instrumental performance

stupid things the orchestral instruments do when they're performing
  • violins: they do this dramatic swaying thing and sometimes the performers' faces look like they caught a whiff of something that isn't good or bad but it's iffy as hell
  • violas: they drop their instrument real low, like almost so that the scroll is hitting their knee, and they almost hop out of their chairs. it's kind of intimidating
  • cellos: classic cello headbang
  • basses: that head thing djs at discos do
  • oboe: my god they're like the violins on steroids. they move all over the place and their expression just becomes more and more pained as their solo goes on. don't even get me STARTED on the eyebrows
  • clarinet: like the oboe but slightly more chilled out
  • flute: they lean forward and bob their heads as they AGGRESSIVELY spit into their instruments
  • bassoon: sometimes they close their eyes and start kind of dancing really passionately with their instrument and it's kind of uncomfortable to watch
  • the entire brass section: they sit fairly still compared to the other instruments, but they're still guilty of excessive eyebrow raising and lots of disapproving squints as they realize they're playing out of tune and everybody heard it
  • percussion: they get really excited before they get to play their one note like they'll hop around and start dancing and bobbing their head before their triangle part and it's adorable
  • piano: headbanging, head bobbing, swaying, pained expression (usually no eyebrow raises, though), and they sometimes drop their heads so that it looks like they're sniffing the keys
please help a fellow army out!!

Hey guys, so since everyone is doing their best to vote for Bangtan at the BBMAs, maybe you can help a fellow army out too? My school has a competition going on for our fine arts programs, and there’s 3 categories in which you can enter: acting, instrumental, or vocal performance. I’m very happy to say that I’ve been chosen as a finalist in the vocal performance category!! The grand prize for the contest is $1,000 and my parents and I could really use that money for college since I’ll be graduating next year and right now we’re not sure if we can afford to send me to a good university. It would mean a lot to me if you all can help me out and vote for my video!! You don’t have to vote for anyone else in other categories (unless you want to), but please vote for RAYE ANN ABANTE under the vocal performance category. Voting multiple times is allowed, but I’d be extremely grateful if you vote even just once. Thank you so much!! Link to vote:

If all goes to plan, NASA’s Cassini spacecraft will beam new images of Saturn and its rings to Earth early Thursday, sharing data collected Wednesday from its first dive through the gap between the planet and its striped belt of ice and rock particles.

Today’s dive also marks the start of the final phase in the craft’s 13-year visit to Saturn. Days ago, it used the gravity of Saturn’s moon Titan to bend its path toward its eventual destruction on the planet.

Cassini descended below the ring plane around 5 a.m. ET Wednesday, but the antenna it would normally use to send images is instead being used to deflect potentially harmful objects away from its instruments. As it performed the move, the craft’s Twitter feed announced, “Shields Up!

Cassini Spacecraft Starts Weaving Between Saturn And Its Rings

Photo: NASA/JPL-Caltech

Dancing Quaggoth Parties are the Best Parties

Context: Playing the Out of the Abyss 5e DnD campaign where there is a Dragonborn Sorcerer, Tiefling Bard, and Tiefling Warlock. The Bard is separated from the others for a different chore in Velkynvelve, a Drow outpost.

DM (me): “Okay, so there are three Drow and a couple of Quaggoth servants wandering around the dining hall. Your guide says ‘You had instruments so you must be an entertainer. Do your job.’ And then he steps back and leaves you standing in the center of this room.”

Bard (OOC): “Do I have my trombone?”

DM: “No, they didn’t give you any of your instruments back. Roll a performance check for whatever you do.”

Bard (OOC): “Okay, I’m going to serenade them with Rick Astley. *rolls performance* Twenty-five.”

Everyone just starts cackling as our Bard starts to draw a crowd of Drow and dancing Quaggoths, all while singing ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’.

I don’t think a lot of people understand the effort that goes into songwriting. There’s lyricism, putting those lyrics to a melody, putting that melody in a score, giving that score extra sound effects and beats at just the right moment for the effect you want, and all of those processes are time consuming and emotionally draining. You’ll spend hours combing through hundreds of songs you’ve written trashing 90% of your work just in the lyrical phase even if it’s good bc it’s not good enough and you’ll spend days making sure that melody is catchy but not annoying, conveys the emotions you’re trying to express, if you plan on singing it yourself you’ll make sure it’s in your range and compliments your voice, is it unique enough without being weird? Is it strong? Should it be strong? Could it be better? How can you make it better? Is this the best it can be or should I spend a couple more days working on it? And after that you have to write accompaniment. What instrument should you put it on? Can you add more instruments? Do you know anyone who can play some of these instruments while you perform/record/whatever you’re doing with it bc you can only play one thing at a time. What chords go with the melody? How can you make those chords more interesting to listen to? Is this really the best I can do? Could it use backup vocals? Who would back me up? Is that too much? Does it still convey the emotion you were going for? There’s a ton to think about. It’s an incredibly time consuming process and sometimes after going through all of it you still end up scrapping it. You don’t even know if any of your work will be seen. Ever. You then work insanely hard to find someone to record it for you (or save up money for your own equipment and find yourself a room and fix up that room to suit your needs, which also costs time and money) and hope and pray people like it if you ever get it out into the public eye. Bc after all the work you went through you still can’t make people listen you still can’t make people like it. Songwriters deserve more respect than being written off as lazy, privileged people who get payed way more than they deserve.

I’m such a “sing all parts of a song” person, and by that I mean every part. If it’s a duo I’ll of course sing both parts and obviously the choir in the background and in between that the guitar solo. Then I’ll try to fit in the drum part, and at the end of the song I’ll whistle the piano part so you can clearly hear the difference between it and the trumpet. It’s not just singing, it’s a parallel performance to the song.

life advice for freshies

(or Things I Learned from ~Freshman Year~)

  • It will be harder than you expect. Maybe not academically, maybe not socially, but there will be something that trips you up. That’s fine. You’ll pull through, and if you can’t do it yourself, someone will be there to help you if you ask.
  • PLEASE ASK FOR HELP IF YOU NEED IT. From profs, from TAs, from friends, from counselors, anyone and everyone. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.
  • You’ll meet people who will seem infinitely better than you, and maybe they are. That doesn’t make you any less wonderful. 
  •  If you play an instrument/sing/act/perform now, DO NOT let that go in college. If you love doing it, hold on to it. Finding time to practice will be tough, but don’t let your passions die.
  •  If you want to go out, find some friends and go out. If you don’t, don’t. Do what you’re comfortable with, and if you want to push your own boundaries, do it with friends by your side in case it’s too much.
  •  ”We should grab a meal sometime!” is not a binding contract, but if the person seems cool please try to follow through with it. It’ll be worth it.
  • Speaking of meals, don’t skip them. It’s terribly easy to do so, but that’ll only hurt you in the long run.
  • Also, don’t order take-out all the time. Yeah, dining services can suck, but meal plans are a lot of money. Spend your fake money, monitor your real money.
  •  Planning on building a relationship with a prof? Office hours. OFFICE HOURS. GO TO OFFICE HOURS. Don’t have a question? Go say hi. Is good. Gogogo.

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{Reaction} BTS’ s/o being in an idol group

Hi! Please can you do a BTS reaction to their idol gf being in a girl group and the members of this group sing, dance and rap but also play instruments in some performances and MVs like AOA? P.S. Their gf is a rapper, a drummer and a dancer! :)

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/images used. 

Min Yoongi

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Yoongi: “You’re really talented, Jagi, let’s make music together sometime.” 

Jeon Jungkook

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Jungkook: “I can’t even deal Jagi, you’re so amazing. Your stage presence is so incredible.”  

Kim Taehyung/ V

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Taehyung: “Instead of grinding up on that dancer, you should put those moves on me”

Kim Namjoon/ Rap Monster

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Namjoon: “I love you, you’re so amazing, your musical talent it really progressing. I’m proud of you.” 

Jung Hoseok/ J-Hope

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J-Hope: “You’re really talented and everything Jagi, but whenever I watch you on the stage, all I can think about is taking you home.” 

Park Jimin

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Jimin: “Whenever I look up at you on stage, it’s like I’m looking at a desended angel.”

Kim Seokjin

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Jin: “You’re amazing Jagi, keep doing what you do.” 

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Harry literally said he has a new band so One Direction is not coming back

Okay, so I don’t know if you’re being intentionally dense for the sake of trolling, but I’ve seen multiple anons saying or implying this, so I’m going to answer it ONE (1) time and then ignore or block the other people who say this because it makes literally no sense and it’s annoying as hell. Okay? So listen up.

Harry has put together a backing band for his solo career. This band is basically the equivalent of One Direction’s backing band, which consisted of Sandy, Jon, Josh, and Dan, except that it’s for Harry’s solo performances, not for One Direction. Harry has not replaced Louis, Niall, and Liam with his new band because Louis, Niall, and Liam are part of One Direction, not their backing band. Louis didn’t need a backing band for Just Hold On because Steve was putting the music together electronically onstage beneath Louis’ voice, but Niall has used a backing band for some This Town performances when he wanted people to hear more than the single guitar part that he plays.

See the people with instruments behind Niall during this performance? That’s a backing band like the one that Harry keeps discussing in his interviews. Harry likely refers to them just as his band instead of calling them a backing band or something like that because they’re playing behind him a solo artist. Since One Direction is also a band, people generally would clarify whether they meant the backing band or the normal band because otherwise it would get confusing. Harry doesn’t need to do that because there’s him as a solo artist and then there’s one band - the people playing instruments while he sings. I don’t know whether Niall has discussed his backing band in interviews or not, but it’s clear that Harry chose the people to play instruments for his songs very carefully and that he’s close to those people (he said he wrote the album with two of them) and he’s excited for them to play when he performs, so he’s talking about it.

Harry having a band behind him playing instruments while he performs has literally NOTHING to do with One Direction or One Direction reuniting. And that goes for whether he has a single guitarist playing behind him or 15 people playing various instruments (I want to point this out because I’ve also gotten anons acting like the size of Harry’s band is relevant when it’s just…not). All it has to do with is him wanting the music played live while he performs his solo songs. Which is…..perfectly reasonable. Just because Harry is talking about “the band” or “my band” does not mean he’s talking about One Direction and how he’s replaced them. Simply pay attention to the context of what he’s saying in a particular answer and it becomes very clear when he’s talking about “the band” as in One Direction and when he’s discussing his new backing band.

Tired [Part:4]
  • Pairing: Jerome Valeska/Joker x Reader x Peter Parker/Spiderman.
  • AU included: DC/MARVEL. Possible Suicide Squad.
  • Prompt: You had enough with Jerome as he keeps seducing other girls in front of you so you plan to leave him and go to New York. Where you will find yourself stuck in the web of another bug who will fall in love with you.

Ey~ The author is back from obsessing with a boy named Chase Goehring who almost looks like Cameron Monaghan now that he is all grown up lolol; anyways. IM BACK, I got author’s block so I just added the clown ;). Also I might add the Suicide Squad if you guys don’t mind, just for the fillers of the charaters~ Anyways I hope you guys like it! It’s kind of rushed but I just hope you guys still enjoy reading it. Also to declare my love for Chase, I added his original song here~ Check him out if you want!!! Ps. I’m still trying to practice my transitions XD

PART [1] [2] [3] [5[6]

So,” Steve Rogers coughed at the silence. “(Y/N), we would provide all your needs and clean your criminal record if you become a trainee of the Avengers just like Mr. Parker here.” He sipped the black coffee while staying eye contact at you, the whole Avengers including Nick Fury are here. Staring intently at you, waiting for your answer. Well except for Clint Barton who is cleaning his arrows and Tony Stark who is playing Mobile Legends on his device. Even though he has a Bluetooth earplug on, you could steal hear the sound waves slipping out.

“If not, we would have to put in you in death sentence for all the crimes you did.” Nick Fury fixed his eye at you while Bruce Banner nodded. “It’s for the safety miss.” Bruce said.

Peter stared at you; you were beside him throughout the session about what they would do to you. Tony Stark found you inside Peter’s bedroom and by force he cuffed your hands up while you gazed back at him with antipathy. He along with Peter brought to you to the Stark Building while Peter stared at you in worry and guilt. He couldn’t feel but blame himself of letting you get caught. If he gave you to the policemen it would be much better since they didn’t really know exactly who you’re than giving you to the Avengers and if you declined their option then you would be dead. He just hoped that you considered the accord

This might be the beginning of the change in your life, you thought. You wouldn’t let this decision to a waste, “Well, sure.” You beamed.

Steve almost spitted his coffee, “That sure?”

“How could we surely know if she won’t back stab us?” Natasha Romanoff banged both of her hands on the table and stood, she stared at the members and Fury for answers and death glared you while you just jerked your shoulders up in reply. Fury breath out heavily in annoyance, “Romanoff sit down. I’ll assign someone to look out for her.”

“And who is this someone?” Wanda Maximoff initiated while Vision bobbed his head at her question.

Bucky Barnes, are you willing to?” Every person in the room stared at the Winter Soldier who was, as well, startled at what Fury said. He nictates then has grasped to the reality, “No.”

Barnes,” Sam Wilson threatened.

“Barnes it is, you will train her tomorrow between six to ten and would be beside her at any cost.” Fury nodded while Barnes mumbled incoherent words as he whined to himself at the negligence. Peter shot his hand to the air and they considered to look at him, “Isn’t it better if I? You know, teach her? I know her more.” Fury didn’t spared an eye at him and continue on discussing. You gave him a knowing smile for at least trying; the boy was embarrassed but nodded at you. At least he gave a good impression to you.

“I chose him because I heard from your records you prefer using guns and your aim is quite good so he’s good for you.” Fury added, you just agreed along. It’s not like it could be hard right? You thought. Fury rose and nodded at the group.

“Alright, dismiss.”


You take it all back; being schooled by this gloomy man is hard as fuck than you would ever think of.  Now that you know his true colors, you would want to acknowledge at Peter educating you instead. If only there’s a working time machine.

Alright doll! Training is over, now screw off.” Bucky gathered up the guns and started to clean them. You rolled your eyes and do what he said. You and Barnes never had a good connection to each other, he trains you and that’s it. He didn’t even bother to try and start up a conversation to you. As for the other Avengers, you were pretty good friends with Sam and Bruce. Sam was like a big brother to you and Bruce was like the father you never had, literally. Your father just died when you were a child and you didn’t spend a lot of time with him so you considered it. But with the other Avengers member, you were in an awkward acquaintance stage; you don’t really talk to them much, especially to Natasha. You could feel her preparing to clash onto you as soon as you entered a room with her on it. Now between your relationship with Peter, it started to blossom. You found yourself entertained being with him and you two being close as ever. Tony even teased about how you two are like a couple and you both just retorted with just laughing it all out but you didn’t notice the blush on Peter’s face as he stuttered, denying it.

You walked towards the kitchen and opened the fridge to get a cool water after all the combat training and learning how to use all of the guns, as you closed it you sensed someone near at the are. It was Peter in his enhanced suit made by Stark, he was upside down but then flipped and landed on the ground. “So, uh, I noticed you’ve been changing?”

“Hm?” you chugged down the water while looking at him in amusement.

“I mean you’re not like before. Insane and stuff, it’s great!” He scratched the nape on his neck and bashfully looks at you.

You chuckled at him trying to compliment you by starting a conversation, which was quite awkward. “Thanks mate,” you smiled at him. Yes, you indeed notice that there was a drastic change on living in New York and at the spare room of the tower for a month. Not only did you not think about your past relationship but you were healing with the help of Bruce and Tony with their medication, you didn’t even think that Tony can be a therapist but he just shrugged it off by saying he just learned how to by just reading some books few hours ago which you didn’t regard on but Bruce told you otherwise.

“So why early here? Don’t you have school?” you leaned towards the counter.

“School cancelled off and I just want to hang out with my best friends. Also you’re around my age why are you not enrolled in school instead?”

“Green guy teaches me, Fury couldn’t trust me going to school without making a ruckus.”

“Well that’s sad,” he said but you couldn’t help but notice his body language. He seems to drone out in his mind.

“Something matters?”

“Well, err, could you teach me how to play a guitar? I heard from Mr. Stark that you know how to play instruments and used to perform music at the circus. The class needs to play an original song on a stage individual for the Music subject. I don’t really listen in this subject to be honest,” he was playing on his hands as he looks sheepishly at the ground. You chortled a laugh, “Oh wow, the wise Peter needs my help?”

“I seriously need your help (Y/N).”

“Yeah, yeah. I’ll help you; I’ll just take a shower. Meet me in front of my rom by eleven. Also, dress normal.” You stared up and down at his suit.

Thank you so much!”


“Now that’s good notes right there,” complimenting him as he strung the guitar that he borrowed from you. He asked if he could use it for the presentation and you just comply nonetheless. You and Peter made a tune for the past few days and he was going to perform tomorrow. When he finished he grinned an adorable smile at you while you clap your hands.

“We made the tune but how about the lyrics?”

“Don’t worry about that, I already made few lines,” he murmured.


It was now Wednesday. You are with Bucky and have managed to sneak in at the school where Peter attended. You got miffed when Bucky lend a hand but respected it since Fury ordered him, it’s not like the man has a choice. When you arrived the basketball area where the stage is, a lot of people compiled in. You and Bucky stuck around the corner with your masks up, trying to blend in. One by one people played, some got the hang on it, some just doesn’t know how to sing or play, some didn’t follow the rules and sang a non-homemade song. Then it came to Peter, he was there looking around. Evident that he was nervous. His eyes landed at you, which was shocked, he didn’t tell you to come and you came by your own will. He returned his concentration to what he was supposed to do, now more anxious than before. He grabbed the hold of the mic and introduced himself “Uh, Hi? M-My name is Peter Parker and I m-made a song called Hurt’. It is basically about a girl in a bad relationship and I’m kind of like, hey you’re not in a good position right now. I could really help you now if you just gave me a chance.”

He then averted his attention back to you, “Uh, okay I’ll just. Err, play now.”

He then proceeded to play the tune that you taught him, not missing a note.  To be honest, his voice didn’t sound that great but it was full of emotions that you wouldn’t care about it.

Hey, baby, you don’t have to live this way
You don’t have a debt to pay
So put your foot down and pick your heart up, off of the ground
Cause that’s not where you belong, I can prove that without this song
But for now just play along

Your heart started to ache; you now know why he won’t let you assist him on writing the lyrics. This song was about you, you felt flattered but at the same time in full devastation. You started to recall your memories about Jerome.

The first greetings, “Hey my name’s Jerome. You?”

The way he comforts you when you got tomatoes stains on your outfit, “Don’t worry, someday I’ll get you out of this hell hole. For the time being, let me help you practice more so that it won’t happen again.”

The first I love you’s, “I love you my queen, will you be my girlfriend?”

The gift’s he gave to you, ”Darling I have something for you! It’s a pistol!”

The lie’s he said to you, “She’s just another toy, love. I still love you.”

The way he got angry when you pestered what his relationship with Harley is.

“I had enough with this bullshit Jerome!” the guards where out of the room where all of the mentally ill people is for three pm to five. You where harshly whispering at Jerome trying not makes a scene but then he beat you to it. “I’M SICK OF YOU FUCKING PESTERING ME THE SAME SUBJECT OVER AND OVER AGAIN, WELL UNLIKE YOU SWEETHEART SHE IS NOT BORING AND ALMOST SANE!” he grabbed a hold of your hair that was on ponytail and yanked you towards his face. The people around you silenced and watched the scene occur, probably enjoying it. Barbara stared at you, her face plastered concern and disorientation. Jerome grinned ferociously and noticed the reticence that started to hug the place, “Don’t worry about us! We are just having a couple fight~” That night when you were in your room you started to wail silently, pondering where is the Jerome you adored.

“I know you’ve been hurt by the way that he talks to you
Hurt by the way that he fights with you
Hurt by the way, that he loves you
I know you’ve been hurt by the way that he talks to you
Hurt by the way that he fights with you
Hurt by the way, that he loves you”

When he was about to get into the second verse, you left with your eyes bulging out with tears. Bucky begun to chase you but you eventually run out of the building and onto the yard section. Some people where eating their lunch there and pestering happily. Bucky lost you and started to find you everywhere, his eyebrows furrowed. That’s when he heard the scream of girls nearby, the door beside him started to bang as it opened and girls and some males started to flee while crying franticly. He was confused so he entered and was soon meet with a group of people; he only knew two of them. He noticed you were there, kneeling. The group held weapons, some were wearing a mask some didn’t care less. He runs towards you, backing you up as he brought out his guns that were hidden in his jacket. Aiming towards the man.

You stared in front you couldn’t believe it. After all those days, he meant his word.

“(Y/N), darling! I missed you so much!”

There he was, the man who broke your heart into pieces.

“I found you! I won the game. Now I need the price, I need you.”

Who could’ve thought that you were bad at the game of Hide n’ Seek.

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30 Things Said By Musicians Preparing Recitals
  1. “Does this instrument make me look fat?”
  2. “What do you mean we can’t move the pianos out of the practice room??”
  3. “I’m considering buying a cot and just setting it up under the stairs so I don’t have to leave the building.”
  4. *crying because the vending machine filled with Starbucks isn’t working*
  5. “I will trade my firstborn for that cookie.” “Wouldn’t your wife object?” “She’s a teacher she can just steal a new one.”
  6. *bribing their accompanist with coffee in exchange for upping the tempo*
  7. “So I almost broke the pedal board on the grand trying to practice, so I went home and screamed into a pillow instead.”
  8. *oboist crying because their professor knocked over a concert reed*
  9. *vocalist actively swearing because their significant other has strep*
  10. “If you touch my bass, I will kill you and hide the body in its case.”
  11. “Is wine bad for your embouchure?”
  12. ‘My larynx feels like a pogo stick after this song, I think I need to take a day off.”
  13. “I will be you slave for all of next semester for half a slice of that pizza.”
  14. *happy crying because they finished memorizing 90% of their repertoire*
  15. “Three of my classes today were cancelled, it was great!” “What did you do?” “I, uh, practiced an extra two hours and ate lunch for the first time this week.”
  16. *yodeling because their professor said it might help*
  17. “I should just take up a super rare instrument, then virtuosic performance would be waaaaay easier.”
  18. “Were you playing a kazoo in the practice rooms?” “SHUT UP IT HELPS.”
  19. “I drank caffeinated tea today and I could feel the entire vocal faculty judging me.”
  20. *tells a freshman on New Student audition day that heard them practice that yeah, they were totally auditioning into the program later*
  21. “Is it a good thing or a bad thing that I’ve cried in my lesson the past three weeks?”
  22. “Is it a good thing or a bad thing that my teacher cried in my lesson yesterday?”
  23. “****ing Brahms.”
  24. “**** TRILLS.”
  25. “I’ve taken some business courses, opening a coffee shop in Maine is TOTALLY a viable career path.”
  26. “Are those pajamas you’re wearing?” “I call it ‘Musician Chic,’ and it’s what happens when you have to choose between food and getting your favorite practice room in the morning.”
  27. “How is designing a poster SO HARD.”
  28. “Do you think my professor would notice if I submitted last year’s program for this recital, too?”
  29. “I fell asleep on the piano so I decided it was time to go to the lounge to sleep instead.”
  30. “You should all totally come to my recital, I think it’s going to be amazing! :) :) :)”
BTS with their Idol Girlfriend

xyourpinksky said:Hi! please can you do a BTS reaction to their idol gf being in a girl group and the members of this group sing, dance and rap but also play instruments in some performances and MVs like AOA? P.S. Their gf is a drummer, a dancer and a rapper! :)

Enjoy you filthy animals lol. 
P.S.: We are terribly sorry for the late reply. Midterms are very bitchy 


  • He is worried all the time because he think you might be overexhausting yourself
  • Midnight dance lessons because this spagetti thinks he needs to learn how to move
  • watching you practice
  • bringing food to you studio
  • He is a proud mom, let’s be honest it doesnt matter if he is your boyfriend. He is a mom. 
  • He brags about you every chance he gets
  • He would record reactions videos 
  • Fanboying hard beside the stage
  • he would come to your every fucking concert and if he misses one because of his own schedule, you get a very nice dinner


  • Collabration stages with Suga; Rapping together, dancing while he plays the piano, playing instruments with you HE GOT IT ALLLLLL
  • Making you teach him how to play drums in return of him teaching you piano
  • Rapping duo power couple v2.0 Fire Spitting
  • He would write songs especially for you
  • Little collabration videos you make together at home
  • He would cover your raps and then get cocky about it because Min Suga. Rap Genius. Jjang Jjang man bong bong
  • Since he is dad ™ he takes care of you
  • forgets to take care of himself while doing that
  • OMG after years, suga finally has reactions to live stages
  • You are not his biggest fan. Tae is his biggest fan. He will fight. 

Namjoon/Rap Monster:

  • BTS’s twitter is now filled with screenshots of your songs
  • He would produce songs for your group, like, literally working with your company
  • Rapping duo power couple
  • Tries to play your drums, breaks your sticks accidentally
  • Sometimes there is a hole on one of your drums; he refuses to admit he did it
  • Trying to cover your dances
  • failing miserably because he is “Rap Monster not Dance Monster”


  • You practise for hours on end together
  • but i guess you guys arent tired enough ;);););););););););)
  • this boy would be so sad if he misses your stages or concerts
  • Praises everywhere, everyday
  • Talent Overload. Kpop aint big enough to handle you guys
  • Official dance covers to your songs
  • Crying when you get an award
  • Crying when you are struggling with the idol life
  • Just generally crying because holy shit you are so amazing


  • He appreciates you so much that it makes him insecure about himself
  • “You are so amazing that I’m afraind someone better than me might fall for you and you would choose them.”
  • Reassuring kisses all the time and sometimes they are for you too because how can he not realize that he is so goddamn popular in kpop industry
  • Being a giggly fluff ball when he sees you on stage
  • Trying to teaching him how to rap
  • he fails…kinda
  • “What do you mean I can’t rap?! I rapped with Agust D :( I will tell you to Yoongi hyung :( ”
  • He puts little sticky notes on your drums saying “I love you!” or “Don’t forget to eat and rest!”


  • Your BIGGEST fan (Tbh he is alwasys your biggest fan even if you are dating other members cause like “HOSEOK HYUNG’S GIRLFRIEND IS SO COOOLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”)
  • Seriously. he has fan merch that he actually PAID for
  • You are the best rapper in his eyes… After Agust D. 
  • “Can you please collabrate on a rap song with me?” 
  • He is begging you to collabrate with his hyungs
  • “But imagine how could it would be with you and yoongi hyung!!!!” 
  • He would fanboy over your MVs on Vapp, twitter and fan cafes.
  • Bragging about you to the maknae line 
  • Pokemon stickers on your drums….seriously where does he find so much stickers?


  • Turning everything into a competition. HE CAN RAP TOO
  • And DANCE
  • ……he can’t play the drums enough, BUT HE WILL LEARN DAMMIT,
  • As the golden maknae, he will surely succeed. 
  • Singing your songs in concerts and live stages
  • Because you are an idol he feels like you would actually get him and not like him only because he is an idol.
  • He would take so much pride on you
  • He would practice with you as he is a girl group dance master ™
  • Learns your dance moves before you do 
  • Helping you improve your singing skills
  • And now other than his 6 hyungs, he has another person to be sad or happy over
Sleepover Sunday Asks 🍷

self care ✨

1.) what’s your nighttime routine?
2.) do you prefer baths or showers?
3.) have you ever gotten a professional massage?
4.) how do you unwind/relax?
5.) how long do you take to get ready in the morning?
6.) what time do you typically wake up?
7.) is your appearance important to you?
8.) how often do you allow yourself to get new things?
9.) do you get your nails done or do you do them yourself?
10.) how often do you take time for yourself?

personality ✨

11.) are you more of an introvert or an extrovert?
12.) are you easy to get along with?
13.) how often do you hang out with friends?
14.) describe the vibes you think you give off
15.) do you talk to strangers?
16.) what is your best trait?
17.) do you make friends easily?
18.) were you/are you shy?
19.) how do you interact with people you don’t like?
20.) are you ever intentionally mean to someone?

favorites ✨

21.) favorite candy?
22.) favorite show?
23.) favorite makeup product?
24.) favorite clothing brand?
25.) favorite breakfast food?
26.) favorite dessert?
27.) favorite article of clothing?
28.) favorite cartoon character?
29.) favorite color?
30.) favorite youtuber?

nosey business ✨

31.) describe your crush
32.) when was the last time you cried?
33.) sexual orientation?
34.) recite your second to last text message
35.) what’s your relationship status?
36.) what’s your biggest insecurity?
37.) what’s something most people don’t know about you?
38.) do you have a lot of secrets?
39.) describe someone you strongly dislike
40.) who are your friends on here?

girly asks ✨

41.) hottest actor/actress?
42.) what’s your favorite makeup look?
43.) do you like heels?
44.) describe your favorite bra
45.) describe your favorite outfit?
46.) do you wear jewelry? what type?
47.) do you get waxed?
48.) favorite hairstyle?
49.) what do you find attractive?
50.) describe your dream s/o

random ✨

51.) do you leave your closet door open or closed at night?
52.) battery percentage?
53.) what was your last google search?
54.) what was the last thing you ate?
55.) when did you wake up this morning?
56.) do you ever mix the food on your plate?
57.) how do you feel right now?
58.) do you know how to use chopsticks?
59.) when was the last time you played a video game?
60.) what’re your hidden talents?

personal stories ✨

61.) any period stories?
62.) what was your most embarrassing story?
63.) do you have any scary stories?
64.) funniest story?
65.) story on a time you were really angry?

music ✨

66.) favorite rapper?
67.) favorite genre of music?
68.) favorite band?
69.) what was the last song you listened to?
70.) who do you think has a pretty voice?
71.) what’s your taste in music?
72.) favorite instrument?
73.) favorite live performance?
74.) favorite male singer?
75.) favorite female singer?

movies ✨

76.) favorite 80s movie?
77.) favorite actor?
78.) favorite actress?
79.) favorite superhero movie?
80.) favorite non disney animated movie?
81.) favorite movie of all time?
82.) who’s the worst actor/actress?
83.) what’s the worst movie you’ve seen?
85.) most recent movie you’ve seen in theaters?

outsiders ✨

86.) favorite soc?
87.) favorite greaser?
88.) was the movie or the book better?
89.) favorite scene?
90.) who would you want to date?
91.) favorite book/movie in the hinton franchise? (except for the outsiders)
92.) least favorite character and why?
93.) what did the outsiders teach you?
94.) are you more of a soc or a greaser?
95.) did you cry when you read the book? watched the movie?
96.) who is the most attractive character?
97.) favorite greaser girl?
98.) do you prefer the shepards or the curtis’?
99.) who is the most influential character?
100.) who is your overall favorite character and why?