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European racists are blaming "insular" Muslim immigrants for living in ghettos and not integrating with broader society. Who built those fucking ghettos you racist fucks??

Yeah, a similar thing happens in America, and it’s some truly perverse shit when you blame people WHO YOU DO NOT WELCOME of gathering together in their own communities for strength and support.

I know I said I’d do Germanic next but it’s a big one so in the meantime here is a language map/tree of the Insular Celtic language group! Just to save the confusion we had with the last one I don’t include extinct languages ~ thanks for the request!


If a pineapple inflorescence is exposed to excessive heat or excessive sunlight, the crown on the resulting fruit will sometimes mutate into multiples.

This mutation is much more common in pineapple-growing regions in Australia or Côte d'Ivoire, than it is in Hawai'i, for example; this is because Hawai'ian summer temperatures are more moderate.

Source: Handbook of Environmental Physiology of Fruit Crops, Volume 2, By Bruce Schaffer, Peter C. Andersen

Photos: Sarawak Lens