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It’s a good thing that the victim is about to be proofed only saying lies about Dongho’s sexual assault. 

But think about what it has done to nuest.

Imagine them feeling attacked knowing the news, imagine their mental break down worry about their future again, imagine they had a fight between to find a way out, imagine Jonghyun stressed out for Dongho, imagine Minhyun knowing it in wannaone’s dorm and immediately called the other members. Imagine the heart break. 

This is not funny. They made it this far through pain and obstacles, they dont need rumor to break them down again. They’ve worked hard. 

Please believe in nuest. And help them get what they deserve.

Because in the end, they who did right is always winning.

DAMON: Is Robert del Naja and Banksy the same person? Ehhhh, mmmmm, I do not want to say no, but if I said yes, then he is Banksy, the pressure would grow on him. I know Robert and “you know who” very well. They are both my friends, but they are not the same person.

INT: Ok. So…

DAMON: Wait, wait … You know what? I was with Banksy last week at a party and I’ll tell you something: Banksy is my friend Remi Kabaka.

INT: Really?

DAMON: Yes, he is a Gorillaz producer and works with us. There you have the world exclusive.

Remi Kabaka Jr is the son of a famous Nigerian drummer who played with The Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney and Steve Winwood, among many others. He is a producer, DJ, is part of the Gorillaz Soundsystem (a DJ group that came to Creamfields Buenos Aires in 2008) and directs the Laz Inc gallery in London, which sells Banksy’s work. Is it possible that Damon Albarn has decided to end the biggest question in the art world of the last decade

striaght writer: ok so int hes scene… the lesbians have gay sex

straight direct or: ok

straight dwriter: you know how that works right

straight director: ho most definitely. straight actresses are you up to this

straight actresses: yes absolutely.

all in unison: we know how lesbian sex works and we are goign to portray this accurately

all in unison:


Happy New Year! What, I am late to the party? Well I don’t care cause I finally posted a new comic. Side note I don’t care what she says she didn’t win, it was a draw.(I wasn’t drunk, I only drink wine. Any other alcoholic drink is gross to me)

potategirl  asked:

i always thought shizuo would like chubby girls A LOT idk why his so would just look so cute to him like he would just want to squeeze them or grab their cheeks or something like that but could never do it bc he would be too scared or when he did he would have to barely squeeze them and get no satisfaction from it like hes just internally screaming