İntel yaptığı robotik çalışma ile piyasada ben varım diyor.. 😊

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OVERWATCH by shrop


CPU : Intel Pentium G5420

MOTHERBOARD : MSI B150M Mortar Arctic

GPU : MSI GeForce GTX 1070

MEMORY : Ballistix Sport LT 16GB DDR4

PSU : SuperFlower LEADEX Gold 750W

HDD : Samsung SpinPoint M8 1TB 2.5″

Calling all overwatch fans :) this superb build by shrop combines the beauty of a PC with the Game Overwatch with a lovely orange/white colour scheme.

Microsoft and Intel team up to bring AI and AR to PC

In the WinHEC 2016 opening keynote in Shenzhen, China, Microsoft announced a new collaboration with Intel to bring artificial intelligence (AI), and mixed reality and gaming functionality, to the PC, under code-name Project Evo.

Intel senior vice president Navin Shenoy, said:

“Through Project EVO, we are harnessing our collective innovation to showcase what is uniquely possible with the PC and, together, set the course for the future,… We believe that computing must evolve to become capable of even more unbelievable things, including smarter voice interaction, virtual and merged reality experiences for all, more powerful gaming, strengthened security and identity protection, and true always connected computing.”

Expected features:
- Far-field communication and voice activation.
- New security capabilities: facial recognition on Intel’s RealSense cameras ?
- Mixed reality: head-mounted displays and immersive experiences.
- New gaming innovations: 4K ,HDR, WCG, spatial audio…

List of Translators For Funamusea Works

Since Lee isn’t translating anymore, people are probably wondering where you can get various translations of Sunahama (and other such funamusea related things), well here is a list of translators for various funamusea-related content.

abecedario-305 does bilingual translations

waterandthegreatblue does Sunahama translations

mutsuyato translates the wadanohara manga

vgperson translates Obsolete Dream and has translated all of the DSP related games.

malacti translates Sunahama related material.

EDIT: mogenglisharchive is a home to most of the translations that have been done.  They aren’t a translator but this is a place where you can find translations.

If people have more, feel free to add them. This is just a list of those I have seen.