insulti italiani


Italian swear words: a compilation

  • Shit : merda
  • Whore/slut : puttana ,zoccola , mignotta , 
  • Asshole/dickhead : coglione, testa di cazzo , stronzo
  • Fuck: cazzo, porca troia (it would literally be translated in holy whore but the meaning is fuck) 
  • Go fuck yourself, fuck you :ma vatti a farti fottere, vaffanculo
  • to answer an insult : mamete (your mother) , sorete (your sister).
  • cornuto (someone who is cheated on)

Bonus here some local languages swearing,

  • me pass p’o cazz : (I don’t give a fuck)
  • mortacci tuoi: (usually as an answer to an insult)
  • camurria, minchia (they basically mean fuck)
  • cacat ,scassat o cazz (you’re very annoying)
  • chitammuort (to those that are dead, you’re basically insulting somebody ancestors)
  • Trimone, pingone (very stupid person)
  • mocca a la bocchina de mamet ( your mother does blowjobs for a living)
  • iat a pummaruoli (go away= literally translated it would be go to harvest tomatoes)
  • te fac nu culo accussi (I’m gonna beat you = literally it would be I’m gonna waste your ass)