spac3witch  asked:

I just found this blog and I honestly can't get enough. I love you and everything that you're doing here. All of these admins are so inteeligent and thoughtful and I'm so proud of the community for having this blog in it. I love you guys, truly and sincerely. I'm so filled with emotion that in my almost five years of tumbling I haven't found a blog half as wonderful as this one (especially about these issues.) I love you. Please never stop what you're doing <3

Wow, that is so sweet! I haven’t gotten a compliment so nice in a long time. Thank you! I’m sure the others will appreciate it too!

I’m really glad you enjoy the blog! If you ever have suggestions for posts, topics, or improvements, we are happy to hear them.

If you ever want to talk to us about anything at all, or even to a specific mod, we are always here.

We’re always happy to help remind people how wonderful and valuable they are. And believe me, you’re valuable.

I really appreciate that you think we’re intelligent. We put our heart and souls into this blog and sometimes it can be hard to put how we feel on topics into words because we are just so passionate. I know for me, I always want to inspire and bring people up, even when responding to criticism, but I don’t always know how to respond eloquently enough to make my point. I worry all the time about our followers, because I want to do my best to stand up for them and let the world know how amazing they are. And I don’t know if I always do a good job of that.

But people like you inspire me. So thank you. I really appreciate this, and you.

Take care and let us know if you need anything.

With love, V.