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whats colour guard ??

So in Marching Band there’s kind of like a sub section which is color guard! Instead of playing instruments or conducting the band, we spin flags, rifles, and sabres to kind of give the band the little push they need to look good. Color guard is a huge part of competitions and their performance heavily impacts the visual and technical rubrics when the band is performing at competitions! Without color guard, the band is bland HERES SOME COOL GIFS TO SHOW YOU HOW FUCKING COOL COLOR GUARD IS

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Can we know like, everything about your ocs?? Department? Crush? All of it? My scholar thirst knows no bounds

Wow dang that was fast. Well, there’s a lot of stuff about each of my scholars, but some of it is spoiler territory because I know certain twists that the story has (so obvs I can’t go too much into those haha) I’ll put it under a read more because anon you don’t know what can on worms you just opened hoo-boy..

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On June 2, 1791, students at the College of New Jersey (Princeton) celebrated the marriage of College president John Witherspoon, 68, to Ann Dill, 24:

In the evening, in regard to their worthy President, and to testify their joy upon his happy marriage, the students illuminated the college, which afforded a most grand and beautiful sight to the numerous spectators who had collected upon the occasion. There were six hundred handles in the front of the college, which were lighted almost instantly on a signal given by the discharge of a cannon, and on the like signal they were all immediately extinguished.

During the illumination, which lasted about an hour, a number of students in the belfry, entertained the great concourse of people who attended, with a most agreeable and delightful concert of music from different kinds of instruments. The whole was conducted with elegance and taste.

How Exactly Do We Plan to Bring an Asteroid Sample Back to Earth?

Our OSIRIS-REx spacecraft launches tomorrow, and will travel to a near-Earth asteroid, called Bennu. While there, it will collect a sample to bring back to Earth for study. But how exactly do we plan to get this spacecraft there and bring the sample back?

Here’s the plan:

After launch, OSIRIS-REx will orbit the sun for a year, then use Earth’s gravitational field to assist it on its way to Bennu. In August 2018, the spacecraft’s approach to Bennu will begin.

The spacecraft will begin a detailed survey of Bennu two months after slowing to encounter the asteroid. The process will last over a year, and will include mapping of potential sample sites. After the selection of the final site, the spacecraft will briefly touch the surface of Bennu to retrieve a sample.

To collect a sample, the sampling arm will make contact with the surface of Bennu for about five seconds, during which it will release a burst of nitrogen gas. The procedure will cause rocks and surface material to be stirred up and captured in the sampler head. The spacecraft has enough nitrogen to allow three sampling attempts, to collect between 60 and 2000 grams (2-70 ounces).

In March 2021, the window for departure from the asteroid will open, and OSIRIS-REx will begin its return journey to Earth, arriving two and a half years later in September 2023.

The sample return capsule will separate from the spacecraft and enter the Earth’s atmosphere. The capsule containing the sample will be collected at the Utah Test and Training Range.

For two years after the sample return, the science team will catalog the sample and conduct analysis. We will also preserve at least 75% of the sample for further research by scientists worldwide, including future generations of scientists.

The Spacecraft

The OSIRIS-REx spacecraft is outfitted with some amazing instruments that will help complete the mission. Here’s a quick rundown:

The OCAMS Instrument Suite

PolyCam (center), MapCam (left) and SamCam (right) make up the camera suite on the spacecraft. These instruments are responsible for most of the visible light images that will be taken by the spacecraft.

OSIRIS-REx Laser Altimeter (OLA)

This instrument will provide a 3-D map of asteroid Bennu’s shape, which will allow scientists to understand the context of the asteroid’s geography and the sample location.

OSIRIS-REx Thermal Emission Spectrometer (OTES)

The OTES instrument will conduct surveys to map mineral and chemical abundances and will take the asteroid Bennu’s temperature.

OSIRIS-REx Visible and Infrared Spectrometer (OVIRS)

This instrument will measure visible and near infrared light from the asteroid. These observations could be used to identify water and organic materials.

Regolith X-Ray Imaging Spectrometer (REXIS)

REXIS can image X-ray emission from Bennu in order to provide an elemental abundance map of the asteroid’s surface.

Touch-and-Go Sample Arm Mechanism (TAGSAM)

This part of the spacecraft will be responsible for collecting a sample from Bennu’s surface.

Watch Launch and More!

Wednesday, Sept. 7 at noon EDT
Join us for a discussion with representatives from the mission’s science and engineering teams. This talk will include an overview of the spacecraft and the science behind the mission. 
Social media followers can ask questions during this event by using #askNASA.
Watch HERE

Uncovering the Secrets of Asteroids
Wednesday, Sept. 7 at 1 p.m. EDT

During this panel, our scientists will discuss asteroids, how they relate to the origins of our solar system and the search for life beyond Earth.
Social media followers can ask questions during this event by using #askNASA.
Watch HERE


Thursday, Sept. 8 starting at 5:30 p.m. EDT
Watch the liftoff of the United Launch Alliance’s (ULA) Atlas V rocket from Kennedy Space Center in Florida at 7:05 p.m. 

Full coverage is available online starting at 4:30 p.m. Watch HERE

We will also stream the liftoff on Facebook Live starting at 6:50 p.m. EDT. Watch HERE

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Full House Part 2

“Someone paged?”
“I did,” Owen said from inside the trauma room. He looked up at her and their eyes met for a brief period.
“What do you need?” she asked him, having to remind herself why she was here.
“Patient’s head went right through the front glass,” Owen stated, “we need a neuro-” The patient began coding.
“Turn him on his side,” Amelia instructed, holding the patient’s body down as they waited for the seizure to subside. “Someone book an OR,” she said, flashing her penlight in both the man’s eyes.

“Meredith said to pick up some milk on the way home,” Amelia told Owen as they operated together.
“I’ll be sure to make a pass by the supermarket then,” he muttered in reply, not giving her a second look. He was still embarrassed that she’d caught him shaving his ‘jimmy’ the other day.
“Dammit!” Owen bellowed, dropping all his instruments in the tray as the monitor beeped erratically, “Paddles!”
“Wait,” Amelia shouted from behind the patient’s brain, “I just need to finish fixing this bleed.”
“Shepherd, we don’t have time,” Owen insisted, grabbing the paddles and rubbing them together.
“Just wait,” she said frustratedly, slowing pulling the prodding instrument out of the man’s brain, “I’m almost-”
“CLEAR!” The patient’s body jerked upwards and soon after, the sound of his heart rate filled the room, followed by the neurosurgeon’s voice.
“Mother fuck!” Amelia yelled, cringing and squirming on the floor with her hands balled in tight fists, her eyes closed shut and her teeth gritted together, “I told you to fucking wait! I was almost done!” A few nurses gathered around her as she ripped her headlight off and writhed in pain, trying to regain some sort of motor function.
“I’m sorry, I thought you were out,” Owen sincerely said, “but the patient was coding. What was I supposed to do?”
“Fucking wait, that’s what!” she cursed, the tips of her fingers already becoming numb from holding the metallic conducting instruments when Owen shocked the patient, “I could’ve sliced his brain in half!”

He walked into the kitchen, trying his best to ignore her as he stuck his head in the fridge, pulling out the carton of milk. Someone hadn’t replaced the milk in a while, Owen thought as he sniffed the sour milk. He could hear Amelia angrily stabbing her spoon into a bowl of dry cereal as she eyed him and he sighed and surrendered, giving her his attention.
“What?” Owen asked tirelessly as he shoved the old milk in the garbage, “What now?” He sat down parallel to her and propped his face on his hands, boring into her, “You’re going to scold me for not buying the milk?”
“I was just trying to figure out where to hide your body when I kill you in your sleep tonight,” she replied simply as she stuffed a spoonful of Lucky Charms into her mouth.
“I said I was sorry,” he whined, closing his eyes as he tried to collect himself.
“I was thinking about stabbing you in the neck,” Amelia continued obliviously, “or maybe cutting your wrists.” Owen gulped audibly, knowing she was a force to be reckoned with.
She stood over the table and leaned into his ear, “But I figured I’d just wait for you to fall asleep…and suffocate you with a pillow.” She let her fingers rub against his stubble tauntingly before slapping his cheek twice, playfully, and walking away with her bowl of cereal, giving him a warm smile.
He locked his bedroom door that night.

Owen whistled a happy tune in his recently fixed shower, a few mornings after things had calmed down with him and Amelia. He ran his hands through his hair, scrubbing the shampoo deep into his scalp as he sighed in satisfaction. He hadn’t had such a relaxing shower like the one he was currently having since he moved here. Girls were either yelling at him or asking him to buy milk, tampons and bread, so these few minutes of masculinity he enjoyed thoroughly. At least he enjoyed it until he opened his eyes and looked down at the black foam being sucked into the drain.
“No,” he whispered to himself unbelievingly when he figured out why the foam was black, “no no no no no.” He rinsed his hair and jumped out of the shower, yelling Amelia’s name when he saw his reflection. Downstairs, Amelia grinned triumphantly when she heard her last name being called angrily.

“Meredith, she put black dye in my shampoo!” Owen complained.
“He fricking defibrillated me during surgery!” she retorted just as angrily.
“It was an accident!”
“You’re an accident!”
The two looked at each other briefly before both turning away and folding their arms as they pouted.
“You have got to be kidding me,” Meredith whined, pinching the bridge of her nose, “do I need to ground you two like I do with the kids or something?” Neither responded, so Meredith took it as a yes.
“Amelia,” Meredith said sternly, catching the doctor’s attention, “tomorrow you’re going to take Owen for a haircut seeing as you have a day off.”
“What?” she cried, “That’s completely unnecessary!”
“Dropping black dye in his shampoo was also unnecessary,” Meredith warned, shutting Amelia up.
“Owen,” Meredith continued, looking at the now dark brown headed man, “after getting your head shaved, you’re going to buy Amelia whatever she wants at the mall, I don’t care what it is.”
Owen rolled his eyes, “She can pay for whatever it is herself. She’s not poor.” He sighed when he saw Meredith’s face turning red, “Okay fine, I’ll buy her a lollipop or something.”
“Cheap,” Amelia muttered, receiving a death glare from Owen.

Thought I was going to do terrible at trombone today.

I actually did very, very well! I was so proud of myself. :] I played everything pretty darn great, and for a woodwind player, I think I’m understanding the whole liping up and liping down thing now. I played around on Bb and F for a bit and started to understand where I needed to be to get it down, and I got it! I was so happy when we went through the duets and I was hitting everything. 

I couldn’t do it on Monday, but I’m glad I got it now. ^_^ It’s helpful. It also makes me more comfortable that I may do fairly well in this class.

Tomorrow is choral conducting and I’m not quite sure how I will do. I did so well in instrumental and stuff last year but couldn’t afford to take it last spring. Now I can and I’m like… Freaking out a bit. XD I am not worried about conducting without a baton, I actually prefer it that way  because then I feel in more control. But I am worried about not expressing enough. Choral conducting and instrumental conducting are close, but choral just seems more… Well, free. Free to move about and do different things without worrying about keeping a beat the entire time.

The vocalists rely on each other more and they look to the conductor for the expression and such, where as in a band setting, most of the time things can go wrong if a conductor stops conducting and shows more expression with both hands. I mean, at least that’s what it feels like to me, and how it looks and feels like in every band (other than jazz band) that I have been in. 

I don’t know… We’ll see. ^^

The brain is more than an assemblage of autonomous modules, each crucial for a specific mental function. Every one of these functionally specialized areas must interact with dozens or hundreds of others, their total integration creating something like a vastly complicated orchestra with thousands of instruments, an orchestra that conducts itself, with an ever-changing score and repertoire.
—  Oliver Sacks, ‘The Mind’s Eye’

Hello folks. So, I see a lot of performing arts high school roleplays around Tumblr and some of them seem a bit far-fetched. I attended an arts school where I was a musical theater and drama major, but I also took dance, voice, and film while I was there as well. Because of this experience, I figured that I could share some of my knowledge with you guys in a short guide. Remember, more of these schools exist than you think and may differ slightly. This is based on my experience.

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