Nothing is more attractive to a girl than a guy who has his shit together. Do well in school. Work hard at your job. Make that money. Be good to your friends and family. Read a book. These are just a couple of things that will expand your horizons. They will lead to a more rounded person that will raise up your confidence, intellect and heart.
—  The Khool Haus
A Star Symbol Theory of My Own:

Do you see the yellow symbols on the portal behind Stanley? I did some digging, and in astrology they stand for specific stars.

The one on the left is Arcturus:

  • Arcturus is found by following a direct line from the Big Dipper
  • Arcturus is the 4th brightest star we can see from earth
  • Arcturus is considered to be about “having the courage to be your own person”

The one on the right is Spica:

  • Spica is found by following a direct line from Arcturus
  • Spica is the 15th brightest star we can see from earth
  • Spica is not just one star, it’s a closely tied pair of two stars.
  • Spica, hundreds of years ago, was inspected by many because the binary star showed variable brightness
  • Spica is considered to be about “know how”


  • They both light up Libra (representing intelligence)
  • Arcturus entered Libra (kind of like a time zone if you wanna think about it that way) before Spica did
  • Arcturus is in a different constellation than Spica
  • They both are considered to ask us to “figure it out”

With those facts in mind, we can infer that the relations from these star symbols to Gravity Falls are these:

  • Stanley is Arcturus and the twins are Spica
  • Stanley is the twins grandfather  because of the direct line of descendance
  • Stanley is much smarter than the twins think
  • Stanley might have gone into the portal because he wanted to be “his own person” away from Stanford
  • The twins have good ”know how” from following Stanley’s journal
  • The twins have “variable brightness” and that’s okay because they work together, even though their intellect is different from each other’s
  • The twins and Stanley grab attention for the show because of their intellect
  • Stanley got into the mysteries of Gravity Falls way before the twins did 
  • Although they are in the same town (right now), they come from different places and are still miles apart symbolically
  • They both keep leading the audience to “figure it out”

All of this came from TWO SYMBOLS in ONE SHOT of this WHOLE SERIES.

This is why Alex Hirsch blows my mind away.