integration not separation

please stop….. tagging my jewish religious poetry…….. as ‘#christianity’………….. please ??? i specifically have tagged my religious poetry as ‘#jewish poetry’ for a reason, my religious poetry has Nothing to do with christianity and i am very tired of my judaism being ignored just because it’s the norm.

if you are christian, you are definitely allowed to like and even identify with my poetry!! in fact, nothing would make me happier, especially since we share part of the same bible. please don’t think i’m trying to exclude you from anything, you are 100% allowed to interact with me & my work.

but don’t erase my judaism. my judaism and my art are inextricably entwined, most importantly when it comes to my religious poems. 

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My headcanon is that the wizarding world in the USA has always been much more integrated. There aren’t many separate wizarding schools, but public schools all have secret wizard classes. There’s always that one door that’s always locked. You assume it’s a janitor’s closet, but is it really? Bricked over doorway? Wizards. Old factory with broken windows? Wizards. Anonymous, faceless warehouse in the middle of town? Wizards. Neighbour has weird plants in their garden? Secretly wizards.

(especially old factories with cool eye-shaped decorations on the corner!)

Afraid that our inner light will be extinguished or our inner darkness exposed, we hide our true identities from each other. In the process, we become separated from our own souls. We end up living divided lives, so far removed from the truth we hold within that we cannot know the “integrity that comes from being what you are.”
—  Parker Palmer

The Forth Bridge, about 1920, Alfred G Buckham.

Buckham felt that the most spectacular cloud formations and theatrical light could be captured on “stormy days, with bursts of sunshine and occasional showers of rain”. This creativity led to him being regarded as the leading aerial photographer of his day and he was renowned for his atmospheric shots of the landscape. Over the years he amassed a vast collection of photographs of skies which he integrated with a separate landscape photograph to enhance the drama and create a more impressive composition. This image over the Firth of Forth, encapsulates the romantic fusion of man’s engineering achievements against the dramatic beauty of nature. The three steel arches of the Forth Rail Bridge are mirrored in the three biplanes, which Buckham added later by hand, silhouetted against the spectacular sky.

I have had it up to my fucking eyeballs with the, “*Foo* was taught in school, which was useless.  Why didn’t they teach *bar*?”


Well, when I was in high school, what I DO FOR A LIVING DIDN’T EXIST.  I couldn’t go to school for it.  It wasn’t a thing.

Imma help anyone stlll in school out.  Learn how to learn.  Learn everything you can about stupid, obscure stuff, as long as you find it interesting.   Ask a billion questions.  Learn how to relate unrelated fields, because integrating separate bits of knowledge can become a powerful information structure when you’re old.  That fanfic analysis you’re doing?  That’s gonna teach you how to analyze a project and build a logical structure for it that will work.  That weird thing about figuring angles, curves and distance?  You might use it to save your life in some damn hobby you have 30 years later.  (Yes, being able to figure out how far I am from shore when my eyes are at sea level really did matter to me at one point.  Kept me from panicking because I knew I could swim that far)

The point is, no, no-one is going to take your hand and tell you step by step how life is going to be.  We would if we could, because adulting is DAMN HARD.  The problem?

We have NO FUCKING IDEA what the future is REALLY going to look like.  So, yeah.  Learn everything you can manage.  You’ll never be able to predict what will be useful.