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@urbanspaceman​ just pointed out that in “Beyond,” right after Jim and Jaylah are transported to the Franklin, Spock and Bones are close together near an instrument panel.
My guess is Bones had to treat Spock’s injury *again* after he got beat up trying to find Uhura. You can see Spock had been sitting down and Bones is holding something like a medical tricorder.
(Sulu’s arm/hand is the blur in front of Bones.)

No Place Like Home

The future is a different country. Sometimes it’s hard to find home. 

A What If Peggy (with the Serum) was in the ice with Steve AU (Steggy Secret Santa gift for @bisexualhayesmorrisons)

Note: This is… slightly more melancholy in tone than I’d really intended, especially at the beginning, but I hope you enjoy it regardless. Also, this is not compliant with Peggy’s backstory in S2.

“I’ve gotta put her in the water,” Steve said, looking at her as she fiddled with the radio, trying to get someone on the line.

She didn’t acknowledge the words. She focused on the panel in front of her, but her shoulders were tense and the red nails of her empty hand bit into her palm. They had both looked at the instruments panel. It didn’t take fluency to know that whatever Schmidt had pressed earlier had locked them on course to New York. There wasn’t any choice, and they both knew it. The plane had to go down, and the only way to accomplish that now was to do it manually.


She looked over at him, her hair mussed and falling in her eyes after the fighting with Schmidt. She watched him with resignation for a moment. She’d always known there was the possibility that they might not live to see the end of the war, but right now it was overwhelming. She sighed and went still, when Steve reached out to take her hand, gently pressing his gloved fingers against her clenched ones, prompting her fingers uncurling to wrap tightly around his. Some of the tension ebbed away from her frame, but there was a fear there that wouldn’t be assuaged with a mere touch.

“If I could just find the bloody frequency-” Peggy grumbled, adjusting the radio panel with her free hand. There was a pop and crackle before static.

“I’m sorry, Peggy.”

She sighed. “I know.”

Ice stretched across the horizon, a white blanket. There was a moment of regret and pain for all the things neither of them would get to see now. All those plans and promises they’d both acknowledged but never quite made were going to end here in the cold. When Steve let go of her hand to take hold of the stick, Peggy laid her hand on top of his and nodded.

Together, they pushed, sending the plane careening down toward the ice below.

“I guess we won’t make that dance after all,” Steve said, looking at her. He laughed, a sad chuckle that sent a lance through her heart. “Probably for the best, I would have hated to step on your toes.”

Peggy was tempted to laugh. Of all the things for him to worry about- even if it was for nothing. “Far worse things have happened to me than you stepping on my toes, Steve.”

He smiled sadly. “We could have had the band play something slow.”

Peggy woke gasping, a sharp prickle running across her skin like needles. It was a feeling of ice in her veins. She had dreamed of the crash before, the feeling of the wind and the cold and the searing pain that followed. It was never the same twice, sometimes she dreamed of other horrors: of the Schmidt’s red skull laughing as the plane went down in flames and the feel of blood pooling at her feet and covering her hands.

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1964 Imperial Crown Coupe by Greg Gjerdingen
Via Flickr:
The new model introductions in the fall of 1963 must have confused people. Ford’s Thunderbird was all new, but its styling was somehow strangely familiar. It was more squared off than its predecessor; very much reminiscent in some respects of the 1958-1960 models. Cadillac had done an about-face for 1963, lost the somewhat fussy styling it had displayed in 1961-1962, and its 1964 models were a nice face-lift on its refreshing 1963 styling. Even Lincoln made styling changes for 1964. They were limited to new grille and deck lid trim, a squared-off roofline, flat side glass, a linear instrument panel, and more rear seat and luggage compartment room. And then there was Imperial—or was it a Lincoln? It looked more like a Lincoln than an Imperial. No doubt more than one observer did a double-take upon observing the 1964 Imperials for the first time! They didn’t appear very “Imperial,” not that Imperial really had a specific look to base that opinion on. But they surely didn’t look anything like the 1961-1963 models. There is a reason for the resemblance between the Lincoln and the Imperial. Chrysler hired designer Elwood Engel from Ford in 1961, and he immediately saw to it that the Imperial of 1964 would bear little resemblance to previous models. Sales shot up 65% for Imperial in 1964, so the public surely liked what they saw. And what wasn’t to like? The front fender tips and rear quarter panel ends on the Imperial had an angular taper to them when viewed from the side, the lines were very clean and there wasn’t any sign of free standing headlamps or taillights mounted on pods. The square roofline was all the rage in 1964, and from behind there was more than a casual resemblance to the deck lid kickup that was such an identifying feature for the Continental Mark II. Inside, a completely new interior appeared. The TorqueFlite pushbutton transmission controls would make their final appearance; a Sentry Signal on the instrument panel would inform the driver to check the gauges for something amiss; and the instrument panel itself became a statement to simplicity and elegance in design. Thousands more of my car pictures available by clicking link below:… Check out the Imperial Group by clicking on this link:


First Look: The 2017 Ford GT ‘66 Heritage Edition 

The all-new 2017 Ford GT will be available in a limited-edition Heritage theme honoring the GT40 Mark II driven to victory by Bruce McLaren and Chris Amon at Le Mans in 1966 – part of the historic 1-2-3 Ford GT sweep. The car will feature unique interior & exterior color themes, and an exclusive wheel finish.

The Ford GT ’66 Heritage Edition features a Shadow Black exterior in either gloss or matte finish with silver stripes and exposed carbon fiber package. The car sports Frozen White #2 hood and door graphics, and 20-inch one-piece forged aluminum wheels in a gold satin clearcoat with black lug nuts.

The interior of the limited edition model wraps the Ford GT carbon-fiber seats in Ebony leather, with pillowed inserts and plow-through stitching, and the seats’ head restraints and the steering wheel are debossed with the Ford GT logo. The instrument panel, pillars and headliner also features an Ebony-leather wrap, with gold appliqués on the instrument panel, the seat’s X-brace and shift paddles. Like the 1966 race car, the steering wheel is leather wrapped, with seat belts featuring a unique blue webbing.

Rounding out the modifications to the Ford GT ’66 Heritage Edition are a unique serialized identification plate, the #2 interior door graphic, and exposed matte carbon fiber door sills, air register pods and center console.

Limited quantities will be available for the 2017 model year only.

Pieter Codde - Lady Seated at Virginals

first half of 17th century

oil on oak panel

private collection

Your daily reminder that Mark Blackthorn was literally a child when the Clave abandoned him. Shadowhunters under the age of eighteen are not paid and are legally required to be in the care of an adult (According to Luke in City of Ashes) Mark was an underage prisoner of war and they left him for half a decade, knowing that he had been tortured previously and that the faeries hated them after their screwed up treaty.

I am going to hitchhike to New York so I can hold a protest in Mark Blackthorn’s name at the Mortal Instruments panel.

Not A Ghost

Pairing: Kylo Ren x Reader
Summary: Kylo Ren despised being touched, he was like a ghost, an illusion that didn’t exist. You wanted to test that.

Kylo Ren was a ghost. It was a conclusion that you drew from months of employment in the Order and being in somewhat close proximity of him at times. The first you had mentioned that to your coworker, she burst into such a fierce fit of laughter that you watched her eyes turn red, tearing rimming the corners, and her laughs faded into airy wheezes. You knew it sounded ridiculous, Ren had a reputation to uphold with his trudging about noisily about the base at strange hours, and wrecking valuable instrument panels. Many of which had been your responsibility to repair, much to your exasperation.

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Jeep Announces Night Eagle Edition Cherokee 

Plans to continue the success of the remarkable Jeep Cherokee range of 4x4 vehicles have been announced, with details of a stylish new Cherokee ‘Night Eagle’ version. Based on the Longitude ‘Plus’ mid-trim level, Cherokee Night Eagle features black styling cues which reassert Jeep’s personality and flair for customization. It will cost £36,795 OTR when it goes on sale later this week.

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“Ros had never seen Mount St. Helens, so on the way back as a celebration, we took a quick detour. I heard the TFR was lifted a while back and I wanted to take a look. Well, it’s fortunate that we did. We were flying low, about two hundred feet AGL, when the instrument panel lit up. We had a fire in the tail - I had no choice but to cut all the electronics and land.”


Abarth Announces Limited Edition 695 Biposto Record

A new, limited edition version of Abarth’s stunning 695 biposto, the Record, has just gone on sale, priced £36,610 OTR. Just 133 examples of the striking 695 biposto Record will be built for worldwide distribution. An exclusive ‘Modena Yellow’ finish embellished with 'Tar Cold Grey’ trims, enameled '695 Record’ badge on the side and aluminium bonnet are all standard features.

This small run of cars - 133 is the number of records held by the Scorpion brand - also feature 18-inch OZ alloy wheels, large Brembo brakes and a throaty Akrapovic exhaust. Inside, there is special instrument panel animation, Sabelt carbon shell seats, four point seatbelts, and a cargo net.

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New York Comic Con 2015 - Empire Stage

The NYCC Shadowhunters panel incase you missed it! :)


Ford 24-7 Coupe, 2000. Designed by Laurens van den Acker when he was working for Ford, the 24-7 Coupe was one of three 24-7 concepts created in collaboration with Yahoo. The entire instrument panel surface was a screen upon which reconfigurable displays were projected. These displays could be customised to the individual user with vehicle data, internet services or photos. It basically predicted the concept of apps years before the first iPhone 


CES2015: Rolling Luxury                         

Mercedes-Benz aims to transform the car into a rolling luxury lounge that chauffeurs passengers autonomously.

In the F015 concept vehicle, the front seats can swivel to the rear as the steering wheel recedes into the instrument panel and the car takes control. Sculpted open-pore walnut wood veneers and ice-white leather add to the chill-out ambiance of the interior, while six screens allow passengers to interact with the machine via touch, hand gestures and eye-tracking.

“The car is growing beyond its role as a mere means of transport and will ultimately become a mobile living space,” said Dieter Zetsche, chief executive officer of Mercedes parent Daimler AG.

Photographer: David Paul Morris/Bloomberg

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