I love this one so far and I really hope I don’t mess it up.

An etching, this one just barely begun. This is the first “state proof,” a print made to see the progress of the image while it’s developing on the plates and still unfinished.  This is the fifth etching of a 12-15 suite in the works.

Etching by Camilla Taylor

Widow’s Secret. Recently pulled out of the archives, Widow’s Secret is an older piece of mine from 2012. The background texture was made using the Intaglio printmaking process and gold ink. The rest of the design was screenprinted using specially mixed inks! When I was printing these I made sure to use different colors on each of them so they are all one-of-a-kind! Three different ones are now available in the shop. Once they are gone they’re gone! ✨ PoisonApplePrintshop.com #PoisonApplePrintshop #widowssecret #handmade #intaglio #screenprint #printmaking #macabre #supporthandmade (at Poison Apple Printshop)