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Say Hey

Inspired by x ‘Say Hey If You’re Gay’ in which John isn’t a dick and Cas’ parents are, but it’s okay.

He felt like today was going to be good.

It was just one of those intangible feelings, a good one though. Which was weird because what is good about a random, boring day in the winter break?

Nevertheless, Dean Winchester was on a natural high, moping around the house in barely anything and was looking forward to games night with Sammy and his father. And his mothers famous pecan pie would be coming through the house by 3pm, there was nothing stopping him having a day of laziness and pure relaxation.

“Please, don’t wear that shirt, Dean,” Sam pointed at the baggy, black shirt loosely hanging around Dean’s frame as he came into the kitchen.

“Why not? You know you love it.”

Sam rolled his eyes and dropped his pen on the table, ruffling his hair up. “Maybe because it has the words ‘say hey if you’re gay’ written on in white bold on the front!?”

Dean grinned at how uncomfortable it made Sam and pursued wearing it for the entire day.

He’d brought it as a joke for himself, after coming to terms with bisexuality he just went with the flow of Charlie, everyone’s gay best friend, excitedly screaming things in his ear while they went shopping once he told her. It was the heat of the moment kind of decision, one of which he did not regret.

Everyone had got used to Dean lounging around in it though, his father even chuckled at it every time the ridiculous thing came into sight. Even if he didn’t make a noise, Dean knew it was making John hold in his laughter. It just boosted Dean’s confidence even more. He hadn’t expected that reaction from his dad at all.

The funny thing was that John even teased him about it with lighthearted humour. Mary, his mother, just smiled and rolled her eyes at John and Sam’s insinuations.

“Dean,” Mary said, sensing his presence in the room but not looking up from her book, “we’re having Amelia’s family over for a quick discussion on John’s future in the company. They’re very…” she turned the page, “let’s just say don’t mention being bi. Or wear that t-shirt.”

“Yeah, okay, whatever,” Dean dismissed the words, they were just ramblings of irrelevant events.

He spent the rest of the day lazing around his bed, moping through about and hour of self-pity with his head in the pillow, listening to the Batman soundtrack before scrolling through his Tumblr dash for another hour. Mindlessly, he ate through the last of his Halloween candy while watching TV, and before he knew it there was his mother calling for his presence.

Of course, being half asleep and ignorant of what had been previously said to him about the visitors and blundered noisily down the stairs, wearing The T-Shirt.

Oh, and just boxer briefs underneath. And that was it.

“…Yes, I agree. Dean is very promising, but we’re trying to search for a suitor as he should have a girlfriend at this age, but we keep wondering why our boy doesn’t,” a fake laugh, “don’t we Castiel?”

Dean squinted at the light as he entered the room, that articulate accent was so foreign to this house. And he didn’t like it.

And yes, he was still in The T-Shirt.

And boxer briefs.

And nothing else.

In front of his mothers posh friends and his fathers boss’ family.

“Dean!” he heard Mary harshly whisper at him.

A collective gasp came from the lady, standing pristine and formal with her husband in an expensive suit. Behind and between them stood someone, presumably their son, Dean thought.

Dean also thought that said son was the most beautiful man - no - person he’d ever seen. He immediately got lost in those bright, vivid blue eyes the he could happily stare into for eternity. It then came to Dean’s attention that Blue Eyes was staring at him back.

That didn’t stop Dean’s eyes from searching the rest of his body, the tight dress shirt around his muscles, the raven and ruffled hair to his jaw, his stubble and angelic presence in Dean’s mind. He was other worldly, no doubt about that, the way his fingers lightly traced his suit jackets edges and the tilt of his head like humanity was all new. But Dean had never been more enticed or in awe of someone within a minute of meeting them.

However they were still plunged into deep silence, Dean being the centre of attention and the room.

The silence dragged on. It was boring but with his and Blue Eyes’ family watching him wide eyed, and Dean felt tense. He knew he’d fucked up. Fucked up his dad’s career, moms friendship, The T-shirts future in this house, his allowance to wear it.

Dean’s eyes were in a trance about the sons, who was about his age, face. His flat and slightly chapped lips were agape like he wanted to say something and the boy shuffled on his feet a little.

Dean disappointedly looked down at the 'say hey if you’re gay’ writing and then back up to the handsome stranger.

“…Hey?” Blue Eyes softly spoke into the silence, his voice much deeper than Dean expected.

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War of Hormones

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Anonymous said:
Can i ask, for a Jimin (bts) agnst… In where You are pregnant, but You were in a bad mood and say a Lot of mean things to him, Like How You didnt want this baby and that was all his fault and stuff! Maybe with a fluffy ending? Or a second part with fluffy ending! Thank You so much happy holydays!

Anonymous said:
Jimin angst pls! Thx :3

I hope you don’t mind that I combined these, and I hope even more so that you enjoy!! I did end up setting it up for a second part, which I honestly hope will be better than this one.  Unfortunately, I wrote most of this at 4AM while tired-drunk and not at the top of my writing game.  But I really wanted to get this posted after making you wait so long.  I’m so sorry!!

Btw, I set this a few years in the future.  Jimin is around 28 or so…

[Part 2]

Turning sideways in front of the mirror, you couldn’t help but to frown at your reflection.  Four months in, your baby bump had become quite noticeable and that brought on a wave of emotions.  Seeing the undeniable changes to your body only verified the other changes that were to come.  You were only going to get larger, and you were already feeling quite fat.  Not to mention the stretch marks that would surely develop and mar your creamy skin.  And that was just the physical changes.  Once the baby was born, your freedom would no longer exist, you would be anchored down to home with a screaming infant.  All your silly hopes and dreams would always remain just that -intangible good intentions that would never become a reality.  Above all else, you feared that you may eventually have to face it all alone.  You eyes wandered to your empty ring finger.  Nearly six years and now a child on the way, yet he still hasn’t officially made you his.  What were you to think at this point?  You doubts were beginning to win over.

A pair of arms encircled you from behind, their hands fell over your own and soft lips laid a warm kiss on the side of you neck.  “Just look at how good my mini-me is growing in there,” Jimin cooed in your ear before leaning against you to plant a kiss on your cheek.  You couldn’t help but to flinch away from his affection with a scowl.

“Yeah, just look at how fat I’m getting,” you grumbled, only to receive a chuckle from your boyfriend.  Unaware of your current emotional state, Jimin assumed you were joking.  His amusement did not fare well with your mood.  “Stretch marks and double chins are just around the corner for me,” you growled more-or-less to yourself.

The tone in your voice caught Jimin’s attention.  “Jagi, you know you’re going to be beautiful no matter what.”

Shaking your head, you stepped out of his embrace.  “You say that now, Jimin, but what do you know?  How do you know you won’t find me disgusting a few more months from now when I’m bloated up like a blimp?”  Your anger was only rising.  You felt helplessly irritable, the kind of irritability that sat under your skin making you squirm in discomfort.  It was the kind of enmity that had you ready to lash out at anything and everything around you.  Understanding that, you tucked your hair behind your ears and bit your lips, trying to hold back from releasing your wrath onto Jimin.

“Jagi, you know you don’t have to worry about that.  The bigger you get, the more beautiful I find you, knowing my baby is healthily growing inside there.”  He reached out to rub your stomach which only irked you all the more.  No longer could you hold on to your fury.

“Don’t touch me!  You’re not getting it.  If you want this kid so damn bad, you should be the one carrying it!  Let it ruin your precious body if you think it’s so beautiful.  You can be stuck with it while I go off around the world wiggling my hips on stage for a bunch of horny little teenagers!”

Jimin was completely taken aback by your outburst.  In all your years together, he could count on one hand all the times you’ve raised your voice at him.  Not just that, but the words alone cut him down.  “Are- are you saying you don’t want this baby?  You don’t want a family?”

Tears of frustration welled in your eyes.  Why wasn’t he getting it?!  You sure as hell weren’t about to spell it out for him.  You had given him plenty of hints over the years.  If he wasn’t smart enough to figure it out, that was his problem.  You shouldn’t have to ask for what you wanted.  “Of course I want a family; don’t twist my words around.”

Silently, Jimin stared at you as he tried to piece together just what it was that you were trying to get across.  “What are you trying to say, Y/N?  Is it me?  You don’t want a family with me?”  With that conclusion, his own temper started to rise.  Though he was filled was seemingly endless amounts of patience and understanding, the thought of losing you struck him down to bare nerves.

Glaring at him, you couldn’t help but to throw the hurtful thought back at him.  “Maybe that’s it.  Who wants to live like this?”  Of course you didn’t mean that.  All you wanted was a family with him, but in that moment you wanted to hurt him, you wanted him to feel what you were feeling.  

Things escalated from that point on until Jimin finally raised his voice back at you.  It was the first time in all your years together that you actually witnessed him reach the end of his patience.  It had become the climax of your quarrel.  Immediately after, a deafening silence fell over the room.  You stared at one another as if he had struck you and it took several minutes for the both of you to process the gravity of the situation.  Each of you were warring silently with yourself until Jimin finally spoke.

“Maybe it would be best if you took a little time apart right now,” he breathed, scratching uncomfortably at the back of his head.  “I- I’ll go stay with Kookie or Yoongi for now.”  He sighed, watching the array of emotions that crossed your face.  “We both just need to cool off for a bit and do some thinking.”  He couldn’t look you in the eyes and it felt like your worst nightmare was coming true.  “Just-”  He licked his lips as he thought over his next words.  “Call if you need anything.”  Another deep breath rose and fell in his chest.  “Take care, okay?  I love you.”

As soon as he walked out the door you felt your heart drop and shatter.  Jimin left.  He actually left, and you felt like your whole world had fell apart around you.  All the anger you had been feeling was replaced with despair.  You felt completely and utterly drained until your previous doubts and worries flooded you.  They were not only taking form right before you, but multiplying as well.  Were you really able to go through with this?  If Jimin didn’t come back, could you do this on your own?  What about the baby?  Though you were worried about it, you truly couldn’t believe Jimin would abandon his own child.  But you also would have never believed that he would walk out on you.

Yoongi had no hesitation about letting Jimin crash at his place for a while; though, he was more than a little surprised to hear about such a fight between the ‘perfect couple’.  Your relationship was the longest standing among all the other members and their significant others, so it was a running joke that you and Jimin were the power couple of the group.  

When Jimin arrived at Yoongi’s house, he also found Jin and Namjoon there working on music and other things for the group.  The youngest found himself partially relieved to have all his hyungs gathered for advice and support.  He had never been in such a position before, usually he was the one the others came to for help when they reached troubles in their relationships.  Never had he walked out on you before.  In all of your years together, your only nights spent apart were those he spent abroad on tour.  He wasn’t sure he’d be able to sleep at all until you were back in his arms, and he couldn’t help but to worry over how you were faring.  Though he knew that you preferred to be alone when you were upset, he hated knowing that you were probably alone in that empty house crying yourself to sleep.

Immediately, Jimin went into the details of the fight.  He ran a stressed hand through his dark locks as he relayed his worry.  By the end of his rantings, his hyungs gave him much different reactions than what he was hoping for.  Jin had lowered his head to stifle and hide his amusement while Namjoon had no problem snorting out a chuckle.  Yoongi, on the other hand, simply shook his head and sighed.  Jimin flexed his jaw, waiting for the advice he much needed rather than the judgement he was receiving.  

“Jimin, you do realize that was mostly the hormone speaking, not Y/N herself,” Jin commented.  “Remember how many nights Namjoon spent on my couch when his wife was pregnant with their first?”

Namjoon nodded in agreement as he remembered the torture himself.  “Women can get really scary when their hormones are raging.  I thought that monthly stuff was bad,” he scoffed.

“The best thing you can do is just be understanding and give her some space if that’s what she needs.  You know her better than anyone.  She’s still the same woman, she’s just going through a lot.  My wife was scared to death when she found out she was pregnant, even though it was planned.  It’s one thing to talk about it and fantasize about it.  You got to remember that women have it a lot tougher than us when it comes to the whole pregnancy thing,” Jin lectured, placing a comforting hand on Jimin’s shoulder.

Yoongi finally ends his silence.  “Hormones might play a role in the situation, but I don’t think that’s really the whole issue.”  He sighed at Jimin’s furrowed eyebrows, seeing that he was going to have to practically spell it all out for his friend.  “She’s scared.  Think about it, what was the fight about?”

Jimin still wasn’t reaching the same conclusion as his hyung.  He glanced at the others who nodded in their own understanding, leaving Jimin alone in his oblivion.  “Being a family?” he questioned, unsure of his own answer.  Again Jin and Namjoon found amusement at his expense.  Yoongi was beginning to lose his patience.  He didn’t want to completely lay it all out for Jimin.  Instead, he wanted to let the younger man come to the conclusion himself so he could also think of the solution himself.

Yoongi sighed, resisting the urge to rub his temples and display his full frustration.  “Jimin, how long have you two been together now?”  He asked, trying a different approach.

Jimin had to think momentarily.  “Almost six years.  What does that have to do with anything?”  

The obvious ignorance was starting to break Yoongi.  He took a deep breath and looked up to the sky, silently questioning what he possibly could have done in a past life to deserve such torment in the form of so many idiots to deal with in his current.  After taking a silent moment, he returned his gaze to Jimin.  “And in all that time, have you two ever talked about your future together?  What you two want?  You have been with Y/N longer than both Namjoon and Jin have been with their wives.”

Before anyone else could speak, Yoongi’s girlfriend walked in with a tray of drinks for the boys.  She sat it down on the coffee table amongst them before glancing up at Jimin with a slight scowl.  “You ever think if you like it you should put a ring on it?” she questioned, holding up her own left hand to flash the new diamond right that now brightly adorned her finger.  She grinned widely, watching the excitement and surprise cross the faces of the boys as Yoongi silently sat with a proud smirk.

“Hyung! When did you propose?” Namjoon exclaimed, earning a giggle from Yoongi’s fiancé.  

She answered before Yoongi could open his mouth.  “Last night for our anniversary.”  Her smile widened all the more as she glanced at her future husband, but the smile was short lived as soon as she returned her attention to the youngest male.  “Seriously, Jimin.  You’ve been together for so long; she’s stuck by your side through everything and is now carrying your child.  It’s not her that need to prove she wants to be a family.  Instead, she’s probably wondering why she’s good enough to be everything but your wife.”

Jimin blinked.  “Why didn’t she say anything?”

This time, Yoongi’s woman sighed and shook her head.  Both she and Yoongi had done their best to spell it out for him.  

Namjoon finally spoke his piece.  “Because Y/N is Y/N.  You of all people should know she’s not the kind to straight out ask for something like that from you.  She goes so for out of her way, sacrificing so much, because she knows how hard our lifestyle is already and doesn’t want to put any extra pressure on you.  And she shouldn’t have to ask.  Seriously, in those six years have you really not ever thought about marrying her?  She’s a woman, they dream about that shit from the moment they put on their first dress.”

“Hey, not all of us,” Yoongi’s fiancé retorts, crossing her arms as she casually takes a seat on Yoongi’s lap.

Her comment goes ignored as Jimin takes a deep breath, processing everything that has been said.  And the more he did so, the worse he began to feel.  It was so true.  You had done so much for him, given up so many things and never once asked or expected anything in return.  You were always his biggest fan, offering unconditional support and he couldn’t even be bothered to propose?  He was the one keeping you all from being a family.  And for what?  Because he was too afraid to ask a question that he surely knew the answer to?  Because he allowed himself to be so wrapped in everything else that he couldn’t take time apart to let you know how much you truly meant to him?  Even he didn’t know why he had yet to make you his wife.  Up until now, marriage seemed like a formality you didn’t mean.  You have been together so long, he had already considered you his wife.  It hadn’t occurred to him that you needed that confirmation.  And now he was left feeling like shit because he had failed you.

“Guys, how am I ever going to make it up to her?  Simply proposing now wouldn’t be enough.  Hell, it’d just seem like a pathetic attempt at an apology she should never have even needed to receive.”  He ran a hand through his hair.  “I don’t know how I can even look her in the eyes.  I’ve taken her for granted for so long.”

The following three days was the longest three days of your life, not to mention the longest period of time you had gone in your six years with Jimin without speaking to one another.  You were much too stubborn to put up your white flag and go crawling back to him after everything that had been said, no matter how much each passing second killed you.  Jimin, on the other hand, spent those three days arranging the biggest makeup-slash-proposal in history.

[Part 2]

Dog Days Are Over (part two)

**Yo girl played around with some POV switching I hope it isn’t too confusing also this is more heavily rooted in description than dialogue which I will work to change in the next chapter!! And for the lovely followers who asked to be tagged, enjoy!! @maligayax @wxndamaxiimoffs @justareader

Two weeks later

“C’mon, Barnes, why the hell are you so nervous? Compared to all the missions you’ve done for HYDRA, asking a girl out should be so goddamn simple.”

Bucky rubs at the back of his neck as he looks at you out of the corner of his eye. Your bright eyes are even more pronounced in the afternoon sun, your hair shining and looking invitingly soft. Your brown leather jacket lies unzipped underneath a military green scarf; your white t-shirt’s bottom hem skimming the waistband of your dark, skin-tight jeans that perfectly show off your physical assets.

Your black boots contrast with the vibrant greenness of the grass and you’re clapping enthusiastically as you watch Nala catch a well-aimed frisbee in her mouth. Bucky has never seen anything more pure, more beautiful. And he knows that he’s being selfish, that you deserve so much better than him, but he craves that beauty, that intangible goodness – he craves you.

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Chapter 20: Stay (A Punk Luke Hemmings Story)

*warning this is mature. I didn’t do a censored version this time, but if you would prefer me to put up a censored version, send me a message and I’ll try to post one. Otherwise enjoy and pls read the author’s note at the end*

His lips move against mine with a sure certainty, like there’s nothing he’d rather be doing right now.

I’m not cold anymore, my body on fire from the heat of his hands against my neck, tangling through my hair. A strand of curls catches against his ring, but the pain of the tug is nothing compared to the way his chapped lips touch my skin, softly, slowly, agonizingly.

“Luke,” His name is the only thing I can think to say when we finally break for air. My voice is as breathless as I feel, completely gone for him.

“God, I’ve missed you, I’ve missed kissing you, fighting with you, being near you,” Luke breathes out, pulling me closer.

Desperate for contact, I’m suddenly on his lap, hands resting on his chest. His heart is beating just as fast as mine is beneath my fingers. It reassures me this is where I’m supposed to be.

His lips are on mine again, feverishly engulfing me.

There’s no room to breathe when we’re this close, but we’re still not close enough. His shirts gone, my hands getting rid of it as fast as I can. His skin feels hotter than I can handle, but I want to be burned. I want Luke seared into me.

I let him in further, needing more of him. He’s everywhere, kissing my neck, my cheeks, my collarbones.

Pain follows his lips, small bruises already forming as he marks me.

Staying still isn’t an option anymore, my hips moving against him of their own accord. Every inch of space between us is too much.

“Andy,” I shudder at the feel of his lips against the shell of my ear, “I want to make you feel good.”

Punctuating his words, his hands, big and calloused and warm, slide under my shirt, up my back, over my ribs, over and under my bra. My back arches against him.

“Luke, I just want you,” my words are stuttered and sporadic, but he hears them. He always hears me.

His hands remove the jacket of his I was still wearing, sliding it off with shoulders with small, feather light movements that just drive me crazier.

Lifting me off of him, the loss of contact feels like I’ve suddenly lost a part of myself. But it doesn’t last long.

Deliberately, Luke spreads his jacket out across the sand, movements sure but the shaking in his hands betraying his need. Before I can really process what we’re doing, he’s laying me down across the jacket, and I’m glad for his broad shoulders and long body. The big jacket was soft against my skin, smelling like him, keeping the sand away from my body as best as could be expected.

Luke kneels down between my legs, forcing me to look up at him.

Lowering himself to hover over me, his body stretches out across mine, face close enough for me to try to count the individual eyelashes casting shadows across his cheekbones in the moonlight.

“Can I make you feel good?” Luke asks, unbuttoning my shirt, kissing each patch of skin exposed once the button pops open.

My eyes flutter closed, hands reaching to weave into his hair. There’s a madness in what we’re doing, here on a public beach, but I’m too far gone to care. All that matters is the pierced lips trailing down my body.

“Luke, yes, please.” My voice is strained as he undoes the last button, exposing my stomach to the chilly air of the night. He doesn’t leave it for long, adorning the pale skin with kisses as he gets closer to the waistband of my pants.

My eyes open in time to see his eyes flick to mine, to reassure himself that this is okay. I smile at him, feeling parts of me I didn’t know were gone fall into the place when the corners of his mouth turn up, his eyes dark and predatory and full of something that maybe could be called love.

And then his fingers are pulling down my zipper, agonizingly slow. There’s a million seconds packed into the time it takes him to slide my jeans down my legs with an urgent gentleness.

Luke never breaks eye contact with me, even as his hands trail up my thighs, feeling every bump, every scar, every imperfection I have to offer. But he doesn’t shy away, the intensity burning even hotter in his eyes.

This time, when he gets to my panties, he doesn’t rip them, like the last time we were in this position. This time he’s careful to remove them with time and effort, discarding them next to us.

The rush of cold air against my heat is startling, my legs automatically trying to close, but they just close around Luke.

“Never hide yourself from me.” Luke softly says, long fingers spread out against my thighs, beacons of heat against the chill of the ocean air.

As he leans down to kiss me, I realize how far gone I am. I’m so far down the rabbit hole that is Luke Hemmings, and I don’t know how to find the will to try to get back out. I don’t want to get back out. All I want is his lips against me, always.

Luke pulls away from me, moving down my body so that I feel his breath against me in the place where I needed him most.

“I’ve been waiting to do this since the day I met you.”

With that, Luke’s lips are on me, and any thought that wasn’t about his mouth is gone.

Every coherent thought is gone. All I can focus on is the way his lip ring is warm as it slides against me, making my heart skip a beat. His tongue in me like there’s nothing else in the world for it to do. The way my hands tug on his hair as he brushes my clit.

There is nothing but him and I. There’s nothing about the exposed beach where we’re doing this. There’s nothing about the fight that lead to this. There’s nothing about how crazy I am for letting him in again. There’s only Luke and how we fit so perfectly together. There’s only the crazy crescendo building inside of me, spurred on by Luke humming a song my brain can barely recall as the song Michael had been playing on the bus that Luke wrote for me.

It doesn’t matter how cold it is now because Luke’s mouth is hot and eager and gentler than I expected. I’m electrified, hotter with every second, until I can’t bear it anymore.

Then I explode. I shatter, calling Luke’s name with a voice that can’t hold it together.

Still humming, Luke leads me through my explosion, bringing me back in a way only he can.

Breathing heavily, I stare up the sky above me, trying to remember how to function again.

“Fuck.” I mumble as Luke lies next to me, our hands instinctively reaching out for each other.

“Fuck,” Luke echoes, “I think that may have been one of the best experiences of my life. You’re phenomenal.”

I roll over to face him, still trying to catch my breath.

“I know that was the best experience of my life.” I say with certainty, captivated by the way he looks lying next to me, relaxed and calm.

Luke kisses me soundly, the taste of me lingering on his lips.

“You are everything to me.” Luke holds on to my face as he pulls away, eyes flicking across my face, reading it like only he can.

I wish I could stay in this moment forever. It’s a quiet kind of perfect, fragile and small.

The moment breaks when I remember there’s a world outside of this one.

I bolt up, scrambling around for my lost panties and jeans.

“So I guess this means no beach sex that ends with both of us having sand in weird places.” Luke lazily watches me trying to get dressed, getting to his feet to pick up the now rumpled jacket.

I pull on my boots, turning around to find Luke right behind me.

Stretching as far as I can, I pull him down to my level, kissing him as hard as I can.

“I’ll make it up to you, I promise.”

My whispered promise seems to dispel any lingering tension from earlier.

“Work first though.” Luke says wryly, following me to the car to open the door for me.

I slide in without a word, still dazed from how far he’d pushed me only a few minutes ago.

Music flows through the car, slow and sensual, all too reminiscent of what had just happened. I still can’t believe we just did that. At least we didn’t get caught. Now, there’s something between us that wasn’t there before. But its something good. Something intangible and strong, making every brush of our skin shock me.

By the time we get back to the city I’ve just managed to get myself back in a somewhat decent order. With a quick kiss and a promise of later, I’m running through the hotel, skidding into the conference room.

Apparently I did not put enough effort into making myself presentable, with the look Charlie is giving me.

“Andrea, why do you look like you just had sex?”

*in case it’s not glaringly obvious, I didn’t proof read this. Also I rushed the end so it sucks so im sorry, but anyway let me know what you thought please!!!! I felt so fucked up writing that but hopefully it paid off???

***I’m sorry I haven’t updated in ages, I haven’t been doing well and needed to take a little break. Now im feeling better and hopefully can do more consistent updates again. Again im sorry you had to wait, and im hoping youre still here with me!***