Kim Jae Il

My paradoxical work process of expression is hiding and burrowing to make the concept, the image and the apperance visible. My diged, covered form differs with every other work of arts which tries to display themselves by perspective and sculpturesque convention.
I, however, believe it express the objects and idea farther dynamically.

I assure my works cannot be plane figures, but they exist somewhere between cubic and plane concept by containing flat structures.
It is my will to show 3-demension sculptural expression and 2-demension pictorial expression in one screen.
Also by my unique process of intaglio, I try to materialize several traces of our surrounding. It is my own language to engrave my vestige, that I’m unwilling to lose, on my works.

Widow’s Secret. Recently pulled out of the archives, Widow’s Secret is an older piece of mine from 2012. The background texture was made using the Intaglio printmaking process and gold ink. The rest of the design was screenprinted using specially mixed inks! When I was printing these I made sure to use different colors on each of them so they are all one-of-a-kind! Three different ones are now available in the shop. Once they are gone they’re gone! ✨ #PoisonApplePrintshop #widowssecret #handmade #intaglio #screenprint #printmaking #macabre #supporthandmade (at Poison Apple Printshop)


Intaglio ink relief print of a cassette tape…. the texture of music. I ripped open a cassette, and wanted to capture the texture of another “obsolete” musical device. A reminder that this is what we used to listen to music at one point in time.

i intaglio wiped the parts of the cassette tape, ran it through the press, and this is the beautiful detail and texture i got, simply from the inside of a device we used to use to play music, an obsolete technology that held sound in rolls of tape.

This is part of a series of prints i did, where i took musical devices, dismantled or dissected them, and pulled print images from them.

“Cassette Tape.” from The Texture of Music Series. Intaglio relief print on Rives BFK Paper. 2015.