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Watch NOW!!  Shadowhunters Season 1 Episode 5 : Moo Shu to Go

Shadowhunters Season 1 Episode 4 : Raising Hell

 Shadowhunters Season 1 Episode 3 : Dead Man’s Party

 Shadowhunters Season 1 Episode 2 : The Descent Into Hell Is Easy

Shadowhunters Season 1 Episode 1 : The Mortal Cup

Matthew Daddario, Isaiah Mustafa, Alberto Rosende, Katherine McNamara, Dominic Sherwood, Harry Shum Jr., Emeraude Toubia


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Alec + Childish Remarks ;)
  • Tv!Clary:You're in love with Jace.
  • Tv!Alec:Forget it, you're not - YOU'RE in love with Jace.
  • Tv!Clary:Oh, okay. Middle school comeback? Nice.
  • ------------------------------------
  • Book!Alec:Izzy. My sister. She told me you liked me. LIKED me, liked me.
  • Book!Magnus:LIKED you, liked you? Sorry. Are we twelve now? I don’t recall saying anything to Isabelle...

I can’t gif for shit, but I want to talk about this. This scene makes me really emotional for some reason. I don’t know if it’s because clalec is my brotp or… Just the way she pats his arm, with such happiness. Like she’s not afraid of touching him, and I really like that. This compared to the movie hits me right in the feels because we had Alec sooo much worse to Clary in the movie, and it really made me mad. I love how he didn’t threaten her like he does in the books and she doesn’t use his sexuality as a weapon against him. I never really knew why CC did that because it was so out of character for the both of them. 

And it’s wrong for her to try to out him like that, but she really is just trying to help. I love that she’s at least comfortable enough to touch him and he accepts it. 

I just like that even if Clary doesn’t completely trust Alec, she still believes he’ll protect her. And that even though Alec doesn’t like Clary, he’ll still protect her no matter what. 

I just really want to see a brotp from them that I think the writers will deliver.

Episode 6
  • <p>Clary: You gotta help Luke!<p>
  • <p>Magnus: I believe in payment for services rendered <p>
  • <p>Jace: Gotcha. No problemo *retrieves his phone and rings Alec* Alec we need your help! <p>
  • <p>Alec: On my way! <p>
  • <p>Jace: *hangs up* There. As soon as he arrives you can have him. <p>
  • <p>Magnus: Perfect! <p>
The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones"2012

Watch The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones Full Movie

In New York City, Clary Fray, a seemingly ordinary teenager, learns that she is descended from a line of Shadowhunters — half-angel warriors who protect humanity from evil forces. After her mother disappears, Clary joins forces with a group of Shadowhunters and enters Downworld, an alternate realm filled with demons, vampires, and a host of other creatures. Clary and her companions must find and protect an ancient cup that holds the key to her mother’s future. 

He’s very pretty. For a human.”
“He’s very broken,” said Magnus. “Like a lovely vase that someone has smashed. Only luck and skill can put it back together the way it was before.
—  Magnus Bane , who probably practices these lines in the shower and waits for his time to say it and sound fucking profound

Friend: what are all the woodwind instruments?

Musician: clarinet, saxophone, oboe-

Friend: oh is that the one with the weird mouth thingy

Musician: oboe? well yes but there are two instruments with weird mouth thingies. The oboe is the small weird one and the bassoon is the big weird one

Friend: and don’t the musicians have to wet the weird mouth thingy???

Musician: well yeah and single reeds-