Recognize that face? Remember it if you don’t, because that’s Louis Black, co-founder of SXSW

When I was an intern at Republic Tequila, I was fortunate enough to attend an event for the official Texas Exes Magazine, The Alcalde, where Louis Black was speaking. As SXSW expands into an international convention, where thought leaders can meet and interact, people wondered how Black felt about the “unofficial” SXSW events that happened. He responded by saying

“In my opinion it makes it great. There’s music everywhere, it makes it fun. I love when I wake up to music at 1 a. m. My favorite part is standing on the street and watching people. It’s people who love rock and roll. It’s Disneyland for people who love music and film.”

This was one among many colorful quotes Black spouted during the interview, read on here

So if you are enjoying the festival and manage to spot him, give him a big thanks for being one of the men to have the ingenuity to design this amazing conference!

– Contributed by Stephanie Ignacio

Tern Bicycles Renting Out 150 Units to Alleviate Traffic During SXSW

Tern Bicycles will be renting out 150 Link D8 bicycles to those SXSW Interactive attendees with badges from Friday, March 9, through Tuesday, March 13, from 9 p.m. until 2 a.m.. Bikes can be preregistered with Velolet, and are available for pick-up at the Austin Convention Center. 

Connect with them on Facebook & follow their tweets!

Community Art Project - Party!

Everyone has different spots and parties that they’d like to attend. I really want to make it out to this Graffiti Gallery Party - and if I can’t go, it would be great to see the finished product!

SlokeOne, Frenemylife, Micca Toone and Mez One will be creating an aerosol masterpiece at the Trover urban art gallery. This 4-day Graffiti party at the East Side Drive In allows you to come express yourself with a spray paint can. 

Click here to register for this event!

– Contributed by Stephanie Ignacio

Staying Dry at SXSW

Days one and two of the SXSW Interactive conference left most feeling more than slightly damp. I was able to keep dry with the help of my rain boots, Charles River and Longchamp bag. I’m sure that everyone’s SXSW Survival guide in 2013 will include a reminder to bring an umbrella or poncho! Above Jessie, Jenny and I snapped a quick picture in between running to panels.  

— Contributed by Stephanie Ignacio

@canwenetwork bus

This bus was one big moving party. After our first long day at SXSW Jessie and I were unsure of where to go. All of a sudden we saw a huge double decker party bus, careening around the convention center, blasting “Party Rock.” The signage on the outside declared this moving party the @canwenetwork bus. We jumped on and got a full tour of downtown. While it was a really fun party and great marketing for them, I’m not sure that I got any networking done on the bus.

— Contributed by Stephanie Ignacio

The Secret Behind Pinterest

What’s the secret behind the best time suck on the internet? The people. Founder and creator Ben Silbermann lead a discussion about the ins and outs of Pinterest, the site for virtual pinboards. Besides giving the audience insight into how the company was founded, (inspired by Silbermann’s own stamp and insect collections!) he also went into such issues as the copyright question that has plagued the site since day one, and also the overarching goal of the site as a whole, which I found to be the most interesting. “Pinterest helps people discover things they didn’t know they wanted,” Silbermann said. “Our goal is to drive traffic out, asking people to go out and find objects to pin. This model makes us different than other photo-based sites.”

He also shed some light on some of the new features to come, including more indepth profiles, a video capability, and an overall platform expansion that will allow the app to be more mobile phone/tablet compatible.

Do you use Pinterest? You can follow the IPR Pinterest accounts here.

– Contributed by Jessie Boone

Making A Blog Your Business

I’ve said it time and time again, but one of my favorite parts of my job is finding new blogs to read and starting out the first part of my day each morning with a quick scan of all of the newest posts. From food, to fashion and travel, to technology and PR industry info, I love it all. One of my favorite blogs (and a blog I used for inspiration to create my own personal site) is Cupcakes and Cashmere. Emily’s posts are beautiful and well-written, so I was thrilled to see her speak today and left with some great reminders about how to turn a blog into a business.

  • The goal of your blog should be to inspire others. Inspire them to cook, write, travel, think outside the box. Don’t make your blog a daily journal (who wants to read that?) but make it about the most inspiring parts of your life.
  • Whatever you are passionate about should translate to your posts. For example, don’t partner with a brand for your blog that you don’t actually use in your personal life. Write about brands, companies, people, things you love and make those your focus. 
  • Write as though you’re addressing friends. Make things conversational and direct.
  • Understand your value proposition. You might be great at content, but not so good at photos. Knowing what not to include is crucial.

Emily’s speech was definitely inspiring, and left me feeling much more knowledgeable about what can make a blog, and a brand, truly engaging and successful.

– Contributed by Jessie Boone


SXSW 3 Minute Update: February 28, 2012

Two SXSWi panels we're VERY excited about.

Alright, you caught us.. These two SXSWi sessions aren’t related to social media per say, but deal with very interesting public figures. 

  • The View from Inside Rainn Wilson’s Brainstem - Rainn Wilson, or more commonly known as Dwight from NBC’s The Office, will be discussing how he (and his team) create thought-provoking content and engagement opportunities for SoulPancake, a website he founded to help people explore what it means to be human.
  • Top Chef: How Transmedia is Changing TV - In the fall of 2011, Bravo broke new ground by creating a unique two-way fan/cast relationship, which is the topic for this speaking session. We’ll also get the chance to meet Top Chef’s host Andy Cohen, Tom Colicchio (“Top Chef” judge), and behind-the-scenes Lisa Hsia, Aimee Viles and Dave Serwatka. 

Will you be attending SXSWi, and if so, will we see you at the above sessions? 

The Future of Music is Social

A few fun facts from the panel today:

  • Most popular song: Lights by Ellie Goulding
  • The 7the most popular song: Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley
  • First song ever played: Theme from Ricky, Gonna Fly Now

Most “lamed” songs:

  • Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Ashley 
  • Friday by Rebecca Black
  • Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites by Skrillex
  • Lights by Ellie Goulding (Apparently, people are quite sick of this one) 

Are you surprised by these? Why or why not? Additionally, if you’d a user of are you a fan of the music platform?

– Contributed by Britney Munguia

One Key Thing

At this session, Why Hasn’t the Internet Made Voting Awesome?, we talked about the future of voting. Although I knew that America has a disparagingly low voter turnout, I was unaware of the actual statistics. There are 168 recurring democracies in the world, and in terms of voter turnout, The United States ranks at 138. This is bad.

The problem lies in the fact that voting is inconvenient for the way that our world works today. The original system of voting (occurring on Tuesdays only) was implemented in the early 19th century, when Tuesday was the day that a man would go into town to go about his business. 

My one Key Thing was that we need to solve the Tuesday problem.

It is so important to get out and vote for your local leaders. Even if you feel disenchanted with the political system and the way that things are run, you need to go out and do something. The panelists, Paul Schreiber and Seth Flaxman have devised a system that makes it easy to vote and register from home.

They send voters a completed ballot request form for their state and an addressed, postage-paid envelope. When the request form arrives, all you do is simply sign it and put it in the mail. Your local election board will receive the request and send you a ballot.

They send  text and email reminders so you don’t miss elections and partners with colleges and universities to get the message out.

Check out TurboVote and make voting in this year’s election “as easy as renting a DVD from Netflix.”

— Contributed by Stephanie Ignacio

Mr. Duritz and Me

A true child of the 90’s, my favorite band ever, of all time, is The Counting Crows. I’ve loved them for the longest time, but because they so rarely tour in the southern states, have only seen them live twice. Miraculously, they are playing a free show at Auditorium Shores Friday, March 16th at 8:00 p.m. Even though I planned to be long gone from SX by then, I’ve decided to stick around and take in all of their grunge-y glory lakeside. Join me, won’t you?

– Contributed by Jessie Boone

Are We Killing Social with Social?

Instead of summing this panel up I’m going to include a few questions that were covered in this presentation. Would love to hear any thoughts you may have on these.

  • What is the balance of digital stimuli in daily human interactions?
  • What is “social fatigue?”
  • What are these social netoworking sites doing for us, and how are they bringing positivity into our lives?
  • What kind of stress do you feel when privacy changes occur on Facebook?
  • How are social networking sites changing our behavior?

-- Contributed by Britney Munguia