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Harry Potter Aesthetics - Ravenclaw/Hufflepuff Friendship

“There can be no friendship without confidence, and no confidence without integrity.”

 -Samuel Johnson

38/365- Tarot card- The Chariot 

I originally had this card set for just being Faber in general but as I did more research the “Meta”-ness of this card just screamed Johnson. 

The Chariot represents movement, progress, and integration. I feel like Johnson acts like this catalyst for the story and help the add some movement to the story. 

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Recently a neighborhood in Brooklyn made national headlines for a fight over public schools. Lots of affluent, mainly white, families have been moving into new condos in the waterfront area called DUMBO, and the local elementary school is getting overcrowded.

The city wants to redraw the zones in a way that would send kids from this predominantly white school to a nearby school where enrollment is over 90 percent black and Hispanic, and which draws many of its students from a public housing project. Some parents on both sides of the line balked.

“Liberal hypocrisy,” was the headline in the conservative National Review.

The tacit assumption was that sending children to a majority-minority school would entail a sacrifice, one that pits their own children against their (presumably) progressive ideals.

But there’s plenty of evidence that suggests the opposite: White students might actually benefit from a more diverse environment.

The Evidence That White Children Benefit From Integrated Schools

Illustration: LA Johnson/NPR