insult list

Swear words and insults in French

Means: shit
Example: Merde, j’ai oublié de faire mes devoirs!

Means: Fuck (but it’s used for almost everything)
Examples: Putain, ça m’énerve! / C’est génial putain! / On a réussi putain!

Means: mess, shit, damn
Example: C’est quoi ce bordel? / Bordel, qu’est-ce que c’est que ça?

La vache
Means: crap
Example: La vache, il m’a bien eu!

Oh mon dieu
Means: Oh my god
Example: Oh mon dieu il a vraiment fait ça?

Connard / Fils de pute / Enculé
Means: asshole, son of a bitch, fucker (when you’re talking to a boy).
These are popular insults but very vulgar. 

Connasse / Salope / Pétasse
Means: asshole, bitch, slut (when you’re talking to a girl).
These are popular insults but very vulgar. 

Enfoiré / Abruti / Imbécile / Salaud
Means: asshole. These are popular insult but a little bit less vulgar. 

Va te faire foutre
Means: Fuck you

Means: wanker
Example: T’es qu’un branleur!

Means: piss off
Example: Dégage, sors de ma chambre!

Tu me fais chier
Means: You’re pissing me off

Je m’en fous
Means: I don’t give a shit

Ta gueule
Means: shut up

S’en prendre plein la gueule
Means: being critized violently or insulted
Example: Il a triché et il s’en ai pris plein la gueule.

We also often combine these insults, for example “bordel de merde” ou “putain de merde”. 


Not a master list, just a few I’ve collected recently. Enjoy~

미치광 crazy person

냉혹하다 cold

망할 놈/썩을 놈 motherfucker

약쟁이 druggie

망나니 screw-up

비열하다 mean

역겨운 자식 nasty 

어처구니없다 absurd, ridiculous

찌질 loser

애송이 baby

얼빠지다 tacky

망상에 빠지다 delusional

천박하다 shallow

덕후스럽다 nerdy

진따 nerd

제멋대로이다 spoiled

개똥 같은 소리 you’re full of shit/that’s bullshit

진짜 재수 없어 you’re such a jerk/ you’re unbelievable

제정신이야? what is wrong with you?

뿅 갔나? have you lost your mind?

쏴 죽여 버릴 거야 I’m gonna murder you

쪼다 되는 거야 you’re a loser

잠 올라 그런다 you’re putting me to sleep

구역질 나 that’s disgusting

바보짓 하지마 don’t be an idiot

귀 먹었어? are you deaf?

집착 쩐다 you’re obsessed

네가 꽝이야 you’re the worst

엉망진창이야 you’re messed up

사돈남말하시네 look whose talking

배부른 소리 하네 boo-fuckin-hoo (sarc)

존재 자체가 실망이다 you’re a disappointment 


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Request :  Hi you’re taking requests right~? Could I please ask for a scenario with a doctor!jimin? The plot is up to you ^^ Thank you 💖💖

Authors Note: Hey! So I’m making this a hate turns into love type of story. I’m also probably going to turn this into smut cause Jimin deserves a smut, esp with how he’s been making me feel lately. LOL. Anyway, I dont know how many parts this is gonna have but I’m thinking the maximum is just three. So, stay tuned. I’m also sorry if there are errors, I tried proof reading but I know I always have mistakes either way. Hope you enjoy! Tell me what you think ;)

Note: There is a slight mention of blood, nothing major but I still have to warn you.


Fuck shit. Fuck. Shit.

Fucking shit. 

You throw your head back, eyes trying to look anywhere else rather than on the cut on your best friend’s leg. You tap your foot unconsciously against the porcelain tiles, listening to the constant cry of the baby a few beds away. You nibble on your lower lip, your fingers drumming against your thigh as your thoughts start consuming you. 

“Y/n Calm down, I’m not dying.” You hear Yoongi say and you all but glare at him, your jaw locking as you place your hands on your hips. 

“You’re bleeding a god damn lake, Yoongi. I swear, I dont even know why you’re so calm about this.” You growl, eyes scanning for the nurse you had talked to earlier. 

“She said a doctor would be here soon, just calm down.” Yoongi sighs before leaning back against his bed, grabbing his phone and checking his social media accounts. 

“I will not, you could get an infection or fucking bleed to death. You are not dying on me today, Yoongi. Now where the hell are the doctors here?!” You growl, gaining the attention of the rest of the patients waiting to be attended. 

“Ma'am, I’m so sorry but we’re really short staffed today.” One nurse had muttered, checking on one of the patients beside Yoongi’s bed.She eyes you nervously as you glare at her only to be called out by Yoongi, telling you not to scare the poor girl.  

“How do you become short staffed at a hospital? Is that even legal?” You mumble, eyes scanning the hallway before you catch sight of a shade of white. 

“What about that one? Is he a doctor?” You ask the nurse, pointing to the blonde haired boy who was looking down at his phone, hands buried in the pockets of his white coat. 

“Ah,” The nurse purses her lips “Yes but-" 

"Hey! Doctor blonde!” You call out, hands waving as you try to get his attention. The said doctor furrows his eyebrows but continues to walk forward, ignoring your attempt.

“Hey! Do you hear me or not? Blonde boy!” You all but growl, feeling the irritation seep through you at the amount of bad service you were getting. You were about to call out to him again, a list of insults floating in your mind, but he snaps his head up, eyebrows arching as he places his phone back in his pockets. 

“May I help you?” He asks, his gaze threatening, telling you he wasn’t pleased with the way you had called for his attention. 

You couldn’t give a damn what he thought.

“My friend is bleeding like hell here and before any nurse can touch him they apparently need consent from one of the doctors.” You place your hands on your hips “We’ve been here for an hour and no doctor has even tried looking at him." 

"Well I’m sorry but I’m on my break. Another one of my colleagues will probably tend to him soon.” He shrugs, just about ready to walk away. 

“Listen here short fry, another one of your colleagues will be tending to a lot more people if you don’t check on him. NOW.” You hiss, watching as he stops on his tracks, his arms suddenly tightening as he his jaws clenched.

 "What did you just call me?“ He angled his head back to look at you and you arch your eyebrow up to challenge him.

Short fry.“ You smile "So, are you going to do your job or what?" 

His mouth flies open in a scoff as he fully turns his body to look at you "What makes you think I’d want to help you after the way you’ve just spoken to me?”

“How about my complaint letter if you don’t?” You shrug. Screw good manners. You could see the pain in Yoongi’s face and if he wasn’t going to get treated soon, you didn’t mind unleashing hell. 

You watch the tightening of the doctor’s jaw, his gaze just about ready to cut you if he could. He takes one look at Yoongi before he lets out a sigh and starts walking forward. The smile that spreads across your face has you covering your mouth then clapping your hands.

“How’d you get the cut?” The doctor asks Yoongi as he checks the wound with caution. 

“I was out skateboarding and tripped, I kind of hit this metal rod and it opened up.” Yoongi explains and you hide the shudder that runs through you, remembering how he had called you for a ride to the hospital after the incident.

“Its nothing too deep, it’ll need stitches though and you’ll probably have to be injected to avoid an infection. I’ll get a nurse to work on it immediately and I’ll write you a prescription for pain killers.” The blonde doctor mumbles, writing a few things down while the nurse beside him nods attentively at his instructions. 

Once he was done, he gives Yoongi a light pat on the shoulder before turning around and locking eyes with you. 

“Thank-” You were about to say but the sudden smirk that covers his lips makes the words die down in your mouth. He stuffs his hands back in his pockets before he’s walking forward, bumping against your shoulders in the process. 

“You owe me for this, princess.” You hear him mutter, low enough that only you had heard. 

Owe him? 

You frown at the hallway where he had disappeared off to. The more that you thought about him, the more he started seeming familiar.

As if you’d seen him before

You purse your lips in silent thought only to jump when you hear Yoongi’s scream of pain once his wound was being cleaned. 

“I’m fine, Y/n.” Yoongi groans through the phone and you have to bite back a smile as you balance a number of boxes in your hands. The set of books you ordered had finally arrived in the mail today and you had not expected them to be boxed separately, and in such large boxes at that. You navigate yourself down your building’s main halls, lightly pressing on the elevator button while balancing the phone between your shoulder and ear. 

“Is Hoseok there? Who’ll be cooking your dinner? Are you-" 

"I’m fine. I’m ending this call, goodnight.” Yoongi quips, suddenly ending the call and your mouth immediately flies open in shock. 

“Min Yoongi! You asshole!” You growl to no one before hearing the elevator doors ding open. You step inside, relived to hear the footsteps of someone else behind you. 

“Excuse me? Could you press the button for the 15th floor?” You call out behind the pile of boxes constricting your view. 

“Sure.” Was the curt response of your companion and you sigh happily as you lean back against the steel wall, listening to the low drone of music playing in the background. You unconsciously look down, eyes studying the dark gray sneakers of your mystery companion. Your eyes slowly lift up, widening slightly when you see how tight his jeans had hugged his thighs; which were obviously shaped with muscle. 

You bite your lower lip in interest, suddenly feeling the need to at least see this mystery person’s face. With thighs like those, you were predicting him to be a six foot tall athlete with ripped arms and a smile that could kill. You had let your imagination run wild until you heard someone clearing their throat, snapping you out of your reverie.

“It’s the 15th floor.”

You jump up in shock, letting out an embarrassed laugh as you step forward. A wave of shame starts vibrating through you due to your indecent thoughts and you do your best to glue your face against the boxes you were holding as you step out the elevator doors. 


You had not expected him get off on the same floor as you, had not even expected him to be walking at the same direction as you. You frown as his footsteps match yours, even stopping when you had stopped. 

You were getting suspicious, maybe your mysterious thigh man was actually a crazed murderer. Once you stop in front of the door of your flat, you drop the boxes and turn around, ready to confront the crazed man. You open your mouth but no words come out when you’re greeted by the back side of Mr. Thighs as he opens the door of flat right across yours. You immediately shut your mouth, dropping your hands as you watch him jiggle his keys a few times before the door finally opens. You try to peak over his shoulders and see his face, just now realizing that you had never seen your neighbor a day in your life. You frown as he shuts the door behind him, not even revealing the corner of his cheeks or even the color of his hair that was tucked away under a red beanie. You purse your lips in regret before you’re shrugging your shoulders and turning back to open your door.

 So Mr. Thighs lives right across from me. 

                                                  (After 3 days) 

 "I think I lost them.” You mutter to yourself, shoulders sagging as you look at the horrible state of your room after tearing it apart just to look for your glasses. 

You let out a sigh, ruffling your hair as you turn and make your way back towards the kitchen. You switch on the TV, grabbing the knife from the kitchen counter as you return to chopping ingredients for the meal you were preparing. You take one glance at the TV, eyes smiling as the current group you were addicted to takes the stage. You hum their songs blissfully, even swaying to the beat, totally oblivious to the damage you were doing. 

“FUCK!” You scream once the knife had dug into your skin, blood immediately runs down your finger due to the small cut. You stare at your hand in horror, another wave of nausea vibrating through you. You had not known that you had let out a loud scream, had not even realized that you were shaking on the ground till a pair of hands suddenly take yours into their own. 

“What happened? Did you do this to yourself?” Your lips had dried, your mind blank as you just glanced up at who had came to your rescue. 

“It’s not that bad.” He mutters staring at your hand “It’s just bleeding a lot. Are you scared of blood?" 

You don’t answer. You just blink up, trying to see him clearly but your own fear was blinding you as you push back tears. 

"Where’s your first aid kit?” He asks again, more soothing now. 

“Second drawer to the left.” You had finally spoken, voice barely a whisper but still enough to relieve him. He pats your head lightly, moving across the room to grab the said kit before he’s back by your side. 

“This’ll sting, okay? It wont last long.” He warns you and you nod. A hiss escapes your lips as he cleanses the open wound, doing his best to be as careful as possible. A few tears slip past your cheeks and you wipe them away with the back of your free hand, embarrassed to be crying in front of a stranger. After a few minutes, while he was bandaging your wounded finger, you had finally calmed down. 

“There, all done.” He mutters, head lifting up to look at you. Once your gazes had locked, your eyes immediately widen and your mouth flies open. 

“You-You!” You gasp, using your injured hand to point at him only to groan at the sudden sharp pain that ran through you. 

“Dont do that! The wound’s still fresh!” He clicks his tongue, taking your hand back in his hand and examining it. You frown at him, eyes narrowing as you pull your hand away. 

“You’re that mean doctor a few days ago! What the hell are you doing here?” You mutter, holding your hand against your chest “Are you stalking me?" 

"No.” He frowns before running his hand through his hair “If I’d stalk someone, it definitely wont be you." 

"Then why are you here? How’d you get in?” You ask, eyes scanning him in question. He was in a plain gray shirt paired with dark blue pajama pants, his hair slightly disheveled and to top it all off, he was barefoot. 

Just where in the world had he come from? 

“I was making dinner then I suddenly heard a scream. I stepped out the door to check and I heard you scream louder so I started knocking on your door.” He shrugs, standing up then frowning at the mess that had covered your kitchen counter top. 

“I live across the hall.” He mutters, grabbing the wash cloth by the sink and starts wiping off any trace of blood that had spread over the counter top. 

Across the hall? A sudden image of masculine thighs cross your mind and your mouth flies open as you point at him. 

You’re Mr. Thighs?” The words were out of your mouth before you could stop yourself and you immediately wince as you turn away from him, your cheeks reddening. 

“I’m what?” He chokes out, eyes watching you in fascinated humor. 

“What? I didn’t say anything.” You feign innocence as you walk towards the fridge, hoping to ignore him. 

“Yes you did. Mr. Thighs? Is that your nickname for me?” The teasing tone of his voice irks you and you turn to look at him with a glare only to find him lifting up his pajama pants and exposing his thighs, studying them quietly.

“Well, they are pretty amazing, if I do say so myself.” He smiles, eyes twinkling as he meets your gaze yet again. You feel your entire face heat up as you grab a random carrot slice and fling it at him only to have the blonde boy laughing out loud.

Oh wow

Your anger had immediately subsided at the beautiful sound that caressed your ears and you suddenly felt the need to make him laugh even more just so you could hear it again. You clear your throat in embarrassment at your thoughts, turning to look at your ingredients and shivering when you see a few trails of your blood on them. 

“Guess I’ll have to order take out.” You sigh to yourself. 

“You can come over and eat at my place.” The doctor smiles at you “I was cooking earlier and I think I made more than what I could eat." 

You arch an eyebrow at him, doubting his kindness as you cross your arms over your chest 

"I don’t even know you." 

 "I’m Jimin, but I’m also Mr. Thighs, remember?” He laughs and this time, instead of sounding beautiful, his laugh had just irked you. You grit your teeth as you stomp towards the doors, throwing it open and smiling the most sarcastic smile you could muster.

“Get out.”

The young doctor arches an eyebrow at you, eyes scanning you up and down and you curse the heavens for the fact that you had chosen today of all days to wear your yellow duck printed shorts. 

“You’re really something, aren’t you?” Jimin shakes his head, his expression vague “I just helped you, two times to be exact, and all you can be is rude to me.”

“Did I ask for your help this time?” You arch an eyebrow, ready to counter his sarcasm with your own.  Your blood starting to boil, sure you were thankful but with all the cockiness that was vibrating off of Jimin, there was no way in hell you were going to just kiss his ass for it.

“No.” Jimin shakes his head as he slowly walks towards you “Which is why I’m annoyed at myself for even bothering.”

“Well you can be annoyed once your inside your own home.” You smile sweetly at him, eyes batting as you bob your head to the side “Right now, I need you out of mine.”

Jimin presses his tongue against the inside of his cheeks, his temper rising as he stands less than a foot away from you. You meet him head on, your gaze unwavering as you motion for him to exit. He steps out the doors but turns to look at you, a sinister smirk plastering itself on his face. 

“You still owe me, princess.”

“Another time, short fry.” You bite your lower lip happily at the look of anger that crosses his face but before he could even open his mouth to retort, you slam the door shut. You let out a maniacal chuckle before turning back towards your kitchen, searching for take out menus you’d hidden around.

Jimin stares at your door in complete and utter reverberation. Never in his life had he ever been treated the way he was a few minutes ago. At first he was going to allow that incident at the hospital to pass but after having a door slammed to his face, Jimin had decided he was not taking this standing down. 

Short fry? Short fucking fry? 

Oh no. Jimin was not one to let things pass without there being any retribution. The doctor had helped you two times, and two times have you embarrassed him. 

No, no. Jimin was going to get you back.

This. Means. War. 

✂ - discovering to have a common enemy/rival…and decide to collaborate (w/ bartender!jin)

Tonight was supposed to be a good night.

Here, we put emphasis on the word supposed because that shit is ruined the moment you made eye contact with a certain someone. If the word horrible is what you use to describe the lowest of the low, you’d need a better word for this person. He was more than an ex-boyfriend. A liar, cheater, cocky ass wipe and a bunch of other creative names you came up with your friends but now, it wasn’t a time to pull out a list of insults when in front of you - “Okay, what’s up? You look like you’re about to throw that bottle of beer at my face,”

You scoff a laugh, placing the glass down to the counter carefully in case you do, “Tempting,” With one last check that that guy is still existing on the other end of the club, you face forward to Seokjin who seems to pay attention to the way the crease line your forehead and the constant sighs every five minutes. Yes, there’s lingering tension between the pair of you but it was much better since the recent Christmas.

But hey, you and Seokjin wouldn’t have this special relationship if things changed into rainbows and sunshine. You liked the way things were and though some people might think you’re crazy, that’s borderline insulting, you seem to be fine with it. Somehow, maybe only for Kim Seokjin.

“Remember that guy we talked about when we got drunk on Christmas eve?”

He snorts and tucks the rag away, leaning on the counter as he raises a brow, “The asshole that cheated on you?”

“Yeah, he’s-”

“Still talking about me, I see?” A voice - terrifyingly familiar - rings into your ears and Seokjin watches as you press your lips into a thin line, turning your cheek to - “I can’t possibly forget the guy that had no balls to break up with me in person after cheating on me. You can do better than e-mails,”

“You can do better in bed,”

You bite down on your tongue, because your grip you have on the beer bottle is rather tight but with the touch of another, Seokjin as you check, keeps you calm before he speaks up.

“Sir, I’m going to have to ask you to mind your business and get a move on if all you plan on doing is disrupting peace for the night,”

He scoffs, the same time your hand is being flipped over so Seokjin can hold onto it for your assurance it’s fine, more like I’m here for you indirectly.

“Who is he?” He seems to notice your hands locked together on top of the counter, visible like a pedestal (the thought alone was nice), “Your new boyfriend?”

“So what if I am?” Seokjin doesn’t know where this form of need to provoke comes from but he already hates the guy.

“Excuse me, dickhead. Was I talking to you?”

“Whoever it may be, you don’t listen well to orders, do you?”

That’s when you squeeze Seokjin’s hand. Not sure if you want him to stop or to get going because you deserve so much more than this. But Seokjin knows how you feel - once a upon a time, you were in love with this guy. So as Seokjin remains his hold in your hand, he doesn’t know if he should feel thankful when your ex-boyfriend merely scoffs at the sight of a bouncer lingering nearby. All he is rolls his eyes, deeming his time was wasted over this before he stalks off.

You hadn’t even realize you were holding your breath until Seokjin gives you a light tug, then lifting up your abandoned beer bottle to which you take gratefully as you try to relax. After a sip, you’re about to set it away but you motion it to Seokjin because he looks like he could need some but - “You probably need it more than me. And I’d need something stronger because that guy is a prick. No offense,”

With a chuckle, and your hand still in his that even Seokjin himself doesn’t want to bring up (because just maybe he wants to hold onto it a while more), you smile, “None taken.”

“started from the bottom now here we are” is such an understatement when it comes to describing steroline. our ship started with one person telling the other that they’d never happen. we’ve gone back and forth from barely interacting to sweet subtle scenes to dark ages (you know what i’m talking about) to friendship holding two people together to innocent connection and bonding to intimacy to something even better to lovers to soulmates to family. we got to see these two characters grow together, then apart, then back together. this relationship helped both of them to grow into themselves and accept who they are and embrace it and love themselves. they helped each other grow into who they are today. they both left great impact on each other’s life. and they’ve gone through so much! loss and pain and guilt and and cancer and pregnancy out of nowhere and old girlfriends knocking at their doors and hunters trying to kill them and siblings going crazy and just so many curveballs and yet they managed to get through it all. and we got through it, too. we survived everything that’s happened. we survived everyone always doubting this ship. things like ‘stefan will always love x more’ or 'caroline actually loves y and stefan is just a distraction’ or illogical insults and the list goes on and on. we survived the doubts that come when every final nears. and we always got something fascinating instead, be it a great stefan speech or a kiss that fixes everything. and all I’m trying to say is that if we survived season 7 then we can survive anything! It’d be such a shame to spend our final time with these two, worrying over spoilers and details when we’ve been proven wrong many times. our ship is about to get married. nothing else matters.

SQ-Ficlet (What does she think about roses?)

Emma struggles to pick which roses Regina would want. Asked by n3v3r_mind via twitter

Set on: Some place after 6b.

A03 Version

I don’t know if this was what you had in mind but as I was writing the scene this idea came to me and I couldn’t write anything else ever since then. Henry being a little shit is always funny to write about xd Thank you for the prompt ;)

“What do you think about roses?”

Henry looked up from his textbook with a raised eyebrow and looked at his blonde mother who had just slide up in the booth he was seated at, a feigned look of calmness that got promptly destroyed by the way her fingertips drummed against the table’s surface.

“What about them?” He counter asked while putting down his pen, homework be dammed.

Granny’s was bustling with energy being mid-afternoon and so the shift in where children -finally free from school- came to the dinner’s counter decided to drink as much chocolate as possible before heading back to their parents. However, the sound of laughter and passing conversations didn’t drown Emma’s nervous drumming as she looked at him with narrowed eyes, as if deciding how much she could confide on her teen son. Henry kept his brow cocked, a trait he knew he had learnt from his other mother and one he also knew that messed up with the woman he had in front of him. Finally, after a few more seconds of pointless staring Emma let out a deep sigh and nodded to herself before she put her elbows down the table, closing the distance between her son and herself as much as possible over it.

“Regina, does she like roses?”

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In light of how much stress my classmates are making me feel, I compiled this list of insults you all can use from now one:

  • Simpleton
  • Dull-witted derelict
  • Obtuse 
  • Conglomerate of intellectual constipation
  • Unconscionably malignant varmint
  • Deplorable calamity of birth
  • Degenerate air-polluting abomination of humanity
  • Cumberworld
  • Halitosis-infested blight
  • Wretch
  • Lamentable mistake by your parent’s reckless exchange of genetic material
  • Unequivocally inept subhuman
  • Unutterably foul reprobate
  • Preposterous all-befouling moving stench of trash
  • Horribly atrocious grudge-festering derelict whose birth certificate is an apology from the condom factory
The one where they go to a music festival.

Hannibal AU: Will brings Hannibal to a music festival (Somewhereville, US).

Rating: M
Word Count: 5,000
Tags: Recreational drug use, explicit language, crack-ish, fluff, some American Gods characters appear 

Hannibal stared down at his phone. Strands of hair stuck out through his fingers as he palmed his face, groaning out a loud sigh.

The screen lit up again and the desk vibrated, rattling the small jar of change nearby.

        “Please come with. Everyone else is boring.”

His lips fought with every muscle, twisting in restraint to keep from smiling. No one else could have talked to him into this, this nightmarish display of banality.

But Will Graham, it seemed, possessed a strange pull over Hannibal. As a teaching assistant, his former student of sorts had captured his attention on the first day of class. Will took to staying late after he’d failed his first exam, but he seemed to thrive in the personalized setting of his office. They’d spent so much time studying at office hours that Will soared to the top of the class. But still the visits continued, more frequently if anything.

In class, Will mostly slept, with his lost-puppy looking curls covering his face. But in Hannibal’s office, Will opened up quickly, sometimes rambling way past their appointment times. He’d never taken care to stop him, of course, and after their last appointment of the semester, Will had promised to keep pestering him.

Please do,” Hannibal had said then, with an idiotic smile. He regretted those words now, as his thumbs navigated the quick response into his phone.

        “Alright, fine.

Immediately he saw the ellipses that indicated that Will was typing. A warmth tingled in his belly, realizing that Will had been waiting for Hannibal’s answer, and when his phone vibrated back he burst into an ear to ear smile at the belligerent spew of celebratory emojis that followed.

        ”Promise we’ll have fun. I got tix and supplies. Pick you up at 8.

Hannibal leered miserably at the screen, trying not to grin at the multiple texts that followed. Sunglasses emoji. Thumbs up emoji. Sun emoji. Guitar emoji. He snorted, trying to hold in his laughter at the cigarette and beer emojis. Music note emoji.

Fuck, he thought idly, relaxing into his couch. He was going to a music festival.

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Whether you’re ranting about someone who upset you, calling someone out on their bad behavior, or describing a particularly unpleasant character in a story, there are times and places for insults and harsh language. That DOESN’T mean you have to use problematic language.

This is a list of alternatives. It will be updated and changed overtime due to feedback and suggestions, so check back to the original post for the newest version.

Since they’re in alphabetical order, ironically the first one is literally “ableist”

  • ableist
  • absurd
  • aggravating
  • annoying 
  • anti sjw
  • anti-vaxxer
  • anxiety inducing
  • (any compliment with extremely obvious sarcasm and eye-rolling)
  • awful
  • bad
  • brash
  • boring
  • bully
  • cantankerous
  • careless
  • cheat
  • cheater
  • cheesy
  • chicken
  • cisnormative
  • cissexist
  • conceited
  • contemptible 
  • contrary
  • corny
  • corrupt
  • craven
  • creep
  • creepy
  • crotchety
  • cruel
  • crummy
  • cowardly
  • damaging
  • dangerous
  • deliberately [harmful]
  • derogatory
  • disagreeable
  • disappointing
  • discomforting
  • discriminatory
  • disgusting
  • disrespectful
  • distasteful 
  • dork
  • dreadful
  • dubious
  • dudebro
  • dull
  • dweeb
  • eccentric
  • elitist
  • enraging
  • entitled
  • farcical
  • fat-shamer
  • fink
  • fool
  • foolhardy
  • foolish
  • frightening
  • frustrating
  • goat
  • goober
  • goofy
  • grating
  • gross
  • hateful
  • harmful
  • haughty
  • heteronormative
  • homophobic
  • horrible
  • horrible no-good very-bad
  • ignorant
  • illogical
  • immoral
  • imperceptive
  • impatient 
  • impolite
  • impractical
  • incompetent
  • incomprehensible
  • incorrigible
  • infant
  • infuriating
  • insidious
  • insufferable
  • invidious
  • irksome 
  • irrational
  • irresolute
  • irritable
  • irritating
  • jackass
  • jarring
  • jerk
  • juvenile
  • klutz
  • knucklehead
  • lascivious
  • lazy
  • liar
  • lily-livered
  • lousy
  • ludicrous
  • mean
  • mean-spirited
  • messy
  • misogynist
  • no good 
  • noisy
  • nonsensical
  • not an ally
  • objectionable
  • oblivious
  • obnoxious
  • offensive
  • outlandish
  • overbearing
  • peevish
  • perplexing
  • pompous
  • preposterous
  • pretentious
  • putz
  • queerphobic
  • questionable
  • racist
  • rash
  • really obviously extremely privileged and it shows
  • recalcitrant
  • reckless
  • repressed
  • repellant
  • repugnant
  • repulsive
  • resentful
  • revolting
  • ridiculous
  • rotten
  • rubbish
  • rude
  • scary
  • schmuck
  • selfish
  • self absorbed
  • self important
  • senseless
  • sexist
  • silly
  • skeezy
  • sketchy
  • sleazy
  • sloppy
  • snappish
  • snappy
  • sneaky
  • snide
  • spiteful
  • sophomoric
  • sucky
  • swear words (lots and lots of swear words)
  • tacky
  • takes __ for granted
  • terrible
  • transphobic
  • (intentionally) triggering
  • troublesome
  • twerp
  • unacceptable
  • unbearable
  • unbelievable
  • uncomprehending
  • uncool
  • uncouth
  • undermining
  • unfathomable
  • unfriendly
  • unhelpful
  • unimpressive
  • unjust
  • unknowingly
  • unlikable
  • unnerving
  • unpleasant
  • unpredictable
  • unprofessional 
  • unreasonable
  • unruly
  • unsavory
  • unsettling
  • untrustworthy
  • upsetting
  • vapid
  • vexatious
  • vexing
  • vicious 
  • violent
  • volatile
  • wacky
  • weak willed
  • weeny
  • whiny
  • wimp
  • xenophobic
  • xylophone (if you say any noun with the right tone, it becomes an insult; also I wanted another one for “x”)
  • yahoo (this is literally an insult, it means noisy/rude/violent person)
  • yucky
  • yuppie
  • yutz
  • zumbo

And of course “You’re not being the person Mr. Rogers knew you could be.”

On French Slang

So, you’ve looked through all of your references, and you think you’re ready to go! Except, you’re going to want to use some actual french words to populate your fic, comic, or whatever it is that you’re making for that. But you don’t really want to turn to the dreaded (dun dun) Google Translate (eurgh). Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Here are some very common French phrases and ways of speaking that can easily make your creation feel way more authentic, along with some pure French slang.

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A list of insults from Old Hollywood actors

Insults compiled from various books, magazines, newspapers and 

  1. Bette Davis on Joan Crawford: “I wouldn’t piss on her if she was on fire.” 
  2. Bette Davis on Joan Crawford: “The only male at MGM she hasn’t slept with is Lassie!”
  3. Bette Davis on Joan Crawford: “My mother told me to only speak good of the dead. Joan Crawford is dead. Good.”
  4. Carole Lombard on Vivien Leigh: “That f–king English bitch.” 
  5. Frank Sinatra on Dorothy Kilgallen: “The chinless wonder.”
  6. Frank Sinatra on Dorothy Kilgallen: "If you happen to run into Dorothy Kilgallen, be sure you’re in your car.“
  7. Frank Sinatra on Shelley Winters: “A bowlegged bitch of a Brooklyn blonde.” 
  8. Humphrey Bogart on William Holden: “A dumb prick.”
  9. Joan Crawford on Bette Davis: “She has a cult, and what the hell is a cult except a gang of rebels without a cause. I have fans. There’s a big difference.” 
  10. John Gielgud on Ingrid Bergman: “Ingrid Bergman speaks five languages and can’t act in any of them.” 
  11. John Wayne on Clark Gable: “Gable’s an idiot. You know why he’s an actor? It’s the only thing he’s smart enough to do.”
  12. Laurence Olivier on Marilyn Monroe: “My hatred for her was one of the strongest emotions I had ever felt.”
  13. Myrna Loy on Clark Gable: "He couldn’t act his way out of a paper bag”
  14. Richard Harris on Michael Caine: “An over-fat, flatulent, 62-year-old windbag. A master of inconsequence masquerading as a guru, passing off his vast limitations as pious virtues.” 
  15. Shelley Winters on Frank Sinatra: “A skinny, no-talent, stupid, Hoboken bastard.” 
  16. Sterling Hayden on Joan Crawford: “There’s is not enough money in Hollywood to lure me into making another picture with Joan Crawford. And I like money.”  
  17. Walter Mattheu to Barbra Streisand during an on set argument while making HELLO DOLLY!: “I have more talent in my farts than you have in your whole body.” 
  18. William Holden on Humphrey Bogart: “I hated the bastard.”  
Animal jam insults

List of slang insults:

Munch face= ugly jammer with poorly decorated animal eg a jammer who throws on all their rare items despite it dosn’t go together or just ugly. “Don’t call me ugly you munch face!”

Cringe queen= jammers who thinks they’re funny but not…

hog/hogger= jammers who is desperately for attention so they try to “hog” the attention. “That girl is such a hog”

Grimey jammer= clingy/thirsty and gross mate beggers “ew that jammer was so grimey” “Keep your grimey as paws off me!”

Nub= idiot/dumb/noob “what a nub!”

Go hug yourself= nobody loves you/get lost.                                 

Crinkled= Owned/rekt/weak

“Boii I’ll crinkle you like a piece of paper!”

“Jisteria shipping crinkled Aparri”

fart breath= jammer who talks a lot of crap and causing unnecessary  drama


Felt like making some slangs we can use without many knowing on AJ,

reblog this guys so it’ll be language of our people.


A/N: This is Part II. Part I can be read here. This turned out so fluffy but come on, Boomerang is a cute baddie, after all.

Words: 1446
Warnings: mentions of real bad parenting and parent death, abduction and hostage

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