int lit

If there were no changes in psychology produced by changes in the social environment, there would be no movement in art; people would continue from generation to generation to be content with the poetry of the Bible, or of the old Greeks.

“The Formalist School of Poetry and Marxism”, Leon Trotsky

…which leads me to speculate about the effect of the internet on contemporary poetry, how alt lit, as a movement, its form, content, and generally conflicted “anti-poetic” stance that annoys so many “critics,” how they are all attributable to a psychological effect that the internet and contemporary society has had on our generation. Simultaneity isn’t really a futurist’s concept anymore, it’s reality. The spectacle of ego is unrestrained because we’ve learned not to be ashamed or embarrassed of our raw emotions (thanks to social networking sites and the concept of ‘internet presence,’ ie, constant exposure, even in the most vulnerable moments).

The need for a new formulation of words to accompany this new “psychology.”

The need for bonding, even at the linguistic level, in an increasingly isolated, laptop-confined experience of life.


Not at all where Trotsky was going with this, but an important point he established on his own route.