Art Museums and Garden Sleeping ( listen )

description: The most beautiful instrumental mix for reading, writing, studying, relaxing, gardening, going to museums and even sleeping! Drown you ears in the sound of these instrumental pieces composed by these exemplary musicians

featuring pieces by: Hans Zimmer // Tchaikovsky // Yiruma // Karl Bohn // Philippe Rombi // Max Richter // Dario Marianelli // Ludovico Einaudi // Johan Johansson // Philip Glass // Alexandre Desplat // Yann Tiersen // Samuel Karl Bohn // Illan Eshkeri // Harry Gregson Williams // John Williams // Dustin O’halloran // Garth Neustadter // Javier Navarrete // Abel Korzeniowski // Greg Maroney // Adrian Johnston // Benh Zeitlin 

pic credit to @amandalanerva

Sharks Don't Sleep
  • Sharks Don't Sleep
  • Dean Valentine
  • Captain America: Civil War trailer

Captain America: Civil War - Official trailer music

Hamilton Instrumentals!

God is real! This amazing YouTuber has made this awesome karaoke tracks of some of the songs from Hamilton on his computer (in garage band) and they sound almost identical to the soundtrack. I’ve linked all the ones he’s posted so far below! This is incredible, I’m so impressed! 

Alexander Hamilton

My Shot

The Schuyler Sisters

You’ll Be Back



What’d I Miss?


And here’s a cool video where he explains his process and how he does it! So enjoy guys, I’m sure you’ll all be just as stoked as I am as soon as you listen! :)

02. M A G I C   I S   M I G H T

A collection of soft, melancholic instrumental soundtracks designed for non-intrusive background music to help you maintain focus on whatever you’re doing. Perfect for reading, drawing and writing. Side effects may include deep contemplation of life and/or an urgent need to have a soul-searching epic adventure. Featuring soundtracks by Alexandre Desplat, John Williams, Alan Silvestri, Nicholas Hooper and more from movies like The Walk, Anna Karenina, Harry Potter and The Golden Compass. 

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