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A portion of my Seattle setup, 2011.  In this photo you can see a Yamaha CS-5, Access Virus TI Polar, Native Instruments Maschine MK1 and some of my old Washburn analog effects pedals.  There is a Kurzweil MIDIBOARD underneath the CS-5 and a Roland Jupiter-6 out of shot.   This setup is what I used for my “Secret Gun” and “Flash of Light” remixes.

In happier blogging, I went to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra tonight for the second time, and it was even better than the first.

I mean, all the things that were wonderful were wonderful AGAIN and it always ends with the batshit Carol of the Bells that is my favourite rendition ever, but this time the singing was particularly rock-shattering and there were dragons and also


Nobody will ever convince me that Anakin doesn’t have this playing in his lava fortress at all times.

So is the aftermath of the adamas stone (what is spelling I’m lazy. The rock that Luke smashed out of the stone cat doll) gonna be as close to we get to Alec getting mauled by Aggramon? I really loved that scene in city of bones (I like character pain sue me) & I keep wandering if they’ll put it in. It caused a good malec moment & also spurred some good character development in Jace but idk. Opinions?