Hamilton High School Sports AU

-Alexander is a volley ball and track person.
-it helps him take out aggression by hitting the ball smack down onto the other team’s floor.
-running helps him push himself which he loves .
-John Laurens is a swimmer and baseball player.
-amazing at batting, not so good in the field.
-Lafayette is a cheerleader (for Hercules only).
-he’s so freaking cheerful all the time Jesus Christ the other cheerleaders are angry at how peppy he is.
-he smiles during arguements with the others and laughs when the other cheer teams insult him.
-Hercules walks up like “you talking bullcrap about my cheetleader?”
-they back off immediately.
-Thomas Jefferson is in track and basketball.
-Hamilton and Jefferson run against each other and then get super hot and sweaty afterwards.
-they fight over the court because practice times get mixed up.
-Alex spikes the ball at Thomas.
-Thomas chucks the basketball at them when they’ve been going back and forth with no mistakes.
-or he puts the volley ball somewhere really high up.
-Hercules is in field events and football
-eliza is a volley ball gal and damn she is so good at saving the ball from hitting the floor.
-her and hammy exchange tips and practice together on weekends.
-Thomas gets jealous and tries to learn how to play once.
-he got caught by Alex and was made fun of it for the rest of eternity.
-Angelica would SO be a basketball player like damn.
-she would school all the boys including Thomas.
-Aaron Burr does track but he never does sprinting because he prefers to pace himself and is always slow and it pisses Alexander off SO. F#CKING. MUCH.
-George Washingmachine is the ref for almost everything. Super fair and nice as well.
-King George is the other ref and is a huge d!ck. Super unfair. Nobody likes him.
-Lafayette wanted to do almost all the sports but Washingmachine had to tell him to tone it down because he was just such a cinnamon roll and didn’t realize he would break down from stress and exhaustion.
-James dabbles in some field events but mostly doesn’t do a lot because of his asthma.
-An amazing tutor for people that want to do sports and excersize tho.
- “Just breath and relax.”
- holds a yoga class outside of school. Aaron, Eliza, and Thomas all attend.
-Maria is the best and most beautiful softball player this world has ever seen and damn right she dabbles in hockey and swimming.
-she and John talk about swimming techniques all the time.
-she also teaches Lafayette how to play hockey without falling or looking like a doof.
-Hercules secretly watches and giggles when his bf makes a shot in and cheers about it for the next 2 minutes.
-Hamilton gets excited after his school wins the track regionals or something
-he kisses Thomas like a lot and then quickly runs away but Thomas catches up
- “we should win more often, I could use more of that hamilton~”
- they all go to the gym together or get ice cream together and talk about cheat days, Washingmachine and how nice he is, King George and how much of an @ss he is, and Charles Lee who is a stubborn piece of crap.

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Post Craig’s Good Ending. Smashley accepts an invite to a cul-de-sac get together, eager to finally meet the person who’s taken her vacated spot in Craig’s heart. Craig x Dadsona ft. Hugo x Damien. ~2k.

A/N: The mildest of spoilers for Craig’s route. Entirely inspired by @mythicalmodernity‘s theories about college!Craig-MC-Ashley.

D/N = Dadsona’s Name

Joseph’s yard was already bustling by the time Ashley pulled up at the end of the drive. As soon as she climbed out of the car Briar and Hazel came bounding up to her; each was gabbling over the other as they jumped into her arms and she tried not to drop them.

“Woah woah, girls! Come on, you know I’m not your father, I can’t bench press you both.”

They let go, and she knelt down to pull them into a bear hug. It had barely been two weeks since she’d seen them last, but they were still in that stage where they were growing almost before her eyes.

“Now girls, mom’s had a long drive and needs to take advantage of Mr. Christansen’s excellent grillmanship, but after that you gotta catch me up on all the gossip, yeah?”

“Ernest’s dad and Lucien’s dad have been going on dates!” Hazel burst out. Clearly she’d been waiting a long time to break that news to someone new.

Briar hit her sister on the arm, “Shhh, we’re not supposed to know about that!”

“But they’re so obvious about it!” Hazel said indignantly. Ashley scanned the crowd and spotted Hugo and Damien by the food table. They were, indeed, cosied up rather more intimately than she was used to seeing from them.

She grinned and ruffled Hazel’s hair, “If they tell me I’ll act surprised. Maybe you should too, huh? Now where’s your dad and your sister? I should say hi before I dive into the snacks.”

Briar pointed over the opposite side of the yard where Craig was deep in conversation with another man. They were laughing about something, but even from a distance Ashley could see something in Craig’s smile that went deeper than some funny joke.

She pulled her girls in close, “So is that him? Your dad’s new friend?”

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Got7 React to: You trying to insult them


Anon requested: Got7 reacting to you trying to insult them but they find it cute and funny rather than offensive please. i love your blog so much lol much love

Here is your G7 reaction, I hope it’s just as amazing as you hoped for! I’m back from my short hiatus, my older brother recently left for the army, so we were in the midst of preparing to say goodbye and such. I’ve added Monsta X and Got7 to the mix, as you already know. A lot of these requests are old as this was for all kpop groups before I changed my rules. However, I’m now taking new requests as well, it just may be a while before I get to yours. I love you and I hope you aren’t disappointed in me or these reactions. I do really try my best. Feel free to request again. Thank you for your love and support, I appreciate it so much! All of my love goes back to you ~  A 

Jinyoung: He would stare at you for a few minutes, trying to contain his laughter as your ‘insult’ was hilarious and he didn’t know if you were being serious or trying to make him laugh.

“I love you babo.” 

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Jaebum: Giggles at you and gives you a quick kiss before noticing the annoyed look on your face.

“Sorry, am I supposed to be hurt? Oh jagiyah! How dare you say such mean words to me?!” Tries not to laugh as he pretends to be hurt. 

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Yugyeom: “Aww, I love you too.” 

Would just giggle at you trying to be mean to him then would kiss your pouty lips.

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Youngjae: “Excuse me a moment.” 

He would walk into a different room before dying of laughter and sharing with the other guys that you’d tried to insult him but you just looked like an angry teddy bear. 

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Bambam: “Baby, tell me one I haven’t heard yet. I know I look like a flamingo.” 

Would totally mess up the pronunciation of ‘flamingo’ but would just giggle at your attempt to hurt his feelings by making fun of his legs. Would then apologize because he realized he’d hurt your feelings and you were just trying to get payback. 

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Those godt damn contacts 

Mark: “Yah! That would only hurt my feelings if you were intimidating. But you aren’t so it didn’t!” 

He would tickle you until you apologized for trying to be mean to him. 

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He would be trying to figure out what the hell you were even trying to say because you’re really not that great at speaking Chinese so your insult kinda backfired. 

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Same J, SAME. 

Clones bragging about their amazing S/O's (you !)


+He’s really subtle about it.
-like he sneaks it into conversations.
- “if (y/n) was here, I bet she could help.”

+He thinks it’s funny when people use you to insult him.
-”I bet you fight like your girlfriend.” “As someone who has sparred with my girlfriend, I will take that as a compliment.”

+As a prank, his brothers painted you in a pinup style on a gunship.
-Rex wasn’t even mad, he just asked them to paint some more clothes on.
- “This is good. It’s just that (y/n)’s so much prettier.”

+Now if anyone asks about you, he’s not subtle at all. He could go on for days.


+People don’t even have to ask him and he’ll just start talking about you.
-”*insert a 20 minute rant about how amazing you are.*” ~ Fives
- “That’s nice, but what even brought that on?” “That flower is her favorite color.”

+If given the chance, he doesn’t shut up about you.
-if you send him a new picture, the entire 501st will have seen it with in 20 minutes of him receiving it.
-When Tup doesn’t have anything to draw (one of my headcanons), he asks Fives for picture refs bc he know Fives has three million photos of you.

+It doesn’t matter if you can’t throw a punch, he still thinks you’re a badass.
-”Look at her go !!!” “Fives, you’re showing me a video of your girlfriend doing a crossword.”


+He’s kind of the same way as Rex, but a little more aggressive about it.
-*hears someone talking about somebody pretty* *casually walks by and ‘accidentally’ drops a photo of you* “Oops, sorry boys, have you by any chance ever seen my gorgeous girlfriend, (Y/N)?”
-Has definitely gotten into those competitions that guys have on who’s girlfriend is prettier.

+he can call you sexy. Anyone else who does it gets the The Wolffe Glare™.

+He uses you to intimidate the shinies.
-”My girlfriend has better aim!”
-”(Y/N) can punch three times harder than that, and she’s half your size!”

+But like he loves watching you actually fight / teaching you to fight.
-he brags about how good you are all the time.
-”they wouldn’t stand a chance against (Y/N)!” “Wolffe, that’s a commando droid and (Y/N) is an accountant.” “She’s a badass accountant.”

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I want you to love me

Phillipa Soo x Reader

Summary: Pippa dumps her boyfriend for being mean to reader

Word count: 1053

Warnings: None  (?)


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You turned to look at your friend. She was kissing him. You felt the already familiar pain in your heart. You couldn’t understand how someone so gentle, caring and pure could be with a scump like him. He was the opposite of her. Yeah, he may be part of a famous TV show, but he was rude with everyone he talked to. You looked away to the street from the window of the restaurant so you wouldn’t be more jealous that you were already. You would give everything for some of her love, some of her affection.

“I’m going to bathroom for a moment.” You looked at Pippa and nodded. She smiled at you and couldn’t help smiling back. You watched her go, completely inmerse in her movements. She smiled at some guy, before asking for directions. She was so sweet, so beautiful. You felt your heart light up a bit.

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Play (Reader x Bahamut)

A/N: Yes. You read correctly. If Gentiana has a human form, fucking everyone else can do it too. Fucking fight meeeeee. Don’t judge, I promise what’s inside is as wholesome as can be.


It was a nice enough day to have the tables set up outside the cafe. 

It seemed like a lot of people had the same idea to have brunch with a friend or family member or even by themselves to enjoy the sun and warm breeze. It made you smile, seeing people enjoying such a leisurely activity. Sure working at a cafe wasn’t the most glamourous job in the world, but you met so many people and sometimes it felt like you made a difference in their day just by offering a smile and great cup of tea or coffee.

However something different was in store for you this time.

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Old Habits - Chapter 1

This is a long first chapter, but I needed to add in all the background info and whatnot. This is not the first fanfic I’ve written, but it is the first I’ve published so please be gentle with me :)


 You stood with the boys at the old farmhouse, dressed in a black business suit that accentuated your bust and thighs. You had told them that, “Angels don’t dress up!” but yet here you were. You fidgeted as they asked questions regarding the recent spate of animal attacks in the area and Dean shot you a look. You hadn’t even wanted to come on this stupid hunt, but they had made you. Cas was still recovering from being Lucifer’s vessel and Lucifer himself, once again in Nick’s body (newly fortified with an old spell from Rowena to be able to contain him), was residing in the bunker as well. Supposedly he was flipping over a new leaf or something, but you didn’t believe him. You didn’t believe a word out of his mouth. Not anymore.

                You and Lucifer had been best friends, and lovers, for billions of years before humans had been created. You had fought Amara side by side and back to back. You were the fifth archangel, the one not written about because of your gender (stupid men). You were Azrael and you had been among the first that Lucifer betrayed when he refused to bow. Still you tried to plead with Michael for forgiveness on Lucifer’s behalf, but he hadn’t listened. So you had to watch as Lucifer fell, his screams echoing through your head. You thought that would be the end of things and you had snuck out of Heaven to go visit him a few times. But he turned you away every time. Told you that he couldn’t stand the sight of your face. That he hated you. That you represented everything wrong with Heaven. That you were no better than the lowly mud monkeys. That if he ever saw you again, he would carve your grace into tiny pieces. So you stopped going to see him and that was when the real trouble started. Lucifer finally took a human and twisted her into something the humans would later call a demon. The sentence on Lucifer’s head was death, but once again you went to Michael and pleaded for him. And this time Michael listened. Instead of being killed, Lucifer was imprisoned. And the payment Michael demanded of you was your wings.

The fall to Earth had been hellish and the pain from your wings burning as you fell was horrific. But Lucifer was alive and you had hope that he could be redeemed. You went to visit him in the Cage, but he blamed you for his imprisonment. He would not speak to you when you saw him. At your last visit you explained why you would not be seeing him anymore. But you had also said that if he said just one word, you would stay. You would come back every day until he was free so he did not have to be alone. But he had remained silent.

And so you had not seen Lucifer in a couple billion years. You eventually regained your wings but stayed on Earth. And thus you knew when Amara had been released again. You followed the whisper of rumors until you found the Winchesters. And they led you straight back to Lucifer.

                It was a shock, running upon him like that. He had been the last thing you expected to find with the Winchesters and the fact that he was in Castiel’s body was even more shocking. After all, you had been intimate with Cas more than once in the recent past. Lucifer tried to talk to you a couple times, but the hurt and pain that you had buried millennia ago had come rising to the surface and you ignored him if only to keep from strangling him. He was persistent and seemed remorseful though and you slowly found yourself giving him longer and longer answers to his questions. Your tone was always biting though and you tossed insults at him like grenades. You were trying so hard to keep from getting close to him again, but you could feel your walls beginning to crumble. And you didn’t want that to happen. So after this job, you resolved to go out to a bar and get so flipping drunk that you couldn’t even remember the reason why you were drinking. And that meant a lot of booze.

                The job was over quickly and soon you were all back at the bunker. You decided to get a head start so you didn’t drink the bar out of booze. Because that wouldn’t be suspicious at all. You went to three different liquor stores and bought 20 bottles of rum, your favorite drink. Then you went back to the bunker, threw on some Florida Georgia Line and got to it. Cas found you in the kitchen as you were on your fourth bottle, singing along at the top of your lungs to “Cruise”. You grabbed his hand, dragged him into the room, and gave him a full bottle of rum. The Winchesters found the both of you dancing and singing to “This is How We Roll” on your sixteenth bottle, and Lucifer finally strolled in as the four of you polished off the twentieth bottle.

                Dean was absolutely drunk and when he got drunk he tended to be very touchy-feely with you, which you did not mind. He was one of the hottest humans you had ever seen. You didn’t discriminate between human and angel, and things with Dean would have progressed farther had you not been involved with Cas. True, you two weren’t together and you had slept with the angel over a hundred years ago, but a hundred years is like a day in angel time and you didn’t want to cause waves. But Dean didn’t know that you two had been together, so he was all over you when the drinks started flowing. Cas usually stayed away when this happened, but tonight he didn’t seem to care that Dean had his arm around you and his hand was inching slowly downwards. Apparently Lucifer did though. He grabbed Dean’s hand and flung the man’s arm off of you, all the while staring at him with his cool, blue eyes.

                “Don’t touch her like that.” He said in a low steady voice.

                Dean raised his hands in front of him. “Easy dude.”

                You rose from the table you had been seated at, quite unsteadily, and faced Lucifer full on. “I don’t need you to come to my rescue.”      His gaze shifted from Dean to you, but he stayed silent. “If I want Dean to touch me, he can touch me.” You took a step forward to get right into Lucifer’s face. “If I want anyone to touch, they can. I’m not with you. I’m not with anyone! Now,” You spun back to the boys and Cas, who were still seated, and threw your hands into the air and grinned. “Who wants to go to the bar?!?”

                Lucifer drove. He was the only one sober enough to. You sat in the front seat beside him as the three others crammed into the back seat. They had actually fought for the back seat, claiming that you knew Lucifer better and therefore you had to sit up there with him. You barely argued. As long as you got to the bar, you didn’t care. Lucifer had insisted on coming with you guys though you didn’t want him there at all. You figured you would just ignore him at the bar and have a good time.

                “Hey,” Dean slurred from the back seat. “How are we getting home?”

                “I will drive you.” Lucifer said.

                “Aren’t you gunna drink?”

                You snorted. “Lucifer doesn’t drink.”

                “What? Why not?” Dean demanded.

                You turned in your seat to face backwards, leaning back against the dashboard, and smirked at Dean. “Because it’s a dirty, disgusting human habit. Didn’t you know?” You looked at Lucifer. He was staring straight ahead at the road with his teeth clenched and his knuckles white on the steering wheel. “And Lucifer would die before doing anything even slightly human. He’s too good for that.” You took a huge swig from the rum bottle you had smuggled into the car. Lucifer didn’t respond, but his hands tightened on the wheel.

                He parked in front of the local town bar and you all got out. You leaned against the car and watched as Cas, Dean, and Sam made their way towards the bar. Sam and Cas had linked arms and were skipping while Dean trailed behind, roaring with laughter. You smiled at them. You really did like the Winchesters.

                “Please don’t do anything reckless tonight.” A low voice said from your side and you looked to see Lucifer standing there, looking at you.

                “Why should it matter to you?” You asked.

                “Because-” He struggled with something for a moment, then said, “Just don’t, alright?”

                “You don’t get to make demands, Luce. No one forced you to come. The sole purpose of tonight for me to get good and drunk. If you don’t like it, go home.”

                “I can’t just leave. I’m driving everyone home.”

                “Well, if I have my way, I won’t be coming home until tomorrow morning anyway.” You winked at Lucifer, who narrowed his eyes.

                “Don’t joke like that Y/N.”

                “I’m not joking.” You said as you walked away from him towards the bar.

                The little place was crowded as you and Lucifer entered and you dimly remembered that it was Friday night. People were out relaxing from the long work week. Perfect. Cas and the brothers were already squeezed into a small booth in the back and you made your way through the crowd. It was easy to get through (you didn’t realize that people were parting for Lucifer, who was glowering at everyone, especially the men) and you pushed in next to Cas in the booth. Lucifer grabbed a chair and put it at the end of the table before sitting in it. You had to admit, his vessel was attractive. Blond hair, blue eyes, muscular arms, broad chest, and slightly soft in the middle. It didn’t help that big white fluffy wings sprouted from his back, though he kept those tucked close to his body. You knew the humans couldn’t see them but they were lovely. And you remembered how it felt to be touched by them. You shook your head. You weren’t here for that. You were here to drink enough alcohol to have the hangover of a lifetime and have a random, meaningless hook up.

                You took everyone’s drink order and hightailed it to the bar. You were determined to keep this buzz going no matter what. The bartender was an attractive man, with dark black hair and bright blue eyes. Light scruff covered his face and his teeth were bright white. He was tall and broad and deliciously muscled. Instantly you decided this was the one you were going home with that night. You loved a challenge and bartenders always got hit on, so they were almost always immune. You were sure he was no different. He looked up as you approached, flashing you the pearly whites.

                “What can I get ya?”

                “Two beers, an apple martini, and a rum and coke. Heavy on the rum please.” You dazzled him with a smile of your own.

                His eyes widened and he grinned wider. “You got it, babe.”

                He went to work behind the bar and you sat back, smug. This was going to be easy. He placed the drinks in front of you and asked if you wanted to start a tab. You slid him a card.

                “Y/F/N Y/L/N, huh?” He said, his blue eyes flashing. “Interesting name.”

                You had already picked up the drinks and were turning away. You looked back at him and winked. “I’m an interesting girl.” You sauntered away and could feel his eyes on you the whole way back to the table.

                “Damn woman.” Dean said as he grabbed his beer.  “You practically left that guy’s jaw on the floor.”

                “That’s the plan, Dean-o.” You said as you sat next to Cas. “That is the plan.”

                “Or you could just spend the night with me.” He said, grinning as he took a sip. His eyes never left yours and you knew the offer was genuine. You saw Lucifer slowly tense up out of the corner of your eye as you appeared to mull it over and you relished his turmoil. Clearly the thought of you being with a human was making him squirm. It was Cas who jumped in though.

                “You think you are so smooth, Dean Winchester.” He downed his apple martini in one gulp. “But you’re too late on this one. I got there a hundred years before you were even born.”

                Dean’s mouth dropped open.

                “Excuse me?” Lucifer said, his voice clipped.

                “Way to go Cas!” Sam cheered.

                “Now, now Cas,” You grinned, taking a huge sip of your rum and coke. “It’s not polite to kiss and tell.”

                “Is that a human ideology?” The angel had a glazed look to him.

                “Yeah, Cas. It is.” You chuckled.

                Then you noticed Lucifer sitting very still with his fists clenched. He was looking hard at the table and you felt a pang of guilt. But you shook it off quickly. You weren’t going to rein yourself in simply because he was present and you hadn’t done anything wrong with Cas. Plus it wasn’t like Cas was the first, or even the thousandth that you’d been with. A few billion years is a long time. You obviously would have been faithful to Lucifer if you had been together. But the fact of the matter was that you were free to do as you pleased the instant he fell from Heaven and started treating you like dirt.

                “Looks like you need a refill,” You said, noticing Cas’s empty glass. You started to slid out from the booth, but Lucifer jumped up from his chair.

                “I’ll get it,” He said gruffly as he pushed past you. You didn’t even have time to respond before he was lost in the crowd.

                “So what’s the deal with you and him anyways?” Dean asked, nodding after Lucifer. “Obviously you two have some history.”

                “They have the most history in the history of the world.” Cas hiccupped. “And even before that.”

                “What?” Sam asked. “What are you talking about?”

                “Lucifer and I used to be together.” You said testily. You didn’t really want to talk about this.

                “What happened?”

                “He became a gigantic douchebag when he fell.”

                “How long were you together before?” Sam asked.

                “Longer than the Earth has been alive.” You said. “Much longer.”

                Dean whistled. “No wonder he practically ripped my arm off back at the bunker.”

                Cas gulped. “I didn’t know that part.”

                “Relax Cas, he’s not going to hurt you.” You grinned. “Don’t worry about it.” The poor angel didn’t look reassured, but you knew Lucifer would never do anything to him.

                “So are you and Cas together then? I mean, how do angel relationships work?” Dean asked.

                “Just like human ones.” You said. “Duh.”

                Two bottles of rum clanked down on the table in front of you and you looked up to see the archangel standing over you.

                “Figured you would be out by the time I got back.” He said casually.

                You glared at him as he took his seat. You knew what he was up to. “What about everyone else?” You asked. “I’ll still have to get them refills.”

                “Taken care of.” He said, leaning back in his seat and giving you a smug look. At that exact moment, three waitresses came over carrying two trays of beer and a tray full of apple martinis. They set the trays down on the table and walked away. You looked back to Lucifer and saw that he was smiling at you, still smug.

Without breaking eye contact, you slowly lifted one handle of rum to your mouth and chugged every last drop without taking a breath. You put it down, inhaled, and then chugged the second one. In the minute it had taken you to accomplish this, the smile had slowly dropped off Lucifer’s face. You leaned forward towards him.

                “Oh would you look at that? I’m out again.” And with that you stood, wobbled slightly, then turned and made your way to the bar.

                “Did you SEE that?” You heard Dean hiss to his brother behind you.

                You leaned on the bar and waited for the dark haired bartender to notice you. He looked a bit confused.

                “Hey, your friend just bought you some rum. It should be at your table.”

                “I know he did, but then it wouldn’t have been fair.”

                He looked confused. “What do you mean?”

                “Well, you see, you know my name, but I don’t know yours. That’s not very fair.”

                “No, I guess not,” He chuckled, his blue eyes winking. “Kit. My name’s Kit.”

                “Well Kit, glad to meet ya.” He set a rum and coke down on the counter and you scooped it up, running your finger along his hand before he had a chance to remove it. “Real glad.”

                “Yeah, me too.” He said in a husky voice, looking at you in wonder. You grinned and made your way back to the table. You knew Kit was watching the entire way.

                You slid back in next to Cas, who already had half the martinis gone. Dean leaned forward eagerly. “So tell me, do you two really not have any sort of romantic attachment now?” He pointed to you and Cas, seemingly having forgotten about Lucifer sitting right there.

                Cas apparently had too. He looked at you and said, “I have zero feelings of romantic attachment to you at all. However I would not say no if you propositioned me again.”

                “Wow Cas,” You said, rolling your eyes.

                “Whoa whoa, wait!” Sam said, grinning. “Y/N, you came on to Cas?”

                “Well he’s a little naive sometimes.”

                “So what was it, like a one night stand situation?”

                “Not really,” You replied. “For angels, it’s not usually just one night, because we live so long. So it was more of a, what’s the term? Oh yeah. Booty call. More of a booty call situation.”

                “So how long did it last?”

                “The last time was about ten years ago.”

                Lucifer slammed a fist on the table suddenly, which made the brothers jump, and turned towards you. “Can I talk to you?” He growled through clenched teeth.

                You were not intimidated. “No.”


                “No.” You cut him off. “No, you don’t just get to speak to me now. You lost that right eons ago.”

                He stood and the next thing you knew, you were standing outside the bar in the parking lot next to the car.

                “Is that what this is about, hm?” He asked, crossing his arms. “Because I didn’t speak to you when I first was thrown in the Cage?”

                You copied him, crossing your arms. “What do you think?”

                “Seriously? I think you’ve held a grudge against me for ages over nothing, and are now acting out because of it.”

                “I’m not a fledgling, Luce; I don’t ‘act out’. And it wasn’t nothing. I put everything on the line for you and you spat in my face.”

                “Why? Because I didn’t feel like talking to you right then and there? Spare me.”

                “No,” Your arms dropped to your sides again and your voice got deadly quiet. “Not just because of that. That was just the last straw.”

                He shook his head. “I can’t believe you’re still this mad.”

                “I can’t believe you’re still not over me.” You retorted.

                “I didn’t know that we were over!” He exploded. “And here I found out that you’ve been sleeping with everyone you came in contact with for the past billion years!”

                “Really?” You asked sarcastically. “So me not visiting for that length of time didn’t clue you in?”

                “No. Because I never gave up on you.”

                The struck a chord, but you pushed that aside. “You gave up on me the second you fell from grace.”

                “No I didn’t,” He responded sharply. “I never, not for one second, gave up on you. I always had hope that you would be coming back. You on the other hand, seem to have given up on me a long time ago.”

                “One can only be pushed so far.” You said icily.

                He gave a short mirthless laugh. “I had just been cast from Heaven, the first one ever, by my beloved older brother, whom I revered, and then locked in a cage like an animal. Sorry I wasn’t feeling chatty at the exact moment you wanted me to be.”

                “So selfish.” You said. “Do you even realize what I gave up for you?”

                “So you left Heaven, big deal. You got to go back whenever you wanted.”

                “Oh really? With what wings?”

                Confusion flashed across his face. Your wings were obviously very present at the moment. “What are you talking about?”

                You smirked. “Yeah, never knew that, did you? So wrapped up in yourself. You may have been the first to fall, Luce, but I was the second. And it was for you.”

                He put his hands on his hips and shook his head. “I don’t understand.”

                And suddenly, you were just so…tired. “It doesn’t matter. This all happened so long ago. I have my wings back. You’ve been released. It’s fine now.” You said.

                “That’s what you think? That because I’m free, I’m fine now?”

                “Are you not?”

                He looked away from you. “Unbelievable.”

                “What?” You said, exasperated. “What is so bad about finally being out of the Cage? I thought you would be happy.”

                “So did I.” He locked eyes with you and you instantly knew what he meant.

                All the anger you held towards him was gone in an instant and you wanted to reach for him, but you instead you crossed your arms again. “Look, I’m sorry how things turned out Luce. It’s regrettable. And I’ll always be there if you need me, but I don’t know if things can ever be the same between us. You’ve hurt me in ways I can’t even explain and though the wounds are old now, they run deep. And being near you again just opens them back up.”

                “Do you want me to go?” He asked quietly, not meeting your eyes, and you knew he wasn’t talking about leaving the bar.

                “No,” You said immediately, surprising yourself.

He looked up at you in shock. Relief flooded his features and he looked cautiously hopeful. “So what then?”

“I don’t know.” You sighed. “All this alcohol is making my brain fuzzy.”

He grinned at you. “Well you did just chug two handles of rum.”

You chuckled. “Yeah I did. You bought them for me though, so really, it’s your fault.”

His eyes widened and he looked guilty. “Yeah, about that. I kinda just put them on your tab.”

You stared at him for a moment and then burst out laughing. It was just such a typical Lucifer move and it was hysterical. You were laughing so hard, you had to bend over double to keep from falling. When the gales had finally subsided, you straightened to find him leaning against the car, grinning wildly.

“Wooo, I haven’t laughed that hard in ages.” You said, wiping the tears from your eyes.

“Well, to be honest, that was not the reaction I was expecting from you when you found out.” He said. “I expected a lot of screaming and maybe something thrown at my head.”

You appeared to think it over. “Still might happen.”

He gave you a cocky, lop sided grin. “Doubt it.”

You gave him a small smile, then sighed. “What are we going to do, Luce?”

He got serious. “Whatever you want to do, Az. I’m leaving it up to you. If you want me to go, I will.”

“I don’t want that,” You said again. “I really don’t. I thought I did, but no.” You stopped and thought a moment. “Let’s just be friends for now. We can figure things out later, like if we do want to go our separate ways or whatever.”

“Okay. Friends.” He hesitated. “Look, to be honest, I’m not sure if I can just be friends with you. I definitely can’t go back in there, not with what’s been happening.”

“Okay than.” You said. “Let’s put some conditions on this friendship thing. No hooking up with anyone.”

He nodded eagerly. “Done.”

“Complete honesty. You have to tell me if something I’m doing is making you angry, you can’t just try to keep me from doing it. And vice versa.”

“Alright, what’s next?”

You thought for a moment. “Either one of us can add a condition at any time, regardless of what it is. And the condition can only be removed by the same person.”

“Great. Any others?”

“Either one of us can back out of the friendship at any time for any reason.”

He looked sick at the thought, but nodded quickly. “Deal.”

“I think that’s it. For now.”

“Well, if you ever want to add anything, I’m all ears, beautiful.” He smiled winningly.

You scowled. “Condition added: no flirting with me.”

That sentence only made his smile widen, but he nodded in acknowledgement. An instant later, you were both back inside the restaurant. The Winchesters were both so drunk at this point that they didn’t even jump.

“All better?” Dean slurred.

“Yeah,” You answered, reaching for your drink. “I think we worked a few things out.”

“We did,” Lucifer said. He looked at you as you raised your glass to your lips, and smirked. “Condition added: no more alcohol.”

You stopped, glared at him, and put your drink back on the table without taking a sip.

prologue ♢ 00

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Hoseok Bingo part 12 ♢ 3 ♢ 4 ♢ 5 ♢ 6

arranged to be ch 0 ♢ 1 (in prog)

fandom: bts
pairing: namseok (namjoon | hoseok)
genre: angst
rating: teen+
prompt: namseok bingo square - arranged marriage au ; hoseok bingo square - shopping spree
word count: 1,601


Hoseok complains to Yoongi and, as expected, he is of no help whatsoever.

cross-posted on ao3

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Best Friend Or Boyfriend? - Draco Malfoy x Reader (Request)

Warning: Strong Language.

Request: “Could you make a one shot about you being hermiones best friend and you being on slytherin and your Draco’s girlfriend and threaten him into a break up for being a jerk to Hermione”


It was a bleak day in November and the rain was lashing against the library windows as you sat with Hermione trying to get through your latest potions essay.

“I’m so sorry about the other night Hermione, I don’t know what’s wrong with Draco. I’ve told him to stop but he just won’t listen-”

“It’s fine Y/N. Just forget about it.” Hermione cuts across.

“No, it’s not fine at all.” You state.

You were sick to death of the way your boyfriend, Draco Malfoy, treated your best friend. It didn’t help either that there were people constantly wondering why a Slytherin would be best friends with a Gryffindor – especially when that Gryffindor was ‘know-it-all’ Hermione Granger.

“What he said was unforgivable and I’m so angry with him. We’ve not really spoken since.” You mutter, watching Hermione as she continues to flick through the pages of her book.

“Like I said, just forget about it.” Hermione repeats.  

You knew Hermione was trying to put on a brave face, but she was obviously very upset about what had happened.


Last Saturday night you had arranged to meet Draco in the dungeons after dinner. Hermione had kindly offered to walk you there and as you were supposed to be meeting Draco on his own you thought it would be fine. However, upon arriving you noticed he was with his gang; Crabbe, Goyle and Zabini.

“Oh great.” You’d heard Hermione breathe.

“What was that?” Draco had snapped, “You should be honoured to even be in our presence you filthy little mudblood.”

“Draco, please!” you had protested, but to no avail; Draco’s friends had already begun spurring him on and hurling abuse at her.

“Why the hell do you still hang around with this piece of shit anyway, Y/N?” he questioned.

“I think she does it so the idiot will do her homework for her.” Blaise chortled.

You remember the look on Hermione’s face as these boys bullied her for what must be the hundredth time and the feeling deep in the pit of your stomach of outrage and humiliation.

“Ah. Very clever, darling! I knew there must have been a good reason for you to force yourself to hang around with her and her putrid stench all day. Jesus, she doesn’t half reek, I can smell her from here!” he bellowed, turning around to look at his cronies for support.

“FUCK OFF!” you shrieked at him as you heard Hermione turn on her heels and rush off, “you may be good looking Draco, but you’re the biggest dick head I know!”

You remember how gobsmacked Draco and his friends had looked as you pushed passed them and made your way to your dormitory and cried yourself to sleep.


You were so unsure how you felt about Draco now; he had been your boyfriend since your third year, but Hermione had been your best friend for just as long.

“Hermione, what should I do?” you ask, knowing deep down that you mustn’t want to be with him if you’re having doubts in the first place.

“Y/N, I can’t tell you what to do. He’s your boyfriend. I understand that you love him and you’ve been with him a long time, but you have to ask yourself if he really is the kind of person you want to be with.” She sighs, “Whatever you choose, you know I’ll stick by you; you’re my best friend.” She adds with a smile.

You rest your head in your hands and think for a moment. It makes it so difficult that Hermione is always so kind and considerate even after your boyfriend has been an absolute arse towards her.

“I’ll go and see him tonight.” you decide, “We’ll talk things through and see where we’re at.”


Hermione gives you an encouraging smile as you walk out of the Great Hall.

“It’ll be okay.” She reassures, as you leave her to head down to the dungeons to meet Draco.

Your head is all over the place and your heart is racing, you try your best to look as confident as possible under the circumstances.

You’ve been avoiding Draco for days and you’re pretty sure that he’s still going to be angry as hell considering nobody has ever insulted him like you had done.

“Alright?” he asks coldly as you turn a corner and almost bump straight into him.

“Not really.” You admit; wiping your sweat soaked palms in your cloak.

“Same.” He states nonchalantly.

“Why do you do it Draco?” you ask desperately.  

“Do what?” he asks sarcastically.

“You know damn well what!” you begin as he tries to grab you by the waist, “No Draco! You can’t just keep doing this it’s not fair!” you exclaim, pushing him away from you.

“What does it matter, Y/N?” he quizzes, “I love you, that’s all that matters.”

Draco looks confused; he’s never had any girl reject his advances before let alone his girlfriend.

“It matters because she’s my best friend! Do you know how humiliating it is to stand there while you verbally abuse her and no matter what I say or do you just won’t stop?!” you cry.

“Y/N, it’s not like that. She’s not like us. You know how I feel about-”

“I couldn’t give a flying fuck how you felt about it Draco! She got her letter to Hogwarts and she has as much right to be here as you do! She’s the victim here not you, so will you just show a little compassion for once in your life or this is over.” You demand, fighting back your tears.

“What are you talking about? Don’t be ridiculous.” Draco laughs feebly while pulling you into his arms.    

“I’m serious, I can’t do this anymore. You never listen to me, you don’t understand me and we sure as hell aren’t on the same wavelength! All I want is for you to be civil with her and you can’t even do that for me.” You murmur, tears now spilling down your cheeks as you try to push him away again.

Draco tilts your head up to meet his gaze; his cold grey eyes looking into your own as he wipes your tears away with his thumb.

“Don’t cry, my love.” He begins, “if it means that much to you, I’ll be civil with Granger. I’ll tell the others to stop too.

“You promise?” you ask.

“As long as you promise not to let any more tears fall down that pretty little face of yours.” He grins, resting his forehead on yours.

“I promise.” You whisper, raising your chin so that your lips meet.

Draco kisses you passionately - not his usual kind of passion where he is rough and full of lust - but softly, almost apologetic.

“I hate to see you cry, Y/N. Especially when it’s my fault. I’m truly sorry I upset you and if it makes you feel any better I’ll apologise to Granger too.” Draco utters, taking your hand and leading you towards the Slytherin common room. 


I wasn’t really sure how to end this but I hope you enjoy reading it! 


anonymous asked:

Hiya!! I love your headcanons for the riarkle kids (I love all your headcanons lbr here) and as a fellow theatre geek, wondered which kid is the most theatre geek-y? I know you said that they're all pretty involved, but there's a chill drama kid and then there's a Minkus-Matthews kid 😂 xxx

WHY WITH THE OC’S omfg okay

  • Penny cannot fucking sing
  • No one has the heart to tell her
  • Basically every year she goes out for shows and has an experience close to Farkle’s at the end of GM Truth
  • They do not tell her the truth lmao they just all let her believe that for some reason the drama teacher has already picked favorites and she’s just not one of them
  • She eventually just quits altogether like junior year because at this point it’s ‘disrespectful’ lmao but she still listens to/sees shows whenever she can.
  • Everyone keeps trying to get Cassie into theater professionally bc she’s A+ at dancing/singing/acting but the fact alone that everyone wants her to do it stops her from doing it lol
  • But she still really likes them
  • But to anyone outside her family, theater is like…a closeted passion lmao
  • Her daughter Tabitha gets super involved with it at school too
  • And then when they move to New York, they move in with Auggie and Ava and Ava’s a fucking Broadway actress so obviously the four of them geek out all the time
  • And one day Katie tries to sneak into the apartment when she thinks everyone’s out to set up for a surprise romantic dinner
  • She enters as Cassie is doing Mein Herr from Cabaret
  • And when Cassie finally notices she’s there she’s FREAKING OUT because she’s been exposed but Katie is about to achieve an Anime-Nosebleed over this omfg
  • Needless to say she starts looking into musicals more and they just become trash together it’s v cute
  • Cleo does not fucking care
  • At all
  • You all need to stop singing
  • She just wants to play lacrosse STOP TAP DANCING DAD
  • UGH
  • One day she caught her son Riley on and acted as though she had walked in on him watching porn omfg
  • She just. Needs everyone to stop with the theater thank you and goodnight lol
  • Tessa only admits to liking the ‘darker’ shows because she’s 9Edgy5You
  • You know like Sweeny Todd, American Psycho, Heathers, Jekyll and Hide, shows like that
  • Get this Mama Mia shit away from her, she yells, as Riley feels her heart collapse
  • Although Tessa will never admit it for obvious reasons, but she REALLY fucking loves Legally Blonde the musical omfg
  • The only time she ever did a show was her senior year when the school did Jekyll and Hide and she got the role of Lucy and she RUINED EVERYONE’S LIVES WHAT THE FUCK TESSA WHERE DID THESE EMOTIONS COME FROM
  • Also she literally didn’t mention to anyone she was in the show, Nova and Leo brought it up bc they were in it too lol
  • NOVA
  • V E R Y  S E R I O U S L Y
  • Life is a competition and there is literally nothing more competitive than auditions holy shit
  • She signed herself up for voice lessons when she was five
  • Like Riley and Farkle had no idea until they were billed for like 3 months of her lessons at a theater school and they were like WTF
  • Okay and Nova is also 900% the kind that when her best friend doesn’t get the role she wants, she’s just like “Don’t worry I can get you rat poison!!!”
  • She’s like Sharpay but nicer, do you feel me
  • If Sharpay and Gabriella had a love child, it’d be this girl
  • She’s that bitch at dance rehearsal that is like “Ugh warm up stretches are the worst!!!!” and then very easily just pulls her leg over her fucking head as you struggle to breathe without falling over and pulling something
  • She can rap Guns and Ships perfectly it’s the funniest fucking thing
  • Always running for drama club president and stuff
  • Ends up marrying a Broadway actor that she toootally hadn’t been fangirling over for years lol
  • L e o
  • Is such a mess of a human being
  • Because he really doesn’t actually care at all about theater but he feels like he needs to bc his family is so crazy about it
  • And it’s so funny like he’s sleep through shows and movies and miss important plot details and have to bullshit scenes that he liked most when his fam asks lol
  • He’ll be in his usual attire of backwards baseball cap, vintage welding googles or some shit, and he’ll be carrying like a three books and a fucking knife collection
  • And someone will be like “LEO I BET YOU CANT DO A BACK FLIP INTO A PIROUETTE” and he’s immediately like “YOU WANNA FUCKIN BET” and tries to do it without dropping anything so Farkle’s in the back yelling “sON NO” and it never ends well okay
  • Anyway so his freshman year of high school, Nova, Tessa, and his best friend/girlfriend Skyler literally fucking bully him into joining the drama club
  • Because 1) It’s always funny seeing him trying to dance but also 2) SHIT he’s actually a great singer and actor what the fuck they NEED you LEo
  • But like. They literally bully him into this omfg
  • Tessa’s decided since she’s a junior she’s allowed to make her freshman sibling’s life hell lol but she doesn’t actually do anything that will actually hurt him or upset him you know what I mean
  • But like he’ll be minding his own business and then Tessa is jokingly slamming him into a locker telling him that he’ll never stop being a dork unless he does theater
  • Or she’ll be like ‘You have to listen to me you’re freshman scum and I am the Upperclass Overlord JOIN THE DAMN DRAMA CLUB”
  • Nova will fill his locker with passive aggressive notes insulting/challenging him like ‘you must be a wuss’ or ‘I bet you won’t try out because you have no talent’ and stuff like that
  • And he mentioned them to her and she’s like ‘Oh my God who would ever say such horrible things to my dear, precious brother’ and he’s just like ‘NOVA I CAN RECOGNIZE YOUR HAND WRITING CUT IT OUT” lmao
  • “Skyler please listen to me I really don’t want to try out for the drama club!”
  • “Well Leo I really don’t want to make out with you right now! Should I take one for the team or go home?”
  • “WhAT thE FuCK”
  • So eventually after like 2 months of this he gives up and decides to audition
  • And he’s like “Maybe…I’ll just sabotage my own audition so they don’t cast me as anything”
  • And he got really excited about that plan
  • But then
  • Since he is his father’s son
  • None of his plans can ever work out for him
  • So everything he did to sabotage himself, something else happened that prevented him from looking bad
  • It was so fucking funny to the girls bc they knew he was trying so hard to suck and it just wasn’t working lmao
  • They cast him as Moritz in Spring Awakening lmao
  • And after that, everyone in school wouldn’t stop talking about how great a performer he was, so he was like…fuck I’m stuck with this until I graduate aren’t I
  • He was
  • On his last day of high school, Riley and Farkle go into his room to have an emotional ‘Oh my God our baby’s graduating” talk after they had one with Nova
  • But they open the door and
  • Leo’s got a fucking sacrificial alter or some shit set up, and a metal trashcan with a fire blazing in it right in front of it
  • And he’s throwing into it all his scripts, costume pieces, makeup and tap shoes he’s gathered up over the years, laughing manically
  • When he notices his parents he freezes and they just stare at each other for like five whole minutes
  • But that took his concentration away from the fire, which then got too big and catches his fucking sleeve on fire
  • So he’s now jumping around trying to put it out and that causes him to bang into the fucking alter, knocking it down and putting a fucking hole in his floor.
  • Riley’s just like “why couldn’t we have just walked in on you watching porn” at the same time Farkle  goes “why are you like this” lmao
  • They never speak of that again
  • He still gets dragged along on family musical trips tho lmao
  • riarkle kids why are you doing this to me
Letting Go of a Bastard

Harry x reader, requested

Warning: cursing (there’s cursing in like every one of my oneshots, so if you’re sensitive to cursing don’t follow me haha :)

I wandered through the halls of Hogwarts, looking for my boyfriend, Cormac Mclaggen. He wasn’t at dinner, and I wanted to see if he was alright. I rounded the corner and saw two people at the end of the hall making out. One was a boy and one was a girl but the boy looked strangely familiar… 

“Cormac?!” I called out. His head whipped up to look at me and he pushed away the girl. 

“Y/n! HI, what are you doing here?” he tried to hide the fact that he was just making out with someone else.

“Well, I wanted to make sure you were alright, but now, I really don’t want anything to do with you, you cheating bastard!” I yelled and started to walk away. I heard Cormac run after me and he grabbed my arm.

“Y/n, let me explain. She pushed herself onto me and I couldn’t help it!” 

“You were on top of her and grinding all over her so I really don’t think that’s a good excuse. Don’t touch me, Mclaggen! I don’t want your cheating filth on me!” I jerked myself out of Cormac’s grip and stomped away from him. I didn’t hide the tears streaming down my face, because there was no one to hide it from. 

I entered the Gryffindor common room and sank down in the corner, sobbing. 

“Why am I never good enough for someone to love?” I whimpered to myself. 

About an hour later, I was still curled up on the sofa. I heard someone enter the common room, and saw that it was Harry. 

“Y/n?” Harry spotted me trying to hide from him in the corner and sounded alarmed at the sight of me crying. “Y/n, what’s wrong?” he rushed over and immediately pulled me into a hug. 

“I saw Cormac… he was chea-cheating on me!” I wailed and buried my face into his shoulder. Harry sank down next to me so he could hug me tighter and I buried my face into his neck, soaking it with tears. He stayed silent like this until more people started filing into the room. 

“Hey, everyone! Could you please go to your rooms just for a moment! Thank you!” he yelled over everyone’s chattering. They looked over and seeing me cry, immediately obliged to Harry’s orders. My best friends Hermione and Ginny however, rushed over to me.

“Y/n, what’s wrong?” they asked. Unable to answer properly, I mumbled out a few words and started crying again. They soothingly patted my back and looked to Harry.

“Her stupid ‘boyfriend’ was cheating on her.” he seethed through gritted teeth. I tried not to, but when Harry said it out loud, I started crying harder. Harry said something to Hermione and Ginny, and they walked up to their rooms with a final pat on my back. 

“Shhhh… y/n, Cormac was a bastard anyways. You deserve much better than him.”

“But the thing is, he wasn’t a bastard. He was so good to me until–” 

“Are you kidding me?” Harry cried, “Cormac treated you like shit! Everyone wanted you to dump him because he would order you around and act like you were his property. No y/n, he was a dickhead and nothing else.” I looked up at him, surprised. Then, all the times Cormac seemed to treat me like I was lesser than him flooded back. How could I be so stupid? How did I not realize that Cormac was a horrible person?

I snuggled into Harry’s chest and wiped a few stray tears off of my face. I was still pretty upset, but knowing that I let go of a bastard made me feel a tiny bit better. 

Suddenly, the portrait of the Fat Lady swung open to let someone in. That someone was lo and behold, Cormac Mclaggen. 

“Y/n, please love, let me explain! It was all my fault, I admit that, but I love you and only you so much! And I know you love me, so–” I jumped up and stalked over to him. He stepped back a few steps at the angry glint in my eye, but he refused to look away. 

“Oh, you think I love you? Do you really think that I would love you after you treated me like shit? That’s not love, Mclaggen. If that’s your definition of love, it just proves that you’re screwed up and need help.” Cormac looked enraged at this and sneered in my face, 

“You’ll never get anyone to love you, y/n. No one likes you and you’re lucky I gave you a chance. You’re ugly and–” Suddenly, Cormac was blasted off his feet and slammed into the wall. I whirled to look behind me, and saw that Harry was standing enraged with his wand out.

“You don’t even deserve someone like y/n, so don’t you dare go around trash-talking her!” Harry shouted, and Cormac scrambled to his feet and ran up to his room with a frightened look at the two of us. I walked slowly back to Harry.

“You didn’t have to do that, Harry.” I mumbled. He looked back at me and replied, “I couldn’t just let him insult you like that. You’re not ugly and you’re not worthless. You’re so beautiful and amazing and he’s been telling you lies this entire time.” I stared into his green eyes and smiled. 

“Do you really think that?” Harry’s face went an adorable shade of pink and he stepped a little closer to me. 

“Yeah, I do.” 

I stood on my tiptoes and kissed him on the cheek. I giggled when Harry’s face went tomato red. Flustered, he looked at me for a while until with a laugh, he picked me up and whirled me around. 

“Harry! Put me down!” I laughed, slapping his shoulders playfully. Harry carried me over to a couch and set me down, collapsing next to me. 

“I love you, y/n.” he whispered before cupping my face in his hands and placing a gentle kiss on my lips. 

“I love you too, Harry.” I leaned forward and kissed him again. Harry gripped my hand in his, and brought me closer to him. We stayed like this, with closed eyes and lips attached to each others’ until we heard people slowly creeping back into the room. They smiled at the sight of me and Harry kissing, and the room filled with cheers. I buried my face in Harry’s sweater and smiled as his arm automatically wrapped around me. 

Letting go of Cormac was the best decision I made in a long time. 

Red Bows

Imagine= y/n is Slytherin. Cunning, mature and knows how to read people, a bit of a loner of own choice and her appearance is similar to Snow Whites look! Always up to late in the night in the commroom or astronomy tower. Draco and y/n slowly fall for each other. She got abused and assaulted by students wanting to hurt Draco one night but he saves her in time and takes care of her, he also confessed that he is a death eater and y/n stays with him anyway. (Not a softie Draco pls)! Thnx <3

The screaming panged through the air. All of the rowdy Gryffindors in the Hall were pushing, shoving, and gasping for their opinion to be included in conversation. Y/n sighed, tightening the red ribbon secured around her hair. She sprang up from her seat, practically running out of the dining room. It felt as if someone was stomping on her lungs. She hunted for a place to relax and breath. ‘All I have to do is breath.’ Her eyes searched the sky, and found a building which appealed to each of her requests. It was quiet, secluded, and offered a wonderful view, much like she did. Her feet flew her towards the tower, and rushed her up the steps, ignoring her breath begging for air. Once she reached the highest point on the grounds, she sped to the balcony, gripping the railing in between gulps. She looked through the stars, not realizing the figure behind her. After a minute of not being acknowledged, the person cleared their throat, alerting her. She spun around, glaring into the eyes of a near stranger. He smirked, noticing her troubled breaths. ‘I suppose I am bothering you.’ She thought for a moment, suspicion bubbling. A few moments later, she shook her head, motioning for him to stand by her. He walked, slowly, to the railing, leaning his elbows on the metal support. Silence ensued, swallowing them both. Finally, Y/n decided to speak up, after being frustrated with his lack of goal. ‘Why are you here?’ He chuckled, sniffing the air decorous with pine. ‘Can’t a lad sit in the sky and relax without being harassed with questions of motive?’ She growled, kneading her hands in anger. ‘I want to be alone. I don’t want any noise.’ He smiled at her, his eyes drifting towards her aching fingers. With a sigh, he parted her hands, massaging her palm and knuckles. ‘I wasn’t talking. I figured you were getting away from something, or someone, and figured it best to leave you to your thoughts. However, I have my demons, as well, and just can’t find a better spot to silence them. Well, every once and a while.’ She squinted, reading through his defense. ‘That doesn’t excuse the fact you are talking to me, and relieving my hands.’ ‘It feels nice, does it not?’ This boy aggravated her. He had been the first person to truly stump her in a battle of wit. She grit her teeth together, deciding to drop one, small guard. ‘I suppose.’ A smug look of triumph washed over his face as he continued to play with her hands. He looked up at her, his eyes appearing transparent, and gave a huff of defeat. ‘The truth is, I do know you. I’ve seen you around the common room a few times.’ ‘I didn’t expect you to remember a nobody like me.’ ‘You are right in the fact it would be odd to remember you, based on social position. You don’t talk much, do you?’ A simple shake of the head was all that was necessary. ‘I thought so. Although, you have messed up on one thing.’ Her e/c eyes darted up to his, searching for an answer. ‘I could never forget your face.’ 
Since that night, it became an unofficial tradition for the two to meet at the tower. Hours were spent talking and relinquishing details and secrets the two could never share. Outside the designated meeting of seven in the night to four in the morning, the pair would not be seen in the same vicinity. Don’t misunderstand, Draco did try. He attempted to be her potions partner, and even saved her seats at meals. She would religiously ignore his stares and disregard the empty plate next to him. Draco would ask about it, and sometimes bring up how he wanted the two to, perhaps, visit other, more populated places at Hogwarts. Y/n would always nod, and reply with an of course or most definitely. Draco began to meet a bit earlier in the tower, and bring with him little gifts. He would, on occasion, offer a sleeping potion, or sometimes a photograph of the stars. When Y/n asked what the picture was for, he told her to pin it her room, so when she forgot about him, and figured she was alone, she could look at the night’s sky, and remember someone cared. That was the night both of them realized they were in love. To get either of them to admit it was the true challenge. Y/n wouldn’t say it because of the main principle of fear. If she told him of her feelings, he would begin to arrive at their place less..and less…until he just wouldn’t show up anymore. He couldn’t tell her of his love because of fear, as well. His was, however, much less self-designated. His fear was of her safety. If people knew he felt passion towards another person, there would be no doubt that Death Eaters would exterminate such thoughts. All in all, neither would say a word. Draco never thought the thing to get him to spill was a group his age.
It was eight fifteen. Draco’s eyes stung as he nibbled his lower lip. Every fifteen seconds, he would check his watch, as if trying to turn back time. She had never been this late. ‘She’s just busy, Draco. That’s all. She’s probably studying. Maybe a teacher pulled her aside. Everything is okay. She’s okay.’ Another four minutes passed before he had enough. He stormed out of the tower, and ran as fast as he could to the castle. ‘Common room. Check the common room.’ He scampered down the steps to the dungeons. He shook off his breath wheezing from pain and choked out the password. He darted into the room, searching frantically for Y/n. He saw Blaise hunched in a chair, lackadaisically doing homework. ‘BLAISE!’ Zabini dropped the papers, groaning in annoyance. ‘What is it now?’ Draco straightened his coat, swallowing down. ‘Have you seen Y/n?’ A look of confusion made its way to Blaise’s expression. ‘L/n? What have you got to do with-’ ‘ANSWER THE BLOODY QUESTION!’ Blaise put his hands up in surrender, furrowing his brows in amusement. ‘Last I saw her, she was chatting it up, real nice, with McLaggen.’ Though he wouldn’t show it, pain soared through his chest, unrelated to his exercise. Draco sprinted out of the room, speeding through every corridor and classroom. It had been an hour, and he still couldn’t find her. He slumped against a wall, catching his breath in response. He, reluctantly, made his way back to the dungeons, gripping his hands in defeat. Suddenly, as if by miracle, a soft whimper was heard down the hall. He crept, quietly, to the noise, listening for any voice present. ‘Shh, that’s it love. Don’t fight me. That boy you want isn’t half the man I am.’ Draco’s ears were tuned in, recognizing the voice as another bloke. Just as he was about to dismiss the matter for an excited couple, a second voice was heard. It, too, was male. ‘Tie her up real nicely. Want him to know he’s bending over damaged goods.’ McLaggen. Draco turned the corner, his breath hitching.
Her red ribbon. 
She was hugged by ropes, her skirt pushed down and her shirt unbuttoned. McLaggen was holding a camera, in a position of photography, until he was startled by the guest. Draco whipped out his wand, running in front of Y/n. It seemed as if all the time running was imaginary, and his strength was fully returned. ‘CONFRINGO!’ The pictures and camera burst into flames, falling onto the floor in a heated fury. His cronies fled to the Gryffindor tower, long forgotten. Draco backed McLaggen into the wall, his chest rising quickly with exasperation. ‘CRUCIO!’ Cormac fell, crying out in pain. Draco couldn’t hear Y/n’s pleading for him to stop. He could only hear the Gryffindor’s screaming for release. Draco continued to pace around him, shouting insults like vomit. ‘YOU NASTY SWINE! HOW DARE YOU? HOW DARE YOU! I WILL MAKE YOU CRY SO LOUDLY YOU’LL BE GRATEFUL FOR DEATH!’ He growled, leaning over the sixth year. He watched as the boy twisted in pain, until a distant sound caught his attention. Well, lack of sound. Y/n had stopped crying. He lowered his wand, muttering ‘confundus.’ Cormac looked up, bewildered. ‘Where am I? Why do I hurt so much?’ Draco smirked, walking away. ‘You fell.’ Cormac scrambled up and stumbled out of the hallway, not looking twice in their direction. Draco wrapped Y/n in his arms, picking her up like a baby. He took her to his room, and laid her across the bed. Y/n sunk into the mattress, curling into his sheets. Draco frowned to himself, petting her head. ‘I should have found you sooner.’ She shared his sorrow, and turned her eyes to him. ‘McLaggen wasn’t trying to hurt me. He was upset that your father fired his from the Ministry, and wanted to get back at you.’ He clenched his fists, growling in disapproval. ‘I swear, if they touched you. If that bloody bastard touched you I’d-’ ‘You’d what?’ ‘I’D KILL HIM!’ Y/n’s frown deepened. She began to caress his face, urging him to calm down. ‘I’m glad you saved me,’ she leaned in, planting a tender kiss on his cheek. ‘My hero.’ His eyes fluttered closed as he leaned into her touch. ‘Y/n, I’m not a hero. Quite the opposite.’ She grinned at him, a tear falling. She ghosted her hands over his forearm, nodding silently. ‘I know. You might not be saving our world, but you saved mine.’ Draco looked at her, gripping her hands. ‘I promise to never let you face harm alone. I will always be with you, even when you get sick of me.’ They laughed, unknowingly leaning into the other’s trance. Y/n bit her lip, staring at his. ‘I promise to always be your shoulder to cry on. I will always support you, so you’re never alone.’ With her word, they connected, their lips gliding in the star’s reflections. He held her in his arms, comforting her, like only he could. And, in a similar way, she did the exact same thing. 

Flaws, Yours and Mine

Title: Flaws, Yours and Mine
Genre: angst, hurt/comfort
Member: Kim Jongin
Word Count: 1433
Rating: G, a little swearing

Tap tap tap. Clink. You set your fork back down onto your plate after tapping the end incessantly on the clean white tablecloth. Where was he? You had gotten impatient and ordered without him, but when your food was placed in front of you, though it looked delicious, you had no appetite. You started to just push your food around into random shapes while you waited for a man you knew wouldn’t show up. The imaginary pictures you made with your food conveyed more and more anger as time went on. By the time the restaurant closed and you had to leave, the sorrowful looks the waiter sent you had become somewhat fearful.

You tipped him generously as an apology and drove slowly home, knowing you’d wreck if you drove too fast while you were this angry. The apartment was empty and dark when you got home, the inner twelve-year-old in you would have said it was just like your soul right now. You didn’t understand. One night. You had asked for him to set aside one night for your one year anniversary and he’d left you to dry. 

You had tried to be patient. You had tried to be understanding. You gave everything you could into making this relationship work with him. You adapted to his schedules and relented to cancel plans when he was worn out. You weren’t normally like that, but you did it because you loved him, certainly not because you wanted him to walk all over you like this. You didn’t know how much more of this you could take.

It wasn’t until after you had changed into some more comfortable clothing and were in the process of removing your makeup that you heard the front door open and the thump of Jongin’s practice bag hit the ground where he always dropped it. “Y/N?” he called quietly. He probably thought you were asleep since the only light on in the house was the one in the bathroom where you were. You threw away the used makeup wipes and met him outside.

“Well, look who finally showed up,” you immediately went on the offensive. Jongin froze, his smile faltering with his arms still stretched out, about to hug you. You knew that him missing your anniversary dinner was probably an accident from the confused look on his face, but all that did was make you angrier. Just how little did you mean to him? “Did you forget something today?” He didn’t seem to get the hint. “Can you tell me what today is?” No change. “Today is our one year anniversary and you left me at the restaurant to eat by myself.”

He at least had the conscience to look guilty. “That was today?! Oh my god, I’m so sorry, angel. It just completely slipped from my mind when I went off to practice, I swear,” he rambled on as you just looked at him, the words barely registering in your mind in your anger.

“Do you love me?” He cut himself off at your quiet words.

“What? Of course I do. You know I love you. I swear missing dinner tonight was a big, stupid mistake on my part and I’m so sorry–”

“You always are. You always say you’re sorry and that you won’t let me down the next time, but look at how it always ends up!”

Your outburst seemed to set something off in him too. “Look, I’m sorry, I am, but it was a mistake and there’s nothing we can do about it now! I’ll make it up to you like I always do, so just calm down.”

“I don’t want you to make it up to me! You shouldn’t have to make it up to me in the first place! You should be honoring the commitments that you made! We made plans to go out to dinner tonight and you should’ve been there to do that! You’re always so irresponsible, all you ever remember or care about is practice!”

“As if you’re so perfect! You can’t do everything either, you know! Who had to save your ass when you accidentally deleted your presentation for work? Who cleans the house, cause it sure as hell isn’t you! You refuse to work out with me, or at all. You’re just as forgetful as I am with other things. You spend way too much on makeup, you have all these annoying habits, and you fly off the handle at little things like this! Do I need to go on?”

“Little! You think an anniversary is a little thing!?” Though you kept your furious expression, on the inside your color had quickly gone from red to blue. You didn’t realize that he’d paid so much attention to your shortcomings. You must’ve had a lot of them. Fuck. Had he always felt this way? 

You suddenly felt as if you were suffocating in the closed room. You had to leave; you had to go. Where? You didn’t know, but you couldn’t stay here and listen to him insult you like this, especially when you were just a few seconds away from bursting into tears. You pushed past him, desperate to get outside for some fresh air, nearly tripping when he caught your arm and pulled you backward.

“Oh no you don’t! You don’t get to just start a fight and try to walk away when you can’t argue back anymore!”

You didn’t respond. You didn’t know what to say. You knew he was right, and you knew everything was falling apart at the seams with your relationship. But you didn’t want to let it go, and that was what you resented the most. If only you hadn’t loved him so damn much. You’d be able to leave and the both of you would be able to fix yourselves from the damage that this relationship had caused. But you did love him so much.

“I’m sorry,” you mumbled. Jongin paused in the middle of his ranting.


“I’m sorry. You’re right. We both have a lot of flaws, don’t we? And we can’t seem to stand them either.”

“Y/N, what are you saying?”

“I’m sorry.” The tears you were holding back started to bead up. “I’m not good enough, am I? I’m sorry I’m not patient and I have a lot of habits you hate and I’m just… not enough.” Long arms wrapped around you and you were pulled into a muscular chest. You could smell how he’d been sweating and wrinkled your nose, but didn’t pull away.

“What do you mean ‘not enough?’”

“I’m obviously not good enough for you to love me, am I? Look at our relationship; it’s falling apart and there’s nothing I can do about it.”

“Our relationship isn’t falling apart,” he spoke gently. “We’re having a fight. And I know it’s a horrible day to have a fight, so let’s just stop, yeah? I’m sorry, too. I know I’m always flaking on you at the worst times, and I’m really sorry, but I promise I’ll try harder, okay?” He added as an afterthought, “And don’t try to say you’re not good enough for me. You’re great just the way you are.”

“What about all my annoying habits you mentioned earlier?”

“I promise there really aren’t that many. I only find two, maybe three of them annoying. And even then, the annoyance is mild. The most annoying thing about you is when you try to talk about yourself like that,” he said, swaying you from side to side. 

You let him sway you, quietly thinking to yourself. The two of you might fight like this again, you knew, most likely even about the same thing. This fight was defused rather quickly, but that wasn’t a guarantee for the other fight that were inevitably coming down the line. He rubbed your back soothingly and you leaned closer to him. You took a deep breath and immediately regretted it. You quickly pulled away and wrinkled your nose at him.

“You’re all sweaty.” He laughed and pulled you even closer than before. You squirmed and yelled at him to let you go.

“Only if you promise we’ll talk things out from now on. I really don’t like fighting, Y/N,” he whined.

“Alright! Fine! Just let go and go take a shower! Please!”

One more squeeze and he did as you asked. “I really love you, you know,” he said. And you did know. At least, now you did. 

“I’d love you more if you didn’t reek like an old sock,” you said, pushing him toward the bathroom.

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wow, i mean i know that you guys don't like RWJ, but fuck you guys, give the guy a little respect, no need to spend 10 full minutes insulting him, like you guys can do better

Go Google search when RWJ called a bunch of 14 year old girls ugly and fat

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I kind of want someone to insult Yuuri while Yurio is around, and Yurio to be like "what the FUCK did you just say abt piggy" and for him to go off on every single way Yuuri is better then the person who insulted him.

Omg! 😂 You mean like what happened when JJ insulted his fans😂

Request – Peter & Derek Hale “Some things never change”

 “You?” You could hear the contempt in Peter’s voice when he saw you back for the first time. “If there was someone I wish I’d never see again, it would be you…” He took you in from head to toe before turning his back on you. You weren’t planning on letting him insult you like that. You grabbed his arm.
“You’re not getting rid of me that easily, Peter. I let you and your cousin chase me out of town once, I’m not going to be treated like this when I return.” He turned around.
“Us? Chasing you out of town?” He rolled his eyes, before you got a second shock, after meeting Peter just a few minutes ago. Derek was suddenly standing behind him, and meeting both of those men at the same time, might be a bit more than you were prepared for. You had been the cause of a lot of trouble between them. You had been the one who hadn’t been able to make a choice. You were glad when your parents decided to move away, glad you could leave that mess behind, but you hadn’t thought the feelings for both of them had been this strong, even after a few years. Derek was just looking at you, as if he saw a ghost.
“Y/N? What are you doing here?” You did a step towards him, glad he didn’t show the hostility Peter had immediately showed.
“I’m just visiting Lydia. They asked me to stay here for a while, and I thought it would be time to go back…” You slowed down when talking when you saw Derek shaking his head, after the two men exchanged looks.
“But it seems that it is still too early?” Peter turned towards you.
“Do you have any idea what you caused, back then?” You shook your head. You knew the boys had been fighting, but you didn’t know how bad it had been. Peter shook his head.
“You don’t, don’t you? We used to be friends before you came along…” Derek tried to step in.
“Peter…” Peter turned towards his nephew.
“No, I’m not stopping!”
“Peter!” You didn’t want to listen to it anymore, and you started yelling at him. “I know you have been fighting about me. I was there, remember? But are you actually blaming me because you two fell in love with the same girl? I didn’t ask for that!” Derek stepped in.
“But you didn’t exactly discourage it either…” You looked down, knowing he was right. You had liked it, two boys like that fighting over you. You hadn’t wanted to choose, but that wasn’t only because you didn’t know who you preferred. You had felt flattered.
“I was only a teenager back then Derek. You do stupid things at that age. But years later, you’re over it. And by the looks of you two, you still are stuck in that phase.” Peter stepped in again.
“Do you have the slightest idea what happened after you left?” You shook your head, and Derek tried to reason with him, putting a hand on his shoulder.
“That wasn’t her fault, Peter. Kate would have found a way…” Peter shrugged him off.
“But she didn’t have to. You were hers for the taking. All because of her. I’ve seen enough…” He turned around, walking away. You still didn’t know how to react on that and looked at Derek, who couldn’t do something else than shrug. Some things never changed…