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Yuri!!! on ice Musical AU that I spent too much time on and procrastinated posting -_-

I’m pretty sure a lot of musical AU’s exist already but this has been sticking around in my head esp after reading a lot of speculations that Yuuri is represented by the piano, and Victor the violin in the Yuri on Ice and Stay Close to me soundtracks.

In my head it works like this: Victor is a world renown Violinist who is pretty uninspired and unmotivated but he stumbles across Yuuri who is an obscure concert Pianist. Yuuri captures Victor’s heart interest after a performance, becoming Victor’s accompanist. The two of them perform duets together and basically become a musical power couple.

I guess it’s kinda like a Your Lie In April AU?except no one dies and they perform together more than once p l e a s e ;_;

Also If you are interested in other similar AU’s check out tanaw’s beautiful paintings and xrippuino’s your lie in april au which is great >_<


First Look: The Ford GT ’67 Heritage Edition

The 2018 Ford GT will be available in a new limited-edition Heritage theme honoring the GT40 Mark IV race car driven to victory by the all-American team of Dan Gurney and A.J. Foyt at Le Mans in 1967. The car will feature unique interior and exterior color themes, and an exclusive wheel finish.

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Some different angles of Baby2

All that is left to do before SeaCon is put little touch up paint on the body, attach the the seat belts in the back seat, replace the steering shift knob, fix the fuse to light up the instrument panel, and then win the lottery so I can have the rust removed, body damage repaired and get her completely painted!!! ;D lol TBA

But at least she is safe to drive and ready to go!


The pilots’ instrument panel and flight controls of a Short Stirling Mk I of No. 7 Squadron RAF at Oakington, Cambridgeshire, February 1942.


Reinventing the wheel: Part 8 Saab 9000 Prometheus, 1992. A prototype which was created under a European "Prometheus" programme (Programme for European Traffic with Highest Efficiency and Unprecedented Safety). The steering wheel was replaced with a centrally mounted joystick. This configuration reduced the risk of body and facial injury in the event of an accident and provided easier airbag installation, as well as improved instrument panel visibility

A man lives in a foreign country, and his job is to operate the train that connects one town to another. He is not very good at his job, and he is also very greedy. Since his income does not meet his expenses, he decides to steal from his passengers’ fares. At first he steals only a little. However, as he gets more and more greedy, he steals more and more. Eventually, he is caught. The company is furious. Once he has been tried and found guilty, the company asks for the death penalty. The court refuses choosing to banish him from the country instead.

The man moves on to another country, certain that he can dedicate himself to a new life. However the only thing he really understands is operating trains, so before long, he is a train operater in this new country. Unfortunately, the old habits come back, and after a while, he starts stealing from the passengers’ fairs again. Once again, he is eventually caught and taken back to trial. Once he is found guilty, the judge says he sees no hope for reform, since this is the second time the man has been caught doing this. Thus, the judge sentences the man to death.

On the day of execution, the man is placed in the electric chair, and the chair is turned on. Much to the surprise of everyone there, the man is not even hurt. He just sits there, as if nothing is happening. The instrument panel says that the electric chair is working, but the man is completely unaffected! The chair is turned off and on several more times, but the man doesn’t even flinch! Finally, one of the guards asks the man why the electric chair isn’t hurting him, and the man replies, “Well, I’ve always been a really poor conductor.”

it’s okay

The smokes burns in his eyes. 

Even above ground, in the cockpit of yet another stolen shuttle, it’s making his eyes water and he has to blink to get clear sight onto the long stretch of beach under them, scanning for two familiar figures. His vision is still hazy and the smoke everywhere - as are the flames.

The console beeps. Two humans detected, fitting the given parameters, one male, one female, not more than half a kilometer south.

“Yes! Okay, listen,” Bodhi calls. He tears his eyes away from the disaster outside, starting to frantically flip switch after switch on the flight instrument panel. His fingers hurt with every switch he touches, his arms ache, protesting to be so much as lifted higher than his elbows, and his face is burning - his whole body hurts. Somewhere in the back of his mind, he is surprised to find that his legs form an exception. He can’t feel them at all. That is probably something he should worry about, but he doesn’t have the time, not yet.

“I’m gonna try and get us down, low enough to get them in, but it’ll have to be quick! Kay, do you hear me?” He is yelling, for once, because the crumbling planet around them refuses to die quietly, but also because everything he does hear sounds oddly muffled in his head. “We won’t have much time before they’ll notice we’re not one of their evacuation shuttles and start taking shots at us. Get Cassian and Jyn, and then we’ll get the hell out of here!”

“Understood.” The droid nods and leaves the co-pilot seat. “I will act as quick as possible,” he says and positions himself near the shuttle hatch.

Bodhi throws a quick glance over his shoulder into the main part of the ship. Baze is hunched over on the floor, cradling an unconscious Chirrut in his lap, who had still made it aboard on his own, but apparently been knocked out sometime in the last few minutes by his general injuries. A flash of worry shoots through Bodhi. Had it not been for the two guardians, he would have been blown to pieces together with the stolen Imperial shuttle, not sitting at the helm of another stolen Imperial shuttle one of the same model, planning to rescue two of the very rebels that might have just thrown the vital spanner into the Empire’s works.

Baze looks up and points past Bodhi. “We need to hurry!”

Bodhi’s head snaps back and what he sees is terrifying. The horizon consists of nothing but blinding red light and he quickly averts his eyes. This is already the second time within forty-eight hours that he witnesses a horizon getting swallowed by sheer forces of destruction. The first time, due to a mysterious interplay of chance and divine intervention, he had not been dragged down with it. He isn’t yet sure about the second time.

He pulls the lever for the thrusters next to the console and calls, “Initiating descend… now! K-2, get ready!”

The shuttle goes into hover mode, hanging in the air just a few feet above the shore of the burning planet. The hatch hisses open and fresh smoke and newly stirred up sand blows in when, according to plan, K-2SO leans out and reaches for the two people huddled together on the beach. He first grabs hold of Jyn, being closer, and hauls her in, then wraps his other arm around Cassian, lifting him too, up and into safety. Or at least closer to it than before.

“All aboard and only slightly singed,” K-2 informes Bodhi, setting down Cassian next to Jyn.

“Kay -” Cassian is interrupted by his own cough and clutches his side as his body shakes. He doesn’t even try to get up, instead leans against the now closed hatch and takes a deep breath once the coughing subsides. He looks up at K-2 and shakes his head, a disbelieving smile beginning to build. “Force, I’ve never been more glad to see you.”

The droid shortly glances down at himself, before answering. “Technically, you do not see me, this is merely another K-X model with my memory drive - and not even a well-maintained one, I’d like to point out - but I appreciate the sentiment. It’s good to see you too, Cassian.”

Next to him, Jyn drags a hand over her face.

“Yeah, thanks,” she says and it sounds deeply heartfelt. It seems to take her an incredible amount of effort, but she pushes herself up on her knees and stands, starting to make her way toward the cockpit. “Feelings aside, who’s flying this thing?”

Jyn leans heavily on the pilot seat just as K-2 says, “Our pilot, who else?” His tone implies he thinks every other assumption incredibly stupid.

“Bodhi?” She asks, incredulous, and Bodhi can feel a hand touching his hair, Jyn apparently needing haptic proof that he is real.

“Hello,” he says sheepishly, craning his neck to catch a quick look at her.

Jyn is breathing hard and her eyes are red-rimmed. Why would they not be, just moments ago, she must have been convinced that moments was all she had left of this life. Bodhi’s eyes meet Jyn’s and her mouth curves into a relieved smile.

She returns his greeting. “Hi there.”

Now Cassian, too, scrambles to his feet, wincing visibly. He’s unsteady on his feet and K-2 catches him once lest he falls before making it front, to Bodhi and Jyn. In the cockpit, Jyn takes over and wraps her arm around his waist. With Cassian supported by her, K-2 reclaims his position in the co-pilot seat and transfers parts of the controls to his station.

Knowing K-2 now has a handle on things, Bodhi allows himself another glance back and seeks Cassian’s eyes. They seem tired, so very tired, but they also emit a deep gratefulness.

“You got us out,” he says. “You really got us out.”

Bodhi swallows and nods, burning the image of Cassian and Jyn, breathing and leaned against each other, into this memory.

Less than a week ago he’d never met either of them, but right now he feels like he’s known them a lifetime. Maybe, Bodhi ponders, going through something like this alters time, making it go slower while everything around happens way too quickly, allowing it to fit in all the things that would be enough for much more than just one single life. He has no idea if this even makes sense and shakes off the thought, all that really counts is that they’re alive.

“Yeah,” Bodhi mumbles, forcing his attention back on the instrument panel. His eyes are starting to burn more and more and the distant drumming in his ears is constantly getting louder.

“You’re injured,” he hears Cassian point out.

Now that the adrenaline flowing through his system is slowly coming to a halt, he suddenly feels too exhausted to reply, ‘So are you’.

He barely registers Jyn’s voice calling out his name. Cassian also says something, but Bodhi is having trouble understanding him over all the noise, the drumming is just too loud by now.

Once they break the atmosphere and the familiar pull of jumping into hyperspace fades, so does his consciousness. Everything around him goes black. But that’s okay. He got them out.

an alternate r1 ending from my ot3 fic that is probably never going to see the light of day but they all live and our brave pilot got them out and this just needed to be said thank you for your attention

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If you're still taking fluff ficlet requests, some Shiro/Matt? (Because I'm dying after the ending of that last chapter I need my sons to be happy)

[I’m writing Dualityverse fluff ficlets! (Because the latest chapters have been pure angst.)] [Read them all here. Now on AO3 as Finding Family.]

I’m defo still taking fluff requests. Unless I get suddenly flooded with them, they’re open until the end of the current arc in Duality.

Set in or around chapter 15 of Someplace Like Home.

“Remind me again why I’m blindfolded?”

Matt shushed Shiro, flicking his nose. Shiro flinched back, mouth dropping open in a look of mild offense that made Matt grin. It was early, the castle utterly silent except for their breathing and the shuffle of their footsteps. The close walls of this corridor swallowed the sound, as it swallowed the dim light of the illumination strips running along the floor. They might have been walking in an isolated bubble of reality, surrounded by nothingness on all sides.

“You’re blindfolded,” Matt said, “because this is supposed to be a surprise.”

Shiro quirked an eyebrow over the top of his black sleep mask—a gift from Lance, who’d made everyone their own silk sleep mask during one of his bouts of hyper-productivity. “A surprise?” Shiro asked. “In the Red Lion’s tower? Interesting.”

Matt stopped walking, gaping at Shiro in disbelief. “You—how did you—that’s not fair, Takashi!

With a smug grin, Shiro walked on, still blindfolded, tugging on their joined hands to pull Matt along. “It’s not my fault you have no sense of direction. Some of us happen to enjoy knowing where we’re going.”

Matt snorted, quickening his stride to pass Shiro and hip-checking him for good measure. “Where’s the adventure in that?” he asked. “Now let me lead before you break your nose on one of these walls.”

“Like you’d let me run into anything.”

“If you keep ruining my surprises I might,” Matt warned. Shiro only laughed.

[continued below]

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The rising line - A brief history of wedge design: Part 7 Aston Martin Lagonda Series 2, 1976, by William Towns. In addition to its radical wedge styling the Lagonda was the first production car in the world to use computer management and a digital instrument panel, although the electronics in the original cars were unreliable. It remained in production until 1990

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if you're still taking trope prompts: Tony/Rhodey: stranded on a desert island

The plane goes down, hard. Rhodey suspects foul play, but he’s not exactly equipped to dig around in the smoldering remains of the plane to figure it out.

He’s a little worse for wear, his braces banged up and the left one stuttering a bit. Tony’s going to be so mad when he sees that, offended that his work doesn’t hold up to plane crash level. Other that the leg brace, he’s covered in minor cuts and he thinks he broke a rib on impact.

Tony looks mostly okay. He’s holding his arm at a strange angle and he’s bruised across the forehead, but he’s up and walking so Rhodey counts it as a win.

Thank God it was just them two, FRIDAY doing most of the pilot work and Rhodey filling in when needed. Of course, that means the plane was tiny. If the Stark jet didn’t come in, dropped off radar–people would notice. A small, private plane? Rhodey feels sick, remembering Tony telling him, late one night, the original cover story SHIELD concocted for Obadiah’s death. Small planes have such poor safety records. They go down sometimes. And it takes a while to notice.

Tony’s staring at the wreckage of the plane, not moving. “Tony? Tony?”

Tony jolts. “Yeah?”

“We gotta move,” Rhodey says. “The fire, it’s gonna spread, we have to…”

“Right,” Tony agrees, turning and walking with Rhodey to higher ground. At the top of the hill, they can pretty much see the entire island. Rhodey’s pretty sure the footprint for Tony’s mansion in Malibu was bigger than the whole island. There’s a few scraggly trees, so there must be water somewhere, but it must be underground, because Rhodey’s not seeing it.

“So much for ‘politics don’t warrant the suits,’” Tony quotes. “If I had Iron Man…”

Rhodey can’t fly War Machine yet. They’re working on it, but integrating the braces with the suit is not an easy process. Even so, even knowing it would be effectively useless to him, Rhodey wishes he could call his suit.

The watch the fire burn, and Rhodey periodically scans the sky, hoping other planes passing in the flight path might notice the fire. The skies remain clear. Rhodey has a sudden momentary wonder if they were even on course. If someone did this to the plane, who’s to say that they didn’t mess with instrumentation? They could be miles and miles off course now.

Tony sits down, under the half-hearted shade of a scraggly tree. Painstakingly, Rhodey does the same, trying not to think how Tony will have to help him up again. They watch the fire burn until it’s smoldering ash.

The sun’s hot, and there’s no water. There’s no food, either, but they can go a while without that. Water will become a concern in a few hours.

Tony sighs, pats his hands on his thighs, then pushes himself up, turning to help Rhodey. “Alright,” he says. “Time to get to work.”

They get back to the plane and both start digging. Tony rips off his own shirt to protect his hands from the heat, and Rhodey follows suit.

Rhodey digs up the black box, useless out here, but pertinent later. When Tony gets them off here, he wants to know exactly how this happened.

When he turns back to Tony, Tony has warped and melted instrumentation panels, wires, an aluminum support strut, and, bizarrely, two strips of chewing gum.

“C'mon, Honey Bear,” Tony says. “Time to build a way out.”

Rhodey walks over, ready to dive in. “What are we building?” He asks, sure he’ll see the pieces come together once Tony tells him.

Tony smiles. “A helicopter,” he says.

It’s a roundabout way to get a helicopter, but after two hours of splicing and holding and digging for more parts and arguing and aligning, they have a half-decent radio to call for help with.

There’s a U.S. Navy Air Force Carrier a hundred miles west of them, and the signal is terrible but they get a message through. Once that’s confirmed, Tony picks up the radio and hands it to Rhodey, then uses two spare wires to make a spark, lighting the remains of the plane back on fire before moving back to high ground.

The plane smolders, a signal for where they are, and the radio rests between them as they sit under their scraggly little tree. Tony has his knees up, his hands around them. “You know,” he says. “Not that I want to be here, and not that I want you to be here, but…if it had to be anyone…glad it was you, Platypus.”

Rhodey smiles and wraps an arm around Tony’s shoulder. It’s probably too soon, probably just his imagination, but he thinks he sees a black dot in the distance, a rescue helicopter coming for them. “Funny,” he says. “I was thinking the same thing.”

Garage Maintenace - Gordon and Dan (Part 2/3)

Gordon blushed.

As he was still holding the phone, Dan walked back and snatched his phone away from Gordon. “Eh, some privacy please.” Dan sounded a little annoyed. “Your phone was gonna drop down from the door edge lah. So paranoid for what. Got something to hide is it?” Gordon tried to retort, but secretly panicking under the vehicle. “Fuck you. Nah.” Dan passed him the 19mm wrench.

Gordon was still blushing under the vehicle. “Oh fuck… His cock is THAT big? Why is he chatting with a guy? Is he… Gay?” Gordon was in deep thought and less he realised that his member was starting to stir in his pants…

Gordon slid out of the underside of the vehicle. “Ok, the underside is done. Now we just need to do some checks inside the vehicle. Dan climbed into the vehicle, followed by Gordon. The interior of the vehicle is actually very squeezy, which it can house maybe a maximum of 4 crew members, including the driver. Dan was fiddling with the driver instrumental panel with instructions from Gordon. Gordon climbed up to the cupola (vehicle commander hatch) to fix the hatch. The two thirds of his body was inside the vehicle.

After Dan was done, he stood up beside where Gordon was at. “I’m done!” Gordon didn’t respond and Dan was trying to look at what’s Gordon doing. But something else caught his attention. Gordon was having a hardon! His pants was tenting so obviously, and Gordon tried to press down his bulge several times but in vain. Dan smiled. Looks like he didn’t need to find the guy 300m away. There’s one right beside him.

He reached out to his bulge and caressed it. “Looks like someone’s hard eh? Horny ah?” Gordon froze while Dan was still caressing.
“Come down leh.” Dan tapped on Gordon. Gordon slowly squat and sat down. He didn’t dare to look at Dan. “You saw my nudes right?” A silent proceeded. “Nice anot? You wanna see the real thing, seeergeaaant?” Dan said in a naughty tone. Gordon gulped.

Dan went over to the door and combat locked it, meaning no one would be able to open the vehicle door from outside. He then took off his admin shirt and sat on the crew seat. “Eh come down la. If not how u play with me?” Dan commanded. Gordon came down from the commander seat. The interior of the vehicle was lightly lit by the opening of the cupola. Dan proceeded to caress Gordon’s biceps hidden under his no.4 top. And then his body. “You know you’re the hottest sergeant amongst all the sergeants in our coy?” Dan teased.

Button by button, Dan slowly undressed Gordon, revealing a solid chest, big arms and 6 pec. He took off his boots and pants as well, revealing a grey Hush Puppies underwear, the tip wet from his pre cum. Gordon goes to the gym weekly, and if time allows, he visits the gym in camp too, which explains his big biceps.

“You like this right?” Dan took Gordon’s hands and placed it on his bulge struggling to be released.

“I…I.. haven’t done this before.”

(to be continued)

Part 3