Come say hi to BHP at SGCI, before all this deep fried food kills me. Also, bonus points for donuts, and the free 8am breakfast (free food, that’s where the real artists at).

1. Thomas Lucas doing his rad demo. You weren’t allowed to attend if you didn’t have social media to document it on. So 2017. Bonus points for whoever spots the amazing @anniebissett in the crowd.
2. Meeting @catclawpress Kelly had me at a loss of words momentarily, rare BHP stupefied moment.
3. Sidecar press
4. Oldschool tumblr hangout with @knmacneil Kate and @wnussbaum William, talking 2011 tumblr and how y'all fell off along the way. It’s not like it used to be anymore.
5. Drivebypress
6. Casual printing on a Subaru engine block converted to a press. Longer crank shaft, and the thing is ready to go into mass production. Forgot the guys name, but the motorblock-press is all over insta. Do your social media thing ppl.

Roman Amethyst Intaglio of a Girl Riding a Sea Monster, 1st Century BC/AD

This was possibly made by the master carver Dioscurides, who was the favorite gem carver of the Emperor Augustus.

It is possible that this intaglio portrays one of two possible subjects, the nymph Aura or a Nereid riding on a sea-bull, sea-goat or some other type of horned sea monster. A small seal swims in the ocean behind them.