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“Say” | a critical role fan song (demo)

In Whitestone, Kima and Allura sort out their feelings. (takes place sometime between Critical Role episodes 57 and 58) 

Here’s the FIRST DEMO of my Kima and Allura duet! I love these two so much, and wanted to explore what they might have happened between them in their past and while they were waiting for Vox Machina to return.

Scene Premise: Allura is meditating, working on the arcane barrier protecting Whitestone, and Kima is impatiently waiting in the room.

Now that the demo is done, I’d really love to flesh this out into a more polished musical number. If you’d like to help at all (piano transposing, adding other instruments, redoing the composition, lyric change suggestions, singing for either singing part!) PM or message me!

FINAL DEMO (with updated lyrics!):

final lyrics after the cut

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Orchestre Jaune (1942). Raoul Dufy (French, 1877-1953). Oil and pen and ink on board.

Over broad swathes of colour, Dufy has drawn the outlines of figures and their instruments, creating the compositional structure of the scene. Like notes on a musical score, the rows of performers, including violinists, flutists and cellists, give a sense of animated movement and dynamism to the painting.

Hero's Waltz
Toris Crow
Hero's Waltz

“Well, RGB is a very two-sided coin, so he’s about the contrast of razzle-dazzle and melancholy, high class and barely scraping by, happy and sad. He’s a throwaway trinket that’s been damaged beyond repair and has accepted that into his personality.”

This is my interpretation of the description I got in reply to my ask about what RGB’s music theme would be like. I will eventually have this on Bandcamp, as soon as I finish the rest of the album.

The lovely track art was made by the wonderful @sarcasm-and-cyanide!

@modmad @thatdappertellybloke

Masterlist: College Majors || 300+ Followers Gift

Under the cut you will find some college majors. I’ve seen that a lot of roleplays is based around college and have the option in the apps to choice the characters major. I did an occupations list which could help as well. This is also a big big big thank you for the 300+ followers. Please like or reblog if you find it helpful. 

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Honestly, I can’t get over how GOOD the FFIX soundtrack is, from the instrumentation, composition, and the use of leitmotifs that also tied plot-important pieces together. A lot of thought went into it and it’s such a cohesive soundtrack with a lot of reucrring music themes that not only were very nice, but served as foreshadowing to the story itself. It’s really great. Like tbh I think it’s the best FF soundtrack out there, and Nobuo Uematsu certainly agrees with me

(TRANS) Vivi Magazine January 2017 Issue


The both of you are constantly getting comments about being similar in your voices and expressions/way of speech Chanyeol x Baekhyun, Alliance Talk!

Baekhyun: Chanyeol and I are pretty similar in our thoughts. Think of it as telepathy. Take for example, “I feel like playing Billiards today!” , it’s as though we have having telepathic minds, he would also have the same thought, “I’d also like to go for a round of Billiards today!” It’s been as such ever since our trainee days. Chanyeol: From that period forth, whatever recreations that we engaged in are always in a comfortable and fun filled atmosphere. We share the same likes and interests in many different aspects, which explains the reason why we always seem to spend endless amounts of time with each other as companions. We game together, train together, even the hobbies that I’ve been interested in recently applies similarly to him. We can talk endlessly over topics without even keeping track of time, he also shares the same musical interests and tastes as I do. Baekhyun: I have a lot to learn from Chanyeol with regards to lyrical composition and instruments. I like how he always manages to have a bright and optimistic personality that never fails to bring joy and happiness to the people around him. He’s tall and handsome, he has a playful and serious side to his personality. In the midst of all his desirable qualities in him where you’ll most probably fall for upon hearing it, he’s actually pretty impulsive at times, so do be careful~! Chanyeol: Baekhyun has always been that type of hyung that constantly frets about your health and fusses over your overall well-being in general. But he’s a little late in his youth (laughs) Because of this very reason, I feel like he would be a good leader, albeit one with a soft personality (laughs) Baekhyun: Even though we are of the same age, I’m more of a big brother to you right? Chanyeol: I guess so… (laughs) Because he has good sense, he always does well when he participates in dramas, musicals, as well as similar activities, even during collaborations with other artists during duets! Even though I don’t exactly express my opinions about his activities outside of EXO often, I know that he is always doing well! Baekhyun: Thank you~ When you have your own song, I would love to participate in it as well, do take care of me!

Translation by Soojung @ fyeah-chanyeol
(Please take out with full credits)


1988. So Far, So Good… So What!

is the third album by band Megadeth. It was released in January 19. It is the band’s only album recorded with drummer Chuck Behler and guitarist Jeff Young, both of whom were fired immediately after the subsequent tour. So Far, So Good… So What! features music performed at very fast tempos with technical ability; lyrically, frontman and guitarist Dave Mustaine addresses a variety of topics, including nuclear holocaust and freedom of speech.

At first, the band hired guitarist Jay Reynolds from the band Malice, but Reynolds was not up to the task of recording, and was subsequently replaced by his guitar teacher, Jeff Young. Dave Mustaine has since stated his regret for the way he handled Reynolds’s firing.

The tour that followed the album’s release was the first to feature new band members Chuck Behler and Jeff Young. Bassist David Ellefson said that previous members Gar Samuelson and Chris Poland were tired of constantly being on the road and their departure was inevitable. He further revealed that drummer Behler was appointed shortly before because the band feared that Samuelson would not be able to continue touring.  However, some problems occurred during the Australian leg of the tour. The band was forced to cancel some of these shows because of drug issues. Mustaine claimed that the group returned home because guitarist Young “ran out of heroin”, which Young denied, stating that it was Mustaine who wanted to go back to Los Angeles and seek rehabilitation. Both Young and Behler were fired immediately after the end of the tour, in August 1988.

The album’s first track, “Into the Lungs of Hell”, is an instrumental composition which features synthesized horns, winds and percussion.  "Set the World Afire" is the first song Dave Mustaine wrote for Megadeth after being fired from Metallica. He was a member of Metallica from 1982–83, and was dismissed just before Metallica recorded its debut album Kill ‘Em All. He later said that he wrote the lyrics during his journey home from the departure. Inspiration for the song came from a newspaper he read while on the bus back to California. Originally intended to be titled “Megadeath”, Mustaine later decided to use the name, minus the “a” in “death,” for the band instead. “Anarchy in the U.K.” is a Sex Pistols cover, which quickly became a staple of the band’s live set. Over the years, the song was dropped from the set list because of its anti-Christian viewpoint. “Mary Jane” tells a story about a young witch buried alive by her father near the Loon Lake cemetery in Minnesota. According to the legend, anyone who dared to disturb her grave was doomed to a prompt death. The song features descending guitar lines and begins with Mustaine summoning her spirit during the introduction.

“502” is about driving fast cars. “In My Darkest Hour” was written by Mustaine shortly after the death of Metallica bassist Cliff Burton. Mustaine had found out through word of mouth, as his former band mates never contacted him about the tragic event that occurred in Europe. He later recalled that he was extremely unhappy that day and wrote the song in one sitting.  "Liar" is a rant directed at past member Chris Poland. “Hook in Mouth” declaims censorship and the Parents Music Resource Center (PMRC). Mustaine elaborated that the lyrics were aimed at those who were “fucking around with our constitutional rights and trying to take away our freedom of speech”.

although their cover of the Sex Pistols’ “Anarchy in the UK”, despite a guest appearance from ex-Pistol Steve Jones, Megadeth’s version has incorrect lyrics. Dave Mustaine explained that he could not understand Johnny Rotten’s singing, so he made up the parts he could not understand (in addition, the country is changed to “USA”, though the title is kept unchanged).

is one Megadeth’s best efforts. Everything that defines Megadeth’s musicianship is present and it won’t let you down. “So Far, So Good…So What!” may not be the most recognized Megadeth release, but it’s certainly one of their best.

       Dave Mustaine      David Ellefson     Chuck Behler    Jeff Young

Pocket Your Feelings

I hear an echo in the wind.
I hear a voice in this place.
I tried already to rescind
who may have lightened up my face.
I keep going down this passage.
I halfway don’t know what I’ll find. Yet each time you warmly greet me.
You, so eager to bind.
I feel a little power
that if I ever dared,
one day I could claim you,
If by then I cared.
When I see you next, I will embrace you, though I fear
that I won’t want to let go, once I’ve gotten you that near.
Silence your eyes.
Quiet your lips.
Put your hands in your pockets.
Don’t let me touch you.
Don’t let me see you.
Don’t let me hear you.
Don’t let me see your heart beat… with your dark eyes. With your passion…
With me.

- B. E. Barnes

Music by @wind-some-light
Writing by @hushed-words

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[TRANS] Harper’s Bazaar May Issue

Red Velvet’s debut had a lot of people tilting their heads. A lot of people were expecting a second f(x) or SNSD, but Red Velvet came out as a third type of idol that was closer to a new genre. They were an idol group that wasn’t surprising nor public friendly. They didn’t have a cute, sexy, or hipster kind of official color like previous groups. The cheerful and fun girls were yelling ‘Booyah!’ in their debut song ‘Happiness’ and only two months later, they are putting on a chair performance while promising to invite us to a secret world. 

And their music? The song ‘Happiness’, that was made by Chad Hugo who was in the same band N.E.R.D as Pharrell Williams, wasn’t an idol genre we have seen before.Musician and song writer, Jinbo, reviewed Red Velvet’s ‘Happiness’ like this: “Using an African tribal beat instead of a 4/4 rhythm showed that rather than going for the public music charts, they were going for a mania-heavy, experimental technique that can be heard widely on soundcloud. If you look at their arrangement as well as the minimal instrumental composition, they were trying for a more progressive sound compared to other idols.” With their not-so-simple nor normal melody, their unique lyrics such as “When I wake up in the morning, I tell my mom I love her. My kind daughter”, they had music communities talking. The reviews ranged between ‘weird’ and ‘refreshing’. Although the thoughts were contrasting, one thing was for sure: Red Velvet was a brave group. They were determined to prove their first line from ‘Happiness’, “Sometimes you gotta be bold!”.

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Ceres, the closest dwarf planet, has its mysteries solved by NASA

3.) The second brightest crater on Ceres, Oxo, is the only location that exhibits surface water. This small, 9 kilometer (6 mile) wide crater is most likely very young, as water ice should sublimate in the sunlight on timescales of a few million years at most: much shorter than the lifetime of this world. Either it’s one of the most recent impact craters, and practically all impact craters dredge up subsurface water, or there’s been recent landslide that exposed this water. Future analyses should be able to reveals whether there’s other water-ice on the surface (at lower density than what’s found here), as well as determining whether this is pure water-ice, or whether this is frozen water that’s bound into minerals, making them more stable against sublimation than water-ice on its own.”

NASA’s Dawn mission has just revealed a huge suite of data about Ceres, our Solar System’s closest dwarf planet. No longer merely taking pictures, at its orbital altitude of just 240 miles (385 km), it’s now gathering information from many instruments, measuring the chemical composition and neutron/gamma ray fluxes from the surface. Three big surprises have emerged, including a new theory for the salt deposits in Occator crater, the possible existence of sub-surface icecaps at the poles, and a new set of white spots in Oxo crater, which are water-ice after all!

Update 12: Masterful little Update

Hello everyone. It’s time for another little update, this time coming from our sound department. We had planned to let Shane handle this one, but his internet left us at a bad time. Regrettably we’ll have to manage without him… You might already have noticed, but he’s been working on mastering our whole soundtrack. A temporary soundcloud has already been updated with mastered tracks!

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Bought the Baten Kaitos soundtrack recently, and I thought it was handsomely packaged.  The case itself has a classy portrait orientation, with tiny chibis on the obi, and the discs themselves have this nice matte finish (which, unfortunately, doesn’t take kindly to fingerprints or wiping, as you can see on disc 1 up there).  The inside is done in a mosaic motif, with close-ups of the standard character art rendered in this style decorating the booklet.  My attempt at photography didn’t work quite as well as I wanted; please pardon my camera and big fat thumb.

Anyhow: I translated the liner notes from Motoi Sakuraba et al., which lie below the cut.  Please enjoy the odd line breaks.

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anonymous asked:

Advice for younger composers?

I can say so much, like you don’t even know.

As far as learning: Learn music history. Learn common practice theory, and then learn 20th century techniques. Learn WHY the “rules” are what they are. Learn how instruments work and what their limits are. Learn to talk about music intelligently (by learning the previous).

As far as composing: Don’t worry about being “wrong” or “right.” Don’t worry about being “good” or “bad.” Just compose. Crank stuff out. Just MAKE. You will learn what you’re good at and do it naturally. Compose for different ensembles. Don’t just write for orchestra, band, and choir. Write chamber pieces. Write for instruments you don’t play. Get people to read them and tell you what doesn’t work. 

As far as notation: DON’T LIMIT YOURSELF WITH “I DON’T KNOW HOW TO DO IT IN FINALE/SIBELIUS/ETC.” Write out your music by hand if you don’t know how to do it in a notation program, make sure it works that way, and then learn how to do it in the program. Use Illustrator if you have to. And for the love of all that is good in the world, DON’T USE THE DEFAULT SETTINGS. Learn how to change fonts for everything. Learn how to change the sizes of everything. Learn how to make your own unique default style. And again, DON’T LET THE NOTATION PROGRAM LIMIT WHAT YOU CHOOSE TO DO.

As far as listening to music: Listen to music you love. Listen to music you dislike. Be able to explain WHY you love or dislike it. Listen to music you don’t know. Stretch your ears and listen to things you don’t understand. LISTEN TO MUSIC WRITTEN BY LIVING COMPOSERS SO YOU KNOW WHAT’S GOING ON IN COMPOSITION TODAY. 

On networking and etc: MAKE FRIENDS WITH PERFORMERS, CONDUCTORS, AND DIRECTORS. Having lots of composer friends won’t get your music performed! Write pieces for your friends who are good at performing. Make a website (use weebly or wix for starters.) Keep a list of your compositions with instrumentation, length, and when you wrote it. Have program notes for each piece. Give yourself a uniform look and image. Start learning to be a professional even when you’re still in school. If you’re in college, join a music fraternity.

And most of all, LET YOUR MUSIC TAKE YOU DOWN THE PATH IT GOES. You may think you’ll be a big shot orchestra composer and find yourself writing for saxophones and LOVING IT. Don’t ever put any limits on yourself and GO WITH IT.