integral silencer


The MSP (Malogabaritnyj Spetsialnyj Pistolet – small special pistol) is one of the very rare, truly silent pistols – when it is fired, the only sound it produces is the quiet “click” of a firing pin. Yet, this pistol has no silencer, as every specially designed cartridge 7.62mm SP-3, has an integrated silencing feature in the form of a gas-sealing piston that pushes the bullet and then locks the powder gasses within the strengthened case. The pistol is of a very compact and slick design, as it is intended for concealed carry and surprise use. It is of two-barrel derringer type, with tip-up barrels.

7.62mm SP-3 cartridge and spent SP-3 case and bullet, loaded into steel clip used for MSP pistol. Note that piston is of two-stage telescoped design.

In dangerous times, wise men say nothing.

     It is much easier to preserve your honor and integrity in moments of silence. This is particularly true when you are feeling out of sorts. If you are upset or angry, it is much easier to allow your emotions to dictate your words. This is almost always unwise. When you are very emotional, for whatever reason, that should be a warning sign to you to be even more careful about what you say. Anger has a way of really bringing out the worst in people.

     When you are angry, it is best to be silent, unless you absolutely have to speak at that time. If you have to say something when you are angry, be extremely careful with your words. Remember to never say more than you mean and never say more than you meant to say. Men have a habit of making empty threats or insulting comments when they are very angry.

     Resist the temptation to do this. I know that it is hard, but you will save yourself many apologies, much heartache, and better preserve your reputation by doing so. There is a time to speak and a time to remain silent. Become an expert at knowing which is which. When in doubt, remain silent!