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Happy New Year! What, I am late to the party? Well I don’t care cause I finally posted a new comic. Side note I don’t care what she says she didn’t win, it was a draw.(I wasn’t drunk, I only drink wine. Any other alcoholic drink is gross to me)

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Can we all just agree that the mod is such a genuinely good person??? Keep up the positivity and good work my dude. High five one america to another I love you bro thanks for all youve done for the hetakins

AA THANK YOU O MUCH?? IM HANDFLAPPING SO HARD RN THANK YOU!!! YOU’RE SO GREAT AND COOL AAHHH !! im so happy right now thank you so much omg im gonna cry

  ETHAN,   YOU           what   are   you   doing   here?     surprised   is   a   grave   understatement.   taken   aback,   shocked,   completely   thrown   off   course   would   be   a   better   description   for   how   erin   silver   currently   felt.   feelings   had   been   forgotten,   buried,   under   a   last   text   and   a   concrete   decision   to   move   forward.   and   yet,   now   she’s   practically   frozen   in   place,   lips   parted   in   a   perfect   display   of   shock   as   she   processes   the   sudden   and   unexpected   return.     you’re   supposed   to   be   in   MONTANA             !   why   aren’t   you   in   montana?       //     @owngods

omg Cap and I were talking on twitter about trans kent

and Cap @tictacbergerac just wrote about KP in the most spectacular and beautiful light I have to share 

  • kent who has the oldest fucking rattiest binder int he world
  • ok it’s a piece of Fucking garbage but it’s like? almost a comfort object for him at this point?
  • but he doesnt evn Need it anymore bc he had top surgery the summer after he won the Stanley Cup 

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Mariana no disfrutaba el ir a cenar sola, pero tampoco era como si pudiera evitarlo. Al parecer todos estaban ocupados ese día, incluso Alex, quien al parecer tenía que ir con Alice y su hijo a algún lado. Así que ahí se encontraba, en un restaurante no muy conocido pero con buena comida. Había escogido una mesa en la parte de afuera, mas que nada para poder evitar a la gente y que no sintieran pena por ella al verla cenando sola. Estaba regresando del tocador cuando colisiono con otra persona. “Perdón, no fue mi intención.” Se disculpo sin darse cuenta de que tal vez su noche no iba a ser tan tranquila como había pensado. { @danyindie }

Guess w)(os ready for prom!!!! 

)(int: Its t)(is fis)(!!!

(( ay lmao im joinging @askthetipsyhacker‘s Prom Event!!! Feel free to ask stuff relating to the prom or interact with him!!))