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  • What I say: I'm fine
  • What I mean: Cats are such nice and good creatures and I'm sick and tired of cartoons and other media portraying them as bad. Cats are just misunderstood and should not be seen as a default villain. In fact they shouldn't even be seen as an opposite for dogs. While dogs tend to be portrayed more playful they aren't necessarily like that. Cats can be playful and when they are it's adorable. They also aren't enemies of each other. They can live together just fine. Like who even came up with that shit. CATS ARE GOOD WTF!?

I’ve never been happier to be wrong about so many predictions as I was with the ending of Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People.  Admittedly, part of why I was wrong was because, while I was sure the ending would be somewhat happy, I didn’t think Hwang Jin Young would fully commit herself to a happy ending the way she did.  Base on this and Soo Baek Hyang, she seems really committed to writing weighty epics that should never ever be able to have a happy ending, but do.

I’m completely ok with that.

The show was obviously meant as an allegory for South Korea’s current political situation and presidential election, but as I’ve discussed with a friend on Line, it can also easily be seen as an allegory for American politics as well.  It especially showed in the later eps, when the political focus shifted to the officials who did nothing even though they new Yeonsangun was wrong and abusing his power because they didn’t want to threaten their own positions, and so  they maintained the status quo until they were forced into action.

Even though I can’t imagine how Hwang Jin Yuong will possibly follow up Rebel, I’m really looking forward to her next project.  I would like for her to return to the Three Kingdoms era, or Goryeo, but Occupation Era would also be a good fit for her.


Happy New Year! What, I am late to the party? Well I don’t care cause I finally posted a new comic. Side note I don’t care what she says she didn’t win, it was a draw.(I wasn’t drunk, I only drink wine. Any other alcoholic drink is gross to me)

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aubrey: So, I’m willing to put last nights catatrophic date behind us if you are.
aubrey: I promise I’m not usually that… miserable. That waiter had it out for me I swear. It’s all his fault for spilling water on me at the start of the night because then it pissed me off for the rest. And then the rest of the night, well, /that/ part wasn’t so bad.
aubrey: So… uh, start over? Or something. I’m pretty useless with this kind of stuff :)

    dope  gear .         optics  scan  the  woman  before  him ,     can  sense  the  influx  of  time  that   surrounds  her .     nothing  to  be  seen  by  the  naked  eye ,     but  with  the  tech  she  equips  herself  with  radiates ,   a  blaring  echo  akin  to  technology  of  his  own .     completely  extrinsic  to  this  place   &   time ,     quin  hadn’t  met  anyone  with  such  advances .     corners  of  his  mouth  rise ,     forming  a  painfully  cheeky  smirk .           show  me  yours   &   i’ll  show  you  mine .        /  @ownfuture  liked   !

“I don’t want to go back to sleep…”

¿Y por eso me vienes a visitar a las..?❞ oración incompleta, se gira suavemente al interior de la recamara para observar cómo los números digitales remarcan los minutos superados de la dos de la madrugada, el silencio reina en el interior del cálido espacio, y la soledad por la ausencia de los compañeros. Mentira grande sería decir que había interrumpido un encuentro con Morfeo, sólo una lectura poco intensa de líneas hegelianas. Se frota el párpado derecho, dejando que la puerta se abra para el ingreso de la fémina ❝Al menos ahora pides permiso para entrar❞ burlesco comentario, comisura derecha elevada en el gesto entretenido de siempre, de sorna que continúa presente al seguir hablando: ❝No tienes como… muchos pretendientes para estar molestando, ¿eh?❞ inevitablemente, llegaron a él las oleadas de chismes y rumores, en el desayuno y en la cena, los murmullos no se detenían hasta provocar una jaqueca insoportable, se sentía rodeado de adolescentes. @bryhclt