intellectual ba

The 100 character synopsis

Bellamy: Moody hot guy with a death wish, crushes on a girl who’s name rhymes with Stark. *cough cough*

Murphy: Not the worst but not the best, needs to cut his hair and go out sometimes.

Raven: Total intellectual BA, super smart and sassy. Just the best. 10/10 would recommend.

Octavia: Phew.

Abby: Super mom/Doctor, the mother of ½ of my feels.

Jasper: Totally into Monty.

Monty: Totally into Jasper.

Clarke: A perfect combination of adorable small smiles and witty comebacks, Clarke is a natural born leader with an amazing style sense, she’s super bisexual and in love with Commander Heart eyes. ½ of OTP.

Lexa (AKA: Commander Heart eyes): Probably the most BA character in TV history, with the lamest on-screen death of all time. She is Batman 3.0, with a better mask and character development, not to mention she is totally in love with Clarke and can’t help but make heart eyes. Has a habit of smiling full-blown heart melting smiles and cracking adorable lopsided grins. Other ½ of OTP.