bear-faced ;) wholewheat toast with coffee peanut butter tofu mousse, dark chocolate pb tofu mousse, vanilla cashew cream, and banana bears with granola and strawberries. 

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First time doing a full day of eating post! 🎉 (excuse the ugly photos but that’s reality haha)

Breakfast (pre workout meal): fresh squeezed blood orange juice, fruit and banana protein nicecream made with spirulina
Lunch (post workout meal): whole wheat pasta with a vegan Bolognese sauce
Snack: a Clif bar
Dinner: hemp bread with my favorite toppings and fresh fruit
Dessert: medjool Dates with peanutbutter and two squares of vivani white nougat chocolate


Another full day of eating:

Breakfast: carrot oatmeal topped with fresh fruit, peanutbutter and hempseeds (had more fresh fruit than pictured)
Lunch: vegan protein Crêpes (i will share the recipe the next time) with nutbutters and fresh fruit
Snack: protein shake with some spirulina mixed in
Dinner: corn Pasta with veggies, lupino chunks and a sauce made out of a aubergine spread
Dessert: medjool Dates stuffed with crunchy peanutbutter and nougat chocolate