integrity love and unity

aquarians are invested in their relationship with the community. they stand on their own two feet in life, often withdraw and self isolate, and yet the feeling of unity and connection and universal love is integral to the aquarian well being. their patterns of behavior can be confusing to onlookers, especially those who don’t know the aquarian intimately. their empathy is quite profound, and they are hurt by the pain of humanity, but they do this in a distant, concerned, guardianship way

If one is attached, one suffers. It is not possible to be free and truly content as long as one is attached. Attachment creates suffering, obscures wisdom, and gives the false sense of bondage. One should not be confused about attachment and feel that it is integral to love. Love is of the unity of the truth of the nature of all beings, but attachment actually produces an illusion of separation and merely obstructs that very love. Similar is it with the sense of security that one in delusion may regard as dependent on attachment. Attachment makes for the absence of peace, the sense of insecurity. Even if, in delusion, one supposes these provide security or love, the anxiety over these, which is evident to anyone who is discerning, is suffering and a very insecure state. If there is freedom from attachment, peace is present within.
—  Master Nome
Your body needs to be held and to hold, to be touched and to touch. None of these needs is to be despised, denied, or repressed. But you have to keep searching for your body’s deeper need, the need for genuine love. Every time you are able to go beyond the body’s superficial desires for love, you are bringing your body home and moving toward integration and unity.
—  Henri Nouwen
The Age of Pisces is over. Pisces values are being wiped out, causing unprecedented change and upheaval in our lifetime. And we’re not done yet. The Piscean values of money, power and control are being replaced. They do not resonate with the values of the new great cycle, the Age of Aquarius. Those values are love, brotherhood, unity and integrity.

This state of  consciousness are sometimes compared to the drop of water that is experiencing itself as the ocean, knowing that it was the ocean the whole time.

Spiritual practice begins the process by which an individual transforms his or her consciousness from these three common states of consciousness into “ higher states” of consciousness. Beyond the first 3 states of consciousness are the following four states: Soul consciousness, Cosmic consciousness, Divine consciousness and Unity consciousness. As each state of consciousness unfolds within us, it opens us into a newer more expanded reality. Let’s discuss each of these in turn:

Soul consciousness is the state we experience when our internal reference point shifts from body, mind, and ego, to the observer of body, mind, and ego. We experience and cultivate Soul consciousness when we meditate. This observer is referred to as the witnessing awareness. During meditation, a person begins to identify with this aspect of the Self which is beyond thinking and feeling, (the silent witness), and then he or she begins to feel more calm, centered and intuitive in daily life. As the authentic core of oneself solidifies, there is less emotional drama in their lives. Relationships are more loving and compassionate and one finds a deeper more caring relationship with the environment and nature. With the experience of the silent witness, the biology will also reflect greater balance and the activation of homeostatic mechanisms. Meditation has been shown to lead to the reduction of stress markers, slower heart rate, lower blood pressure, enhanced immune function, and orderly and precise self-repair mechanisms. Those who practice meditation are less prone to sickness.

Cosmic consciousness is the state when soul consciousness gets stabilized and the witnessing awareness is present all the time in waking, dreaming, and sleeping states. This state of consciousness is sometimes described in traditions as being both local and non-local simultaneously. The silent witness Self is unbounded, but the body and the conditioned mind is localized.  In this state, even during deep sleep, the witnessing awareness is fully awake and there is the realization that one is not the mind/body, which is in the field of change, but rather an eternal spirit that transcends space and time. The most remarkable aspect of this state of consciousness is the knowledge of one’s nature as timeless and therefore no fear of death. Although Cosmic consciousness is not the pinnacle of enlightenment, nevertheless it marks the critical transition from an identity bound to a conditioned life, to a life of freedom in self-knowledge.

Divine consciousness is the expansion of cosmic consciousness where the ever-present witnessing awareness is experienced not only in the silence of the Self, but also in the most abstract qualities of nature and the mind. Dormant potentials such as the awakening of the non-local senses (referred to in Sanskrit as tanmatras) begin to be experienced. As the individual mind starts to access these unused realms of the psyche, they will activate extraordinary spiritual abilities previously thought to be unattainable. These include experiences such as knowledge of past and future, clairvoyance, refined sense of taste, smell, sight, touch and hearing, control over bodily functions, heart rate, and autonomic functions. In other words, objects are experienced simultaneously on a gross sensory level and subtle more abstract level. Appreciation of life from this more refined perspective represents the real engagement of the heart and love as the engine of spiritual growth at this stage. By experiencing the patterns and deeper connections that underlie external diversity, we find our soul is stirred by a profound sense of beauty, awe, compassion, gratitude and love. The integrating power of these qualities brings together the polarized world of Cosmic consciousness which is divided between the Self and non-Self. In Divine Consciousness this harmonizing and synthesizing power is felt as the presence of Divinity in our heart. Wherever one goes one feels the presence of the Divine. The Vedic seers would say in Divine consciousness, God is not difficult to find, but impossible to avoid. At this stage, there is an even greater conviction of the immortality of existence, not only as non-local consciousness, but also in the knowledge that you are that enduring presence of divine love. Divine consciousness also brings a deeper experience of liberation, as the external sensory world is no longer seen as a kind of spiritual exile which the soul must endure, but rather the world is a manifestation of the beauty, and love of one’s consciousness and therefore integral to one’s spirituality.

Unity consciousness. It is a state of consciousness where the ever-present witness is not just recognized as the core Self of one’s existence, it is now perceived as the primary reality of every experience. You, as the observer, are that pure consciousness. The process of observation is also that consciousness. And the object of observation is that same pure consciousness. The culmination of enlightenment is the knowledge that consciousness alone exists, that is all there is , was, or ever will be. That oneness, or unity, dominates awareness even as one engages in the same mundane details of life as before. One ceases to identify with an individual body-mind apparatus and sees the whole universe as one’s physical body. Of course, there is a personal body and there is a material universe, experienced through the senses, but they are now cognized to be incorporated in that one single reality of consciousness.

This brief outline of higher states of consciousness is only intended to give a general sense of the unfolding of human potential. It is important to emphasize that spiritual development is not fundamentally an intellectual or a faith-driven enterprise. Enlightenment is not attained by reading and studying, nor by fervent belief in something outside yourself. The development of higher states of consciousness primarily comes down to regularly and systematically experiencing deeper values of the Self and then integrating that into one’s daily life. The specific experiences an individual has on this journey, will necessarily vary, based on the spiritual tradition and practice one follows, but also based upon your own personal history and tendencies.

– Deepak Chopra

Quitting everything unreal in my life and allowing myself to live in solitude to create my next album from a completely authentic place is hands down the most compassionate thing I have ever done for my soul.
I understand there are “real world” concerns one faces but honestly, it seems alien to me that there was a time I used to feel stress every day. The rat race seems ridiculous to say the least and the notion that I should be achieving something to be a worthy human being even more so.

It’s been beautiful to watch the nature unfold with the depths of my own being, witnessing both, the light and immeasurable darkness that I wasn’t even aware of before. Nowhere to escape. Nowhere. Everything has demanded to be felt and processed.

I don’t know where I’m at with who I am right now because in silence and no other people really around there’s nothing or no one to compare yourself to. What remains is just pure presence, naked in it’s beauty and ugliness.

On this photo, I’m excited to give you a glimpse of the Moon Temple I’m building — it’s coming along really nicely and will be ready in a few months I think.

I’ve created clothes, shoes and songs for years. Now it’s time to create spaces that will stand tall for future seekers to inhabit once I’m gone.


anonymous asked:

big words for a girl who always wears bindis

you mean the craft store gems called moonmarks i wear on occasion.


 i’m just trying to like more like an alien space girl which i noticed you didn’t even bring up the fact that i wear gems under my eyes too most times. 

I’m done with this argument, i am wearing craft store gems not bindis, i do not want to disrespect any culture so i want to make it VERY clear that i wear these because of the message Kerli spreads about Integrity, Love, and Unity hence why i try to wear them in 3s and i always just buy gems from the craft store, NOT from places that make traditional bindis that hold cultural importance. 

I’m wearing plastic gems on my face, all over my face. for fun and as a gentle reminder to hold myself with I.L.U. 

if this gets brought up again i’m going to just post photos of alien babes with gem covered faces and amazing matching makeup 

I played someone all the new music I’ve been working on yesterday and found myself saying before each song how important the message of it is to me. Like if I had 3 minutes to express how I felt abut life, this is what I would say. If I left letters to my grand children, this is what I would tell them about being a human.
I can’t put to words how amazing it feels to be making something that you believe in SO much to the point where it’s kind of irrelevant how anyone else feels about it. I have had glimpses of these feelings before but not like this. This is me 2.0

After the raging cleansing fire of last year had burned away everything I was not, I was left with fields and fields of dried nothing and a big hole inside my heart. I was honestly the most depressed I have ever been and wasn’t sure I was ever gonna be able to climb out of a place that dark…not even really sure I wanted to keep living.

But I am realizing now how fucking beautiful times like these are and how necessary it is to die before you die. Layer by layer. Belief by belief.

There is a new spring sprouting in my soul these days. Strength like I have never experienced, fearlessness like I have never felt. The chaos and clouds of dust have accidentally perfectly collided and formed a new planet.
I’ve been just working away in my little cocoon…writing, producing, laughing, crying….FINALLY becoming who I am supposed to be…for now…until the next shift 🙏 (which I hope won’t be for a while, fucking Holy mother of Jesus it’s hard to be born). I’m giving myself 6 months to make this new body of work…might take more, might take less…I don’t know. Meanwhile there’s some rad collabs and singles coming out so don’t worry, Moon babies, there will be plenty of vibrations to keep you dancing:)♥ Thank you for being a part of my journey and thank you for letting me be a part of yours.