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Life claims that abortion is “intensely sad" and something that “no woman ever wants” without providing any evidence to back up these sweeping statements. In fact, research has found that 95% of women don’t regret their abortions.
D&D 30 Day Challenge

Day 11 - Favorite Adventure You Have Ran

Probably the campaign I ran for my social skills group when I was working with autistic kids.  What made that campaign so special was that it was pretty much unplanned; it started out as a tutorial session with pre-made characters so the kids could learn how to play.  But they each got so attached to their characters that they stuck with them and made elaborate backstories for themselves.  So we just kept going, with me making everything up as I went.  Details and goals from their backstories got integrated into the campaign, and each player had an arc focusing on their character.  I was able to weave it all into one overarching quest.  It was so fun to run a game that way, and the kids loved it so much.  I felt like I caught lightning in a bottle, because I’m not sure I could replicate the experience again if I tried.  

According to the US Travel Association, 429 million vacation days went unused in 2013. Long hours and few breaks are taking a heavy toll on American workers—undermining personal relationships, health, even innovation and productivity in the workplace.

MasterCard (pricelessgallery​) believes that paid time off is hard earned and well deserved—and there are Priceless moments to be made by using it. That’s why they launched “One More Day,” a campaign to encourage workers to travel, and spend time with the people they care about.

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Introducing Yahoo Gemini

The first unified ad marketplace for mobile search and native advertising

By Jay Rossiter, SVP of Cloud Platform Group, and Adam Cahan, SVP of Mobile and Emerging Products

When advertising appears seamlessly and naturally, it creates a more enjoyable experience for users, increases engagement and improves performance for advertisers. This is why we continue to work hard to roll out new, more innovative native ad formats on Yahoo. Native advertising is the sponsored twin of content  – while the ads are clearly marked, they look and act just like the other stories on the page. 

Today, we are excited to introduce Yahoo Gemini, the first unified marketplace for mobile search and native advertising. With Yahoo Gemini, advertisers get the performance and ease of search, combined with the scale and creativity of native advertising.  By bringing the two together, advertisers can now buy, manage and optimize their mobile search and native ad spend in one place – driving greater performance and higher impact for their businesses and brands.

And to make it even easier for advertisers, Yahoo Gemini is available through our existing self-service buying platform, Yahoo Ad Manager. 

Mobile is the fastest-growing market segment, and we have innovated how our users communicate, consume content and search for information across multiple devices. We are equally committed to building products that simplify the buying process and improve the experience for advertisers.  Yahoo Gemini is the latest way we are helping advertisers reach millions of people directly on their mobile devices with smart, integrated, multi-channel campaigns. 

Today, we remember.

Medgar Evers, who directed NAACP operations in Mississippi, was leading a campaign for integration in Jackson when he was shot and killed by a sniper at his home today in 1963.

This election is the first after SCOTUS trashed the Voting Rights Act. White nationalism and capitalist patriarchy were the integral Trump campaign motivators. The United States seems to be confessing it’s rising fascism.

We can’t fix this without organized class struggle. I fear what we’ll get back home is just more mobilized electoral efforts.