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P.S.A about this blog.

This blog shall remain a ‘hate-free’ zone. Specifically, free of the hate generated toward D&D’s GoT.

I’m a great fan of all ASOIAF/GoT Meta’s by Radio Westeros, History of Westeros, Poorquentyn, Rawrist etc.. Their book & show podcasts, blogs + YouTube channels are conducted with high standards and all criticism is informed & on point, noted if it’s personal opinion and Always come from a base of good will & humour.

Here’s one of Radio Westeros latests :

I’ll not be reblogging any posts wishing to incite hate campaigns against others artistic works under the guise of ‘raising the standards’ of film & television critique. It’s hate based. Any valid criticism gets tainted & all integrity destroyed by it. So anyone wanting to vent their spleen at GoT will find no joy here.

This is a Sandor Clegane appreciation spot and will remain focused on the Big Man 🐾


so i haven’t gotten to Boruto yet , let alone anywhere close to finishing Shippuden ( i’m still in the Pein arc rip me ) but i’ve been doing some reading to try and fill in the gaps & advance myself , & i adore the idea of once Kakashi steps down from the Hokage title , he stays to help Naruto through the process , helping him integrate into the title & advises him when he needs it , but ordinarily , Kakashi is around the newer generation ; often aiding in training or watching over them before they are sent off to the academy , all before he leaves the village with a few visits here & there . Kakashi spent so much time trying to exist out of his own skin , that a need to settle & find some sort of peace became a driving force that took him away from Konoha , albeit temporarily .  * i strongly believe that as attacks on Konoha increase & things begin to go sideways , he would come back , & aid in any way he could . 

   I WAS JUST TRYIN’ TA HELP, MR. J !           HONEST !    ❞    gloved palms face him in surrender,  sauntering backwards as she brings forth her case.  her tone is a concoction of fear  &  integrity,  eyebrows rising in a silent plead.  ❝    i was just .. fin-ishing what’cha started.    i thought i’d be funny … throwin’ those ocean slugs at supes.  get it  ?  ‘cause  i threw eels at him  ?  kal - eel  ?   ❞