why does jotaro not believe these 100% legitimate stories :(

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((And with that, I’m wrapping up my Fusion Week! It’s been a blast, but wow, am I ever ready to go back to normal daily sketching. XD This was inteeeense… Thanks to everyone who enjoyed and/or put up with my nonsense here for this week! ♥))

~ ( TsUrUbItChI :M ! ) ~

“ I’m a bitch, so pay me ! ”
ahah ~
don’t worry that’s not what he really said x'DD but… he wanna get paid for stuff anyway >w>) ! ~
I can’t help but thinking about the Tsurugi-Video :’D *earwig of ‘I’m a bitch so pay me ’ AGAIN*
you know that vid, i know u do, if not, YOUTUBE RN òwó
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

so todaaaay is TSURUGIS BITHDAAAAAAY >w>)/ !
WUH :M !
our shoe-licking, strawberry-loving,…. bitchiii x’D !
ik, it’s just a Chibi again xD I’m still in ma tradi Chibi Phase rn :'DDD
I hope gets a bunch of money and a lot of Strawberry-cake ! 8D

hope u like iiiit >w>)~~~ <3

ay - today’s ( ok yesterday’s xD ) Episode was inteeeense <3 <3 CHAINSAW-SAKUYA */////*) or better……. Chainsawkuya ! 8D <3 creative af as always xD

anonymous asked:

Hi :) I've been an Outlander fan - show-wise - since last year but I've only just gotten into SC, so there's probably a great deal I don't know about lol. I was wondering if you could explain the lipstick thingy back at ComicCon? thank you and keep up the faith! xx

are you talking about Cait wiping lipstick off Sam’s collar? haha WELL first there was this moment, which look suspiciously like Sam and Cait makin out pre press line, accidentally caught on camera and followed by “let’s give Sam his privacy.”

and then a few minutes later, they go for the first interview and this is caught on camera:

Cait fixing his collar and Sam wiping what is presumably lipstick off his mouth. And both of them looking inteeeensely guilty. I mean, look at her FACE in that top one? yikes.