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Well, it was another night and you know what that meant. Time to go on down the mountain an into the city to rack in the cash with your sweet dance styles.  Sure some might not call it the most dignified thing for a highblood like you to do but what did they know huh? you loved dancing and people loved watching you so thats all that should matter. You’d already gotten set up at your usual spot, boombox, tip box and mat all set out for you to get warmed up with a little display of the show that was to come. “8 yo yo yo home boys an girls come on down for the sweet stylings of Intect the break dancin giant! 8” you called out between moves, letting your dance and your voice draw in a hopefully paying crowd.

Ok, but I want to make a list of the things I loved in this episode:

  • Violette in her favourite medium and being confident.
  • Also how she defended us from Cappuccine.
  • The boyssss, oh my god, they are so cute!!!! I’m dying
  • Kim’s intections with Amber.
  • Castiel actually worrying about the project.
  • LAETI!!!!! i MISSED MY GF!!!!