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Movie Details :
Release Date : 2015-03-20
Casts : Shailene Woodley, Keiynan Lonsdale, Ansel Elgort, Suki Waterhouse, Zoë Kravitz, Ashley Judd, Ray Stevenson, Miles Teller, Daniel Dae Kim, Theo James, Jonny Weston, Ben Lloyd-Hughes, Maggie Q, Emjay Anthony, Naomi Watts, Rosa Salazar, Mekhi Phifer, Kate Winslet, Jai Courtney, Octavia Spencer, Tony Goldwyn
Duration : 119 minutes

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Insurgent Movie Storyline:
Beatrice Prior must confront her inner demons and continue her fight against a powerful alliance which threatens to tear her society apart. 

Eric teasing you (part 4)

This is the final part

Request : ‘’ahhhh! please write more of eric teasing you!! its so good!!‘’

‘’Pleasepleaseplease write more of the ‘Eric teases you’ fic. Please? I love it!’’

anditgoesbam : ‘’Hiii can you continue Tobias Sister Part 5 and Eric Teasing you? I LOVE YOUR WRITING ITS SMART AND NOT CHEESY WITH THE RIGHT AMOUNT OF SMUT I LOVE YOUUUUUUUUU💋’’

mrs-weasley-of-221b :‘’GURL. Your Eric stories literally give me life! You’re such an amazing writer. I cannot wait until more of the parts come out! :3 I love you and your blog! xx ‘’

Paring : Eric x Reader

Warning : violence, teasing, swear

Words : 1,445

I decided to stop writting Eric Teasing You after this part, but I take request :) I just prefer to wrote oneshot, but I’m really happy that you like it! Thanks to everyone who wrote to me, you guys are really sweet and kind ♥ That’s why I like to wrote imagines :) I hope you’ll like it and request are always open!

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Part 1 :

Part 2 :

Part 3 :

‘’Follow me’’ Eric commended while grabbing me hand and taking me away from the gathering of dauntless who were looking greedily at Peter (who was still unconscious in Four’s arms who was carrying him inside the Pit), Eric and me.

I could heard them gossiping about the attack (’’I heard that Peter wanted to kill her!’’ ‘’No, he wanted to butterknifed her, like he did to the other guy…Eddy? Edard? Edward?’’) even though no one saw what happened, exept Eric, but did he really saw all of the attack? I doubt it.

‘’Where are we going?’’ I asked, feeling the urge to run away from all thoses eyes watching me. How could they be so curious? Haven’t they seen guerilla worse then that before? After glancing towards the dauntless, I realized that the older ones weren’t impressed and those who were looking at me were practically all initiates (some of the younger dautnless were staring at you).

‘’To the infirmary’’

My eyebrows arched and my feet stopped, but not for long - Eric was walking so fast that my immobility couldn’t interrupt his steps, so I was drawn by him.

‘’I didn’t even know you had an infirmary’’ I mumbled to myself, then, more louder, I asked Eric : ‘’Why do you bring me there? I’m not injured’’

He glanced at you, then sighed.

‘’You ask too much questions’’

I rolled your eyes. I had forgotten how much he could be maddening.

‘’I just don’t know wet if I can trust you’’ I explained.

It was is turn to stopped without any warning. I rush into him but he did not seem to have noticed it. Eric just kept looking at me with an not-understanding/who-could-you-not-trust-me look.

‘’You think you can’t trust me?’’ By the tone of his voice, he was pretty insulted.

I stepped back since my nose was practically touching his muscular chest and it felt kind of wierd.

‘’It’s not that I can’t -’’ I tried to explained that I wasn’t confortable going to the infirmary with him (especially him since I know he has a thing for me) when a guy was on top of me about minutes ago. I mean, yes I really liked the kiss…

‘’I just saved your pretty little butt, just so you know, so I think you can trust me…’’ His eyes were darker than usual and the hand that Eric was holding began to numb.

‘’Eric, my hand…’’ I whispered through me teeth while attempting to free my hand.

‘’and you should thank me for saving you’’ He groaned.

‘’Maybe you saved me, but if you continue to squeezed me hand like that, you’ll give me a good reason to go to the infirmary!’’ I said. He freed me hand as soon as he realised it. Eric’s eyes were wide open and he looked worried.

‘’Did I hurt you? I didn’t mean it…’’ He took my hand inside his and softly pressed his thumb on the top of it.

‘’I’m okay’’ I smiled at his beautiful worried look.

I looked around us, trying to figure in which corridors we were, but the corridor was dark and no door was in sight.

‘’I’ve never been here’’ I said while looking at the end of the corridor - even though I didn’t saw the end of it. ‘’Where are we?’’

‘’In a corridor’’ He stared at me like if he wanted to add ‘’Where do you think we are, in the Amity’s garden?’’

‘’I know that’’ I rolled my eyes. ‘’I just never been in this corridor. Were is the infirmary?’’

‘’Up the stairs’’ He arched an eyebrow and moved aside, revealing the stairs behind him digged inside the rock.

‘’Ooh’’ was all I could prononced.

‘’Feeling better?’’ Eric asked when I was lying down in a bed of the infirmary.

‘’No, because I wasn’t feeling bad’’ I groaned. He looked amused with his little smirk in the corner of his lips.

‘’Oh, poor little thing! Life isn’t fair with you, uh?’’ Both of us turned to face the person who talked. My heartbeat speed up, even though I tried to control it.

‘’What are you doing here?’’ I asked with the deepest voice I ever had.

‘’Guess what? I was having a great time with a girl but some jealous douchbag came up and beat the shit out of me’’ Peter scoffed, staring at me, waiting to see my reaction.

‘’Yeah, a great time!’’ I sarcastically said. ‘’We should do that more often’’

‘’That’s what I thought!’’ He smiled at me, but his smile was hidding something more dark.

I glanced at him. He had a black eye and his bottom lip was cut and a drop of scarlet blood was slidding down his chin. A dark bruise disfigured his face, which makes me happy.

‘’Maybe you’re in the infirmary, but that doesn’t mean that I won’t hit you again’’ Eric’s low voice threatened Peter. I could swear that I saw him shivered. The initiate glanced at Eric with dead in his eyes but didn’t dare to open his mouth.

‘’Why did you bring me here?’’ I whispered with concerned at the dauntless leader so only him could heard.

‘’I’m started to think that it was a bad idea’’ He mumbled to himself, then looked at me and said : ‘’You need to sleep in a place where no one will disturbed you’’

‘’Well, no one would have disturbed me in your bed…’’ I suggested.

Eric didn’t seem to understand what I meant. He raised an eyebrow and his smirk was now bigger.

‘’Geez, seriously? I didn’t wanted to know about your sexual life!’’ Peter groaned and rolled his eyes.

‘’Your such a pervert! I meant sleeping in his bed, alone!’’ I shouted. No but seriously, would I make love to Eric after some creep mad guy tried to kiss and kill me? No.

‘’Yeah right. (Peter rolled his eyes, then sneered) You’re just a teased, (Y/N). I know that you wanted that kiss, maybe even more than me! Because you’re just a slu-’’

All around me was dark and I only could see Peter’s freaking face mocking me. When I saw him first in the infirmary, I thought he was in bad shape, but then, I realised that this fucking jerk should be allowed to talk for a long time. So,  I didn’t let him finished his sentence and jumped out of the bed, ran towards him and managed to hit his pretty little face as hard as I can. The anger kept boiled inside me. It seems like after each hit, my anger was even more murderer. Peter grabbed both of my wrists before I could disfigured him again. His gripped was so tight that I could feel bruises forming on my skin.

‘’What’s going on (Y/N)? (Peter laughed) You didn’t want me to say the truth in front of your boyfriend? Because you really are just a fucking slu-’’

Before he could say the word, I hit him with my head so hard that he passed out. Peter’s hands felt down on my thighs, but I didn’t even realised it. I was breathless, sweaty and confused. Eric softly wrapped his arms around my waist and dragged me to my temporary bed. My head fall down on my pillow, realising that I was exausted.

‘’Well, my brother wouldn’t be able to beat you’’

I laughed, remembering the first time I fought against Peter and Eric yelling at me.

‘’That’s a great compliment’’ I smiled, my gaze meeting his blue eyes.

He ran his fingers through my hair, sending shivers down my spine. Then, Eric lifted my chin with his forefinger and his thumb while bitting his bottom lip.

‘’I’m sorry for being a jerk’’ He appologised, his eyes looking into mine. I could tell that he was trying not to look at my lips, which made me smile.

‘’I accept your apology’’ I wrapped my arms around his neck, then ran my fingers through his hair. ‘’Now, kiss me’’ I demanded.

He approached his lips from mine. His breathe blew soflty into my neck. I slidded my fingers down, under his T-shirt, making contact with his burning skin. Then, without any warning, he crushed his lips against mine in a passionnated kiss. He placed his hand down my back and pressed his body against mine. I gasp from suprise and he took this opportunity to slid his tongue inside my mouth. He grabbed my butt and, at the same time, I sank my nails in his muscular back.

‘’Your nails…’’ He groaned.

‘’I’m sorry’’ I whispered, slightly laughing.

‘’Don’t be’’ He smirk against my lips.

Hope you liked it ♥ and if you want more Eric’s imagine, just send me a request because it was the last part of my Eric Teasing You imagine :) 


I have to share this with you, guys!

So I saw Veronica’s post in the moring on Twitter that she visited her family in Romania, where live a lot Hungarian people, and left a few singed Hungarian copy of Insurgent and Four in a local bookstore.
It’s really good to see this book in her hand. I think our publisher released about 2-3 thousands copies, I guess, so these books are real treasure.

I’m very happy to see a book from my little country was signed by my favorite writer.

Source of the pictures