integrity toy

I was gonna order a Lammily doll but the shipping is $30 and at that point I might as well just buy an Integrity Toys doll


Angela Bassett as Marie Laveau, as featured in American Horror Story: Coven 
coming December 2016 From Integrity Toys!

[IT announced these dolls like two years ago–just as AHS: Coven was wrapping up. Retailers are finally taking pre-orders on the 6 dolls in the series. The dolls all have new face sculpts modeled after the actors who played each character, which helps explain the long delay in release! The edition sizes range from 600 to 900, depending on the character. I’m (more than) a little mad that Angela Bassett’s doll is the smallest edition size–even the Evan Peters doll has a bigger edition size than hers!?–but believe this means I’m gonna get my pre-order reserved ASAP-tually! –MOD]


I am sorry the photo is *so* terrible (I could not get this girl to balance at all), but I really wanted to post this pattern set I made today. I thought it might be a nice distraction for some on a day like today.

The instructions are simple, because I’m not super adept at giving pattern instructions, but I think all the important information is there. Plus it is a free pattern after all. ;)

It essentially includes a scoop-neck version of the shirt she is wearing, a second-more complicated raglan tee (photos of which I will be taking and posting this weekend) as well as her skirt!

Also of note, dependent upon where you install the velcro, all three can fit all sizes of Barbie! In addition, they also fit Liv and Disney Descendants dolls as well!

A PDF version can also be downloaded here for easier printing. It is made to fit on a standard 8.5″x11″ sheet of paper. Just be sure to print at full size!

I hope this brings someone some joy! Also, for added mix-and-matchability, check out @dollsahoy‘s great tights patterns! I have been making all of these like crazy for my girls, now if only I would take some photos!

This is kinetic sand. It’s 98% sand and 2% polydimethylsiloxane, which is nontoxic and nonflammable. It’s sculptable, washable, and leaves no residue. It feels slightly moist and doughy like brown sugar, except it doesn’t stick.

I have a tactile aversion to sand. I hate the way it feels, smells, and sticks. I hate that it gets everywhere and that it’s salty and gritty. It makes my teeth hurt and and my brain scream and I panic.
Kinetic sand does none of these things to me. It looks and feels interesting and it’s fun to play with. It’s a consistent temperature and texture and it doesn’t feel too dry or too damp. It’s just a fascinating stim toy that happens to look and feel a bit like sand.

If any of you have an aversion to sand and want to start integration therapy, or if you just want to play with a cool material, I heartily recommend kinetic sand.

Please note: I know that sensory integration is controversial and I want to make it clear that I don’t support forcing anyone into experiencing something they don’t want. My opinions belong to myself and don’t necessarily reflect those of Autistic Eagle.
– Rahel

Watch out, there’s a new bad girl in town! by Rich 

I honestly don’t like my own painting style, and I really liked Declan Wake, so I decided to try giving him an Integrity Toys style face cuz I really like the crisp lines and colours.

I still need to flock him but I prefer to wait until I can seal him with MSC and yeah.


Carnival Time (#CarnivalSeason2017) by FashionDragon 


rare_form_21Rarity™ Inspired Dressed Fashion Figure

Order Date: Approximately October 2016

Limited Edition Size: 500

Suggested Retail Price: $130.00 rare_form_21 loves everything that is beautiful and being the center of attention, just like his favorite pony, RARITY! Fashion designer and high-profile socialite involved in artistic charities, this social media “it boy” leads the pack! With his sleek style and colorful personality, rare_form_21 is a real trend-setter, the one the other fans of My Little Pony flock to when they are in need of style advice!

heres all the dolls, from the Integrity Toys FB page…

“The full line of six collectible fashion dolls includes:
-Fiona Goode (played by Jessica Lange),
-Marie Laveau (played by Angela Bassett),
-Myrtle Snow (played by Frances Conroy),  -Kyle Spencer (played by Evan Peters),
-Zoe Benson (played by Taissa Farmiga), and  
-Madison Montgomery (played by Emma Roberts).”

I kinda need Myrtle.