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Life claims that abortion is “intensely sad" and something that “no woman ever wants” without providing any evidence to back up these sweeping statements. In fact, research has found that 95% of women don’t regret their abortions.

Today, we remember.

Medgar Evers, who directed NAACP operations in Mississippi, was leading a campaign for integration in Jackson when he was shot and killed by a sniper at his home today in 1963.

This election is the first after SCOTUS trashed the Voting Rights Act. White nationalism and capitalist patriarchy were the integral Trump campaign motivators. The United States seems to be confessing it’s rising fascism.

We can’t fix this without organized class struggle. I fear what we’ll get back home is just more mobilized electoral efforts.

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According to the US Travel Association, 429 million vacation days went unused in 2013. Long hours and few breaks are taking a heavy toll on American workers—undermining personal relationships, health, even innovation and productivity in the workplace.

MasterCard (pricelessgallery​) believes that paid time off is hard earned and well deserved—and there are Priceless moments to be made by using it. That’s why they launched “One More Day,” a campaign to encourage workers to travel, and spend time with the people they care about.

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anonymous asked:

Were any of the staff members hesitant to work on the campaign? Did Steve have to convince anybody to work for him? (Possibly bc they thought they weren't good enough?)

Anon. Anon you beautiful wonderful person. I get to talk about the senior staff this is the best of things


[West Wing fans will know that there are two episodes that deal with the very start of the campaign, and how the characters came on board. I’m following those pretty closely, with some small changes.]

They were all hesitant at one point or another. And I do mean all of them.

Tony was sure he could do the job, but wondered if he could meet the frankly ridiculous level Steve set for integrity in the campaign. Bucky told him that was ridiculous, since his campaign manager literally used to kill people for a living.

Bruce wasn’t hesitant at first because he was one of the first on board. It was when it really started to look like they could get this young liberal Democratic senator from a single-parent household with no money and a lot of technical savvy elected to the highest office in the land that he got a little worried. Barnes was making noises about Bruce being Chief of Staff, which got Bruce very nervous because while he and the Senator got along, it was apparently to nearly everyone that a buffer zone was necessary for their continued professional relationship.

Clint never looked nervous but he was. He’s the only guy in the room that didn’t go to a private school, aside from Bucky, and well. That’s Bucky. So he’s got a degree from Iowa and a law degree from Illinois, and a lot more street smarts than anyone working in the White House should have.  Nat tells him it doesn’t matter. No one cares where he went to school, they care that he’s a hell of a writer and smarter than he lets on, and Rogers trusts him. That’s enough.

Natasha knew from the start that she would be taking flak from opponents over her immigration status. She knew there would bigger fires than that that she would have to put out. Appearing cool under pressure was her default.  No, she wasn’t nervous then. She was nervous when Clint said that James Barnes had asked specifically for her as their media manager.

Bucky knew they’d win. He knew Steve would charm everyone and beat the shit out Schmidt in the debates. He always knew it would end at the White House.  He was never nervous till the night they won, till Steve all but tackled him and said “So you’ll do it? You’ll be my Chief of Staff?”

Steve was nervous the entire time until Bucky said yes.