head canons request by the amazing @fullmetalquest (artwork made by him!!)

Yang presents neo, her girlfriend, to her team

-at first yang wants to keep the relationship secret, but in the end she decides to tell at least her team (neo insisted about it, she didn’t want to stay hidden forever!)

-yang would explain her team that she is dating a girl, only telling them that they already know her:
Ruby: Pyrrha?
Yang: nope, she is already with jaune
Yang. alredy with Vel
Blake: the malechite twins?
RWB_: Then who?
Yang:d-do you guys remember the girl that saved torchwick?
Weiss: oh please no…
Yang: It’s her!! :D

- after the initial shock of her team, she menages to explain that Neo has changed and that she has no intections of hurting her

- so RWB_ decides to give her a chance and to meet her

- right at the first meeting with neo, Ruby decides to submit her to the ZWEI TEST!! (Ruby belives that the corgi will attack the evil with no esitation)
So when she sees Neo cuddling zwei on her arms, she begins to consider that maybe yang was right about her, but she’ll still keep her under watch…
(until the day that Neo bakes some cookie for Ruby, sice then, the little reaper is pushing Yang to marry Neo IMMEDIATLY!!)

-Weiss is more sceptical about the icecream girl, and she doesn’t trust her immediatly, but seeing Yang and Neo,cuddling, and generaly being two cuties, almost to sweey to handle, she gives the excriminal a chance

- so she decides to take her for a walk, taking an ice cream at the park (Weiss is not surprised when she sees Neo taking neapolitan), and she is surprided by seing Neo interest in clothes while shopping (even more surprised by seeing her changing to whatever outfit she want with her semblance)
In the end she enjoys her little date and begins to undestand why Yang has fallen for the icecream coloured girl

-Blake is the most open towards neo, knowing what it is to leave a criminal life behind your back,she is very supportive of Neo and totaly aproves her relationship with Yang (she also finds the small girl rather cute)

- Neo is super happy that Yang’s team axcepted her with out too many problems (though she still has her fight with Weiss……mute fights)

-In the end Neo is glad that Yang’s team accepted her and RWB_ are just happy for the two girlfriends

wow that took me a while to write! i hope this is not too bad and that you’ll like this Roo!!!

(artwork by @fullmetalquest )

Ok, but I want to make a list of the things I loved in this episode:

  • Violette in her favourite medium and being confident.
  • Also how she defended us from Cappuccine.
  • The boyssss, oh my god, they are so cute!!!! I’m dying
  • Kim’s intections with Amber.
  • Castiel actually worrying about the project.
  • LAETI!!!!! i MISSED MY GF!!!!