instruments and supplies

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Kimon woke with a start, his head snapping up with a bleary-eyed grunt as his gaze lolled around the inner sanctum of his wagon. Light streamed in through what slivers had been allotted them between the boards, blinding him momentarily and spangling the collection of instruments and wayward supplies that filled each corner within. The force of his (rude) awakening sent the lute he’d fallen asleep with slipping from the bed, dragging papers with it and landing with a noisy twang on the floor that pulled another sleepy grunt from the bard.

He squinted at the door, a wine-weighted lull still clouding his mind as he tried to discern the voice. Ah, the Witcher.

Kimon rolled over.

“Is that a tomcat I hear yowling out there?” he half sang back to him in a not quite awake hoarseness. “I’m afraid I haven’t any scraps for you at all today. So sorry, mačkica, shoo shoo.”

MetOp with cooling umbilicals The payload module of the MetOp-C weather satellite draped with umbilical cryogenic lines linked to blackbodies to cool the module’s instrument panels and radiators down to representative space conditions during vacuum testing inside the Large Space Simulator in March 2017. Eleven blackbodies are required in all, their temperatures controlled to within 100–30ºC of absolute zero. Accordingly, a complex structure has been designed to position these blackbodies as close as possible to the instruments, with piping variously supplying liquid nitrogen and helium gas, all covered with multilayer insulation to minimise any thermal effect on the satellite. Credits: ESA–G. Porter

Okay so you know you music is an art? It totally is, but I was just thinking. Does that mean that an instrument counts as art supplies, like in the same way that paint, pens, paper/canvas, etc are? I honestly don’t know why I find that so interesting.