honestly the demand for constant productivity in college is so ignorant of neurodivergent people’s needs and limitations like how can I be expected to function let alone thrive in an instutution that literally caters to and only to people who are enthusiastically churning out work at virtually all times and are able to manage their time and maintain a healthy state of mind while doing it…like I understand there is a certain level of need for those things in order to progress and learn but instructors and faculty are just..not. understanding of students who literally cannot do those things on their own or possibly even to that standard at all and they are so quick to make students feel judged and worthless because of their perceived failings…like literally why can’t education systems and educators acknowledge that this shit is so draining and damn near impossible for us at times. I feel very isolated and alone in my struggle with this because of the way schools are structured but I know I’m not the only one who goes through this

The photos were actually taken at Srirachi Tiger Zoo in Chonburi, Thailand. Srirachi is a peculiar instutute that follows a practice of, we kid you not, switching the newborns of different species during nursing periods. In fact, the mother tigress from the pictures was herself nursed by a mother pig until she was four months old.

It works, too – they say that even if the staff removed the tiger jackets (which appear to be there for our sake), the tiger mother would still recognize its “children” and continue treating the piglets as her own young. The end result is that the animals are more docile toward not only each other, but also staff and visitors somehow.

It’s not just a tiger/pig deal, either: The tigress has at least one similar thing going on with a dog that resides in the zoo. And since Srirachi also houses camels, elephants, snakes and other exotic animals, we can’t help but wonder what other arrangements are going on in its cages. We guess they’re not the stuff of adorable email forwards, though.

5 Real Animal Friendships Straight Out of a Disney Movie


NEWSHOUR EDUCATION: Using telegrams and love letters to teach World War II 

At the Normandy Institute, students learn about World War II by finding out all they can about the life and death about a single serviceman killed in action at the Battle of Normandy. Each student-teacher team chose an individual from their community or home state.

“We know about the generals and the really famous heroes … but the average guy that went out there and did what he had to do, they are just numbers, so these kids are getting to know them.”

  • Anders: *blows up one building containing five NPCs because the instutution it stands for is corrupt and opressive*
  • Fandom: He's evil! Kill him!
  • Solas: *wants to LITERALLY DESTROY THE WORLD because it's not like it was a millennium ago*
  • Fandom: my poor misguided wolf husband uwu