Gigantic Man Erupts from the Earth in this Spectacular Outdoor Sculpture

A gigantic man crawls out from the earth in this spectacular outdoor sculpture titled Feltépve (“ripped up” or “popped up”) by Hungarian artist Ervin Loránth Hervé. Crafted from polystyrene, the larger-than-life sculpture was temporarily installed in Budapest’s Széchenyi Square for the Art Market Budapest art fair that took place earlier this October.

Celebration Of Colour - Flagging Tape Installations

Megan Geckler’s installations look like a burst of fluorescent light; a show of bold colours cutting through industrial spaces. Geckler uses bright flagging tape - the kind you find just off the sidewalk typically used by surveyors. These intriguing pieces shift in shape from angle to angle. Strands at one angle interact with strands at other angles as a viewer moves through the space.

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The Matchbox | via Jay Austin of Boneyard Studios

A few weeks ago, Deek Diedricksen from RelaxShacks came out to Boneyard Studios for a tour of our tiny houses. His crew put together a video of us walking and talking through the Matchbox—probably the most thorough video tour of the space I have to date. A few things have already changed since the video was shot (new bench, new plans for the back corner), but for those who haven’t yet seen the Matchbox in person, here’s a quick peek at what’s inside.