10 ways to grow your social media followers

The competition to gain followers on social has never been fiercer as the majority of brands adopt social media as a fundamental part of their digital strategy. With social metrics used increasingly to gauge the value of a brand it’s vital that you have an active audience.

In our 10 Ways to Grow your Social Media Followers infographic we show you how posting quality content, identifying key influencers in your market and digging deep into your insights can get you those all important new followers and keep you current followers engaged.

Surging Bitcoin prices inspire a wave of scams
New research from the security firm ZeroFox shows a surge in Bitcoin-related crimes during the first three weeks of March, just as the cryptocurrency was moving to integrate into conventional financial markets. Over a three-week period, ZeroFox tracked 3,618 unique URLs linked to those scams, shared over 8,742 social media posts, although it’s unclear how many criminal groups were responsible. The surge in activity came just as the price of bitcoin was reaching an all-time high. Read more
Has Anyone Else Been Looking at Easter Merch?

Like when you’re just out and about? Have ya noticed the weird abundance of alpacas this year? Like, sheep I get, getting down with the Jesus, but why alpacas? Has consumer America finally integrated alpacasso into their marketing?

Inside Publishing: Lindsey Robertson, Marketing Operations

How did you start your career in book publishing? 

I was an English major at school. When I was getting ready to graduate, my professors and advisors suggested looking at a career in publishing. After I graduated, I took two internships at smaller publishing houses and really enjoyed them. From that point on, I knew I wanted to work in publishing and started looking for full-time positions. That’s when I started at Open Road. 

How long have you been with Open Road? 

A little over a year; I started at the beginning of last summer. 

What does your typical day entail? 

It’s always different (laughs). 

But there are things I do every day, like checking in on NetGalley reviewer requests, checking metadata, updating BISACs, supporting the integrated marketing team, making sure everything works. 

What are the most important skills for someone in Marketing Operations? 

Being really organized and being on top of things. That’s really important especially since we publish a lot of books at the same time and there are a lot of moving parts (laughs). 

What’s your favorite thing about Open Road? 

It’s a nice community, and you get a chance to know everybody. I think that having an open-floor plan makes it much easier to talk to people. 

Which kinds of books / which genres do you like the most? 

Hmm…Mostly fiction, a little bit of nonfiction. And I like historical fiction. 

What are you currently reading? 

The Boys in the Boat by Daniel James Brown. I’m still at the beginning. 

Do you have any advice for someone who wants to work in book publishing?

Know how publishing works as whole, not just individual departments; know how marketing, production, editorial, and all the other departments work together. Having that broad understanding is really helpful down the road. 

BONUS question: What are some of your hobbies? How do you spend your time when you’re not working? 

I volunteer at a dog rescue and enjoy running…I finished my first marathon earlier this summer!


Pink Plastic is an avant-garde 20th century inspired jewelry and clothing company originated by Princess Aurum. Pink Plastic, as an entity, is a modernized fusion of styles from popular fashion moguls such as Twiggy and Dior, to movies like Clueless and Life-Size.

Pink Plastic aspires to encourage ALL women of different shapes, ethnicities, and sizes to find their inner princess. We want every woman to channel her inner doll by experimenting with the different trends and designs Pink Plastic will be releasing periodically. Our goal is to empower women, motivate them to follow their dreams, and keep them cute! We encourage young entrepreneurs to support the movement and contact us about integrating marketing.

On Valentine’s Day, some couples will head out to a five-star restaurant; others will adventure together; some will peruse old photo albums and reminisce about how they fell in love. As for us, we’re celebrating cupid the best way we know how: Classic Kiss Style.

Tomorrow, Editorial & Integrated Marketing Manager Kristen Welch & Social Media Lady Noralil Ryan Fores take to Twitter to chat about the love stories classic film will always remember.

Our live tweet schedule includes:


ADAM’S RIB (’49), 2pm ET

SABRINA (’54), 6pm ET

CASABLANCA (’42), 8pm ET

NOW, VOYAGER (’42), 10pm ET

Join us at #31DaysOfOscar or #TCMValentines to chat Katharine Hepburn, Cary Grant, James Stewart, Audrey Hepburn & more.


Ralph Santana, was most recently Vice President - Sports, Media, Digital and Branded Entertainment at Pepsi-Cola, where he helped spearhead the Pepsi Refresh campaign.

Now as Samsung Chief Marketing Officer Ralph Santana explained during his keynote presentation this afternoon at Ad Age’s Digital Conference, “the choice of these two binary choices is flawed.” Marketers need to do away with the distinction between traditional and digital to embrace a seamless media landscape.

Samsung’s approach looks for the intersection of a brand’s DNA with contemporary cultural trends and values so as to engender culturally relevant approaches. Such an idea, which Samsung calls “culture casting,” need mass sensibility, so by utilizing a mix of media platforms, it’s possible to begin to target specific audiences accordingly using relevant tools.

Mr. Santana identified three key criteria for mass brands to find market success:

  • broad reach
  • meaningful engagement
  • financial impact
QR Codes are Dangerous, in the Wrong Hands...

By wrong hands, I mean 95% of the ad agencies and brands currently using them. See here’s the thing about QR codes, done well, they can take a consumer to a useful, meaningful curated experience. That actually gives a consumer a reason to interact with a brand again. (Guess where that works really well.. Korea.)

Unfortunately, as I walk around NYC on a daily basis, here’s what I see happens with QR codes:

–Well known Cable channel– that should know better! – Scan the code- link doesn’t work on iPhones #FAIL

–Well known Electronics Retailer – Scan the code - OUTSIDE their store – it takes me to their online store. Here’s a hint, you know I’m standing in front of your store, why not give me something that will make me come in the store. You know coupons work, really, they do. #FAIL

–Well known American Car Brand – Scan the code - it creates a fun game where scanning unlocks goodies on a scavenger hunt and the prize is something expensive. Result, the campaign is what marketing is supposed to be: fun, engaging & simple. #SUCCESS

 As someone who lives and breathes on mobile devices, it’s unfortunate to see that brands are going for the shiny object, forgetting that it’s about the STRATEGY first. Here are some foolproof ways to use QR Codes effectively: 

1. Ask yourself: What am I trying to do? – Is it a brand awareness play or drive people to buy your product? This should NEVER be a standalone campaign. Connecting it to social media, an experiential event, location based check-in, something. The channels are easy to merge now, remember that’s what QR are codes are, a channel!

2. How does my customer relate to my brand in other channels? If your customer is willing to print out a coupon and bring it into a store to get 10% off – odds are if you make that process simpler, they will do it. Remember, discounts are your friend.

3.Do you care about metrics? This just a stunt or are you tracking sales – decide what you want- FIRST!

4. Use a QR company that knows what they are doing. There a number of QR companies that claim “they can get you a million scans in 30 hours” – Run, like they stole your wallet, b/c  these people are lying. Here’s a test, go onto their website and try more than 3 of their codes, if they work, that’s a good sign. Here’s why, if they’re working that means they have active campaigns and they haven’t mysteriously closed their US business and have 19 year olds in Russia managing your campaign.

5. Try it! Look, QR Codes are not going anywhere, so you might as well start small, but SMART.



Creating WOW moments = Audience ♥

Coke is a brilliant marketer and they sure know how to engage their audiences. To create buzz and excitement around Coke’s 125th birthday, they hired a creative shop (Antilop) in Turkey to create this amazing 3D installation.

Not only is this installation amazingly well executed, its downright mind-blowingly sexy. I can only imagine how it would be for people to stand in the middle of it and experience it with those amazing graphics and groovy music. Once again, Coke proves that creating wow moments to interact with the brand is a guaranteed way to win Audience love.

But the truth is, we must admit, such installations make us agency folks a little jealous - wish we could do this here! May be soon we will!

This chart has a few surprises:

  1. Email marketing is still #1, by a wide margin. Nothing against email marketing, it works and continues to be very efficient, but it seems that digital marketers could find better usage for their dollars.
  2. Social media marketing has become mainstream and just another piece in the marketing mix (good for social media marketing, bad for social media marketing experts or agencies).
  3. Content marketing is surprisingly high.
  4. Paid search is incredibly low (which doesn’t make a lot of sense unless we assume digital marketers don’t calculate ROI and are puzzled by paid search).