I sometimes feel like I might die alone because I’m a somewhat awkward black introverted asexual lesbian female and because everyone who looks or is represented in the media and elsewhere as who I should be is nothing like me. I get incredibly lonely sometimes because i feel like i might be the only person in the world(at least my side of the world) that sees past race, intellect, sexual agendas and superficial ‘trophy wife’ gain. Of course I’m not but internet folks don’t count right? I’m in my late twenties and still don’t know what i want to do with my life.And because my blackness isn’t really easily recognised, stuck in a ‘yellow bone’ praising African country, I feel like my emotions are invalidated because my experience of blackness isn’t the same as my peers.

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For the atla Pines headcanons, Stanley's firebending powers would be very connected to his emotions and would be harder to control if he was feeling really excited or angry, but when his thoughts and emotions are in sync he can do a whole lotta damage. Ford meanwhile would have little to no trouble with the precise parts of firebending and can easily control his powers (focus on your intellect). They are almost equal in their abilities. On a good day Stanley could beat Ford, and vice versa.

A+++ The one time Ford lost control of his bending was when he and Stan were fighting over his journal. They are actually not using bending at all,  until Ford lets his emotions get the better of him burns Stanley. He’s filled with remorse from doing that.

japan have intellect and watch anime

america have “swag” and listen to rap “music”

godfucking damn it.

fuck it all, fuck it all to damn hell.

Photo by @stephsinclairpix . Pooja, 19, washes dishes at her home in India. Albinism is most common in sub-Saharan Africa. In Tanzania, one in about 1,400 children are born with it. In North America and Europe, the rate is far lower, about one in 20,000. People with albinism suffer reduced eyesight and increased risk of skin cancer, but the condition does not affect intellect or ability. Thank you @smitashrm for your help on this week! #onassignment #photography #beauty #color #hair by natgeo

Limes (Nygmobblepot)

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Kink Challenge Request #58-Sensory deprivation 

Dom!Ed x Oswald

Warnings: Usual smutiness. Penetration. Edging. 

A/N: Not 100% happy with this one, as I’m not sure I made Ed quite dominant enough and I’ve written sensory deprivation with Edward before.  But it is what it is. 

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I do think more people are good at chemistry and biology but I wouldn't say they're easier - just extremely different. I have friends in physics where chem and bio are extremely difficult for them to wrap their heads around but a physics problem is easier and works better with their way of thinking.

I agree. And I’m certainly open to differing opinions.

I’m very used to fields like biology and chemistry. At one point I was very in love with biology. I started as a biochemistry major and became a chemistry major (and am almost done with that major). So I’ve experienced those fields. There’s a different type of thinking in each of those fields, but a much more vastly different type of thinking involved in physics.

I think the challenge here, for the intellect testing out the waters of all of these fields, is to be able to adapt their way of thinking to each of them. Because they certainly are different. And it’s not as easy as it might seem, coming from someone who has experienced it all.

To explore the far reaches of the inner realms one must understand one’s true nature. Perhaps it is not entirely the fault of modern man that he does not understand his own inner universe. He has achieved much, and if such concepts escape his own consciousness it is because he has no flaming falcon of the spirit on his fist to soar beyond the confining reaches of the intellect. Men have journeyed to the physical moon, but they know nothing of the regions of the blissful music within themselves – regions which lie beyond the moon, beyond the sun, beyond the most distant stars and galaxies.
—  George Arnsby Jones, “The Pilgrimage of James – An Odyssey of Inner Space”

“Satan or cats?”

“Ooh! In my world they are very very very very very connected actually, because for me, Satan as a character represents beauty and wit and style and intellect…. and for me, cats are exactly all those things. And I am very much a cat person. I understand (I think) cats… and I can communicate with them, and they smell nice and they’re just graceful and they act as thought they were intelligent. And umm yeah so, you can guess what I think about dogs.”

This interview is the sweetest thing in the world.


“…” Aria had to admit, he made a very convincing argument. She’d always wanted to lead, rather than follow another… It sounded good. Too good to be true. And considering this was Sombra making the offer, it probably was. “Alright. What’s the catch?

“Once again you show a superior intellect.” Sombra had expected Aria to be suspicious of him, after all, Sombra was well known for his cunning and deception. The tyrant’s carmine eyes seemed to glow as they studied the siren, his pupils dilated with a sadistic desire to make her his herald of doom.

“In the end, everything has a price, but you will not be the one to pay it. Liberating yourself shall afford you know debts to me or anypony else.” In truth, Sombra had no idea what he wanted from Aria, but he needed Adagio out of the picture, all the better if this lovely little fem fatale could do it for him.

Beatrice Tinsley, the (uncelebrated) cosmologist you should know

Beatrice Tinsley was born in England on 27 January 1941, when cosmologists were only just realising the enormous scale and structure of the universe. Tinsley’s name is not widely known but her work in cosmology and astrophysics made fundamental contributions to our understanding of how galaxies evolve.

Tinsley’s research changed the standard method for determining distances to far-away galaxies. This was significant in determining the size of the universe and its rate of expansion - leading ideas behind the development of the Big Bang theory.

She completed her Ph.D and wrote an “extraordinary and profound” dissertation on the evolution of galaxies in only two years. Despite her enormous intellect, she was initially overlooked in the male-dominated world of astronomy. She found resistance to her ideas from many senior scientists and struggled to have her work accepted.

She eventually made her way to Yale University and in 1978 became a professor of astronomy and the chairman of the Conference on Cosmology’s organizing committee. In the six years she was there, Tinsley published many scientific papers which cosmologists today have said make her world-leading in the field. But, aged 40, she died of cancer. She would have been 75 today. 

me 3 years ago: I will destroy oppressive systems through articulate writing and by getting into fights with weirdos on the Internet. No man can stop my logic and intellect! 

me now: i luv this moisturizer she’s so pretty

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U got something against bronies or somethin?

listen here sonny if u dont think i had a brony phase u can tell it to the collection of mlpfim merch rotting in the back of my closet next to all my minecraft shit

the hatred doesnt come from ignorance and lack of understanding

it comes from knowing all too well the infatuation with those colorful cheery four legged bastards. it comes from the resentment i feel towards myself for ever having been that invested in one of the more ridiculous counter cultures in recent history. it comes from the shame of having once thought myself superior in intellect and pop culture for getting all the inside jokes in a fandom of adults centered around a show for children.

i dont have something against bronies. i have something against the dark window to my shameful past that i gaze into every time i see the word ‘brony’.

Oh but I’m going to leave these here: flashbacks to Pike’s Earth Skills class — Bellamy sitting in the back groofing off while Clarke (who’s obviously skipped several years of courses due to her intellect) sitting in the front row.  The two get partnered together for an assignment.  

Clarke glares at Bellamy, “Just stay out of my way and we’ll get through this as soon as possible.”  

Bellamy just kicks back with his boots on the desk, “Whatever the hell you want, Princess.”