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a little #mondaymotivation for myself to stay ON TRACK this long holiday week. feeling good this morning & want to feel just as good in a week from now.

Brains biological clock stimulates thirst before sleep

The brain’s biological clock stimulates thirst in the hours before sleep, according to a study published in the journal Nature by researchers from the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre (RI-MUHC).

The finding – along with the discovery of the molecular process behind it – provides the first insight into how the clock regulates a physiological function. And while the research was conducted in mice, “the findings could point the way toward drugs that target receptors implicated in problems that people experience from shift work or jet lag,” says the study’s senior author, Charles Bourque, a professor in McGill’s Department of Neurology and scientist at the Brain Repair and Integrative Neuroscience Program at the (RI-MUHC).

Scientists knew that rodents show a surge in water intake during the last two hours before sleep. The study by Bourque’s group revealed that this behavior is not motivated by any physiological reason, such as dehydration. So if they don’t need to drink water, why do they?

The team of researchers, which included lead author and Ph.D. student Claire Gizowski, found that restricting the access of mice to water during the surge period resulted in significant dehydration towards the end of the sleep cycle. So the increase in water intake before sleep is a preemptive strike that guards against dehydration and serves to keep the animal healthy and properly hydrated.

Then the researchers looked for the mechanism that sets this thirst response in motion. It’s well established that the brain harbors a hydration sensor with thirst neurons in that sensor organ. So they wondered if the SCN (suprachiasmatic nuclei), the brain region that regulates circadian cycles – a.k.a. the biological clock – could be communicating with the thirst neurons.

The team suspected that vasopressin, a neuropeptide produced by the SCN, might play a critical role. To confirm that, they used so-called “sniffer cells” designed to fluoresce in the presence of vasopressin. When they applied these cells to rodent brain tissue and then electrically stimulated the SCN, Bourque says, “We saw a big increase in the output of the sniffer cells, indicating that vasopressin is being released in that area as a result of stimulating the clock.”

To explore if vasopressin was stimulating thirst neurons, the researchers employed optogenetics, a cutting-edge technique that uses laser light to turn neurons on or off. Using genetically engineered mice whose vasopressin neurons contain a light activated molecule, the researchers were able to show that vasopressin does, indeed, turn on thirst neurons.

“Although this study was performed in rodents, it points toward an explanation as to why we often experience thirst and ingest liquids such as water or milk before bedtime,” Bourque says. “More importantly, this advance in our understanding of how the clock executes a circadian rhythm has applications in situations such as jet lag and shift work. All our organs follow a circadian rhythm, which helps optimize how they function. Shift work forces people out of their natural rhythms, which can have repercussions on health. Knowing how the clock works gives us more potential to actually do something about it.”

Hey guys. Not to be that guy but...

I’ve been a big fan of TWD since it was just a comic. I followed the show from day one. I followed FTWD from day one. While I’m proud of our kru and I do like elyza lex I really have to beg you guys to stop messing with official stuff for the show. It could ruin things for everyone who loves it. It could get Alicia taken away from us. It takes away a part of the fan experience when our clexa coping mechanisms show up on things like the FTWD wiki or actor accounts. Like I love you all but be respectful use QTWD tags and stop placing Elyza in official stuff and leave the FTWD cast out of this I’m begging you for our fandom’s sake. Yes we grew bigger and are happy to have the great gay migration but we want to keep the integrity of our program. Please please be respectful.


Client: Chivas

Timing: 2013 - 2014

Chivas, Esquire and the Esquire Network partnered in 2013/2014 to celebrate and announce the Chivas Brotherhood. The objectives of the program were to connect the shared DNA of the Chivas Manifesto and the Esquire brand pillars, to introduce the Chivas Brotherhood to the Esquire and Esquire Network audiences, and to recruit Brotherhood members.

Esquire & Esquire Network achieved this by creating a custom, first-ever Chivas-branded video series. The video series showcased a group of high-profile friends by sharing their individual success stories and following their passions. Chivas reached and engaged an audience across multiple channels for maximum efficiency and impact.

The web series consisted of 12 episodes in the Esquire editorial voice showcasing a meaningful cast:

Brandon Boyd - Musician

Nick Fouquet - Designer

Jon Batiste - Musician

Bryn Mooser - Humanitarian/Filmmaker

Max Chow - Restaurateur

Jason Sudeikis - Actor

The web series lived on a dedicated channel on and and was supported through :15 second promo spots on Esquire Network and through Esquire’s social media outlets.

Esquire created a custom designed page in the December 2013 issue, introducing the Chivas Brotherhood.

A series of 12 events showcased the Brotherhood in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago and Houston.

Obama retools his political operation for post-Trump

“The way he views his role is not that he, himself, Barack Obama, is going to be out there giving fiery speeches and leading marches, but he wants to play a role in empowering and lifting up the next generation of leaders,” said Jen Psaki, his White House communications director and an alum of both his presidential campaigns.

Already, former aides are revamping Organizing for Action, the group formed out of his old campaign structure. No longer about backing up Obama’s agenda in the White House, it will be a nexus for training activists and candidate recruitment, reshaped both by Trump’s win and some of the factors that contributed to Hillary Clinton’s loss.

Though OFA has been mostly quiet over the last two months and has made no formal announcements, its Chicago headquarters has been filling up with new hires, including several old campaign aides, who are planning to focus on the mechanics of campaigns, from running Obama-style persuasion programs to integrating data and running paid canvassing operations. Though the first goal is designing the program for what they’ll aim to make hundreds of workshops nationwide, there’s already talk moving toward endorsing candidates.

“If things rise to the level where it’s a statement of who we are as a people and as a country, things that are important to him, then depending on the circumstances he will engage and he will talk,” said one of the people familiar with thinking about the post-presidency. “But this is now the moment where the next generation of Democratic or Progressive leaders steps up and engages in the political fight, however defined and broadened.”…ool-233337

Good news for Democrats.  The OFA was a very effective group and bringing in new candidates is important, from the bottom up. Get the ratpubs out of local and states along with the congress. 

I believe in President Barack Obama.


Trevor Noah only joined “The Daily Show” as a contributor at the end of last year, but he could soon find himself serving as an integral part of the program.

Noah is gaining consideration as a potential successor to Jon Stewart, the Comedy Centralmainstay’s longtime host, according to a person familiar with the matter, and if successful, could get a crack at becoming one of the more influential voices in latenight.

There is no guarantee that Noah will inherit Stewart’s seat, and no final decision has been reached, this person cautioned.  Comedy Central ‘s selection process has accelerated in recent days, this person said. And Noah, a South African comedian, has moved to a short list being put together by executives at the Viacom-owned cable outlet.

A Comedy Central spokesman declined to comment on whether Noah was under consideration, or on efforts to identify a new host for “The Daily Show.”[X]