Panels from a comic I worked on this past week (experimentation for my Integrative Project), based on my current acne situation.  

I’ve found that a one-page zine is an easy and manageable template.  It gives me roughly 8 panels (more if I divide each page), which is long enough for a simple narrative, and short enough that I can work on a comic without second guessing myself.  Inspired by Yumi Sakugawa (@acrosstheyumiverse).

I hope everyone has a good week!  We can do this!

- Mana

Provide specific examples of how the application of best practices for system integration impact project success.

Provide specific examples of how the application of best practices for system integration impact project success.

Provide specific examples of how the application of best practices for system integration impact project success. Research best practices for system integration approaches, such as the systems development life cycle (SDLC) approach, migration strategy and implementation approach, acquisition utilizing requests for proposals, and many others. Provide specific examples of how the application of…

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Biodegradable garden tools designed by senior Hannah Dow were featured in the blog of Teshia Treuhaft (BFA ‘12) who now writes for Core77 (yay!)

Great project, great interview. Sigh, so proud.

[Because the composite] houses a specific species of regional flower seeds, this product addresses the problem of invasive species and explores the relationship between consumer and product; how one can establish a connection with an object even after its use is fulfilled and it has been discarded.
New History Project Unearths Radical Feminism's Trans-Affirming Roots
The Conversations Project’s groundbreaking historical investigations shine light on the decades-old ideas of pioneering, trans-affirming radical feminists.

“The groundbreaking online history venture, found at, unearths extensive proof that radical feminism has always welcomed transgender people. By doing so, it flies in the face of a contemporary narrative pushed by a few particularly outspoken self-proclaimed radical feminists who argue that transgender women are not women and are in fact dangerous to the broader feminist cause.

The Conversations Project includes extensive interviews with pioneering radical feminists like Catharine A. MacKinnon, John Stoltenberg, Judith Butler, Frances “Poppy” Northcutt, and Janice Walworth.

Those resources include a helpful glossary, suggested readings, a historical timeline, and detailed guidelines for how to integrate the project’s findings into the curriculum of academic programs. The venture will also include a book-length collection of collaborative essays. Already appearing in installments on the project’s website, these essays are authored by Stoltenberg and the project’s founder and principal researcher, Cristan Williams, a trans historian who is the editor in chief of

Williams explains that the word “radical” in “radical feminism” means “going to the root” of the problem of oppression against women and LGBT people. That root, emphasizes Williams, is a political system that still frequently denies equal rights, opportunities, and advancement to people by discriminating on the basis of sex, gender, and sexual orientation.”

Read the full piece here


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Presenting “Clamming Up,” another Intrusive Thought Zine.

Last week, after attending a show, I became progressively irritable and discouraged.  This happens often, and serves as the reason why I keep putting off the consumption of certain things… Because I know I’ll enjoy them too much and, eventually, feel like I’m failing at my own craft.

P.S. - Most of these zines are probably going to take on a whiny tone.  This cannot be helped, as negative thoughts cannot be helped.  Intrusive thoughts are annoying, so these comics are going to be annoying.  I’m only trying to depict my thoughts as honestly as possible.

- Mana


It is finished.

This is the master video project or “mixtape video”, which I’ve developed the past few months from shorter videos exploring & projecting my perception & fears of what has controlled my thoughts & mind over the years. 
Precisely edited to combine the layers of personal attachment felt with particular visual imagery, such as my grandfather’s Navy diary from 1968, the process of creating & projecting this video was not an easy feat.
Especially as it has progressed to be a complex interpersonal portrait of my self. 
See how much you can take as the flux of information competes for your attention. 
Enter my world, and interpret the information for yourself.

Citation of Found Sources & Materials:
Borrowed Sounds:
Music: 11
Distance-“Mind Control"
Diamond Saints-"Addicted to Love"
Seven-"Straight To the Chemistry"
The Doors-"The Crystal Ship"
Flume-"Insane feat. Moon Holiday"
Cybertronics-"The secret garden"
Truth-"Puppets (Tunndige Remix))"

Spoken &/or written Word: (Philosophy & Poetry):
Alan Watts-"On Nothingness”
Aldous Huxley-“Brave New World”, “The Doors of Perception”, “Island”, & “Time Must Have a Stop”
Ecclesiastes-A Time for Everything & Nothingness: 3:1-8, 9: 2-7 
Jenny Howell-“A History of Everything, Including You”
Jim Morrison-“A Little Game”

Borrowed Movie Clips:
Prelinger Archives: 47 items
YouTube: 14 items
Movie: BBC Brave New World:

Borrowed still images:
Micheal Rodemer’s MRI Scans: 122 Jpegs

Original Sound Recordings:
“A Little Game, Go Insane”/////////Megan Blouin
“A History of Everything” Distortion…….Dj tempo

To my knowledge I have upheld the Creative Commons License with borrowed & found material to the best of my ability & do not mean to invade or steal others’ work, but rather to create a project which shows that originality in a mass produced, technology driven society can be dangerous & amazing. 
However, at such a rapidly increased rate, we may not be able to process the beauty of that moment before it vanishes.


You should be able to deduce from his work: Ian Matchett is a dual major in political science and art/design.

He’s also a self-proclaimed communist and his goal as an artist and activist is to produce “revolutionary art.” Not just “political art” that comments on or references the political sphere but art that inspires and actively mobilizes viewers to change the world.

It’s a lofty goal and by his own admission, he hasn’t quite reached it yet. But the body of work he has produced for his senior thesis show suggests that revolutionaries aren’t just a thing of the past. His paintings create conversations between the political movements of today and those of history, pairing young activists that Ian has met or known, with revolutionaries of the past. 

Ian will be showing work at the Yellow Barn, click here for more details.

But those of us who do think ethics play a role in coffee will agree with Vandana Shiva, a leading Indian ecofeminist who argues that “drinking coffee is a political act” and Rigoberta Menchu, Nobel Laureate from Guatemala, who says, “Coffee is more than just a drink. It is about politics, survival, the Earth, and the lives of indigenous peoples.” It would be hard to find a more value-laden commodity than coffee.
—  Stephanie W. Aleman, “Green Coffee, Green Consumers—Green Philosophy?” in Coffee: Philosophy for Everyone
IP: All of the Ocean Puns

SONG OF THE WEEK: “Burn” from Hamilton (Original Broadway Cast Recording)

Been practicing Clam Girl, trying to figure out the right design for her head (and having fun drawing ridiculous body language).  I’ve also been considering options for how the finished zines might look.  Will they be strictly black and white, or should I introduce color through paper and/or in the drawings?

I presented these during critique on Wednesday, and the following are some things I quickly jotted down.  My professors and peers had some great suggestions (these notes aren’t terribly detailed, so let’s just pretend it’s a free verse poem):

In addition, I’ve also been thinking about whether to add eyes.  I rather enjoy the design the way it is (that is, literally just a giant clam on a human body; there’s something very stark and cold about it, which I like), but I feel that I might need something besides body language to communicate the character’s emotions.

We’re going to have another movie night / work session with the Michigan Animation Club tonight, so I’m just going to keep experimenting with Clam Girl, and hopefully have some new zines planned by the end of the night.  

Gotta prepare for my REAL IP Review, which is scheduled for Tuesday.  I also have some projects due in other classes…  Just think, by this time next week I’ll be completely done with this semester (hopefully)!

That’s it for now.

- Mana

P.S. - Visit this page for some very wacky stuff about clams and Scientology.  Interesting, but like… what?


It started as satire and ended up as a very personal quest to end her addiction to social media.

Read about Allison Knoll’s senior thesis project and what she did to combat the negative effects of her online life, including –gasp– deleting her Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat accounts.

“It’s very hard to remove yourself from something that you’ve always known. Before deactivating my Facebook I was uneasy — at the time I had no idea what I would do if there was someone I needed to contact but didn’t have their phone number or what to do if I found an article I wanted to send to a friend or, on a more superficial note, how would anyone see what I did last night? I felt that in deleting everything I would have contact with nothing. Now, I see how comical that thought process was. I truly was powerless over the technology because I was so immersed in it.”

Allison invented a 12 step process akin to AA, but as of now, she is the only one in the support group. Of course, it doesn’t help that she can’t get the word out through Facebook.


airboat i. rehearsal, dec. 6, 2014.

Senior Hillary Butterworth’s IP project meshes the digital and tactile in her installation “The Curtain Passed Through The Wall”— an interactive installation using projection, programming, fabric, and fans.

“I want to slip computer images out from behind the glass screens. I want to give computers eyes, ears, noses, and fingertips so they can help me touch more tenderly, smell more intensely, hear more clearly, and see more vividly. I want computers to help me be more flesh, more body, more human.”

Experience Hillary’s installation starting this Friday, April 17th along with 85+ other senior exhibitions!


Personal evolution.  This was part of an exercise in class.  

Sorry for the lack of updates lately; it’s been hectic trying to adjust to my new schedule, but I think I’m finally getting the hang of it.  Hopefully I’ll be able to arrange a time of the week when I post regularly.

Thank you all so, so much for your support.  More updates on IP soon!

- Mana