integrity love and unity


Just keep me close, there is no storm That we can not weather However high, however low I will face for-e-ever

aquarians are invested in their relationship with the community. they stand on their own two feet in life, often withdraw and self isolate, and yet the feeling of unity and connection and universal love is integral to the aquarian well being. their patterns of behavior can be confusing to onlookers, especially those who don’t know the aquarian intimately. their empathy is quite profound, and they are hurt by the pain of humanity, but they do this in a distant, concerned, guardianship way

If one is attached, one suffers. It is not possible to be free and truly content as long as one is attached. Attachment creates suffering, obscures wisdom, and gives the false sense of bondage. One should not be confused about attachment and feel that it is integral to love. Love is of the unity of the truth of the nature of all beings, but attachment actually produces an illusion of separation and merely obstructs that very love. Similar is it with the sense of security that one in delusion may regard as dependent on attachment. Attachment makes for the absence of peace, the sense of insecurity. Even if, in delusion, one supposes these provide security or love, the anxiety over these, which is evident to anyone who is discerning, is suffering and a very insecure state. If there is freedom from attachment, peace is present within.
—  Master Nome

I played someone all the new music I’ve been working on yesterday and found myself saying before each song how important the message of it is to me. Like if I had 3 minutes to express how I felt abut life, this is what I would say. If I left letters to my grand children, this is what I would tell them about being a human.
I can’t put to words how amazing it feels to be making something that you believe in SO much to the point where it’s kind of irrelevant how anyone else feels about it. I have had glimpses of these feelings before but not like this. This is me 2.0

After the raging cleansing fire of last year had burned away everything I was not, I was left with fields and fields of dried nothing and a big hole inside my heart. I was honestly the most depressed I have ever been and wasn’t sure I was ever gonna be able to climb out of a place that dark…not even really sure I wanted to keep living.

But I am realizing now how fucking beautiful times like these are and how necessary it is to die before you die. Layer by layer. Belief by belief.

There is a new spring sprouting in my soul these days. Strength like I have never experienced, fearlessness like I have never felt. The chaos and clouds of dust have accidentally perfectly collided and formed a new planet.
I’ve been just working away in my little cocoon…writing, producing, laughing, crying….FINALLY becoming who I am supposed to be…for now…until the next shift 🙏 (which I hope won’t be for a while, fucking Holy mother of Jesus it’s hard to be born). I’m giving myself 6 months to make this new body of work…might take more, might take less…I don’t know. Meanwhile there’s some rad collabs and singles coming out so don’t worry, Moon babies, there will be plenty of vibrations to keep you dancing:)♥ Thank you for being a part of my journey and thank you for letting me be a part of yours.


The Age of Pisces is over. Pisces values are being wiped out, causing unprecedented change and upheaval in our lifetime. And we’re not done yet. The Piscean values of money, power and control are being replaced. They do not resonate with the values of the new great cycle, the Age of Aquarius. Those values are love, brotherhood, unity and integrity.

Quitting everything unreal in my life and allowing myself to live in solitude to create my next album from a completely authentic place is hands down the most compassionate thing I have ever done for my soul.
I understand there are “real world” concerns one faces but honestly, it seems alien to me that there was a time I used to feel stress every day. The rat race seems ridiculous to say the least and the notion that I should be achieving something to be a worthy human being even more so.

It’s been beautiful to watch the nature unfold with the depths of my own being, witnessing both, the light and immeasurable darkness that I wasn’t even aware of before. Nowhere to escape. Nowhere. Everything has demanded to be felt and processed.

I don’t know where I’m at with who I am right now because in silence and no other people really around there’s nothing or no one to compare yourself to. What remains is just pure presence, naked in it’s beauty and ugliness.

On this photo, I’m excited to give you a glimpse of the Moon Temple I’m building — it’s coming along really nicely and will be ready in a few months I think.

I’ve created clothes, shoes and songs for years. Now it’s time to create spaces that will stand tall for future seekers to inhabit once I’m gone.


This week’s #MoonChildMonday is dedicated to your favorite books!:)
I myself am a big book worm and always travel with several of them. In fact, when I first moved to LA I had 2 suitcases with me and one was full of books only.
The past few days I’ve been thoroughly exploring and gathering plants from my land, using Scott Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of magical herbs as a wise friend. I guess my library anyway mostly consists of these kinds of “crazy books” as my grandma says.
Do you have a book or few that others in the community should know about?

MoonChild K

Moon babies♥
I wanted to share with you a picture of my little space between spaces until my dream studio is being built.
I’ve been living the hermit life, digging deep into my soul, retreating from the noise.
Over the past 12 years I’ve learned to make music in the cities, with the people I didn’t really connect with, with a CEO on the phone telling the producer to get rid of my accent, with someone else projecting their insecurities on my truth…I learned “how it’s done” so now it is time that I allow myself to fall into an almost meditative state and connect with the whispers of my heart fully.
The material for my next album is coming along really nicely. I would say I have about half the songs written and they are so true to my soul that they almost don’t feel separate from my body. Some of them I hear and I cry. Not because I think they are like so good but because it resonates with me so deeply. I know maybe this sounds douchy but I feel like they are pieces of me that I detached from myself as an offering for the great dance of life. They are the pieces that will live on after my body deteriorates.
I feel blessed that we have this gift as human beings to make art. Without music I would have killed myself a long time ago. I always felt hollow and half alive until I started making music and to this day, I feel the most present when surfing the soundwaves.
What are you up to these days?
What gives you life?

Yesterday I traveled to a little magical island to gather some new knowledge and realized to my surprise I was no longer afraid of the dark✨🌙 My fear training has paid off! 🙏 Any fears that you, Moon Children have overcome? And if yes, how?
Integrity/Love/Unity 🌒🌕🌘