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I just im queer and genderfluid so im wondering what are alternatives to the names mother and father to teach my kid one day? Like I know I want to be a parent but are there really any gender neutral paternal "titles" I guess?

There are absolutely alternatives! genderqueeries has this great list, which is a good easy place to start, but you should also consider whether using/making up your own title makes sense. I go by “baba” rather than mother/father, which generally has worked pretty well. There are challenges to using a non-traditional title, since not everyone will immediately “get” it, and some people might willfully ignore it. And inevitably between books/media/other kids your child will have to figure out what dad/mom mean and how that relates to their own family, but I do not think those challenges are insurmountable, and - at least for me - the benefits to having a title that really “fits” me outweigh the additional time/challenges that come along with it.

Mostly my advice would be, stick to something that is easy for a (young) child to say, and that feels like a good fit for you. Get some close allies on board, and try not to let titling mistakes from others outside your circle get to you too much.

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3, 7, and 15 for the writing meme!

3. What is your absolute favorite kind of fic to write?

You know, I’m not sure if I have a favorite, but I definitely have a type.  It goes something like:

Ordinary person is forced into extraordinary situation, must struggle to survive against seemingly insurmountable odds.  Loses everything, develops terrible coping mechanisms and deep-seated issues with guilt. Continues to fight, eventually develops pleasant facade.  Finds new family in friends.  Falls in love with best friend. Pleasant facade starts to crack as world starts tumbling down.  Continues to fight.  Accepts love. Continues to fight.  Learns grace.  Continues to fight.  Earns peace. Hopefully grows into veteran hero, but more than likely has lonely tombstone.

Wow, reading that summation, that’s sort of awful lol (but explains a LOT about why I like the media I like).  But just about everything that I write that I consider ‘serious’ fits into that timeline somewhere, whether or not it’s a bit piece of a full fledged fic.

7. Inspiration, time, or motivation. Choose two.

Time. TIIIMMMEEEEEEE.  Like send in the TARDIS, all I want is some time.

15. Your guilty writing pleasure?

Well I mentioned that whole sex thing, so I guess another one would have to be horrific angst, the more soul-crushing and tear-jerking the better.  Writing the trifecta of loss, grief and regret comes very easily to me apparently, and I’ve definitely gone through phases where this is just about all I’ll write.  I’m trying to work on the whole light-hearted humor thing lately though - which is a lot more convenient to write in public I have to say, because it does not include any gross sobbing on my part.  I’m not sure hyena laughing is any better to be honest, but people are a lot less concerned.

Impa, The Royal Advisor

A woman of Sheikah descent who has practically raised Zelda over the years, acting as her mother since she was a child. She has known of Zelda’s nightmares and has been training as much as she could to defend her- however, when it becomes clear that her age is an insurmountable obstacle, she falls upon one last hope- the possibility of a hero of legend.

design notes:

  • … Old as heckie.
  • The original design for Impa is largely ignored, but is still present. She’s primarily based on A Link Between Worlds’ incarnation of Impa, with eye markings taken from Hyrule Warriors’ Impa and certain design pieces of Oracle of Ages/Seasons Impa if you squint.
  • Her ears are rounded due to her Sheikah blood having been watered down tremendously over the generations. This also contributes to her being unable to protect the princess once Ganon is unleashed.
  • Despite this, however, she still has the ‘eye of truth’- in that, when she focuses with her marked eye, she can see things that are invisible or inconceivable to most.

I feel like this scene often gets overlooked among the many other “moments where Leo Fitz is so clearly in love with Jemma Simmons that it offends me.” In his mind for these few seconds, Fitz has failed to protect Jemma - whatever the mystery grenade was went off, and for all he knows he’s just watched her die in front of him without being able to stop it. Skye sees this and automatically runs over to assess Jemma’s health, but Fitz’s reaction is very different and interesting. In the previous 12 episodes of season 1 he’s been shown to be fairly proactive in catastrophic situations, including in FZZT when he watches her jump out of the plane. In that situation, he sees what might be to others an insurmountable problem (her falling out of a plane 30,000 feet in the air) and goes straight for the parachute - there’s no way he’s letting her go that easily. 

In TRACKS, however, he freezes - the probably deadly weapon has already gone off and he doesn’t think he has any recourse to fix it (without her medical assistance & biochemical expertise). Rather than behave as he normally might (by working to find a solution), Fitz can barely move. It’s as if all his muscles have spontaneously atrophied, as if the slower he moves the longer he has before he learns that Jemma really is dead. It isn’t just his legs either - even his arms move jerkily. Thanks to Skye keeping her head about her, it isn’t more than a few seconds before Fitz learns that Jemma’s just unconscious and not dead. But his complete and utter paralysis in the face of having possibly watched Jemma die is I think very indicative of how his feelings for her have progressed since the last time he saw her in immediate danger. This time, he stops functioning almost instantly, and you can practically hear him thinking “no, no, no, no” as he stares at Jemma’s body. He almost collapses when he learns that she’s alive and he bends in half, leaning on a box and needing support as he forces himself to let go of that complete and utter horror. 

Later in the episode, we see Fitz comforting Jemma after she fights so desperately to save Skye’s life, but I think to some degree in that scene he’s comforting himself as well. He thought he watched her try to sacrifice herself for a second time earlier that day, and that particular fear isn’t something that’s easy for him to forget. 


  2. Police Brutality/Murder.
  3. Political Corruption.
  4. Renovated/Rebranded White Supremacy. 
  5. The Ku Klux Klan.
  6. Slavery.
  7. Child Hunger.
  8. A Love Affair with Guns.
  9. Drones.
  10. Corporate Greed.
  11. An Anti-Intellectual Culture.
  12. A Crumbling Public Education System.
  13. Inequality.
  14. Obesity.
  15. Segregation.
  16. A Crumbling and Outdated Architectural Infrastructure.
  17. Hedonism.
  18. Celebrity for the sake of distracting from reality. 
  19. White Materialism.
  20. Pharmaceutical Drugs.
  21. Illicit Drugs.
  22. Pollution.
  23. White Owned Media Conglomerates.
  24. Habitat Destruction.
  25. Insufficient Health Care.
  26. Corporate Monopolies.
  27. Animal Cruelty for Entertainment purposes.
  28. At War With Counties of People of Color in the World.
  29. Nonexistent Morals.
  30. Iniquitous Values.
  31. Extreme and Widespread Poverty.
  32. A Unregulated Banking Industry.
  33. The Eradication of Unionized Labor.
  34. Prisons for Profit.
  35. A Racist Police State.
  36. The NSA.
  37. The CIA.
  38. The FBI.
  39. The NRA.
  40. Racist White Republicans.
  41. Savage Capitalism.
  42. Racist White Democrats.
  43. Fascism.
  44. A Bankrupting Military Complex.
  45. Bankrupting Student Loans.
  46. A Insurmountable Prison Population.
  47. A Lack of Economic Freedom for People of Color.
  48. The Highest Rate of Teen Moms.
  49. The Highest Rate of High School Drop Outs.
  50. Unhealthy Processed Food.
Nighttime fog

Hi guys.

So, where to begin? Ah yeah, got it.

After that weird dream I posted about earlier my whole day was a bit strange. Nothing unusual happened, I just felt… Weird I guess. I dunno if it was because I had that dream or because I didn’t get enough sleep. I don’t really care anyway.

The point is, just a while ago this weird feeling was on it’s peak. I thought I’d go out into the backyard to smoke a cigarette. Dunno why I wanted to smoke outside, I really rarely do that even in the summer, so I really don’t have an idea what made me think it’d be a good idea to do so now and at night. 

Well, I was kinda shocked. As I left the house an overwhelming sense of fear got over me. I was just standing there beside my front door with a cigarette in my mouth and… Well I just stood there. I couldn’t get over how thick the fog was. I literally couldn’t even see the road in front of the house. All I saw was that unbelievably thick fog. I stood there for like ten seconds paralized with fear, then I decided to go back in. “Something was out there” I though to myself.

I can’t really believe my words though, ‘cause you know… What in the world would be out there except for a few stray cats or dogs or possibly some rats and whatnot? It’s totally irrational. That doesn’t change the facts though. I definitely did feel some sort of presence…

Ah, doesn’t matter. Probably it was just my imagination.

That’s it guys. I’m out for today.