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If you are considering making the switch from your current insurance provider to GEICO! read the following post. GEICO insurance is rated the number one property casualty insurance provider. GEICO is also rated third in the United States for customer satisfaction and ranks number one on the list of the most respected insurers. Consumers also gave this company a superior rating in 2007. However, the benefits of switching to GEICO don’t stop there.

i am going to fucking vore you

Creepypasta #1059: I Don’t Think I’m Allowed To Leave

Length: Long

I’ve been a penny pincher all my life. Never gambled, never splurged. I’m a real tightwad, to be honest with you. The type of guy that glares at a girl on a date with when she asks for dessert and I’m paying. As you can imagine, this hardly made me the most popular of guys, but it’s out of my control. It stopped being mere frugality and became a sort of neurosis.

I eat rice and beans every night, when I could afford steak. I drive a 1999 Pontiac, when I could be driving… well, I don’t really know anything about cars, but you get the drift.

Anyway, my end goal was always a house. I figured that with all the investments I’d made while living in my parent’s house rent free for years longer than was socially acceptable, I could cover insurance, property taxes, all that nonsense, buy a cheap house outright, and retire young. To me, “young” usually meant 50. Against my wishes, but at my father’s demand, at 29 I finally moved into a cheap one-room apartment.

I was shocked, then when at age 30, the opportunity arose. I was surfing Zillow one night, just poking around out of boredom. I turned the settings to only show me houses under $150,000, and was thus surprised when the house I clicked on still popped up for only fifty thousand.

20 acres. Wooded. Three bathrooms, four bedrooms. I scoffed. Things like this happened sometimes, programming errors. This was easily an 800-900,000 dollar house, more than likely over a million. Still, curious and bored, I clicked on the listing

The house was beautiful, and older looking estate built of heavy, grey stone, combined with large logs that gave it a sort of hunting lodge appearance. I double-checked the price: yup, still fifty grand. “Fifty grand my ass,” I thought, but still I checked out the contact info.

The realtor was listed as a Clarence Helms, and a phone number was given. No address was listed. Again, odd, but it clearly popped up on the map at the center of a pretty rural area. I had thought that land was national park property, honestly, but what do I know?

Still thinking this was all some joke, but desperately looking for something to do, I gave the number a call. It picked up after one ring, as if somebody had been waiting.

“Hello?” I asked, yawning.


“Hello?” I repeated.


“Is somebody there?”

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Hello! I'm not sure what category this falls under, but what kind of insurance rate increases and housing price/property value decreases could you expect to see in an area with regular or increasing superhero/villain/fighting occurances? Especially fighting where property damage is the norm.

SUPERHEROES ARE MY JAM! You’ve come to the right place, my friend.

You’re definitely going to get both insurance rate increases and property value decreases if supers are trashing the area on a regular basis. If your house gets knocked down every other year, your insurance company isn’t going to keep charging you a nice low rate, because they hate forking out to rebuild your house. They need to cover the cost of continuously rebuilding your house, which means charging your characters a lot more money. They might even refuse to provide insurance at all if they deem the area too high risk: after flooding in England some families couldn’t get house insurance for love nor money, just because of where their houses were situated. Likewise, if the Joker is running around torturing kids every third weekend, you aren’t going to want to buy a house there for your young family, are you? A lack of demand will drive house prices down until property values (could) hit close to the value of the bricks and mortar, and nothing else.

Unfortunately, the exact numbers are impossible for me to quantify, because everything comes down to a matter of extremes. You have villains running around that aren’t particularly harmful to the general populace, like Catwoman? House prices won’t be so badly affected, though your contents insurance might hit as yet unseen heights. But Juggernaut busting down walls every third month? That’s gonna have a much bigger effect on property prices and insurance rates.

In summary, the extent of these problems is entirely up to you. Are your villains pretty cuddly, or brutal mass murderers? And what about your heroes? Do they care about property damage? Do they even care about keeping your civilians alive?

Im doing a bunch of adulty things today

Seattle May Day Riots

Read this and just think about it for a second

Every year, Seattle hosts the only scheduled riot in America.

Every year, the people of Seattle, Anarchist groups from all over the country, BLM members and anyone who just wants to destroy something, can come to Seattle on May 1st and destroy businesses, set fires, assault and kill citizens and throw Molotov cocktails at cops. Free of charge, both monetary and legal.

Every year, the police department is told to stand down and allow this riot to take place. They are only to intervene if they see someone’s life in danger. This doesn’t mean simple assaults, or the cops themselves getting hit with bricks and Molotov cocktails. It means the cops literally have to see someone being killed, to intervene. Tough to see at the perimeter.

Every year, millions of dollars in damage to public and private property is passed on to the tax payer and insurance companies of these properties. This means, not only are these UNconstitutional riots allowed and promoted, but they are also funded.

THIS YEAR, Kshama Sawant, an openly socialist and Leftist extremist city council member for Seattle, in regards to this years May Day, stated “If we want to build a resistance to Trump and the Billionaire Class, we need mass peaceful civil disobedience that shuts down highways, airports and other key infrastructure” and we all know what she means by “peaceful disobedience” in the midst of a scheduled riot…
Sawant also agreed, last year, during a council meeting, that the new police station being built in Seattle is “literally an act of war against minorities” and that the new police station “is actually a bunker for white supremacists”…. Also, while virtually touring the new station, her staffer asked a police officer “so this is where you’ll change your clothes when you go out to kill black and brown people?” Ya…..

THIS YEAR, Schools in the area are being shut down because “the city cannot guarantee the safety of the children” LET THAT SINK IN…… The riots are not only being allowed, funded, promoted and directed, but the police are also given orders to stand down.. and the city cancels SCHOOL FOR CHILDREN, because they “CANNOT guarantee the safety of the children”… Sorry Seattle, but you misspoke.. what you meant to say is “”“We WILL NOT guarantee the SAFETY and EDUCATION of YOUR CHILDREN, because pushing extreme Leftism, fascism and hate, is far more important than the SAFETY AND EDUCATION OF YOUR CHILDREN”“”… Absolutely disgusting..

THIS YEAR, will be far worse than any other May Day in Seattle. We now have Soros funded protester and hate groups like BLM and Antifa. Anarchists willing to travel any distance to riot, along with every nut job Leftist anit Trumper in Washington. Sprinkle on all the gang bangers that come over the hill to “party” and there you go.. Seattle lets them know there will be no consequences and you’ve got yourself a ticking time bomb. Not to mention, it’s just a matter of time before an Islamic extremist drives a box van through them or blows himself up…. This is the environment they support and perpetuate.

Seattle is lost. It’s gone. Seattle is destroying itself day by day and instead of correcting the course, they double down. They have deteriorated to the point, that they’ve invited anyone willing to come and burn the city to the ground, assault or kill their citizens, destroy businesses, block freeways and Airports and injure or murder members of its own police force…. This is the face of hive mind, socialism, Leftism, Social justice and fascism, all bottled up, lit and thrown down the Street of Seattle.

My hat is off and my prayers are with any pro freedom fighter heading down to Seattle to face these TRUE fascists. Fighting for Free Speech, Religion, Conservatism and standing up to Anarchy and Fascism is a truly just venture. However I’d advise against doing it at this time and at this venue, unless you have an overwhelming number of people walking with you… This May Day will be the most destructive and largest one yet, so please be safe, God Bless.

A few tidbits from Dragon*Con:

– Doc was writing some while he was at Con. He gave us a minor “spoiler” and said shortly before the Quiet Time panel he had been writing something to do with Lady Au Pair.

– The season 6 commentary will apparently include Doc admitting a horribly dark secret from his past, and he wouldn’t say more about what it was for the time being.

– When asked if it bothered him– “Nothing bothers me,” he interjected– when people called Dr. Girlfriend “Sheila”, he answered “..That one does bother me” and compared it to people calling him Eric (which apparently even his mom doesn’t do anymore). He prefers to think of Dr. Girlfriend as her default name. (While he wasn’t mentioned, I feel like it’s pretty safe to assume the same goes for the Monarch and being called “Malcolm”– if not moreso, given he doesn’t even call himself by his given name, where she at least does that.) The bad news is I’m really lazy and don’t want to write out Dr. Girlfriend all the time but I guess I’m alternating between that and Dr. Mrs. from now on, outside of select situations. Wehhh.

—– He is apparently also bothered by people calling Dr. Venture “Rusty”, but a lot more people in-universe do that including Rusty himself in public settings, and it’s kind of not the fandom’s fault that when you just talk about “Doc” without really clear context, everyone has to stop and go “…wait, Venture or Hammer?” so… xD; I’ll… make an effort to say Rusty a little less but… Clarity.

– Doc says that Orpheus is the sort of guy who would have had his property heavily insured, so he’s probably not hurting financially or living-situation-wise right now. ALSO, he promises that they’ll figure out a way to get Orpheus to New York eventually.

– Apparently, the biggest reason that Tatiana hasn’t had any lines yet is because they can’t decide who to cast as her voice, and they want to make sure if/when they eventually do it that it’s something they’ll be happy with that will stick. They don’t want to write her one line off-hand and just toss the part to whoever’s available and then run into a thing down the road where they need to use her and the previous VA is no longer available or that voice no longer suits the ideas they’ve gotten for building the character, etc, so they’re holding back on using her until/unless they have a pretty clear vision of what to do with her.

Having watched the Tom Hanks film Sully, about the miracle on the hudson and post the incident where they had to investigate his actions to determine what happened

It just reminded me more and more how ridiculous people’s arguments are about how Avengers don’t need accountability simply because they are superheroes and saved people

That’s not how life works though

Even Sully, having saved all the people aboard his plane, even he had to still answer to an investigative board about what happened, even he had to held accountable, even he had to answer to someone

We do not nor should we live in a world where just because you saved someone that you’re automatically off the hook from answering about how an incident came about and someone to look over your actions

Yes the Avengers saved lives, that’s all well and good, but who answers for the buildings destroyed and lives lost while they were playing heroes? Who pays for funeral expenses? Therapy sessions? Grief counseling? Insurances? Property damages?

Zemo had to spend two days digging his loved ones out on his own, the Avengers came to save the day and then left, they didn’t do anything to help the aftermath, where were they?

The reality is this, you cannot go around effecting people’s lives and cause untold amount of property and psychological damage and not be answerable to someone or some group who can represent interests of citizens everywhere, to think you could simply get away with doing whatever you want by your own code of conduct is a childish, insular, and naive view

However broken our real world can be, we all are answerable and held accountable in what we do, cops who fire their weapons are always questioned by IA, governments still have to answer to the people, employees answer to their bosses, soldiers answer to their superiors - at the end of the day, we all answer to a larger entity that isn’t just ourselves, and often it can become being answerable to the public itself.

For Steve to simply think because he knows best, because he doesn’t trust governments, that he should just answer to no one but himself is such a dangerous thing - a benevolent dictatorship is still a dictatorship

You can’t claim to be part of a world, a protector of a world, if you don’t even listen to the concerns the world is asking you to see. 117 countries on this planet are concerned, and they had every reason to be, a super powered private group operating on an international scale without any control? It is a ridiculous notion for safe guards and monitoring measures to not be suggested.

Trust goes both ways, you can’t ask a world to keep trust you if you won’t trust it back.

Being a hero doesn’t equate to not having to be answerable to anyone except your conscience. If so, we wouldn’t have laws.

The truth! Let’s make this viral #LouisianaStrong

A FB friend wrote this. I’m just forwarding it:

Dear CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, ABC News, CBS News, Good Morning America, the Today Show and whatever other news organizations professing to employ people who refer to themselves as Journalists:

cc: all Facebook Friends (as promised)

FYI There is a flood in Louisiana.

You’ve met us before. You came and camped out over here during a very painful period in our existence about a month ago. You went into a neighborhood you’ve never been in, in a state it’s quite possible that you’ve never visited (despite that you are “very well-travelled”). Although, I realize you are sophisticated, and accepting of “other” cultures, you managed to pass judgment on an entire community in your own country, who were mourning and struggling to figure out – what the hell just happened – and where do we go from here – all of us (well most of us) – in good faith. You didn’t offer help, you didn’t offer support, you offered criticism – and then you left.
Oh you came back, a few weeks later, a lunatic, who also had never been here, showed up and murdered three of our finest citizens. In broad daylight. In the middle of town. You came back. With more criticism. More speculation. More side taking. When in the community I live, we were basically all on the same side. We’re all in this together. I hate to pull a hashtag, but seriously ‪#‎unBRoken‬.

Not one person I watched on the national news during the weeks following Alton Sterling’s death, or the murder of three police officers gave my friends, my family, my neighbors – any credit or the benefit of the doubt. Nope. The entire news media looked for someone to blame. Depending on what network you watched the target of blame was Sterling himself, the cops, the South, the guns, the whatever. Not one person I watched on the national news assumed that the whole city was by and large, and in good faith, just trying to wrap our brains around what happened, and trying to make our city whole again.
I think you people are stone cold silent about this flood, because really, there’s no agenda to push. There’s no side to take. There’s nobody to blame. So even though you don’t seem in the least bit curious, here’s what’s been happening around here since you left.

First – as previously stated. There was a Noah’s Ark Level Flood. It affected all of us. Black, white, dog, cat, man, woman, child, transsexual.
While it was still raining, a spontaneous, private, and well-meaning navy of ordinary people assembled themselves. They were black, white, asian and otherwise. They weren’t protesting anything. They got into their own boats, spent their own money, spent their own time, risked their own lives. Black people saved white people. White people saved black people. Nobody asked what color you were before knocking on your door. These are not first responders on some list somewhere. These are a bunch of guys who like to hunt and fish and as a result own flat bottom boats and they assumed that the actual police and other first responders, not to mention their fellow citizens – could use a little help. So they just showed up. Nobody told them to. They wanted to.

Meanwhile, across town, a spontaneous, private and well-meaning army of ordinary people assembled themselves in a 7 warehouse, un-airconditioned sound stage. (And FYI, it’s REALLY hot in August in Louisiana). They found some fans. And they had plenty of room. They gathered canned goods, bottled water, Gatorade, Neosporin, BandAids, Toothbrushes, deodorant, hairspray, sleeping bags, chairs and pillows. They set up kitchens with their tailgating party supplies. Nobody told them to. They just did it. Why? All because people who just lost everything about a half hour ago, got plucked off of their rooftops in helicopters and this army knew that they needed somewhere to go, and something to eat. Pretty much instinctively.

Meanwhile, across town, people who usually lived as one family unit in well-kept homes slept on air mattresses in friends homes watching flood waters threaten every memory, every belonging, every photograph, everything they spent their whole lives building, every spot their child took their first step become over-run with ruin, knowing it would be months, if not years before they clean up the mess. People who lost homes in Katrina, went through the same thing again. People who don’t own much to speak of, have nowhere to return to. All of these people woke up in a place where they have nowhere to send their kids to school. Indefinitely. All of these people I’ve seen, are sad, they are tired – but they are resilient – they are smiling.

We have not even begun to count our dead, much less bury them, and we’re still in mourning over the events from last months. For the love of goodness the least you could do is offer us a little encouragement.
I suppose a bunch of self-sufficient folks that actually love one another, and are trying to figure things out isn’t as interesting to you as casting gross stereotypes over people who live fly-over country. But we are a little bit baffled after all that unwanted attention we got a few weeks back, when we actually need you to get the word out, you are nowhere to be found.

As much as it pains me to ask, we need you to shine a light on this. There are people here who need help. Let’s take a time out from monitoring Donald Trump’s Twitter Feed and deal with this one. We need attention because we cannot rebuild our infrastructure, our schools, our homes, our businesses without the money that the attention will bring. So here is what we need you to explain to people that don’t live in Louisiana:

1) This water damage was caused by rain. Not a tidal surge. There’s a difference. I don’t have lots of time to explain, it – but the main difference is, that this is such a bad ass amount of rain that it only happens every 1000 years. Yes. One thousand years.

2) As a result of how infrequently this happens (yes every 1000 years) Nobody knew this was coming. We thought it would rain. We did not realize we would get almost three feet of rain in some places. 14 trillion gallons water is now trying to drain out of rivers, and bayous and ditches that are stretched beyond capacity. Think about that. Where’s all the water gonna go? Hell I don’t really know, but I can tell you this on its trip to the Gulf of Mexico (which is incidentally where a lot of your rainwater goes) – it’s gonna travel over places it hasn’t been for one-thousand-years. Sometimes that’s the first floor of your house. Sometimes – it’s the only floor of your house. Sometimes its your entire business. That supports you, and supports others. Either way, you have no place to inhabit for months because you can’t live in a house that’s been covered in water or sell your wares out of a store that nobody can get to.

3) This flood affected people from every walk of life. It did not discriminate between the good side of town, or the bad side of town. It was an equal opportunity offender. It just tried to ruin half a state. Despite what you may think, we’re fairly united against this slithering, slimy common enemy. We have only just begun to figure out how to dig our way out. Maybe you can help us figure it out. At this point, we’re open to suggestions, or at least some assistance in ripping out wet sheetrock.

4) You can buy maximum value flood insurance, and it will not – repeat not – cover the cost of the average price of a home in East Baton Rouge Parish. Plus, notably, flood insurance must be purchased separately from regular homeowners/property insurance. Most Homeowners insurance policies will cover you if you suffer any other form of natural disaster – by that I mean earthquakes, tornadoes and wildfires. But for some reason, not floods. Nope. That is limited. There are maps that insurance companies have where they think it could possibly flood. There are uninsured houses right now, that are in a place that some beancounter in an insurance company did not think it would flood. Maybe someone could check out what the hell is going on with flood insurance. We certainly talk a lot about health insurance.

5) There’s stuff we have that cannot be replaced.

6) Al Sharpton, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, President Obama, Kim Kardasian, and others - are nowhere to be found. (Although props to Taylor Swift for the cool million she sent us).

This education is sorely needed because the few, and I mean very few, articles I have been able to locate on the national news have said nothing about the above 6 points. But the best part? The comments. They clarify how uneducated the rest of the United States is about Louisiana (while usually, and ironically calling the people in Louisiana uneducated). In addition to the fact that “environmentalists” who love the Earth do not realize that Baton Rouge is NOT on the coast or below sea level (my favorite irony), these people think we are cultural Neanderthals. They don’t realize that we have our own music, food, language and culture. It’s a gift, and we are grateful and proud of it. It’s your fault you won’t take the time to understand it – not mine.

However, the recurring criticism and/or question from these “commentators” is why don’t these people just move? I have two responses to you.
The First, by way of example: Remember the Tsunami that happened in Thailand? A bunch of people on expensive vacations got mowed down by an unpredictable, unforeseeable weather event. Not once did I hear anyone ask: why would you go on vacation where there could be a Tsunami? Nope. All the people I know were too busy praying novenas and donating money to go to some country they may never see to stop and ask such a thing.

The more significant reason we don’t move away is because this is the kind of place that prays novenas and sends money to places we’ve never been in the hope of sending help and comfort to people we have never met. We are the kind of people that assemble a volunteer army, and a volunteer navy whose sole mission is to spread love, support and a hot meal to our neighbors and community. We’re dropped off in a shelter with a couple thousand of our new friends, and honestly still find a way to laugh together. The Cajun Uber joke on Facebook is priceless. That’s it. Our joie de vie is in our DNA, and it grows out of this soil, and it is contagious. But only in this place. On this little part of muddy earth. We know all our cousins. We live a block from our grandparents. Plus the food is really, really good.

Come hell or high water, we’re not going anywhere. You’re welcome to visit anytime. We promise, no matter what, we will love you anyway, we will always send rescue, and we will always find a way to make you smile. And after all that we will, most definitely, feed you.

The State of Louisiana


I am sorry I destroyed your zen garden. And you may call me Kory again.

I love Kory.

One of the best things about comics is when they address practical concerns. Like.. where do they all get their costumes from? What about property damage.. oh, there’s special super hero property insurance premiums? Who do superheroes see when they’re having a hard time? Well, if you’re Superman or Starfire or Dick Grayson trying to convince your little brother he needs help, you seek out Dr. Claire Foster in Metropolis. 

“Hello, I am traveling insurance seller, and we have a stellar offer to you! Do you see that large iceberg at the port? It was brought here several days ago by our brave sailors from cold faraway seas. And there is something inside it. Something we call The Thing In The Ice. Today, I am here to insure your property, health, and loved ones against any damage caused by The Thing In The Ice. We do not know what The Thing In The Ice is. But it’s big. And can probably gobble up a human person just as well as any other monstrosity of that size could do. The Thing In The Ice could destroy our town as we know it! But if you buy these insurances, I promise you that your life will be set back on track as soon as possible if The Thing In The Ice would ever be awakened and do harm to you, your loved ones, your house, the things that own you, or your business. Buy Insurance for The Thing In The Ice now, or face the consequences… Without our extremely good insurance!”

Flare 13

This part is kind of short, but in positive news, Myka and HG eat food together. There is also an extended math metaphor, so: one for my nerds! Speaking of math, a short numerical sidebar: I never know how to feel about the number 13 anymore. I used to have that tiny “it’s unlucky” feeling about it, but then the show came along and it was all special, but then the show became a horrible exercise in “how bad can it get? that bad, really?” and I started having negative thoughts about the number again. Even on, like, the 13th rep of a set at the gym. Is that weird? </sidebar> Meanwhile: amatterofcomplication’s masterpost, part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8, part 9, part 10, part 11, and part 12.

Flare 13

The morning after the fire, Myka is at the firehouse, dealing with things. She wants to call Pete, but that feels dangerous; she wants to talk to the Chief, but she isn’t in her office, and no one seems to know where she’s gone. So instead, she calls her insurance company, like a normal person would. After several calls back and forth, the reasonably nice woman who’s been assigned to her case informs her that she needs to meet an insurance adjustor in the afternoon, at the place where her house used to be.

She doesn’t want to go. She doesn’t want to see the place where her house used to be, not ever again.

“Do you want company?” Amanda asks. “I’ll get somebody to cover for me. Or I’ll find Pete and make him go with you.”

Myka says, “I think it’s probably best if Pete stays as far away from me as possible, where this fire’s concerned.”

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