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you know i don’t think i’ve ever actually seen batman with a water bottle, even though you know that Mister I-Am-Prepared-For-All-Things-And-Eleven-Steps-Ahead-Because-I-Knew-You-Would-Only-Expect-Ten would never let himself or any of the robins get all dehydrated and headachey and muscle crampy. i’ve seen bruce wayne with a water bottle, but never batman, in full costume, standing on a rooftop with a matte black stainless steel double-walled bottle of water with a l'il yellow bat sticker on it. you know he tried a bat-shaped canteen and then gave up on it because it was too hard to clean. too many nooks and crannies. ‘but wouldn’t he make alfred clean it’ if you think bruce is capable of making alfred do any manual labor that he doesn’t want to you are sorely mistaken. took one look at that dumbass canteen and he just left the room. oh no, master bruce, i would never deny you the complete ownership experience of whatever the fuck this is that you thought would be a good idea this time. you go ahead and wash that yourself. two days later he’s got a sensible water bottle well-insulated enough that he doesn’t have to worry about condensation fucking up his grip. in an emergency it can be used as a bludgeon. robin has a water bottle but no one knows what it looks like because he never fucking brings it even though they have this conversation every goddamn night and it doesn’t matter if you get free slurpees from every gas station cashier you’ve ever saved from a robbery, that is not hydrating, drink some goddamn water and if you complain about having a headache later you’ll have only yourself to blame you horrible little sugar gremlin. 'okay but which robin’ all of them, they are all like this, barbara and steph never have a problem with bringing some goddamn water like a sensible person, why are boys like this.

the signs based on people i personally know
  • aries: probably the hardest working and also the best procrastinator. they have no filter. will drop everything to help you. has the wildest almost unbelievable stories and evidence in case you don't believe them. can make you smile even when you feel like shit.
  • taurus: the biggest romantic with the biggest heart. you don't think they care about you? they do. fuzzy blanket enthusiast. no matter how busy they are, how much work they have to do, if you need to talk, they're there. they won't share unless you ask. always watching a new tv show.
  • gemini: probably knows the scientific explanation behind that. not two faced contrary to popular belief, but is just so goddamn charming they can get along with various types of people. will literally wallow in their negative emotions until they burst. humour is their best defense mechanism.
  • cancer: will call you out if you act stupid. wants you to remember all the good times you've had with them because they're scared you'll forget and leave them behind. willing to drive for hours to get some really good food.
  • leo: has the courage to say the things that everyone else was too afraid to say. can be sobbing one second and making jokes the next. has the most random things on their wall, but in an organized way. will drive to your house at midnight because they wanted to be with you.
  • virgo: their room is actually a mess most of the time. likes to avoid their problems a lot. but once forced to deal with them, it didn't even seem like they were struggling at all. more of a listener. often has flashbacks of dumb things they've said.
  • libra: prioritizes the wrong things. it takes a while for their jokes to be understood by the public. has a recognizable catchphrase. has no tolerance for assholes and will literally go off on you and make you rethink your life choices.
  • scorpio: so determined. will do anything to distract themselves from their emotional instability. has hundreds of friends but only considers 3 of them as real ones. sleeps a lot because its the only time their mind shuts up. will remember that one thing you said seven years ago.
  • sagittarius: always thinks of something fun to do. has a lot of doubts and insecurities about themselves and won't believe you when you try to reassure them. very picky about the people they choose to spend their time with. clumsy af and will literally trip on air. you probably owe them money.
  • capricorn: sometimes you can't tell if they're being serious or if they're joking. often questions the validity of their friendships. probably cried the other night. likes to go on roofs. good at looking productive but they are actually just looking at cat videos.
  • aquarius: so incredibly talented. cannot multitask for their life. belts at the top of their lungs in the shower. when they're walking it looks like they're walking to the beat of some 80s funk song. they are the shoulder you cry on. handles confrontation well.
  • pisces: tries to act really tough and independent but in reality they just want a big hug. loves insulated water bottles. has an encyclopedia full of inside jokes they share with their friends. was probably the teacher's favorite. owns books they haven't even opened

Mar. 24, 2017 | 12:03 PM PDT

March Study Challenge
Day 23: What’s in my backpack

Sorry guys, long day at school yesterday (post here).  I got home later than I planned, and by the time I got home, the lighting in my room wasn’t ideal for pictures.

Anyways, here’s everything that’s in my backpack!
Supply list under the cut:

**  Check out my “what’s in my pencil bag” post here! **

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ponkita  asked:

Psst. I think Tumblr cut off the first part of your nice ask. How many things do I need to put about myself?

This is why I shouldn’t Tumblr while tipsy.



hello instrumentalists! band camp is coming up very soon for most of us, and for some of us this might be our very first band camp. regardless of how many years you have under your harness, it’s always good to know exactly what you need during this time of…harshness.

YOU WILL BE MARCHING FOR PROBABLY EIGHT (8) HOURS OR MORE. it will most likely be very hot since it’s summer here in america, and most bands practice on their school parking lot.


- if you haven’t started band camp yet, start getting water into your system asap. you need the hydration so you don’t get weak or faint while you’re out in the heat; if you don’t have enough water in you, you will sweat it all out!

- invest in a water bottle of your own. preferably not plastic bc it’s bad for the environment, so get glass or something else environmentally friendly! your band directors will provide water bottles every day, but they’ll run out fast and probably make a mess as well. plus, you can refill it And it’ll stay cold longer if you get an insulated bottle!

- if you have started band camp already, get water into your system rly fast. chug it by the bottle if you want. not too much but however much you feel like is enough! you really need that water and my band instructors encouraged us to drink a bunch immediately if we felt dehydrated. if you feel dizzy or sick, don’t be afraid to tell your band instructor! they will let you sit and drink for a moment and recuperate.


- pls eat healthy and avoid junk foods during this time. your body needs to be as strong as it can for this stufd, especially since you’re on your feet so long, especially² if it’s hot where you practice and you’re sweating a lot

- be sure to eat a mix of carbs and protiens for breakfast every morning; the carbs will give you a burst of energy and the protien will keep you going all day! (i suggest eggs with almonds, fruits, and ur fav cereal if ur not full)

- make sure to eat food that will give you plenty of energy for lunch. that’s when u start to get tired and droopy and hurting so Feed Your Body Good Stuff

- mcdonalds is easier but Don’t . Blease .


- someone is going to pass out. don’t panic when it happens. it can and will happen anywhere. if it’s you, make sure you get the help you need after and Make Sure to prevent it from happening again! you need more water. if it’s not you, comfort the person when they wake up, get them what they need, and get your band director immediately.

- always have sunscreen on you! every break you get, put it on! it’s easy to get sun poisoning if you’re out in the sun for that long, and even if it’s not sun poisoning, burns really hurt like hell and marching while burnt is not a fun experience!

- if you have any health conditions you feel could be triggered during camp, whether it be physical or mental, please let your director know! they will try to be understanding and accommodate to your needs because no one wants a sick or injured kid on their hands!

- if u sweat a lot drink More More Water

- always keep bandaids and gauze with you! not everyone does this but i do, and if you want to go through the trouble then go ahead. as well as bee sting ointment if you want that too. someone’s gonna trip and fall, or get stung by a bee, or get cut, or whatever. heres a list of helpful stuff you might want
__ - gauze/bandaids
__ - neosporin
__ - aloe vera for burns
__ - sunscreen
__ - bee sting relief
__ - your meds
__ - pain relief meds
__ - deodorant

- you’ll hear this from everyone but GET A GOOD NIGHT’S SLEEP. for obvious reasons. marching while you’re tired in the heat really really sucks and you’re going to need the energy


- if you can go naked i suggest going naked

- no really. it’s fucking scorching especially if you practice in an area without any trees or other shade and the worst is if you practice on asphalt/blacktop. aka parking lot

- tank tops are your best friends and so are shorts

- don’t wear flip flops you’ll hurt your feet and you have a much higher chance of tripping and falling

- literally always have a tank top and shorts on even if it’s chilly (HA) because if it gets hotter you’ll suffer and might pass out

- hats are advised, to keep the sun out of your eyes, as well as sunglasses

- keep a lil bag if u want to keep a water bottle in and some munchies


What’s In My Backpack?

Hello darlings! I now present my backpack! ❋ ❋ ❋


- The North Face Borealis Backpack (Black/Powder Blue)

- Insulated Water Bottle

- Samsung Galaxy Core

- Large Wallet (ID cards, loyalty cards, bus pass, etc.)


- Apple Headphones

- Wintergreen Mint Flavor Altoids

- Bath & Body Works Stress Relief Hand Sanitizer

- Burt’s Bees Lip Balm

- Kleenex

- Phone Charger


- LIHIT Lab Pen Pouch

- iPad 3rd Generation

- TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition

- Keys

- Rhodia Mini Notepad

- Makeup bag


- Mead Five Star 13-pocket Expanding File

- Rhodia Large Quad-Rule Notepad

- Blue Sky 2016-2017 Planner

- Cottonwood Arts Bullet Journal

- iPad Charger

I start college tomorrow and I was so excited that I thought I’d do a last-minute What’s In My Backpack post because I’ve got everything packed and ready to go go go. This obviously doesn’t include my textbooks or other random items that’ll inevitably find their way to the bottom of my bag throughout the quarter…

Have a wonderfully studious week!  ❤ ♡ ❤ ♡

Heatwaves: part 1/5

From an unposted want ad:

Roommate Wanted Needed. Non-smoker. Must Love Dogs. Must not mind sweltering heat and humidity and a lack of air conditioning. Must be willing–and able–to stay out of my damn way. I’m not looking for a buddy. Pets accepted. Rent and utilities split evenly on an adorable seaside cottage a million miles from the asphalt and refuse stench of Kirkwall.

Dragon Age Roomates AU. Trevelyan x Hawke. Fluff. Eventual smut. 7k of approximately 30k planned. Yes, this will actually not be one of my epic longfics. :D 

Roommate Wanted. No, not wanted. Needed.

The last thing Essa Trevelyan wanted was to share her cottage with a stranger, but as it wasn’t strictly hers in any real sense, and she only had a enough saved up to cover the full rent for another few months, she was going to have to suck it up or lose the lease. She and Fin had lived here for two years—two perfect years—and she wasn’t going to give the place up without a fight. The old caretaker’s house was nestled at the foot of a neglected lighthouse, came complete with a gardening shed and a four stall stable. The view was breathtaking, sea to the south, pasture to the north, sheer cliffs to the east, and dunes to the west. There was a short walk down to a rocky beach and the empty village of Seaside, long abandoned to sea oats and ghosts. Kirkwall was a good half hour drive west and most tourists didn’t come this far out when there were white sand beaches and gentler tides closer to the city.

Non-smoker, must love dogs.

“How’s it going?”

Essa didn’t look up from the want ad samples she had pulled up on her laptop. “How’s it look like it’s going?”

She stabbed viciously at the peacock feathered memo pad she’d swiped off of the refrigerator. There were only three sheets left.  Not long ago Bethany would have already replaced it with something just as fancy; she liked stationery, snazzy pens. They used the fridge along with the bathroom mirror as note stations. There was a dry erase marker hanging from the top of the medicine cabinet on a silk ribbon. Essa was as likely as not to ignore her phone and she snarled at using technology to keep up with the people she lived with. She was going to have to get Beth and Fin special ringtones or something. Essa sighed.

“About like I expected.”

Fin sat down in the chair across from her, stretched his long legs out beneath the table until his bare toes curled cool and steady against hers. It was only the end of Cloudreach and with the sea breeze coming in through the open windows and doors, it wasn’t hot yet, but another few months and…

Must not mind sweltering heat and humidity and a lack of air conditioning, Essa added to her list, each word an angry scratch.

“I’m sorry.” Fin’s lips twisting slightly; he leaned forward to swipe Essa’s water bottle.

Living with her best friend had been easy. She and Fin had come to Kirkwall together. Fin chasing a coveted apprenticeship with one of the Free Marches’s most talented metalworkers, Essa as an instructor for the Templar Working Dog program. They didn’t recruit often outside of the military, but she’s made a name for herself back in Ostwick, and one of her rehabbed fight dogs had become a PTSD therapy dog for the local knight commander. He had been impressed enough to offer her a reasonable salary in addition to tuition for whatever training programs she might want to enroll in as long as she brought her expertise back to the Tower’s mabari and their enlisted humans. It was a good job; Essa liked the work and she liked the exposure for her rescue efforts.

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This is a new one for me. I got tagged for a Hydration Selfie by @daddynobucks. And since I’m a team player, here you go!

Here we have the Stanley insulated water bottle. No sweating and will keep ice water cold for 24 hours. Now THAT’S a good water bottle.

shout out to insulated water bottles the real mvps

i’m sitting in bed, thirsty but too lazy to get up & get a new drink, resigned to the fact that i’m just gonna be drinking old cold tea from the bottle i made like 8 hours ago…… but then i open it and it’s still HOT???? klean kanteen, the hero we deserve

submitted by Nicholas Chopp

External image

Everything to the left of the Nexus 6P is in the bag, everything else is my person. Not pictured: 1. Springfield XD(M) 3.8 9mm with 19rd magazine, Aliengear 2.0 Tuck, 2x 13rd magazines (when going somewhere other than on-post) 2. Diapers, Wipes, and extra changes of clothes for kids (when I’m not flying solo) 3. Lenovo Y500 Core i7 laptop (rarely)

Got myself a huge, insulated bottle so I can have cold water at all times.

A+ self care. Although it’s mainly piercing care because gotta stay hydrated and all that.

Apparently it can fit a whole bottle of wine. The tag said so. Because it’s important to keep your wine hot/cold, I guess? 

I just finished up yet another airsoft build and it is the .45 auto pistol with the silencer modification from the Fallout:New Vegas add on Honest Hearts. I purchased the pistol on eBay and was quite disappointed that it is a compact version when I was positive it was full size so I could make myself another A Light Shining in Darkness. Oh well, I couldn’t let it go to waste! I filled in the two grooves on each side of the frame as well as the screw holes. I then made a removable silencer( I prefer to say suppressor but, that’s what it’s labeled as in game) using PVC pipe, a marker, craft foam, foamular insulation board, a water bottle cap and a smencil tube. I was actually able to keep it fully functional so, that’s a plus! Hope y'all dig it.


//Wednesday, June 14th, 2017//
Stationary haul! I’m beyond happy with everything I purchased! Everything is from Amazon! Items purchased: MIRA Vacuum Insulated Travel Water Bottle- keeps cold drinks cold for a few hours, however it does sweat a bit. Doesn’t keep drinks nearly as cold as a YETI cup does, but still much better than a normal glass. Doesn’t leak and is super cute! They have a ton more patterns, too. Staedtler Triplus Fineliners in 36 Brilliant Colors- gorgeous colors, and the nibs don’t bend, fray, or break at all! Very comfortable in my hand and they haven’t bled through any paper I have tried them on. I have been hesitant to buy them for a few years now, but the investment is totally worth it. Pilot Juice Gel Ink Ballpoint Pens 12 Pack- OH MY GOODNESS these pens deserve 6 out of 5 stars. I have watched several video reviews of these and have seen them all over tumblr, but you don’t understand how great they are until you try them! They don’t skip, scratch, smear, ghost, or bleed and the colors are gorgeous! Highly recommend. GANSSIA Colorful Series 0.7 mm Mechanical Pencils- comes with two of each color and an adorable lead refill pack which looks like a pig! They write smoothly, however the ends do not have erasers. I love how sleek and cute they are, and they hold like a pen in your hand versus a skinny/uncomfortable pencil. Muji Standard Stationary Set- comes with a large size pencil case, 15 cm ruler, polycarbonate 0.5mm mechanical pencil, small sized white eraser, and a 0.7mm black ballpoint pen. I am super happy with everything, and the pencil case is much roomier and sturdier than I expected. The pencil is the smoothest writing I have ever used, and the eraser is capped which is nice! Amazing set for only $9, and I would definitely purchase it again! 15 Color Full Set Zebra Mildliners- this purchase came with all three packs for only $17, which I was happy to find. Some reviews claim theirs did not come in the boxes, so I was pleasantly surprised to receive all of my Mildliners in their respective cases! I love the colors and how smooth they write, not to mention the double-ended aspect, and you can’t beat it for the price! The only complaints I have is how dark some of them are, they smear slightly over Pilot Juice pens, and they always leave a mark at the end of the highlight. Still love them though! Lila Unruled Blank Notebooks- THESE NOTEBOOKS ARE AMAZING. Letter paper size (8.5x11in), blank pages, thick paper, NUMBERED PAGES, soft covers (they feel like actual velvet), 100 pgs, and only $4.25 per notebook! They’re great for a large bullet-journal, as they’re amazing quality for such a low price. They have tons of colors, but I went with black and one marble. I’m using them to put my revised and re-written notes in. Sorry for the long post and no links; I’m still trying to figure out how I want to write my posts. Hope you enjoy! 💕📖

Summer Hacks

This is not your typical summer hacks where I teach you how to make a speaker, but how to take care of your medicine.  Let’s say it is a hot summer day and you are going to the pool.  EpiPens should be stored at room temperature, that way it doesn’t get damaged.  It is very difficult to keep EpiPens cool in the summer.  But one way to keep them cool is to get a water bottle insulator.  It is small yet big enough to keep your EpiPens cool.  Another way is to find shade and put your bag under it.  If there is no shade, but there are chairs, you can spread a towel on the chair and put your bag underneath.  Epipens are also very expensive, here’s a way to hide your EpiPens if you are at the pool or beach.  You can put your EpiPens in a wash, empty sunscreen bottle.  People will think it’s just sunscreen.  You can also put your phone, money, keys, and anything else that is valuable.  Today most baseball fields sell some form of nuts.  One way to be careful at baseball games is bringing your own chair or wiping down where you are going to sit.  My brothers play baseball and everywhere I go there are nuts.  So I bring my own chair everywhere I go.

All three of my “poor man’s” Nuka Cola bottles from Fallout 4. From left to right, Nuka Cola, Nuka Cherry and Nuka Cola Quantum. Made using Perrrier plastic bottles, foam core poster board, Owens Corning foamular insulation foam, bottle caps and labels printed on regular paper that was coated in Elmers Glue-All then the whole bottle was clear coated with rustoleum clear gloss engine enamel.

#BestYearEver: Drink More Water

Stay motivated and energized with a cool new water bottle

It’s a brand new year, which means new routines and resolutions. To help you have the best year ever, we’re giving you plenty of advice and inspiration on style, productivity and healthy living. First up, a goal we can all strive for: drink more water! Staying hydrated is essential for living your best life - drinking enough water not only keeps your energy levels up, but it also revives your skin and hair. Speaking from experience, we know that having a pretty water bottle by your side can help motivate you to stay in check, so we rounded up the best new designs to shop now, below. No more excuses not to look and feel your best!

Water Bottle

‘Couples’ Water Bottles

Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Glass Water Bottle, Bambi, 500 mL

'Hand Painted Textile Collection’ Water Bottle (17 oz.)

bkr Glass Water Bottle, Momo Heart, 500 mL

Insulated Water Bottle by Hydro Flask

NEW! Water Bottle

Water bottle

Reusable Glass Water Bottle


For Day 1(January 13th).

Alright here goes:

The first day of the convention was January 13th, which you may recognize as the best day in the world, because it is my born day. My day started super early because I had a 6:00 A.M. flight to catch, but I made sure to be super sharp because I have a personal policy of looking as much like a celebrity as possible at the airport, lmao:

I slept most of the flight, because I knew once I landed in Vancouver it would pretty much be “Go” time, all the time (and I was right!), but I did manage to catch some really cool scenery (honestly the Seattle/Vancouver area is the perfect Ice Nation):

I arrived at the hotel too early to check in (around 11), but I messaged the Unity Day Fam that I’d arrived and when they came back from their adventure we went to grab something to eat! We found a nice little pub/bar type deal and the food was amazing (one of my favorite things about Canada is the food-always has been).

Here’s one of many group pictures that we took (this one was taken by a very nice waitress!):

After we ate dinner, I remembered that I wanted to buy Bob a plant, so Sam, Jen, Sarah, Allison and I went on a little adventure to find one. With their help I decided on a cactus, which I cleverly named “Bactus”, short for “Bob’s Cactus”, here he is:

We finished cactus shopping with just enough time to run back to the hotel and get in line for registration.

The line was a pretty decent length but moved quickly. Once you were all checked you received a wristband with your ticket level:

(I’ve cut mine off now, obviously), as well as a lanyard with your ticket level :

I also purchased a “Bellamy Blake” inspired charm bracelet, which you can see here (the charms are a sheriff’s badge, a boombox, a beer bottle, a globe, the Arkadian symbol a rocket/dropship a pistol, a ball cap and a deer),:

The first panel of the Con was “The 100 Meta Panel” which was run by popular meta podcast runners, I didn’t stay in there for too long as I was super excited to get some bids in on the Cancer Gets LOST Charity Auction which was organized and run by Jo Garfein.

There were so many amazing items at the auction, including loads of fan art, the Season 4 Christmas Gift from the Writer’s Room (a The 100 blanket) and a Season 4 insulated water bottle, crocheted Cl/xa dolls, and some of the original caricatures that @okbjgm​ (Javi) drew during Season 3).

We also snagged dinner during “The 100 Meta Panel”, which took place right before the Unity Days Cocktail Party and Pre Party.

While I was checking on my bids at the Silent Auction, Sachin walked in and surprised a ton of us:

Here he’s greeting the “Bellarke” baby, he actually dropped by to check out a fan art of Jackson and Abby that was up for auction.

We all got dressed up and headed back down to the Cocktail Party, where I actually met Sachin and he wished me a happy birthday which was super amazing:

At some point during the event, Sachin left and returned with Chelsey and Jessica:

Who had a great time at the Pre=Party with us! At 10:00 (P.M.) it was time to find out who won what in the auction and I won 4 out of 5 of the items I bid for, which was amazing:

As someone who adores the Writer’s Room drawings I was so very excited to see that I won the Snakes on a Kane drawing:

the Jahapocalypse Now drawing (the quote on it is extremely apt):

This Bellarke postcard that I had both Bob and Eliza sign:

My last win was a Raven line drawing which I had Lindsey sign:

After collecting my items from the auction, we went back upstairs to Sam, Jen and Sarah’s room, where Sarah gave me an awesome birthday card that made me cry and that I kept in a place of honor for my stay at the hotel:

Then I turned off the light and snagged a great shot of Vancouver and it’s mountains and bay at night before getting into bed to prep for the next day:

Excellent customer support.

I like the Polar insulated water bottles. Sheila and I own several of them. They fit in bicycle water bottle cages and keep water or Nuun from getting hot on long summer rides. If I drive somewhere to run, water will stay cold in them for a while even if the car is parked in the sun.

Ella chewed up one of the caps and another one broke. I went online to see if I could order just some caps rather than buy all new bottles.

Here’s what the Polar site says.

The water bottle cap is a vulnerable thing. They get lost, broken, become dog toys, and are subject to strange occurrences that even the most gifted writers couldn’t dream up. Fortunately, our unconditional lifetime guarantee extends to our caps as well. If you’re ever in need of a new cap, simply fill out and submit form below and we’ll get your new caps on their way to your door. You never pay a dime.

I ordered two. They arrived in two days.