strong morals and courage lives on, and one of the leaflets that led to their arrest was later dropped into Germany by the Allies.

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First Reaction vs Now - BTS Edition

First 2 videos I watched: Fire MV, Blood, Sweat and Tears MV, Not Today MV

then: that smile is lethal and i wasn’t ready
now: you mean to tell me.. this man… is the youngest… hahah i nned to sit down

then: smooth voice and beautiful lips!
now: protect this beautiful sunflower from harm for he deserves love and light

then: he seems so cool. hold on am i blushing
now: let me tell you baby boys this man is full of sweetness despite his tough image. bless

Rap Monster

then: thank you universe for allowing me to hear this man’s voice
now: so much respect for this intellectual and ambitious father *eternal applause*

then: a quiet angel
now: awkward-and-highly-precious mother who just wants her ducklings to succeed and be happy

then: hello sunshine!
now: random screaming in the background? must be j-hope

then: his eyes are drawing me in. i want to hold his hand and have hot coco with him.
now: hello to my favourite meme of all time i am simply in love with you (the hot coco thing was written before i read about his ideal type and i was too shook afterwards)

Saturn + Father + Authority

Saturn= Pin points important aspects and relations with your father. General authority in your life.

Saturn in Aries: Relationship with father likely strong but there is a sense of competition, strictness, and general tension with their dad. Being active with their father through errands, goals, sports, creating things will be good for their parental bond. Father’s discipline could be promoted more from anger and impatience. There is a desire for dad’s attention.

Saturn in Taurus: Relationship with father is likely steady and stable. There is a lot of trust and loyalty between you and your dad. Bond with dad grows stronger thru sharing creature comforts, traditions, and general bonding with at-home activities. Father could have easily been distracted by another family member when you were growing up or by work. Father was usually calm even when having to discipline, usually was highly practical in their teaching.

Saturn in Gemini: Relationship with father could be strained, there is an association with siblings guiding you more or bond with your siblings being closer than with your father. Bond with father can be strengthened thru him helping you with homework, projects, and education. Bond with father can be increased by doing intellectually stimulating activities together. Father was VERY relaxed with discipline, could have treated you more like a friend than act like a parent.

Saturn in Cancer: The bond between you and your dad is sentimental and precious. Good memories are abundant. Did a LOT together when you were really little. Bond with your father can strengthen through anything that builds memories. Holidays, vacations, milestones. Father was typically understanding and patient with discipline but with too much disturbance was emotionally manipulative. Long, long, long grudges against/with father are associated.

Saturn in Leo: Bond with father is promising but you might have a huge desire to make him proud, individuality could suffer. Bond with father is strengthened through mutual admiration and appreciation. Father’s discipline could come from their temper and ego, they might have tried to control and embarrass you. 

Saturn in Virgo: Bond with father tend to be filled with appreciation, stability, and a lot of mutual learning with parent and child. Bond with father is strengthened by sharing intellectual pursuits and by learning more about each other. Self-discovery is important to their bond. Dad’s discipline was practical and thought out. Focused on hard work, chores, restrictions. Sometimes too critical though.

Saturn in Libra: Bond with father is very relaxed and reliable. But he wasn’t a huge guide, more of a protective observer and comfort. Bond with father can grow through other family members actually, by attempting to make each other happy, and with warmth and giving. Discipline was very fair when growing up, your thoughts listened to, but if corrupted there was a lot of favoritism.

Saturn in Scorpio: Bond with father is either extremely close or devastatingly strained with complications and secrets :o Bond with father is strengthened by gaining each others trust, with actions not words, and with transformations. Discipline could have come from a place of anger, there could have been a lot of manipulation. Hard to keep secrets from father/parents. There is an association with abuse from father.

Saturn in Sagittarius: Likely to look up to father. Bond with dad is filled with imagination, activity, and spirit. Bond with father grows through shared experiences and telling each other stories of their own adventures. Has an interesting association with creating a bond with dad through being separated from mother or other family members. Discipline was formed around talks, scolding, and examples. Could improve bond with father with shared beliefs.

Saturn in Capricorn: Relationship with father likely dependable but could be strained from his own detachment or from being too busy. Bond with father strengthened by planning things together, helping the rest of the family together, with a common goal. Was strict with discipline, they never gave in. Watch out for harshness, being overbearing, and being condescending.

Saturn in Aquarius: Bond with dad was filled with a mental understanding and  they had many little adventures, inside jokes, their own world together. Relationship with father could be strained by a lack of affection and emotional connection/discussions. Bond with father is strengthened by sharing ideas, by going on unique experiences together, and with traveling. Discipline could have been unpredictable and unreliable as a child.

Saturn in Pisces: Father could have been physically there but emotionally and mentally distracted or aloof. Bond has potential for growth. Bond with father can improve by sharing emotions, dreams, and secrets with each other. Father was likely either very passive with discipline or took it to a highly emotional and too personal of a level.