So basically this happened:

Girl: *goes at Hansol’s insta*

Girl: “Gay”

Hansol: “So? You hate gay guys? really? kkkkk”

Hansol: “ I don’t think so. Why you say just “gay” i don’t understand you say”

Other fans: “shut up girl” “what is your problem?”

Girl: “Oh ‘cmon y’all know Hansol does act like a f*gg”

Girl: “A freakin bottom”

Other fans: *report her comments* *send good and lovely comments to him*

Hansol: *goes at her insta* 

Hansol: “Yes zero is so cool i know my member”

Girl: *put her account on private*

He went after her lol~~ but I wish she can learn from this and stop being an idiot :)